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A simple introduction to the efficiency of smart glasses

The electro chromic glass is a basic and fundamental component of the concept one. This concept has the basic function of hiding and exposing the lenses of the triple camera of the mobile phones. Electro chromic glass manufacturers develop it takes only 0.7 seconds to convert the opaque glass to the transparent glass.

It is a very stylish process that adds the quality to the proceedings. This process controls the amount of light that is falling to the camera with the help of the glass used in this process.

The concept one is an outstanding idea of conversion of opaque light to the transparent light. This concept is focusing on the use of technology is the appliances in the near future.

This article will help you realize the use of electro chromic glass in the gadgets and devices. It will also illustrate the working of the electro chromic glass in these devices and gadgets.

Electro chromic glass manufacturers

What is electro chromic glass?

The concept of electro chromic glass is not discussing a new technology. The other names that we use for the electro chromic glass are the smart glass and dynamic glass. We are familiar to the electro chromic glass for many years. This concept one has a wide range of applications and uses in the different fields of world.

The electro chromic glass manufacturers are presenting their contributions in the fabrication of windows, skylights and curtain walls. They are also useful and helpful in the works of hotels, offices and airplanes.

Major applications of Electro chromic glass

The application of electro chromic glass in the windows produces the outstanding results. It produces the satisfaction of the viewing. Moreover, the electro chromic glass filters the light when it passes through it.

In this way, it helps in minimizing the energy costs. In this process, the electro chromic glass can completely block the light or can filter it partially. The action of the electro chromic glass depends upon the requirement of the operation.

This process of controlling the amount of light is particularly helpful in the maintenance of heat factor in the buildings. The electro chromic glass used in the windows of the buildings controls the amount of heat passing through the window. It controls the in and out of the heat from the building more efficiently. To minimize the consumption and loss of energy is particularly done by the air conditioning and also in the heating.

What is a major disadvantage of Electro chromic glass manufacturers?

The disadvantage and the limitation of the electro chromic glass is the price. The electro chromic glass is very expensive to afford in every device and gadget. Moreover, the production and manufacture of the electro chromic glass is an expensive process.

The companies who manufacture the affordable mobile phones would not spend their massive budget on this glass.

The smartphones companies in the affordable range would not inculcate such expensive fancies and stylish glass in their products. Moreover, the electro chromic glass manufacturers cannot manufacture this electro chromic glass like the standard glass.

As a result this electro chromic glass is not as clear and transparent as the standard glass. Therefore, this glass is not fit for the use in the camera modules of the mobile phones.

Working principal of electro chromic glass

The electro chromic glass is available in two forms. These two forms of this product may be glass or plastic. But the main and elementary component in the two forms is essentially the same one. The basic property provided by this glass is the transparency. The transparency of the sheet comes from the chemical layers.

There may be two or more chemical layers that are present on the sheet. There are different ways which help in the production and fabrication of the layers. These methods include the application of the conducting electrodes in the form of mixture or combination.

The electro chromic compounds that are reflective in nature are also helpful in this process. Another useful process in the creation of the chemical layer is the photochemical. Moreover, the process of application of electro chromic dyes is also useful with the help of current control.

What I the role o chemical layer in chromic glass?

In this process of construction of the chemical layer, conduction and movement of electrons takes place between the two electrodes. This movement ultimately reverses the applied voltages at the end of the process.

During this conductive process, the electrons react with the electrons of the chemicals. This process introduces and excites the reflective properties and features of the electro chromic chemicals. This process turns the glass to opaque.

On the other hand, when the electro chromic glass manufacturers want to make the transparent glass form the opaque one, reverse process occurs. In this reverse process, the electrons move out of the electro chromic chemical.

This out movement of the electrons from the chemical turns the glass transparent. The process of conversion of opaque glass to the transparent glass is on the expense of electrical signal. The electro chromic glass does this function with the help of voltage of the electrical signal.

What are the different varieties of Electro chromic glass?

The electro chromic glass films are also available in a variety of forms and designs. This property of electro chromic glass sheets is very similar to the LCD displays. In these films, the control of intensity and amount of light is the function of light polarizing layers.

The light crystal layers are also efficient and effective in the controlling the amount of light through the glass.

In the procedure, when we apply the voltage, the direction and orientation of the molecules of the liquid crystal changes. This step helps in the blockage of light passing through it. The fundamental and most active concept regarding this process is the one plus concept.

One plus constructs the different varieties of the electro chromic films successfully and effectively. The process in which the chemical layers of the electro chromic glass form is called physical vapour deposition (PVD).

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What is the voltage consumption of chromic glass?

The big and competitive advantage of this process is that it uses very low level of voltage. The electro chromic glass manufacturers use low power to construct the electro chromic glass. This small amount of voltage is essential only for the switching purpose.

The switching process is on the use when glass converts from opaque to transparent. It is also essential when the glass converts back to opaque from the transparent glass.

The amount of power or voltage is not necessary when we keep the electro chromic glass in a particular state. This process does not use any power or voltage. In this way, the process is efficient at the consumption of energy.

Electro chromic glass is the outstanding field of the engineering. It has many applications in the engineering and has provided many useful features to the customers.

The gadgets have entered the new world of technology with the application of electro chromic glass. The electro chromic glass manufacturers have installed the new features in the smart phones.


The new and advanced features in the smart phones are on the expense of electro chromic glass. The most advanced and new concept for the use of electro chromic glass is the one plus concept. It has been successful and efficient in installing the cool features in the smart phones.