What is smart privacy glass? (Smart Films cost, Function, & Application)

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Imagine Luxurious panoramic windows, stylish doors and partitions that can, at your request, turn from a transparent state to a milky matte color. Switchable Smart privacy glass is not a fantasy! This is reality for our clients.

If you have decided to change the windows of your home or office, I recommend that you stop for a moment and read this article thoroughly.
It will take you more or less 3’29 ” but it is a time investment that will save you a lot of money.

smart privacy glass

What is a Smart privacy glass?

Privacy smart-glass is a glass with adjustable transparency at the touch of a button. If you want to create an original interior, then this unique design is just for you. Smart glass has the ability to change the transparency and permeability of light.

With such windows, your home will not only be comfortable and harmonious, but also functional. At the same time, you will have a high degree of sound insulation.


Get acquainted with the main technical characteristics of smart glass:

Feature Description
power usage Smart glass has a very high energy efficiency, which is only 7 W per 1 m2. Power supply – 110 V.
Switching speed The speed of switching from matte to transparent is less than 1 second.
Working temperature range This technology can work from -25C to + 60C.
Light transmission and transparency Excellent indications for light transmission – up to 80% and achieving transparency of only about 8%.
Smart glass dimensions The maximum size of smart glass is possible within 980 mm and 1200 mm in width and up to 3.5 meters in height.


How did the smart glass idea come about?

The topic of the production of smart glass has been discussed on the market for about 20 years, manufacturers are not surprised by this, but for the end user it remains a novelty. It all started in 1979, when Steve Abadi decided to create an electronic glass.

At that time it was technically impossible. His dream of making glass based on liquid crystals did not fade away and came true only in 1984 in the form of a glass unit “LC Glass”. In addition, for the market of the glass industry at that time, it was too new and obscure product. Steve had to leave the production of electronic glass for almost 20 years.


Types and technologies of Smart glasses

The method of making smart glasses was invented more than 20 years ago and is constantly being improved, and only now there is a trend for its mass use. Basically, consumers are mostly unaware of the existence of such an invention and cannot afford it.

Smart glass technologies have undergone changes over the years – they began to consume less energy and their cost is decreasing every year, which makes it possible to bring the product to the masses in the future.

Smart glass technology

It is made by triplexing 2 or more sheets of glass. The laminating films used for its production are divided into three types by technology:

  • EVA – ethylene vinyl acetate film.Its main advantage is the low cost of both the EVA film itself and the equipment for its production. It has good adhesion to plastic and glass, but has a high degree of turbidity and low strength.
  • PVB is a polyvinyl butyral film. A distinctive feature is that it has a high quality at the output, but at the start – a high production cost. PVB film adheres well to glass, but poorly to plastic. And just like EVA film, polyvinyl butyral film (PVB) does not withstand high humidity conditions.
  • TPU – Thermoplastic polyurethane film.It is most suitable for the production of smart glass. TPU film is immune to moisture, aggressive conditions, plus it has high adhesion to both glass and plastic.


Type of glass used in smart privacy glass

The type of glass used in smart glass is tempered laminated glass. The recommendation aims to ensure the safety of users, considering that tempered glass is more resistant and, when equipped with lamination, amplifies its protective characteristics.

It is worth remembering that this glass model can be insulated (double glazed) and used in floor-to-ceiling glass partitions, increasing the private characteristics by isolating the acoustics of the place.

– Smart glass thickness

The smart glass can be found in thicknesses from 08 mm to 20 mm (laminated). Moreover, in the case of insulated smart glass the thickness may vary. What’s more, smart glass can be tailor-made for special projects, as it accepts any shape, including cutouts and holes.

 – Smart glass colors

The glass market offers private glass in the following colors:
  • Bronze
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Colorless
  • Extra Clear

In addition to perfecting the unique qualities of the environment, smart glass offers:

– Image projection (projector polarized glass)

With the liquid crystal display turned off, it is possible to project images onto the surface of the smart glass. The LCD screen inside the glass provides excellent quality images directly on the glass.

– Easy cleaning

Cleaning smart polarized glass is simple. A soft, damp cloth and mild soap are enough. The cloth should be wiped on the surface until it is completely clean; after, just finish with a dry cloth to remove any moisture. Simple, isn’t it?

– Better use of natural resources

Smart glass allows the user to continue enjoying all the qualities of the glass, such as the entry of natural light. This means savings on the electric bill by reducing the use of artificial lighting.


Buildings and structures with a large area of ​​glazed surfaces have long become an indispensable part of modern architecture. These spectacular visuals need glass shading.

The search for solutions is not limited to traditional options, since they prevent light from entering. For shading, it is proposed to use more functional and subtle methods.

Active and passive glass bandwidth control

Most of all, developers of window technologies are interested in two areas: the ability of glass to retain heat in a room and its function of protecting against solar radiation. Modern research in these areas is based on the ability to control the intensity of the ultraviolet radiation flux transmission.

Such control can be passive, used in photochromic and Smart privacy glass, and active, the scope of which is the so-called “smart” glass. It has several names and is referred to in different sources as smart glass and glass with variable transparency.

Photochromic glass

You can consider the features of active and passive control using the example of glasses with the “chameleon” effect. Simultaneously, they use glass, which is called photochromic in reference books. The main feature of materials of this type is to change their own light transmittance depending on the intensity of illumination.

This property of photochromic glass is widely used in the manufacture of insulating glass units. This solution is especially popular when glazing a large area. Moreover, panoramic windows with photochromic glass regulate the intensity of illumination by themselves, which makes them more in demand in comparison with tinted energy-saving heat-glazing units.

The latter do not change the intensity of illumination and remain darkened during any solar activity, including cloudy weather.

Generally, the level of illumination also affects the flow of heat into the room. So, tinted glazing significantly reduces the intensity of this process, which is not always justified in the cold season. Houses with southern facades with panoramic glazing should let in as much light and heat as possible in winter in sunny weather. For such cases, tinting is not the best solution.

Thermochromic glasses

This variety is characterized by a change in optical properties depending on temperature. This feature is determined by a special gel introduced into the glass structure, which becomes opaque when heated. These properties of Smart privacy glass are used when equipping buildings, the windows of which should remain as transparent as possible when cool, and darkened when warm.

Thermochromic glass is also a passive option for controlling light transmission. Furthermore, it works automatically, does not need any energy sources or control. These glasses are good for equipping skylights and glass roofs, where the light intensity is not very important, and the throughput is determined by the outside and inside temperature.

Electrochromic glass

The basis of this type of glass is smart polymers, which, under the action of an electric field of certain strength, affect the change in light transmission in the range of visible and infrared radiation. Hence, this effect is achieved through the use of special spraying or smart film.

Electrochromic glasses are manufactured using two types of technologies – PDLS and SPD – using three options for smart polymers:

  1. LC (PDLC)type changes the transparency of the glass without affecting the light transmission. The glass may become opaque, but the level of natural insolation of the room remains. The matte effect is noticeable from both sides – both inside and outside the building;
  2. ECDis a type of polymer that can simultaneously change the transparency and light transmission of glass. Due to the voltage, it is possible to achieve variation in the intensity of the throughput flow.
  3. SPDis a type of polymer with properties similar to ECD.

The structure of liquid Smart privacy glass

The structure of liquid crystals of a film without stress is not ordered, while the glass is matte. When an electric current is applied, the crystals line up in clear rows and, thereby, form significant gaps – such glass becomes transparent.

Liquid crystal film is often included in three-layer laminated glass, and is also used to make bullet-proof and impact-resistant glass. The scope of this type of glazing is wide and is not limited to the facade of the building. It is also used in the interior.

Glass that changes transparency, becomes either matte or completely invisible – an effective method of organizing space. Partitions are made of such material, zoning the space well. In addition, this material can replace obsolete blinds and curtains.

Smart privacy glass is cost effective. In the cold season, it retains 4.5 times more heat than an ordinary glass unit. Furthermore, at the same time, smart technology allows you to consume less electricity and lower peak loads on the network. Thus, using electrochromic glass, lighting costs can be reduced by 51%. Savings on air conditioning up to 49%.

Properties of electrochromic glasses

For many of us, our own home is not only a roof over our heads, but also the place that we try to equip as comfortable as possible.

In order for an ordinary apartment with a loggia or a balcony to turn into a real “smart home” filled with different chips, we try to follow all kinds of innovations in the world of construction and decoration of residential premises.

Electrical equipment switched on from voice commands, smart robotic systems helping to cope with household chores – all this is gradually entering our everyday life and becomes commonplace.

How many of you have come across information about glazing an apartment or office using Smart privacy glass?

If not, and if you are interested in knowing what is so special about electrochromic glass, read my article in which I will try to tell you about all the nuances associated with this material.

This material can be in three working states:

  • in transparent – when the power supply is disconnected;
  • The dimmed one – when operating in the power supply mode;
  • in the transitional – from non-working transparent to working darkened.
Changes in color and light transmittance of glass can occur under the influence of three external factors:
  • temperature changes;
  • ultraviolet radiation;
  • electrical voltage.

What is the transparency rate of Privacy Smart glass?

The first two parameters affect the prepared glass surface under all circumstances. For example, whether we like it or not, when we go outside, where the sun is shining, our photochromic glasses darken in any case. And vice versa, even if we need it, the glasses of the photochromic glasses will not darken in the room, because there is no ultraviolet radiation.

The darkening of an electrochromic transparent material in this respect is of a completely different nature. Moreover, it depends on two conditions: our desire and the presence of electrical voltage. Due to this dependence, the scope of application of electrochromic glass products is widespread where a controlled change in the reflective properties of glass is required.

The similarity of photochromic and Smart privacy glass is that they cannot give full opacity. Therefore, they cannot be used as a screen for projecting an image. It will still be absorbed by the glass structure of the material. But for the human eye, this surface can serve as a certain barrier and be used as curtains or curtains on windows.

It should be noted that this obstacle is one-sided.

When electrochromic glass is installed in a car, the driver sitting in it can clearly see what is happening behind the glass, while it is difficult for a traffic inspector to determine what is happening inside the car.

Generally, the same story is with photochromic glasses: the eyes of a person in such glasses see everything, but where they look is a mystery to those around them.

The main advantages of electrochromic glass include:

  • the ability, when the need arises, to control the change in light transmission;
  • Economic feasibility. In hot weather, you can reduce the thermal load on the room with controlled dimming by blocking access to the sun’s rays, and, therefore, you will need less money for air conditioning. In winter, on a sunny day, by making the glass as transparent as possible, you can save on heating the room;
  • the ability not to lose its quality when applying anti-vandal coating;
  • Return to its original transparent state in the event of an emergency power outage.

How does electrochromic glass work?

Basically, there are two answers to this question: unambiguous and detailed.

The unequivocal answer: due to the supply of electrical energy. In addition,  the extended answer contains more interesting information.

Electrochromic or electrochemical glass is a sandwich-like laminate.

When small force (about 12 volts) electrical impulses are applied to its composition, they begin to move ions (previously in a stable state) between the layers of this sandwich.

Coming in motion, the ions take part in an electrochemical reaction, the result of which is the darkening of the glass surface.

As soon as the supply of electricity stops, the ions return to their starting point, the reaction ends, and the glass returns to its original form.

The rate of the electrochromic chemical reaction is not affected by an increase in the current applied to the glass contacts.

A couple of minutes are enough to darken a small panel; sheets of a solid size can gain color up to a couple of tens of minutes.

When the color of the glass changes, an interesting phenomenon called the “rainbow effect” can be observed. This is the moment when, during the transition from a non-working state to a working state, the darkening of the sheet surface is distributed unevenly – it begins to thicken at the edges with a gradual movement towards the center of the glass blank.

Unfortunately, the glasses we are considering do not differ in a wide variety of reproducible color shades. The most common color is blue, but those who wish can also afford bronze and green shades.

Methods of using glass with variable transparency

As long as an electric current is applied to Smart privacy glass with embedded liquid crystals, it is in a transparent state. But as soon as the tension on the contacts disappears, the image of objects on the other side of the person who is looking at them instantly disappears.

The operation of the crystals can be controlled using conventional electric current switches.

It is also possible to use other devices and methods for comfortable control of smooth or instantaneous voltage supply. Such as, for example:

  • control panel for electrical appliances at a considerable (up to 50 meters) distance;
  • connection to a computer program that supplies the required current and time signals to turn on the operating state;
  • switching on by an impulse, which is supplied by a sensor that reacted to any movement;
  • inclusion according to the planned time schedule.

The use of Smart Privacy Glass in Different Fields

  • Confidential rooms:

This type of glass enhances privacy. The glass is transparent in the absence of the client, and whitens during the reception.

Advertising and projection screens:

The glasses, after pressing the button, turn dull white for broadcasting presentations on them. In addition, the materials will be visible to people from all directions.

Shop windows:

Any advertisement can be broadcast in the evening and attract new customers. In the afternoon, transparent glasses will demonstrate the product range.

Room or office partitions:

If you need to discuss questions, you just need to press a certain button on the remote control to change the shade of the glass.

  • Shower cabins:

Smart glasses are suitable for design planning. When a person enters the bathroom, the glass becomes opaque and opaque in a second.

Exhibition stands:

Smart glass at the exhibition will additionally draw attention to the stand. Potential clients will see something original without passing by. The glass will show images and change color at the same time.

Smart glass in the interior:

Glass with automatic dimming in the interior can be used for glazing partitions, applied in windows. Glasses with variable transparency can be used in shower cabins.

How Smart privacy glass works with adjustable transparency?

At the first stage of Smart privacy glass production, a film is prepared that changes transparency. It is trimmed to the required size, and then 2 upper layers are cut off with a knife on both sides. Leave at least 3-6 cm of uncut film between the cut layers.

Then a layer of liquid crystals is washed off with a special solution in the cut areas, except for the conductive layer. The surface is then painted over with silver paste and dried with a heat gun. After it is completely dry (24 hours), copper contacts are glued.

Smart privacy glass device application process

Then the Smart privacy glass is prepared. It is cut off, the edges are sanded, and the glass is washed and dried. Only then does the assembly of parts begin, which resembles a pie:

  • Cleaned glass.
  • Bridgestone film for laminated glass.
  • PDLC smart film (electro toning).
  • Bridgestone film.
  • Cleaned glass.

At the last stage, the assembled parts are sent to a vacuum oven heated to a high temperature for several hours. There the collected layers become a single whole triplex, which, after cooling, is used further for its intended purpose.

DIY installation of electrochromic windows with “smart glass”

Do-it-yourself smart glass of good quality will only work if the steps for gluing the electrochromic film are strictly observed. They consist of:

  • cleaning the glass surface from contaminants such as dust, grease stains;
  • removing the protective coating and sticking the film;
  • removal of formed air bubbles with a rubber roller;
  • connection of electric wires to contacts;
  • removing the upper protective layer by applying adhesive tape;
  • silicone contact processing and testing;
  • hiding contacts behind a metal or plastic strip.

Private Glass Applications

Smart glass with adjustable transparency is applicable for mail in all industries and spheres of human activity: business centers, houses, cottages, cultural and sports institutions, transport (glazing of air and vehicles, partitions in buses), medicine, commercial buildings, office translucent partitions, conference rooms, beauty salons.

The partition can simultaneously solve a couple of tasks, for example, be a screen, a decorative piece of furniture or a window. When you touch the sun symbol, it becomes completely transparent and matte when you click on the fog image.

Smart privacy glass can be used to replace window blinds in an apartment or office, thus, prying views from the street will not bother you, and your family will not interfere with work.

Neither humidity nor high temperatures affect the properties of smart glasses; therefore they are actively used in the bathroom (shower cabins, partitions) and swimming pools, as well as in gyms and treatment rooms, massage rooms.

Smart privacy glass improves quality of life with an advance technology

The privacy glass and its infinite applications are revolutionizing the world of interior and exterior decoration, combining functionality and aesthetics, getting a sense of spaciousness and light.

It is based on advanced technology that works with the application of a small electrical current supplied by a programmed transformer. When the current passes through it, it turns to its transparent state and the liquid crystal molecules align themselves.

When it does not pass current, it returns to its natural state (opaque) guaranteeing privacy, and it can also be converted into a retro-projection screen with great image quality.

A Single product with multi-Purposes Application

Being its most used applications in contemporary architecture in futuristic buildings, combining design and functionality in a single product, and its application in partitions and partition walls between rooms and bathrooms, widely used mainly in the hotel sector in bathrooms and spas.

Thanks to their high technology, Smart privacy glass integrated with polymers can change their state from transparent to opaque instantly, by remote control, creating a private environment whenever the user wishes.

We can operate Smart privacy glass with various control devices:

  • Remote control
  • Home automation
  • Opacity level dimmers
  • Closing and opening doors
  • And others
Advantages of smart switchable glass:
  • Immediate control of privacy
  • User comfort and safety
  • Aesthetic and attractive
  • Protection of valuable objects
  • Easy and low maintenance
  • Low voltage

How does smart privacy glass work?

The operation of electronic glass is based on the polarization of microparticles in an electromagnetic field, under the influence of which the glass surface changes the main characteristics: light transmission and transparency. In this case, an electric voltage is applied to the glass surface through a hidden wiring.

There is a polymer liquid crystal film between the glass sheets. Generally, without electricity, the liquid crystals in it are converted to a solid state, thus looming in a random pattern of blotches that scatter the light rays. Due to these properties of the liquid crystal film, a matte surface is obtained.

A continuous transition

The transition occurs instantly, and there is no semitone. But you can make this transition smooth. With this option, under the influence of different values ​​of the electric voltage supply, it is possible to regulate the desired degree of transmission of light rays slowly, gradually increasing their haze.

Variable transparency glass technology converts from opaque to transparent in a fraction of a second, providing instant privacy. Furthermore, it is appropriate for private spaces in the home, for example:

  • a winter garden
  • a spa area, and
  • Even a bedroom to hide from unwanted prying eyes.

Privacy smart Glass: Scope of application

Unique smart technology is often used in an:

Glass with variable transparency is used in various fields. The structure can be designed and manufactured taking into account the needs of the customer: as a window, a partition for zoning a space or a full glass wall.

Smart glass for windows is used in the interior design of:

  • Offices
  • meeting rooms and conference rooms
  • for equipping workplaces for employees of shops
  • Ticket offices, bank employees and other institutions.

Products based on smart glasses are used in interior solutions for cafes, restaurants and bars. Subsequently, partitions from them protect the exhibits of museums and art galleries from the sun’s rays.

The adjustable level of opacity of the glass surface allows the use of this material in the automotive industry: for creating internal partitions, inserts into hatches.

Partitions and windows with smart glasses are widely used in the interior design of private houses and cottages. They are used for glazing rooms, loggias, attics and effective zoning of space.

  • elite country house and multi-level apartment
  • in the premises of business centers and offices
  • In banks and meeting rooms.

Adjustable tinting is gradually gaining popularity: it is an artificial darkening of Smart privacy glass that can be used for the car and the interior. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the glass darkens at the request of its owner. There are different types of films and shades, which allows you to choose the color for different interior.

Pros of bathrooms with Smart privacy glass walls

The idea of ​​glass bathrooms is realized both in country houses and in apartments of very different sizes, because such a solution allows you to achieve the desired result for several reasons:

  1. Transparent walls do not visually divide the space into zones. Moreover, so small apartments or bedrooms combined with a bathroom seem more spacious.
  2. Similarly, you can take treatments in daylight.
  3. If the windows have a beautiful view of the metropolis or nature, it will be especially pleasant to lie in the bath with a spectacular panoramic view.
  4. Through glass walls, you can watch TV or admire the fireplace right from the bathroom.
  5. In the evening, the illuminated bathroom can be used as an exotic lighting.
  6. Smart glasses can be used in double-glazed windows if the windows in the bathroom are located on the side of the facade.
  7. No need to worry about finishing glass walls on both sides.
  8. You can place the bathroom anywhere in the house, completely or partially separating it with smart glass.


Benefits of using smart films

Many office buildings have Smart privacy glass walls inside that give the impression of an aquarium, but at the same time they can delineate the territory, letting in enough light into the hall. On the one hand, this is not bad.

But on the other hand, it is not very convenient for meeting rooms when passing employees are distracting or it is important to maintain confidentiality of the conversation. In this case, you can turn on electronic tinting, which will hide what is happening in the room from prying eyes and will indicate that the meeting room is busy.

This is not a bad move for a reputable company, as it will highlight the technical literacy of the management and good taste.

How much switchable privacy glass cost?

How much does electronic tinting cost depends not only on the purchase volume, but also on which company in which country is engaged in the production of this product. On the market, most often you can find American and Chinese films, the second is much cheaper.

An average privacy film may cost around $45 to onward.

The price of smart glass will depend on several factors, firstly, it is the type of glass, ordinary silicate or diamat glass with increased transparency, and secondly, it is the thickness of the glass and its dimensions. On average, you can buy smart glass in the range of $ 900. for 1 m 2.

Darkening glass from electricity has become a pretty good solution when there is a question of confidentiality and convenience. Automatic darkening of glass is achieved by supplying electricity to the contacts of the film, which is glued by the triplication method.

In addition, the dimming of the window panes makes it possible to change the look of the room in a matter of seconds. Auto dimming of windows from electricity is possible by pressing a button, or connected to a smart home system.

Electro drive on smart films

Many companies mainly focus on the production of tinting for cars, but it is quite possible to order the film of the right size, which is suitable for home glass or office partition.

Some manufacturers sell the material in rolls; the buyer can cut the desired shape according to the pattern. This is convenient if you are going to edit the film yourself or if you have to do a lot of work.

If you are looking for inexpensive electronic tinting, China has a fairly large selection. 

Manufacturing technology of smart privacy glass

To obtain smart glass with variable transparency, manufacturers use triplex technology:

  • the basis of the product is triplex – a three-layer structure made of sheets of ordinary glass or polycarbonate, between which a polymer LCD film is installed;
  • outside, on both sides, the sheets are covered with a protective film, which prevents the material from scattering into fragments upon impact;
  • Another important element of smart glass is a conductive layer that creates an electric field that affects the crystals.

The operational characteristics of the finished structure depend on exactly how the layers are arranged. Material variations generally differ in the type of laminate used.

Great Modification with Adjustable Transparency

Basically, modifications with variable or adjustable transparency are made. In contrast to the simply changing transparency, which changes abruptly: from transparent to matte and vice versa, the adjustable version allows you to change the degree of matte in halftones.

The user can set the degree of transparency that suits him: nothing is visible through the glass surface, only blurry outlines are visible, as if you are looking through a dull veil, everything is visible, etc. Variable level of transparency of windows or other designs is based on smart glasses adjustable by increasing or decreasing the applied voltage.

Window films wide range of colors and resistance

Window films are available in a wide range of colors to better meet the needs and personal tastes of each customer. You can choose the transparent film to create brighter environments, or choose darker ones to give more privacy to yours homes.

The window films as well as being beneficial to health are very useful for creating intimate environments and blocking external gazes with its line of frosted films. Furthermore, they will block the view outside, but inside will remain a clear and clear view of the outside.

To decorate your windows, you can customize the films with the designs and patterns you like best to create the decorations of your dreams.

Smart window films provide better safety

Generally, the Smart privacy glass films are very resistant, even against atmospheric phenomena and shocks, moreover they do not require particular maintenance, and in fact it is enough to wash them with normal glass detergents.

Smart privacy glass are highly controlled and tested products to ensure greater safety for you and those around you, in case of any glass breakage, the film will continue to exert its sealing action by retaining all glass fragments .


Since you are inquiring about possible solutions, I’m sure you have heard of triple glazing.

It is on everyone’s lips, it is the fashion of the moment.
It is so common that I can imagine everything that cowardly salespeople told you:

  1. Triple glazed windows are the latest technological gimmick in the field of windows
  2. Triple glazed windows are the best ever
  3. The triple glass guarantees greater insulating performance
  4. The triple glazing will save you a lot of money

Okay, very tempting statements, too bad that, if not really lies, they are at least omissions of the truth.


Home automation doesn’t just address the electrical aspects of lighting. It requires a perfect switchable Smart privacy glass for unending advantages. In this way, in the event that a storm is about to arrive, we can close those left open even if we are not at home at that moment.

In recent times, however, there is more and more talk about smart glasses. Moreover, specific reference is made to electrochromic glass, a solution capable of bringing numerous advantages for those who decide to exploit it.



window tint suppliers: 6 Best Tint Window Films to buy in 2021

Tinted metal-plastic windows

Window tinting is widespread and has many applications: from increasing the aesthetic appeal of interiors to protecting premises from ultraviolet radiation. Tinted glass ennobles even the poorest interiors of apartments and small private houses. And window tint suppliers use tinting successfully d in business construction for a very long time.

Ways of tinting windows installation

The most popular method is to cover the window glass with a tinted polymer film before inserting it into the PVC glass unit. The advantage of this method is to give the glass any degree of transparency and color shade.

As well as it gives some additional physical properties at the request of the customer. Films have a number of properties that we can combine with each other:

  • blackout film reduces the level of lighting in the room during the daytime;
  • decorative film is used to color the glass
  • reflective film makes windows mirrored on the outside and hides what is happening inside;
  • matte film is used to maintain privacy in interiors and for decorative purposes;
  • noise reduction film drowns out sounds by reducing glass vibration;
  • a special film reduces the penetration of ultraviolet radiation.window tint suppliers

What are window tint film effects?

Usually, when toning, several effects combine at once. In addition, any tint film increases the strength of the glass. Colored decorative film is popular among window tint suppliers. It is to create stained glass windows.

Tinting of glass in bulk consists in the addition of metal oxides to the molten glass during melting. This method allows you to adjust the tone and darkness of the glass, leaving it translucent.

Do you know what types of window glass films are for your environment?

There are alternatives to ensure comfort and privacy, depending on what you seek for the environment you want to place the film.

With that in mind, we selected the most important attributes when selecting window glass films to help you understand what will be best for your home or apartment.

What do you search about window tint suppliers?

Privacy: those who want to prevent the internal or external view of their residence, the privacy film is ideal. In addition to leaving the environment modern and beautiful, it can be applied in different types of area.

Architectural / Protection: thermal comfort and blocking UV rays to protect your environment. The most requested by architects and decorators, it provides:

  • heat reduction
  • protecting furniture and
  • Objects from sunlight.window tint suppliers in china

Security / Anti-vandalism: as the name says, it protects and strengthens the glass against shattering against attempts at theft and accidents. Perfect for areas of exposed glass, areas of great circulation of people and balconies.

Decorative: It is wiely common for those who want to modernize the environment. It is due to its wide variety of colors, perfect for those who want to modernize buildings.

Why window tint films are best option for decoration?

We all like to make our home cozier and with differentials for decoration that stay with our personality. Did you know that there is the option of decorative glass films as well? That in addition to leaving your home with the most attractive environments, have a protective function. Nearest window tint suppliers can help you in this regard.

There are two types of decorative glass films:

  • exterior and

The exteriors have high sun protection and attractive appearance, as a great solution for projects. It needs to improve and modernize the external look of the environment. And, at the same time, it provides greater thermal comfort and energy savings.

Since the film for decorative glass interior are ideal to improve the functionality and appearance of the glass. In addition to privacy and UV protection, they can be used to demarcate space, disguise unattractive elements or provide impact, through graphic elements or logos.

Discover the types of decorative glass tint films:

For exterior windows:

DS Bronze X

The bronze tint of the DS Bronze X decorative glass films complement the natural environment and add sophistication. It combines high heat reduction with a proportionately higher percentage of natural light than many other reflective films. It makes it an attractive option for residential and commercial projects.

DS Blue X 

It offers a sophisticated blue tone, making the film an ideal option for residential and commercial projects. The strong heat rejection performance increases the thermal comfort inside, making it a great choice for decorative glass films.

For interior glass:

DS Matte i 

The film for glass decorative DS Matte i provides a translucent sandblast effect. Moreover, it adds privacy and designs the doors, windows or partitions in offices or commercial projects.

window tint suppliers 2021

DS i 

The film for glass decorative DS Black ie DS White i are ideal to hide unattractive views or to disguise elements that damage the external appearance.

DS UV Filter i

It offers total transparency and, at the same time, provides comfort, high protection against the action of the Sun.


Find out in the article about which car film will help prevent heating of its interior. And how can window tint suppliers

If you are a car driver, then you probably know that covering your car with tint film is an important element. The film that attaches to the glass is not just a decoration or a whim of the owner. It is protection from negative environmental factors and additional security.

First of all, you should pay attention to athermal films. It is they who are able to reduce the penetration of ultraviolet rays into the car interior by up to 100%. This will significantly ensure the driver’s driving comfort, and the fabric and plastic of the interior will be protected from fading.

How much light a window tint film retains?

According to the standard, tint film should transmit at least 75% of the light, but this does not mean that you cannot protect yourself from the sun. The main task of the film is not to transmit ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

It is invisible to the human eye, but excessively heats up and spoils the interior elements in your car. For this, an athermal film is applicable. Moreover, it provides clearance according to all standards, but protects the car from defects.

Window tint suppliers Features of UV protection films

Thanks to modern technologies, window tint suppliers have learned to create unique materials that fully fulfill the assigned functions and tasks. It happens without affecting the overall situation. This also applies to the athermal film. Its ability is to block the range of ultraviolet and infrared rays, while the visibility of the road remains clear and safe for the driver.
High quality films are characterized by the ability to block 100% of infrared radiation.

Features of athermal film:
Elimination of interior heating – driving becomes more comfortable, and fuel consumption for air conditioning is reduced;
Plastic and fabric in the cabin are protected from burnout;
Does not interfere with the passage of radio waves;
Complies with all countries;

The production of such a film comes on the use of special technologies. The tinting sheet consists of many layers that carefully absorb the rays, while the glass remains transparent in appearance.


window tint film suppliers Best Guide about Athermal and Tinted Film (Pros & Cons)

Athermal  vs ordinary smart film: What is the difference?

Despite the fact that most cars are factory-tinted, many car owners prefer the good old tint film. This is due to personalize the car and minimize the ability to view the car interior from the inside. How to choose window tint film suppliers? Let’s figure it out.

What you should pay attention to before choosing window tint film suppliers?
1. Manufacturer.
It is very easy to get lost in the sea of ​​manufacturers and brands today, but you can still figure it out. One of the criteria influencing the decision is still the price and country of production.

window tint film suppliers

Tinting film is removed for a number of reasons:

Poor visibility in the dark, replacement of tint and the most common one, the percentage of light transmission does not pass according to GOST.

Generally, the easiest way to remove tinting from a car is a specialized service. Moreover, the process is fast and not expensive at all. If you are replacing the tint film, then the chances are high that the old film will be removed for you free of charge.
If you want to do it yourself, then here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to do it:

You will need:
– a building hair dryer (you can use it at home)
– blade
– a clean rag
– a detergent
How to remove window tint film?

Let’s get started!

1. Remove the tint.
Basically, you will need a sharp blade. Similarly, you need to gently pry off the edge of the film so that it is convenient for you to grasp it. Next, we hold the film in tightness and pull it from top to bottom with even movements, trying to remove it with a continuous sheet. It is better to ask nearest window tint film suppliers before removing it.

There are 2 pitfalls here.

1) The tinting is very old.
2) Tinting is cheap and not of high quality.
In these cases, it can tear, be extremely brittle, etc. In such a situation, you cannot do without a hair dryer. We heat the glass surface to about 40 degrees (on a building hair dryer we set the minimum temperature, at home maximum) at a distance of 10 cm from the surface. As in the previous version, we need a blade. Pry the edge of the already heated film, slowly pull it diagonally down and up (so as not to break).

window tint film suppliers 2021

 Why slow?

a) In order not to tear the film.
b) To minimize glue residue on the glass.
There is another way. We take a detergent and make a soapy solution (30 ml of detergent per liter of water). Pour the resulting solution into a spray bottle, then the usual manipulation of the blade. After prying off the edge of the film, pour a soapy solution between the tinting and the glass and gently pull the film.

  1. Remove the remnants of the adhesive window film.
    Even if you did everything correctly, and the film quickly gave up before your pressure, there will still be glue residues. Cleaning, glue is a rather long and painstaking process, but this greatly affects the final result. Therefore, the first thing to try is to rinse off the glue. It would be better if you take help of professional window tint film suppliers.

Generally, we take a wet rag and apply it to the places where the glue accumulates, soak it. Then we rub it off with medium pressure. It is not a good practice to use a scraper for these purposes, there is a high probability of damaging (scratching) the glass.

Athermal glass or window tint film suppliers?

More and more window tint film suppliers have begun to include athermal windshields in their car lines. Most often, you can find such glasses at Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Volkswagen, Volvo.

Subsequently,  for many car brands, you can order athermal glass and replace the usual one. But alas, such glass is not produced for all models and brands of cars. .

Let’s take a look at the differences and similarities.
What is athermal glass?
Athermal glass is glass that has been specially processed at the factory. A coating containing silver ions comes to it. This is done to improve energy saving properties. The process is quite painstaking, but this is how glass acquires athermal properties. Hence the price, on average, an athermal windshield costs 1.5 – 3 times more expensive than usual.

How to distinguish athermal glass from ordinary window tint film?
1. Athermal glass has special

Markings: – TINTED – window tint film suppliers glass has a greenish tint. This stamp comes on glass, the light transmission of which is 81%
– OVERTINTED – Here, a pronounced green tint, in contrast to the previous one. Light transmittance 78.5%

window tint film suppliers in china

  1. Athermal glass has a different shade.


    Depending on the production technology, shades can be of the following colors: green-blue, brown, violet.
    The surest way to identify a fake is to compare the glass and its shadow. If the shadow is darker than the glass itself, then the glass is really athermal.

Athermal film
Such a film is made not to darken glass, but to block solar energy and ultraviolet radiation. Moreover, it comes with an innovative material consisting of more than 200 layers, each of which is responsible for a different percentage of blocking UV and solar energy.

Pros and cons of athermal film and glass
Why are these materials useful in practice?
  • Prevent the penetration of solar energy into the car interior
  • The load on the air conditioner (climate control) is reduced and fuel consumption is more economical.
  • I minimize the amount of glare on the glass, thereby reducing the burden on the driver’s eyes
  • Prevent fading of the car interior
  • Greater strength compared to ordinary glass.

So what is the difference between athermal glass and athermal tint film?

The main difference lies in the degree of efficiency and window tint film suppliers. Athermal glass absorbs up to 50% of solar energy and infrared radiation. Similarly, athermal film blocks up to 93% of solar energy and 99% of infrared radiation.

It can be concluded that athermal glass looks aesthetically better, but the protective qualities are inferior to the new generation of material. If you have it a priori installed by the manufacturer, that’s just fine! If not, then there is no problem with the installation of an athermal tint film.

Why cover a car with vinyl film?

First, it gives you limitless possibilities for experimenting with the color of your iron friend. There is an opportunity to develop your own unique design and stand out from the gray mass. Also, no one canceled advertising goals, car branding or the creation of their own stickers. Among other things, vinyl wrapping is much cheaper than painting a car.

Window tint film suppliers Conclusion
The service life of PVC-based films directly depends on the quality of the film itself, but it is not recommended to keep them on the body for more than 3 years, because the glue becomes permanent.

You simply will not be able to remove the remnants of the film in places where it is “baked” on the body + damage to the paintwork is not unlikely.
Since vinyl is UV-resistant, some window tint film suppliers design experimentation can have consequences.


How do window film suppliers install Blasted Privacy Glass?

Commercial Window Insufilms Benefits

In addition to being very useful and bringing several benefits, window film suppliers are also a great way to improve the aesthetics of an environment. With a wide variety of models, choosing the right film for your space can be a complicated task. So some questions need to be taken into account before choosing your film model. Check out our tips:


Understanding the needs of the environment is essential for choosing the film. It is necessary to analyze what are the results you want to obtain. Will the film be only for heat reduction, or your space needs more privacy?

window tint film suppliers

Is the incident lighting well, or does it need reduction? Is this an area with a high risk of breaking the glass? All these questions are very important to define if you are going to apply a reflective, smoked, safety film, among others …


The films have the great advantage of allowing the aesthetic change of glass doors and windows. So it is necessary to define what type of effect you want to give to your facade or internal environment. Mirrored films, for example, are a great option for those who want more privacy and modernize the facade.

Decorative films are great for meeting room dividers, for example. Through our film simulator it is possible to check the aesthetic results of some of our film models. And in case of doubts, it is always interesting to talk to a specialized professional!


In general, the window film suppliers do not require much maintenance beyond the correct cleaning. But some film models require more frequent cleaning, as they can make fingerprints and dust more apparent, for example. If this is a feature that you need to avoid, it is important to know which films will not be a good option.


Incorrect installation of the solar film can impair its aesthetic effect and its durability. Installing the film on your own can end up making you lose all the material? That is why we always recommend that the installation be done by specialized professionals, guaranteeing the quality and durability of the product.

With different models and features, it is very important to understand how the type of film you plan to install in your property works. It is important to know its benefits and aesthetic effects. In this article we want to explain everything you need to know about blasted film. Keep reading to learn more!

window tint film suppliers 2021


Developed with the objective of leaving ordinary glass with the appearance of sandblasted glass, which has a much higher cost, the sandblasted film is made using polyester, and can be made in different colors.


Window film suppliers provide great application space. We can apply the film can to any glass surface, either on the inside or on the outside. This increases the installation possibilities and allows for creative solutions!


It is very important that the expert person applies film, ensuring that the film goes correctly. In case of bad installation, the appearance can be impaired, the durability can be much less and in some cases it is possible until the material is totally lost.

By applying the film with a professional, you guarantee a durability of up to 15 years, and the entire installation is done in just 1 day!


Sandblasted film is widely used mainly to bring more privacy to spaces. Allowing natural lighting to continue to affect the environment, it avoids unwanted looks from those outside the space. In addition, the film has several other benefits, such as:

  • the preservation of glass
  • greater security and protection of assets
  • control of internal temperature
  • energy savings
  • And protection against sun rays harmful to the health of our skin.

The blasted solar control film allows greater control of the solar brightness that hinders the viewing of screens. And it also contributes to better acoustic comfort. There are several advantages, right? And the best part is the cost benefit. With a low value it is possible to have all these benefits with a long durability.

Where to buy window films online?

If you still have doubts about the aesthetic effect of the blasted film, you can personally see the effect of the film day and night at any window film suppliers’ retail store!

Apartments with large windows and glass balconies are great for increasing the comfort of the space. It brings greater ventilation and natural lighting.

window tint film suppliers in china

But despite bringing several benefits, the privacy of the apartment ends up being impaired. And it is common for people to install curtains and blinds. It keeps them closed all day to avoid unwanted looks.

But in this way the lighting ends up being reduced, in addition to losing sight. So how to have more privacy in the apartment windows? The answer is much simpler and cheaper than you think!


Solar control films, also called architectural insulfilm. These are films that we can apply to any glass surface, and have several benefits.

Having different models, the films can be transparent. Hence, it allows the glass to have no change in its appearance. But many models contribute to bring greater privacy in the apartment, such as:

  • mirrored films
  • smoked and
  • Sandblasted films, for example.

Some of them allow the external space to view by whoever is inside the property, but external observers cannot see inside the space. This is a great option for those who want to bring greater privacy to their home or commercial property. It is also a widely famous solution in meeting rooms.


In addition to bringing privacy to the property, solar films bring several other benefits. See some of them:

  • Temperature control and economy: The film reduces the temperature inside the rooms. Moreover, it reduces the use of air conditioning and contributing to a considerable decrease in the energy bill.
  • Health protection: Reducing the incidence of ultraviolet rays by up to 99%, the films protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun;
  • Furniture protection: UV rays are primarily responsible for furniture fading. That is why solar films contribute to increase the durability of your furniture and carpets;
  • Safety: Forming a protective layer on the glass, the films make it difficult to break and shatter the glass. Hence, it prevents accidents and the entry of invaders.


The solar films, also called residential insulfilm, are great options to reduce the heat of the house, and also bring several other advantages.

Being able to be applied to all glass surfaces, such as doors and windows, the films filter the sun’s rays and significantly reduce the internal temperature. With a decrease of up to 99% in UV rays, the films are still responsible for protecting the health of your skin, without you stop receiving sunlight.

In addition, window film suppliers contribute to a better luminous and acoustic comfort. And they can bring more privacy and security. All this with a durability of up to 15 years! The cost benefit is incredible.


8 Reasons to apply switchable Glass in your Apartment in 2021

5 Benefits of sun-protected glass

In addition to the obvious reasons, switchable glass with sun protection offers several other benefits for those who want to invest and create environments with much more comfort and safety. Nowadays, balconies and balconies are a great option for leisure and social areas.

Therefore, the more positive aspects these provide the better for you, the family and, of course, the better for your home.

Check out the 5 main benefits of switchable glass with sun protection:

  1. Reduced use of electricity

One of the biggest advantages of glass with solar control is the reduction in the consumption of electric energy, which happens primarily by reducing the use of air conditioning. You may even wonder what this has to do with the type of glazing on a balcony or balcony.

switchable Glass

It’s simple. The switchable glass controls the amount of infrared rays that enter the environment. And guess who gets the heat inside the house? Themselves! Therefore, be prepared to save considerably on your electricity bill.

  1. More privacy without limiting the external view

    While one of the greatest advantages of environments with glass finish is in the external view, one of the major complaints from users of this type of system is precisely the lack of privacy.

So, how about combining these two conditions and creating the perfect balance between privacy and a beautiful view? With reflective control glasses, you can limit your view from the outside in, but without losing even 1% of what you see from the inside out.

  1. The right luminosity with glazing glass
    Glazed environments can often represents excess or scarcity of light. In summer, it provides excessive clarity and brightness to the point of making it impossible to live in the piece. And in winter, pitch and darkness, which, after all, accompany the cold.

That way, only the mid-seasons, like autumn and spring, remain. The reflection characteristics of solar-controlled glasses help to control the brightness and glare of environments, taking advantage of natural light and reducing the need for artificial lighting.

  1. Ease of cleaning

    In addition to all the advantages we have already mentioned, we can point out the ease of cleaning as one of the great benefits of environments with switchable glass.

  2. Privacy films provide Safety for the whole family
    Another great advantage of glazing with sun protection is in the safety itself. In this way, environments such as balconies and balconies become a true extension of the home, being practically an extra internal room, safe for children and even pets.

Of course, in addition to these, there are many other advantages and benefits in using solar-controlled glass. Like, for examplethe integration with the external environment, the feeling of more space, the application of extra security films and many others.

So, how about investing in a super modern glass system with solar control and promoting great benefits to your home, creating a new and pleasant environment for socializing? Bet on that idea with our products and change the way you live!

switchable Glass in china

The films for windows are very important to take care of their environment.

There are several types of films, each with different objectives. Below you will see the 8 reasons to apply glass films in your environment.

1- Glass films can block ultraviolet rays

First of all, glass films have the characteristic of blocking up to 99.9% of ultraviolet (UV) rays, certainly a very important characteristic for us.

What WHO says about uv rays?

The article published by the newspaper O globo tells about the research carried out by the World Health Organization (WHO), where it says that: “About 60 thousand people die each year, the majority due to skin cancer, due to excessive exposure to the sun”.

In the same way that in the summer there is the emission of ultraviolet (UV) rays, in the winter too. In winter people are unconcerned and end up not being prevented, so they are not careful. Even on colder days, when the sun comes up, care must be taken. Using switchable glass, therefore, is very important precisely to control UV rays.

2. Glass films can be used for your safety

There are types of glass films that can hold the broken glass and even give it more resistance. This film is called a security or anti-vandal film.

For the reason that I have already explained in depth about this film for glasses, I will not go into this subject further. Because here on the blog there is content explaining everything about it. Click here if you want to see this content.

Glass films, 8 reasons to apply them

  1. Glass films can block sunlight

Have you ever been in an environment where the sunlight was so strong that, consequently, it even hurts the eyes? Or that place where you were unable to use your cell phone, notebook or TV, because the brightness of the sun hindered you? Solar control films will help you. These films, in turn, have models that reduce the sun’s illumination, and without taking your vision out.

  1. Glass films can reduce the heat of the sun

There are glass films that can reduce the heat emitted by the sun. Reflective films, for example, have the greatest ability to block the entry of heat. Because this type of film is reflective, it has the effect of sending back much of the heat it receives.

Heat-resistant glass films

However, due to the fact that most films that hold heat are dark or reflective, in some places they can be a problem, because there are places that are not allowed to apply these films, for example on condominium balconies, as the ART says. Likewise, car windows also have rules for applying switchable glass.

switchable Glass 2021

However, this is not a problem, as there are models of films that are transparent and can reduce the burning caused by the heat of the sun, see the image below:

  1. Glass films bring privacy

Glass films have models that are responsible for bringing privacy. The Privacy Film deprives people from being able to spy on what is happening within a given environment? With the privacy film, this will no longer happen!

After all, with this film you can hide places in your home that you don’t want to be exposed. Here at Easy film, we received several requests requesting Milky White Vinyl film to cover the house’s air conditioning box, for example.

6. Switchable Glass films bring Aesthetics

In addition to bringing all these qualities, the glass films help to make the environment more modern and personalized, in order to make it more pleasant. The decorative films are perfect for this function of just personalizing the environment, having several colors; they adjust in any environment, due to the amount of colors.

  1. Glass film reduces fading

The window film is also responsible for preventing fading and staining. The sun’s rays in constant contact with the furniture, as a result, contribute to the fading and stains on the object, consequently, reducing its useful life. The switchable glass can reduce such damage and as a result, increase the life.

  1. Variety

Finally, you can already see that glass films have a variety of benefits that will certainly help you to eliminate several problems you have. In addition, its wide variety is not only linked to its benefits. This in turn, is already great, but glass films also have different colors and aspects, so that it will be possible to fit in any situation within the environment.


Smash and grab film suppliers: 5 Best Tinting film maintenance tips


Smash and grab film suppliers make films to improve the appearance and increase your comfort in the car. Tinted glass will last long enough if you follow the rules for care. If the rules are not followed, then damage may appear already in the first weeks of operation.

The following look at the basic care instructions for toning in continuous operation and immediately after pasting the film.

Maintenance of smash and grab film that has been in use for a long time

If the driver has installed a high-quality tint film, problems arise only in the case of improper use or care. In other cases, as a rule, there is no inconvenience.

Main recommendations:

  1. No abrasive components. . Such products can scratch the film.
  2. Furthermore, prevent accumulation of dirt between the seal and the glass. Such build-up contributes to scratching and impairs visibility, especially at night.
  3. Damp wash only. Dirt and dust cannot be wiped off dry glass, as particles scratch the film. An alternative to wet washing is a jet of air.
  4. The film should not succumb to aggressive influences.  Hence, chemical, thermal, mechanical factors negatively affect the film – they leave scratches, corrode the material and shorten the service life.Smash and grab film suppliers

Leaving immediately after pasting

Before you cover the auto glass with tint film, you need to find out which is better smash and grab film suppliers. Generally, most of all positive reviews are left by users about the classic and a thermal film. The latter is more resistant to temperature conditions, reflects infrared (thermal) and ultraviolet radiation.

If you are not sure if you can handle applying the film yourself, consult a professional. Experienced craftsmen will quickly and efficiently cover the glass of your car.

Basic recommendations for applying smash and grab film to car glass

  • When tinting a car, it is necessary to observe the temperature regime, the level of moisture and cleanliness in the room, use high-quality tools, adhere to a clear sequence of actions;
  • Avoid excessive overheating of the film material. Using an industrial hair dryer, do not bring it too close to the glass; be sure to moisten the film and glass with soapy water.
  • After pasting, let the car stand for about a day, refrain from washing for the first 7 days. Otherwise, it can lead to film peeling, air bubbles, stains, distortions.
  • For the first 5-7 days after pasting, do not raise / lower the glass. Soft coating with not dried adhesive layer is easily deformed. Complete drying of the film is completed in 5-10 days after application. Everything will depend on the impact of external conditions during vehicle operation.

Attention! After installation, streaks or cloudiness may appear. You should not sound the alarm, or even more so, you should not try to fix this situation yourself. The defects will disappear after a while.

Full drying of the film takes about 30 days depending on weather conditions, film thickness, and properties of the adhesive layer, so you just need to wait a while and all effects will disappear. These are smash and grab film suppliers’ recommendations.

Smash and grab film suppliers in china

What other nuances of smash and grab film care are there?

In addition to what has been said, there are several issues that arise from the owners of vehicles.

What to use when washing and what absolutely should not be used?

  • Wash with exclusively purified water. If the water contains solid impurities or rust, it will cause damage.
  • Similarly, wash with regular window cleaner or soapy water;
  • Use a soft sponge. Then wipe the glass with a soft cotton cloth, lint-free cloth or microfiber cloth.
  • It is not permissible to use hard brushes, sponges with hard foam rubber and large pores, as well as tools with sharp edges. Therefore, such items can scratch the tint film.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use substances with solid elements and aggressive chemicals.

Let’s summarize

So, auto tinting is a convenient and practical solution for your car.


Tired of smash and grab film suppliers? Are there defects? Stop suffering – take it off! Undoubtedly, you pasted the film on the glass of the car because you wanted to protect the interior from prying eyes, get rid of excess light, reduce eye strain, and maybe in order to give the “iron beast” a spectacular look.

But what to do when it has already lost its original appearance? Hence, there is only one way out – car glass shading. What tools are needed? How to remove the film correctly? Let’s consider in more detail.

Reasons for peeling tape and the process of removing it

There may be a lot of reasons for this, but the most common are:

  • Desire to increase the light transmission of glass.
  • Unsuitable material due to a long service life.

Regardless of whether a thermal, classic, and one Way Vision or UV protection – the coating can change its color, crack or even peel off. What to do? That’s right, remove the old tint yourself. Let’s take a closer look at what tools you need to use to remove the film.
List of tools:

Smash and grab film suppliers 2021

  1. construction or ordinary hair dryer;
  2. sharp knife;
  3. cleaning agent.

Careful inspection is very important

Once you have everything ready, follow our recommendations. First and foremost, before starting work, carefully inspect the glass of the car and remove all decorative linings and seals from them. Mark which glass they belong to so that you can reinstall them after completion of work.

Now let’s look at the most common ways to remove tint film from car windows.

Method 1 – use a knife

High-quality glass tinting can be removed without problems (as stated by the reviews of car owners).

Using a sharp knife, pry off the upper edge of the film (it is more convenient to start from the upper right corner of the glass if you are right-handed). Then you need to gently pull the film towards you and down, trying to remove it with one sheet, and not in separate strips.

A problem can arise if the film is too thin or of poor quality. If you have problems, then you should go to method number 2 and number 3. That is why it is important to buy film from reliable smash and grab film suppliers.

Method 2 – cleaning agent

If the film does not peel off well, does not come off in one piece and peels off, and there is no hair dryer at hand, use any cleaning agent. Window cleaners are also good – a handy spray bottle will simplify the process. You need to wipe or spray on the inside of the film so that it better separates from the glass, as

Method 3 – use a hair dryer

Heat exposure using a construction or ordinary hair dryer is the best method if the first and second ways of tinted glass are removed poorly. This method is well suited for removing the athermal film, since it is the thickest.

  1. Warm up the film. Be careful! Do not exceed the warm-up temperature above 40 degrees Celsius.
  2. Gently pry the tint with a sharp object (preferably with a knife) and pull on the edge.

That’s all, toning is gone. But no. There are traces of glue. What to do?

Best smash and grab film suppliers Conclusion

All the recommendations given in the article are based on the experience of the smash and grab film suppliers. Based on which you can save money and remove the old tint film from the car windows without any problems. If the reason for its removal was the loss of properties, then purchase a new one of much better quality.


The Future of electrochromic smart glass for commercial and Domestic Building

Do you know what smart glasses are? Know this trend

Transform the window into a projection screen or prevent sunlight from entering without the need for curtains or blinds. These and other possibilities are just some of the characteristics of the so-called electrochromic smart glass.

The smart glasses are gaining space in commercial and residential projects and can provide visual comfort and energy efficiency for buildings. Do you know how this versatile and modern element of architecture works? In this article, we explain all the details of this trend for you to consider in your future projects.

What is electrochromic smart glass?

Apparently, smart glass looks exactly the same as traditional glass. The difference is in the construction of the product. Internally, it has a polymer capable of changing chromatic properties depending on the energy load received. Although the mechanism is relatively simple, it is very famous one of the most advanced technologies in the category.

electrochromic smart glass

What is working process?

The electrochromic smart glass works with a status of “on” and “off”. It consists of two sheets of glass separated by a liquid crystal film. It is this film that contains the polymers that respond to electricity.

When the glass is “off” it behaves like a translucent white partition, on which images can even be projected. When it is “on”, that is, receiving electrical current, the polymers reorganize themselves in order to make the glass completely transparent.

Currently, there are three smart glass technologies:

  1. liquid crystal
  2. electrochromic and
  3. Suspended particle device (SPD).

Although the results are similar, there are variations in terms of cost per square meter. It is worth checking what they are before opting for any of the models.

What are the best uses for smart glasses?

Smart glasses have been on the market for a long time. But the lack of technology and the higher cost of production and installation made this novelty take a little longer to take off. In fact, it has literally been taking off for quite some time, since one of the uses of this material is in aircraft windows.

The applications in corporate projects are numerous. In a commercial building, electrochromic smart glass can behave like a shop window or sign. Moreover, in meeting rooms, simply change the status of the glass to ensure more privacy. In hospitals, this material can bring more safety to the environment, since the use of curtains or blinds is to avoid, preventing the adherence of bacteria.

Why smart glasses are useful for residential buildings?

Furthermore, in residential buildings the uses are also varied. The most common of these is in the control of natural light that passes through the windows. The occupant of the residence can choose, at any time of the day, whether he prefers to receive natural light or artificial light. This is a very smart solution also for hotels, as it provides greater visual comfort for guests.

Smart glasses are not the only alternative

Smart glasses are an innovative concept in the market and the simple use of them in any project means adding value to the consumer. The solution is also directly responsible for energy savings. In line with sustainable aspects that is important in the most modern buildings.

By precisely controlling the entry of light into the environment, heating in the room also reduces. Moreover, it results in moderate use of air conditioning systems without loss of thermal comfort.

Finally, there is the question of aesthetics and visual comfort. In addition to demonstrating elegance, being able to control the incidence of light reduces any discomfort caused in the hottest hours of the day.

The use of electrochromic smart glass in roofs is an increasingly recurrent alternative in civil construction. This option is ideal for those who want to give an air of modernity to projects, taking advantage of sunlight, but without leaving security aside.

electrochromic smart glass in china

International Standard of Smart Glass Application

What you may not know is that there are technical standards that deal with the types of glass that can be used on these occasions. This is the case of NBR 7,199, which talks about the use of glass in roofs.

In this article, we will talk about the safety characteristics that must be observed when installing roofing glass and how the types of glass influence the result of the project.

Safety first: laminated, tempered laminated and wired glass

Roofing glasses should provide safety for users of the environment. So always prefer laminates, tempered laminates or wires. Each of these types of glass has specific characteristics that distinguish them from each other. But all protect the physical integrity of the people around them in the event of accidents.

Laminated glass and laminated tempered glass have in their composition a plastic film of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). Its purpose is to contain the piece in case of breakage, avoiding splinters. The main difference between the two is the possibility of holes and cutouts in the tempered laminates.

Because it is more mechanically resistant. It is the most recommended for projects that require access for maintenance.

Electrochromic smart glass, on the other hand, has a kind of metallic mesh on the inside of the glass. It is a characteristic that also prevents splinters from spreading in cases of accidents.

Roofing smart glasses: in search of the ideal effect

In addition to safety, it is also important to observe the aesthetic effect and functionality that each glass provides. When opting for versions such as reflective, colorless, colored and opaque, the results will be different. Therefore, knowing the characteristics of each of them is essential for the execution of the project to go according to expectations.

Colorless glass is what most allows sunlight to enter, but does not have significant heat reflection properties. It makes the environment warmer. Opaque glasses, on the other hand, have the characteristic of allowing light to penetrate the environment, without compromising privacy.

Why smart glass is better than normal glass windows?

Colored glasses allow less light to enter than colorless glass, but they are also not very effective in terms of heat reflection. Its color makes the glass surface retain heat from the sun’s rays, which can cause discomfort and produce a greenhouse effect.

Finally, electrochromic smart glasses have heat reflection as their main characteristic. They are the most recommended for use in roofs due to their properties. It allows the entry of light and blocking part of the sun’s rays. Furniture and objects, when housed under laminated glass coverings, suffer less from the action of sunlight, maintaining durability for longer.

Combinations and possibilities of electrochromic smart glass in roofs

The use of glass in roofs allows the entry of natural light, reducing energy costs. Its simplified maintenance, combined with versatility, makes the frequency of use in new buildings. Whether commercial or residential, is on the rise.

Pergolas and skylights, for example, are bold aesthetic alternatives, capable of enhancing an environment. When it comes to the application and usability of glass in projects, the possibilities are endless.

electrochromic smart glass 2021


However, it is essential that those responsible for the project consult specialists in glass coverings. Everything needs to be well thought out so that the support structure dimensions of the pieces, thickness of the glass, expansion and the deformation ratios are respected. Moreover, it provides greater durability to the set and avoiding unexpected breaks.


Electric blackout glass film Design and Operating Guide for Beginners

An Introduction to PDLC Smart Film

Electric blackout glass film, also called liquid crystal film (PDLC) or switchable film is composed of two layers of ITO films and one layer of PDLC.

Weather resistance

Using our exclusive formulation of liquid crystal composite material as well as optical grade flexible conductive films, the smart film has excellent optical, thermal, mechanical properties, and good weather resistance.

Application of electric blackout glass film

  • Office partitions • Bathrooms • Conference rooms
  • Hospitals / Clinics
  • Luxury Villas / Private Room
  • Optical blinds
  • Security windows
  • Roof windows
  • Airports • Hotels and Restaurants • Trains and buses

The advantages of smart film

  • Unique liquid crystal formula of electric blackout glass film ensures a snug fit. High power-on transparency and high power-off haze to protect your privacy.
  • Full specifications: in addition to 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m regular width, the maximum width of 2.2m smart film is also available on request. In addition, we provide milky white, gray and black film colors for your choice.
  • Moreover, it brings full coverage of the production process from ITO film to smart film – effectively guarantees product quality and also shortens the delivery cycle.Electric blackout glass film

It is a flexible material that can be bent, allowing for a wide range of uses. Similarly, it is good for large operating temperature range: from -20 70 to 70 ℃. Furthermore, it offers following benefits:

  • Low rated voltage and power consumption.
  • Strong adhesion for PDLC and long service life.
  • Superior manufacturing techniques, strict production and quality control – to ensure consistent quality and product reliability.

Electric blackout glass film Packaging

Package protection:  Smart film has protective films on both sides. Please tear them off before using.

Packing methods: Flat packing or roll packing is optional according to our customers’ needs. Flat Pack – Place the film flat in a wooden box, separating them with white paper and surrounding with foam to buffer. Roll packaging uses plywood cartons and boxes as outer packaging and film rolls on a paper tube with an outer diameter of 15 cm.

Storage conditions

Electric blackout glass film should be stored in a ventilated, dry condition. Temperature should be between -15 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ and relative humidity below 85%. Please keep them away from heat, acidic gases and liquids, organic gases and liquids. Do not wet or place in water.

Packaging Instruction for Smart film

Package protection:  Smart film has protective films on both sides. Please tear them off before using.

Packing methods: Flat packing or roll packing is optional according to our customers’ needs. Flat Pack – Place the film flat in a wooden box, separating them with white paper and surrounding with foam to buffer. Roll packaging uses plywood cartons and boxes as outer packaging and film rolls on a paper tube with an outer diameter of 15 cm.


  • Cars and vehicles
  • Window
  • Luxury Villa / Private room
  • Optical blinds
  • Security windows
  • Roof windows
  • Airport • Hotel & Restaurant
  • Trains and buses

Storage conditions

Electric blackout glass film should be stored in a ventilated, dry condition. Temperature should be between -15 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ and relative humidity below 85%. Please keep them away from heat, acidic gases and liquids, organic gases and liquids. Do not wet or place in water.

Electric blackout glass film 2021

Features of Heat Resistant Smart Film

Color:  gray, which can be suitable for various decorative styles and designs.

Thickness:  less than 0.5mm

Viewing angle:  Large viewing angle.

Sunlight protection:  high UV protection

Eco-friendly material:  energy saving and environmental protection.

  1. Colorless nail polish.

First, you should prepare the surface of the electric blackout glass film; we should thoroughly and carefully. Then the scratch and the area adjacent to it are treated with an alcohol cleaner or with the addition of ammonia for degreasing.

After drying, a colorless varnish is applicable to a scratch or chip and allowed to dry completely. With a cotton swab moistened with nail polish remover, carefully remove all excess varnish on the glass surface and polish the surface with a soft cloth.

  1. Polishing agent for metal surfaces

This method is somewhat more expensive, but much easier to perform. Hence, we should apply a small amount of the product to a soft cloth and polished the scratch area on the glass. After a few wipes, the scratch will not be visible.

  1. Toothpaste.

To remove a scratch, take a simple white paste without any additives and effects, the gel is not suitable for this purpose. The paste, the size of a pea, applies to a soft cloth and rubbed into the scratch with gentle circular motions.

How to treat scratched area of electric blackout glass film?

Thus, we can treat the scratched area of electric tinting glass several times, removing the remaining paste with a soft napkin after each procedure. The scratch disappears without a trace.

Toothpaste – it is perfect in cases where the scratch can be seen in the sun, but it cannot be felt with a fingernail. At least it’s much more decent than a gel. It is important that the entire surface is completely cleaned. Moreover, a lint-free fabric is preferable. It is necessary to smear along the entire length of the scratch, and then wipe off what remains.

If the nail gets caught in the groove, you can try toothpaste with dry mustard and vinegar added to it. Polish with a clean cloth. If damage is still noticeable, more professional methods are desirable.

Electric blackout glass film in china

4. Liquid polish for electric tinting glass or furniture polish.

The surface treatment method is slightly different from the previous one. The polish is applied directly to the crack and to a piece of fabric. And all glass is carefully polished.
Heat reduction films are very popular in commercial and residential properties, due to the many benefits they can provide in the environments.

In addition to reducing heat and protecting against harmful health rays, films can also bring privacy, security and savings. If you want to know more about the advantages of solar control films, you can access this other article from our blog.

But when deciding to install solar films, another question arises: Which electric blackout glass film model is the most suitable for my needs? What type of film is good to choose? In this article we want to help you learn more about the different models of solar films.


It all depends on what your needs are at the moment. If the intention is to reduce the temperature and decrease the brightness and natural lighting, the smoked model may be ideal. If the need is to have more privacy, mirror films are the most ideal. Learn more about the main film models:

  • Transparent Film: Reduces internal heat and protects against solar radiation without affecting the transparency of the glass.
  • Smoked Film: Reduces internal heat and protects against solar radiation. Moreover, it reduces the incidence of light in the environment. It is ideal to solve the problem of excessive lights that hinder the viewing of screens and monitors.

11 Proven Car window Tinting Film suppliers self-Blinding Techniques

Do you need toning for your vehicles?

Disputes about tinting on the Internet are as common as battles on traditional topics: “VAZ or Foreign Car”, “Studded tires or non-studded tires”, “Mercedes or BMW”, “Germans or Japanese”, etc. As always, each side has its own arguments, reasons, and beliefs. You read, and it seems that both are right. In every situation, you need car window tinting film suppliers.

I thought for a long time whether to enter into these disputes or not. But still I decided to express my opinion on the need for toning in the “Blog of Smart Drivers”. Perhaps you will say that this is a summer topic and now, in the fall, it seems like it does not belong. I thought so too at first. But I gradually came to the conclusion that on the main points this is exactly the autumn-winter theme. In this article I will explain why.

Car window Tinting Film suppliers

Thermal protection: car window tinting film suppliers

One of the main arguments in favor of toning, most of the “toned” ones lead to a decrease in interior heating on sunny days. Like, it lets in less sunlight, which means the interior heats up less.

However, we all went to school and from the physics course we know that black attracts heat rays, and white repels. According to this logic, “useful” tinting should be white. But that doesn’t happen. A mirror would have helped, but it is prohibited.

In addition, more and more modern car models are equipped with a thermal glass. On the one hand, such glass reduces the heating of the passenger compartment in summer. On the other hand, it reduces heat loss in cold weather. So, black tint completely kills the effect that car windows give. That is, by toning such glasses with black tint, you simply negate their main advantages.

In addition, almost every modern car has an air conditioning or climate system from car window tinting film suppliers. The need for tinting as protection against solar heating generally loses all meaning.

Car window tinting film suppliers Self-blinding

Just at this point I will tell you why I consider the topic of toning to be autumn-winter. Yes, I’m talking about long nights, poor illumination of streets and roads at this time.

Imagine reversing on a rainy November night in a narrow parking lot in a dimly lit alley. In such a situation, you need to see everything around as best as possible. Especially at the back and sides. But you “blinded” yourself with toning, making your task many times more difficult!

In the 70-90s, there was a universal exit – drivers hung blackout curtains on the rear window. Moreover, I also hung it. Very comfortably. When such “toning” interfered, it could simply be folded. Unfortunately, it is impossible to find anything like this now. But this does not mean that you should dazzle yourself with toning.

Basically, this is what a properly installed curtain looked like.

It turns out a paradox: the car window tinting film suppliers are fighting for maximum visibility from the driver’s seat, and drivers artificially impair this visibility. What for?

Car window Tinting Film suppliers in china

Opaque: car window tinting film suppliers

I will start by telling you about an incident that happened to me. I drove in a stream for a non-tinted car. Suddenly I saw that the car in front of him began to brake sharply. I started to slow down too.  And the driver ahead of me began to brake later and did not have time to stop in time. If the windows of his car were tinted, I would have assembled a “little train”.

This situation happened on the road

Of course, there are plenty of “opaque” cars on the streets: buses, trucks, vans, SUVs. It is almost impossible to see what is happening ahead of them. This is all true. But by toning their car, drivers multiply the number of “non-transparent” ones on the roads. Thus, they simply make life difficult for all drivers.


It seems to me everything is more than obvious here. Tinted down to the B-pillar, the car doesn’t look solid as the designer intended. Half tinting simply splits the perception of the car in two.

They will tell me that they saw tinted cars at auto exhibitions. Yes, this technique is used by designers if they intend to show only the appearance of the car. Most likely, the tinted democar has no interior or has not yet been developed. Therefore, it is hidden behind tinting. If they show a serial, fully finished model, not a single glass will be tinted.

Car window tinting film suppliers Confidentiality

Some people try to hide someone or someone they are carrying in the back seat. The argument also does not stand up to scrutiny. Who are they afraid of? DPS? Wives? Friends? Passers-by?

  • For a traffic police inspector, a tinted car is more suspicious than a non-tinted one. An experienced eye will always notice something suspicious in the back seat.
  • Wife? She’ll find out anyway.
  • Acquaintances? Traditionally, they have known everything for a long time.
  • Passers-by? They don’t know you and they don’t care who is in your back seat.

So there is no point in hiding behind toning either. And car window tinting film suppliers can help you best in this matter.

The benefits of smart car window tinting

  • High comfort. This tinting makes the room bright, while isolating harmful infrared and ultraviolet radiation.
  • Energy saving. The film serves as a good heat insulator, so the thermos effect remains in the room.
  • Safety is increased. From the street you will not be able to see what is happening inside the building. Smart windows are highly durable, exceeding the reliability of standard glass.
  • Additional insulation is not required when using such windows as stained glass windows.
  • Light transmittance is not tied to the transparency of the glass.
  • Liquid crystals provide protection by two thick glasses, scratches on which do not affect the operation of the structure.
  • Windows can be washed.
  • Management is carried out using the remote control or automatically.
  • Low power consumption – only 7 watts.
  • Attractive glass appearance when switched off.
  • Ease of use, quick installation.

Smart windows are an excellent solution for both business and a country house. They will make the interior special, fit perfectly into the concept of a smart home, and give comfort, additional warmth, silence and energy savings.

You do not have to wake up from the sun shining in your face, think about how to separate the space so as not to clutter it up. Smart film or glass is an excellent modern solution to many problems that allows you to increase the functionality of windows.

Car window Tinting Film suppliers 2021


This is the most ridiculous argument in defense of tinting. I think that “being like everyone else” is simply unacceptable for a normal person. To disfigure your car for this is ridiculous.

Here are my main arguments against car tinting. I had to drive tinted cars. And I always felt uncomfortable in them. As in the “crypt”, even if only the rear and side windows were tinted.

I will repeat it again. In this article, I expressed my opinion. To listen to itor not is up to you. I have not tried to impose anything on anyone. But I will be very glad if at least some points make you think again about the benefits and dangers of tinting your car window tinting film suppliers.


How to Apply Privacy Smart Glass Film? (China Adhesive Privacy Film Cost 2020)

How to Apply Privacy Smart Glass Film? (China Adhesive Privacy Film Cost 2020)

The use of privacy smart glass, although already widespread in the automotive, aeronautical and architectural industries. It continues to gain ground and begins to be used in the railway industry seeking to bring its advantages to train users.

They maximize the use of natural and visual light; allow regulating the degree of transparency and translucency. Similarly, it offers darkening control, reduce heat gain and reflections, and increase comfort.

What exactly is privacy smart glass?

It is a type of glass whose ability to be penetrated by light varies depending on the application of heat, light, or an electrical current. Some of the most widely famous technologies are:

  • Electrochromic
  • Photochromic
  • thermo chromic, and
  • suspended particle glass

Its use allows to intelligently managing visibility and thermal gain. Similarly, it takes advantage of or reducing the incidence of light depending on the case.

Privacy Smart Glass

How do we measure privacy smart glass?

Generally, there is another way to get opacity. We can do this via colored glass. It is very important to get through a reliable manufacturer of privacy glass. Because, it is vital to know the measurement of your area.

In all cases there is the possibility of adapting to the requirements of the regulations in terms of:

  • insulation against fire
  • with fireproof glass
  • thermal and acoustic insulation
  • with double glazing, etc

This smart glass comes in two presentations. It is according to the requirements depending on the case of project.

  • The first option is a 5 + 5mm laminated glass. It is in the middle of the glasses has the “sandwich” technology installed. This allows the Smart Glass technology to be more protected by being in the middle of two sheets of glass.
  • The second option, which in many cases is the most viable and practical when implementing it in a project. It is a polymer with liquid crystal molecules.  Moreover, it comes with several layers and materials. Similarly, it works exactly the same as Glass. Smart described above.

The advantage of adapting this privacy smart glass to existing glass is its quick installation and adaptation to glass. Furthermore, it they can be installed and adapted on the existing glass; going from being a conventional glass to a high-performance smart glass.

How does privacy smart glass?

We can control privacy smart glass by means of a remote control or a wall switch.

Privacy glass offers you peace of mind in your investment by having a useful life. It is 10 times greater than that offered by other substitute products, such as mechanical blinds and curtains.

In addition, another advantage that smart glasses have is that they do not require maintenance by mechanical parts or washing for cleaning. This means an economic saving for derived expenses.


The main function of Smart Glass is to separate spaces in a new and elegant way. It is then, that the applications of a Smart Glass can occur in:

  • Boardroom
  • Crisis rooms
  • Offices
  • Laboratories
  • Clinics
  • Banks / ATMs / Payment boxes
  • Bathrooms
  • Airports

Additionally, another benefit of having a privacy smart glass is that you obtain an energy saving of 30% and 40%. Since this technology allows to absorb a part of the light spectrum, such as infrared rays and a blockage of UV rays.

There is even thermochromic glass, special for exterior glazing. It allows you to adjust the opacity to the amount of sunlight that the glass receives.

Smart glass has become popular as a natural way to provide privacy and elegance in the homes of individuals, commercial businesses or the hotel sector. Find out how to get the most out of them.

Privacy Smart Glass 2021
Why privacy smart glass technology is popular?

The privacy smart glass technology consists of a film of liquid crystal dispersed polymer (PDLC). It comes in between two layers of glass and two layers of adhesive. PDLC film allows the visual appearance of glass to be changed from opaque to clear or dimmed.

This allows you to have full control regarding the amount of light, privacy and heat. The Smart Glass technology is a solution is aimed not only for residential and corporate sectors, also for automotive, commercial, museums and health.

Its operation is simple; just press a switch on the wall or on a wall. We can also control by:

  • motion detectors
  • lightor
  • temperature sensors

We can integrate it into any home and building automation control system. Another aspect to highlight is that Smart Glass technology, by blocking heat or light, thus achieves more efficient spaces in energy saving and thus reduces the carbon footprint of buildings and their daily operation.

Learn about 10 advantages of using privacy smart glass technology:

  1. Remove blinds and curtains
  2. Hence, preserve the day and night views and thus enjoys the shade even with light.
  3. Minimize glare
  4. Reduce heating and cooling needs
  5. Maximize natural lighting
  6. Moreover, it protects interior furnishings
  7. Reduce heating and air conditioning needs
  8. Reduce your fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  9. Privacy smart glass increases privacy, security and acoustics

There is no longer any excuse to continue struggling with heavy curtains or irreparable electric blinds. The Smart Glass technology seeks to optimize the design and interior. It is not just our home but businesses, cars and all those around us and is composed of glass.

How to apply privacy smart glass?

We can apply smart glass in two different types. These are our self-adhesive smart window film and non-adhesive flat window film. …

Generally, people use Smart glasses in homes, offices, hospitals, vehicles, educational institutions, in short, in all sectors.


  • Protects occupants and belongings from harmful UV rays
  • Provides a comfortable living and working environment for the people inside
  • Furthermore, it reduces harmful solar heating
  • Control of extreme brightness and ambient light
  • Low electricity consumption (about 1 bulb in 10 m2 area use)


  • Privacy smart glass provides protection of privacy
  • UV / IR protection
  • High light transmission (> 80%)
  • Energy saving and environmentally friendly technology
  • Control with Wi-Fi and smartphone application
  • User-friendly solution applicable on the customer side


  • Instant and sensitive privacy control and security that can be used in conjunction with architectural design
  • Environmentally friendly, protection against UV rays (> 98%)
  • Exceptional optical quality, preventing glare and eye irritation
  • Preventing furniture, items and valuable accessories from fading and damaging
  • Energy saving stud in heating, cooling and lighting
  • Control of ambient temperature
  • Aesthetically pleasing, modern appearance
  • High durability
  • Effective use of spaces in buildings
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • High contrast for reverse projection and projection applications
  • A spacious feeling for employees and guests in closed office environments

What my experience says in privacy smart glass selection is, always consider professionals. Moreover, do not forget to hold a comprehensive research. This will help you in choosing the best materials. If you do not know about this filed, you can ask a privacy film supplier too.


Electro chromic glass manufacturers share Pros & Cons of Privacy Smart Film

A simple introduction to the efficiency of smart glasses

The electro chromic glass is a basic and fundamental component of the concept one. This concept has the basic function of hiding and exposing the lenses of the triple camera of the mobile phones. Electro chromic glass manufacturers develop it takes only 0.7 seconds to convert the opaque glass to the transparent glass.

It is a very stylish process that adds the quality to the proceedings. This process controls the amount of light that is falling to the camera with the help of the glass used in this process.

The concept one is an outstanding idea of conversion of opaque light to the transparent light. This concept is focusing on the use of technology is the appliances in the near future.

This article will help you realize the use of electro chromic glass in the gadgets and devices. It will also illustrate the working of the electro chromic glass in these devices and gadgets.

Electro chromic glass manufacturers

What is electro chromic glass?

The concept of electro chromic glass is not discussing a new technology. The other names that we use for the electro chromic glass are the smart glass and dynamic glass. We are familiar to the electro chromic glass for many years. This concept one has a wide range of applications and uses in the different fields of world.

The electro chromic glass manufacturers are presenting their contributions in the fabrication of windows, skylights and curtain walls. They are also useful and helpful in the works of hotels, offices and airplanes.

Major applications of Electro chromic glass

The application of electro chromic glass in the windows produces the outstanding results. It produces the satisfaction of the viewing. Moreover, the electro chromic glass filters the light when it passes through it.

In this way, it helps in minimizing the energy costs. In this process, the electro chromic glass can completely block the light or can filter it partially. The action of the electro chromic glass depends upon the requirement of the operation.

This process of controlling the amount of light is particularly helpful in the maintenance of heat factor in the buildings. The electro chromic glass used in the windows of the buildings controls the amount of heat passing through the window. It controls the in and out of the heat from the building more efficiently. To minimize the consumption and loss of energy is particularly done by the air conditioning and also in the heating.

What is a major disadvantage of Electro chromic glass manufacturers?

The disadvantage and the limitation of the electro chromic glass is the price. The electro chromic glass is very expensive to afford in every device and gadget. Moreover, the production and manufacture of the electro chromic glass is an expensive process.

The companies who manufacture the affordable mobile phones would not spend their massive budget on this glass.

The smartphones companies in the affordable range would not inculcate such expensive fancies and stylish glass in their products. Moreover, the electro chromic glass manufacturers cannot manufacture this electro chromic glass like the standard glass.

As a result this electro chromic glass is not as clear and transparent as the standard glass. Therefore, this glass is not fit for the use in the camera modules of the mobile phones.

Working principal of electro chromic glass

The electro chromic glass is available in two forms. These two forms of this product may be glass or plastic. But the main and elementary component in the two forms is essentially the same one. The basic property provided by this glass is the transparency. The transparency of the sheet comes from the chemical layers.

There may be two or more chemical layers that are present on the sheet. There are different ways which help in the production and fabrication of the layers. These methods include the application of the conducting electrodes in the form of mixture or combination.

The electro chromic compounds that are reflective in nature are also helpful in this process. Another useful process in the creation of the chemical layer is the photochemical. Moreover, the process of application of electro chromic dyes is also useful with the help of current control.

What I the role o chemical layer in chromic glass?

In this process of construction of the chemical layer, conduction and movement of electrons takes place between the two electrodes. This movement ultimately reverses the applied voltages at the end of the process.

During this conductive process, the electrons react with the electrons of the chemicals. This process introduces and excites the reflective properties and features of the electro chromic chemicals. This process turns the glass to opaque.

On the other hand, when the electro chromic glass manufacturers want to make the transparent glass form the opaque one, reverse process occurs. In this reverse process, the electrons move out of the electro chromic chemical.

This out movement of the electrons from the chemical turns the glass transparent. The process of conversion of opaque glass to the transparent glass is on the expense of electrical signal. The electro chromic glass does this function with the help of voltage of the electrical signal.

What are the different varieties of Electro chromic glass?

The electro chromic glass films are also available in a variety of forms and designs. This property of electro chromic glass sheets is very similar to the LCD displays. In these films, the control of intensity and amount of light is the function of light polarizing layers.

The light crystal layers are also efficient and effective in the controlling the amount of light through the glass.

In the procedure, when we apply the voltage, the direction and orientation of the molecules of the liquid crystal changes. This step helps in the blockage of light passing through it. The fundamental and most active concept regarding this process is the one plus concept.

One plus constructs the different varieties of the electro chromic films successfully and effectively. The process in which the chemical layers of the electro chromic glass form is called physical vapour deposition (PVD).

Electro chromic glass manufacturers 2021

What is the voltage consumption of chromic glass?

The big and competitive advantage of this process is that it uses very low level of voltage. The electro chromic glass manufacturers use low power to construct the electro chromic glass. This small amount of voltage is essential only for the switching purpose.

The switching process is on the use when glass converts from opaque to transparent. It is also essential when the glass converts back to opaque from the transparent glass.

The amount of power or voltage is not necessary when we keep the electro chromic glass in a particular state. This process does not use any power or voltage. In this way, the process is efficient at the consumption of energy.

Electro chromic glass is the outstanding field of the engineering. It has many applications in the engineering and has provided many useful features to the customers.

The gadgets have entered the new world of technology with the application of electro chromic glass. The electro chromic glass manufacturers have installed the new features in the smart phones.


The new and advanced features in the smart phones are on the expense of electro chromic glass. The most advanced and new concept for the use of electro chromic glass is the one plus concept. It has been successful and efficient in installing the cool features in the smart phones.


7 proven methods to protect electric tinting glass: (Smart Glass Guide 2021)

What is smart glass: principle of operation, application?

The ability from transparent to instantly become opaque, high levels of noise and heat insulation made electric tinting glass. It is a hit in modern interior and exterior design of office and residential buildings. Moreover, the possibilities of using the technology are very wide.

How manufacturers make electric tinting glass?

Smart glass is a complex design. It has three layers.

  • The first is a transparent glass sheet.
  • The second is a double special film: liquid crystals are located between its layers.
  • The third is a second glass canvas, the same as the first.

As a result, smart glass gains the ability to change the level of haze; the degree of absorption of heat rays; light transmission indicators.

electric tinting glass

How does electric tinting glass work?

The unique abilities of electric tinting glass are in the special structure of this material. Under the influence of an electric current, the order of arrangement of liquid crystals changes – the properties of glass also change. Therefore, depending on whether smart glass is exposed to electricity or not, it looks transparent or matte.

When the power turns off, liquid crystals collect in droplets in a chaotic manner. When passing through the material, co-directed light rays scatter. So, light does not pass through glass. Hence, it becomes opaque.

As soon as electricity flows to the smart glass, transparent electrodes form an electromagnetic field. This forces the crystals to line up parallel to one another. Similarly, light can pass between them without encountering obstacles – the glass becomes transparent.

The role of special dimmer in tinting glass

A special device (dimmer) makes it possible to decrease or increase the strength of the electric current supplied to the smart glass. If a low voltage is present, only part of the liquid crystals “build” into the parallel lines. As a result, the material becomes slightly transparent. The higher the voltage, the higher the transparency of the smart glass.

Technical features

When purchasing smart glass, you should familiarize yourself with the features of its operation.

  • 7 W of electricity consumes per square meter of glass.
  • The voltage in the electrical network to which the electric tinting glass must be 1100 volts. The type of current is alternating.
  • The transition time of glass from opaque to transparent is a maximum of one second.
  • Smart glass temperature should not be lower not lower than -25 0 С and not higher than +60 0 С.
  • In an opaque state, glass transmits approximately 80% of the light rays.
  • When the glass turns on, the transparency does not exceed 80%.
  • The number of on and off cycles is over thirty million.
  • Thickness – from 8 millimeters, dimensions without seams – 2×3 meters.

Where we use electric tinting glass?

The technology is successfully common in the decoration of buildings for a wide variety of purposes. Hence, In office premises, in restaurants, cafes, shops, in private apartments and houses, such a solution helps to create a comfortable atmosphere for a person and to implement interesting design ideas.

Indoors, using smart glass, you can create isolated areas. By changing the degree of transparency of the glass walls, you can make parts of the rooms more or less private, if desired, completely hiding them from outside views. However, this technique is sometimes common for bathroom fences in modern apartments.

Decorating the winter garden with smart glasses allows you to change the degree of illumination of the plants.

Why electric tinting glass is an ideal solution?

Smart glass skylights are the optimal solution for providing good illumination of large rooms, while protecting from the bright sun if necessary.

Electric tinting glass successfully functions as a blind or curtain. There is no need to additionally equip window openings with curtains or other curtains to protect the rooms from sunlight. It is enough just to install glasses that change the degree of transparency.

Interior and entrance doors made of such material become universal, depending on the needs of the owner, opening the space of the room to external views or hiding it.

Windows with smart glass in private houses or apartments can not only let in light and allow you to admire the surrounding landscape, but also protect people in the room from the scorching sun and unnecessary glances.

In smart stores, glass helps to create spectacular display cases and advertising screens.

  • Smart tinted glass with adjustable dimming comes in handy in taxi cars. Car windows, which can become translucent and opaque. Moreover, it helps preserve the privacy of passengers.
  • Variable transparency of glass is useful in the construction of shower stalls. Furthermore, you can instantly make their walls opaque.
  • Offices, using this material, you can make partitions, the transparency of which can be changed, creating visually open or isolated zones.
  • In banks, such glass is often common to decorate and delimit rooms for servicing VIP clients.
  • In pools, such designs make it possible to hide the swimmers from prying eyes or, conversely, allow them to admire the surrounding nature.
  • The advertising industry, electric tinting glass is useful to create media facades.
  • Smart glasses can be ideal for rear projection screens. If you project an image onto a glass panel, a high quality image will appear on its back.

Additional features of smart tinting glass

Booking technology helps to make it not only “smart”, but also very durable. A protective film glues to the surface. This increases the level of safety of the structure: you can safely use it wherever children are.

It is possible to manufacture colored “smart” glasses. For this, a special film can be glued to the surface.

We can decorate the glass can with sandblasting. Such solutions look interesting in interior partitions, decoration of restaurants, shop windows.

Advanced equipment allows you to give the glass any configuration, cut holes.

Glass and all glass products are very fragile. Scratches and chips on transparent glass can ruin the overall look of the entire room. Care should be taken to prevent scratches and cracks. But if they appear, you can try to eliminate them on your own.

electric tinting glass 2021

Reasons for the appearance of chips and scratches on the electric tinting glass

Electric tinting glass requires careful and careful maintenance. Here are just a few reasons for scratches:

  • improper care, use when washing rags with hard and coarse fibers, accidental blows with a hard object;
  • washing windows using abrasive powder products;
  • the influence of critical temperatures;
  • careless handling during repair;
  • rubbing the glass with newsprint.

Ways to eliminate minor scratches from electric tinting glass

In the fight against small scratches and cracks, you can use the following methods:

  1. Colorless nail polish.

First, you should prepare the surface of the glass; it is thoroughly and carefully washed and dried. Then the scratch and the area adjacent to it are treated with an alcohol cleaner or with the addition of ammonia for degreasing.

After drying, a colorless varnish is applied to a scratch or chip and allowed to dry completely. With a cotton swab moistened with nail polish remover, carefully remove all excess varnish on the glass surface and polish the surface with a soft cloth.

2. Polishing agent for metal surfaces

This method is somewhat more expensive, but much easier to perform. A small amount of the product should be applied to a soft cloth and polished the scratch area on the glass. After a few wipes, the scratch will not be visible.

  1. Toothpaste.

To remove a scratch, take a simple white paste without any additives and effects, the gel is not suitable for this purpose. The paste, the size of a pea, applies to a soft cloth and rubbed into the scratch with gentle circular motions.

Thus, we can treat the scratched area of electric tinting glass several times, removing the remaining paste with a soft napkin after each procedure. The scratch disappears without a trace.

Toothpaste – it is perfect in cases where the scratch can be seen in the sun, but it cannot be felt with a fingernail. At least it’s much more decent than a gel. It is important that the entire surface is completely cleaned. Moreover, a lint-free fabric is preferable. It is necessary to smear along the entire length of the scratch, and then wipe off what remains.

If the nail gets caught in the groove, you can try toothpaste with dry mustard and vinegar added to it. Polish with a clean cloth. If damage is still noticeable, more professional methods are desirable.

4. Liquid polish for electric tinting glass or furniture polish.

The surface treatment method is slightly different from the previous one. The polish is applied directly to the crack and to a piece of fabric. And all glass is carefully polished.