7 Types of pdlc Foil You Can Use on Windows

Smart Privacy Film Buying Guide 2021

The search for pdlc foil has grown increasingly in world. For many years this product was famous only for the advantages it brought to automotive conservation. However, its use in architectural projects of all kinds is increasingly popular.

These days, many people are using this amazing product in home decoration and privacy purposes.

pdlc Foil

But do you know the benefits that make the foil be common in both cars and real estate? To find out, keep following this article until the end. Good reading!

After all, what is the use of pdlc foil?

It is a product whose main function is to add to the design and aesthetics of glazed surfaces. It is an excellent option for those who want to transform environments and cars quickly, practically and, above all, with little expense.

The pdlc foil gives a real upgrade to the glass and is easily removed for replacement whenever you want. This is not to say that its useful life is low, on the contrary, the accessory can last for years when well maintained.

Benefits of pdlc foil 

Anyone who thinks that the accessory is merely decorative is wrong. Some models have an anti-vandalism function, provide privacy for the interior of the environment, prevent the fading of furniture and automotive upholstery, control the temperature of the environment and, in addition, protect against sunlight.

The pdlc foil is found in versions:

  • Reflective;
  • Blackout;
  • Smoked;
  • Sandblasted;

8 types of pdlc foil

The pdlc foil bring many benefits to the look of the environment, as it increases the feeling of space, lightness, balance, in addition, of course, to benefiting the natural light of the place. In addition, it is versatile and combines with different decor proposals.

You can use frames, curtains, stickers and, mainly, various types of textured finishes. For this last option, the glass partition film gains real prominence not only in design, but also in terms of safety.

Why choose pdlc foil?

The pdlc foil is an excellent option to change the look of the window without spending a lot of money; it is easy to make to measure and allows natural light to enter the room without neglecting privacy. Some models of film for glass partitions have anti-vandalism technology, that is, even broken glass does not shatter. This is essential to prevent major accidents and preserve people’s safety.

Pdlc foil for glass partitions:

  • Reflective;
  • Blackout;
  • Smoked;
  • Sandblasted;
  • Mirrored;
  • Colorful;
  • Designed;

Safety: do not give up the pdlc foil

The pdlc foil must be made of tempered or laminated glass, the famous safety glass, stipulated by standard rules. This type of material is up to 5 times more resistant than ordinary glass, as it receives a tempering heat treatment at around 650/750 °C.

When broken, it breaks into small but much less sharp pieces. That’s not to say it doesn’t need to be handled with care or the extra protection of glass shower film.

What is glass shower film?

It is a 100 micron thick polymer that guarantees more safety for the bath time. Simple and economical, the film prevents the box from shattering in case of breakage, as it holds the glass shards, which prevents further accidents.


In addition, pdlc foil creates an anti-scratch layer that increases its resistance performance. And its advantages do not stop there, because the glass shower film has thermo technology, that is, it offers thermal comfort during the shower.

Installation of glass box film

Ø Sliding doors and hinges: 

The product must be installed under the pulleys on the sliding doors. In the case of the opening door, the application has to be made under the hinges

Ø Edge distance 

The film must be at most 5mm from the edge of the window pane. This is good to install pdlc foil on windows properly. Moreover, it will endure its life too.

Ø Curing time:

It is necessary to wait a minimum period of 2 hours after installing the film to apply the box support system.

Is it worth investing in a guardhouse film?

Smart privacy films are a small building that works as a shelter for sentries, guards, watchmen and porters. It is common in shops, companies, banks, condominiums and several other types of establishments. Above all, they must provide comfort and safety for the employee to work efficiently.

In this sense, there is a fundamental item to make the glass in this place even more resistant: the pdlc foil. Want to know more about this product? So follow this reading to the end!

What is the differential of the film for a guardhouse?

They are made of a polymer – a tough macromolecule – 100 microns thick. This makes the panes stronger and prevents fragments from spreading in case of breakage, as all the pieces are fixed in the film for the guardhouse. This is a product that can last up to 10 years when well maintained, and is therefore an excellent lasting investment.

The guardhouse film provides:

Anti-vandalism action;

Anti-scratch layer;


Glass color stability;

UV protection (minimum 95%);

Greater mechanical strength;

Thermal comfort;

High durability.

pdlc Foil 2021


Benefits of pdlc foil

Some pdlc foils in addition to darkening, also have the power to reduce heat and protect against UV rays, in addition to inhibiting external heat, making the environment more pleasant, so when choosing your film, have these aspects in mind. Also pay attention to the details described on the side, in the list of films, about the lighting and the ability to see through the windows.

Reflective film – how does it work?

The greater the light difference, the stronger the mirror effect. Whereas when the aspect ratio is smaller, we have a ghosting effect that works partially on both sides. It is one of the most efficient in terms of blocking UV rays and IR (heat) rejection. Moreover, it provides a thermal balance and light control of the environment.

Some of the great advantages of mirror film are the wide range of colors, such as silver, inverted silver, 2-sided silver, blue mirror, green mirror, bronze, red, gold, pink, purple, gradient, reflective, titanium, black.


Is pdlc glass better than residential insufilm?

During the hottest months of the year, the temperature in your area can cause thermal sensations of up to 40ºC. That’s why many people try to find solutions to alleviate the heat in spaces. In this regard pdlc glass is very useful. 

Air conditioning is always the first alternative, but energy consumption ends up being very high due to the constant use of appliances.

pdlc glass

Use of pdlc glass in domestic and commercial areas

One of the measures to reduce the internal temperature and reduce the use of air conditioning is the installation of pdlc glass on glass doors and windows. This reduces the incidence of solar radiation inside the rooms. And, consequently, it decreases the temperature. Solar glass is responsible for a 99% reduction in sunlight.

This means 75% less heat inside the environment. And the advantages still continue: they can bring greater luminous comfort depending on which model is chosen for application, in addition to bringing greater privacy, security, acoustic comfort and even have an aesthetic and decorative function.


There is a specific pdlc glass or glass film model for every need. Check out some:

  • Mirrored Film: has an aesthetic function, but it works mainly to bring more privacy
  • Blackout Film: Completely blocks visibility and light entry.
  • Safety Film: reinforces the glass and makes it difficult to break.
  • Sandblasted Film: imitates sandblasted glass for a much cheaper price.
  • Decorative film: with different designs and geometric shapes,
  • Nanoceramic glass: made with nanotechnology, they have high functionality

Is it time to remove the old insulfilm from your windows? 

Although pdlc glass has an average durability of 15 years, some external factors can damage the material so that it will be necessary to replace the film. Some of these factors are: excessive scratches, acts of vandalism, inadequate cleaning, among others.  When you decide to replace the glass that question arises.

How to remove the old insulfilm without damaging the glass surface? 

In this article we will talk a little more about this subject. The process for removing the film is a little time-consuming and requires some dedication. Care must be taken not to damage the glass surface when using sharp objects. See steps for removing insulfilm from windows:


Dissolve the film:

To start the removal process for using pdlc glass, the ideal is to use products that can dissolve the existing film, such as ammonia and vinegar. Vinegar is more suitable in these cases, as ammonia has a very harmful odor. Mix the vinegar with water and spray on the surface using a sponge. Repeat the procedure a few times and then put a plastic over the top, allowing the surface to stay wet.

Release the movie:

The hotter the surface, the easier it will be to remove. So try to do this procedure during the day, with sunlight. Using a dryer and a vaporizer can help you with this step.

Peeling the film:

This process will make the film start to “run” in pieces and you must protect the base of your door or window, avoiding damaging this material. Have a knife on hand to carefully peel the corners. If you are still not releasing it easily, continue with the procedures from the previous steps.

Cleaning the glass:

After removing the film, use water and a soft cloth to remove the small pieces of the old insulfilm. In addition to being very useful and bringing many benefits, pdlc glass is also a great way to improve the aesthetics of an environment. With a wide variety of models, choosing the ideal film for your space can be a daunting task. So some issues need to be taken into consideration before choosing your film model. Check out our tips:


Understanding the needs of the environment is essential for film selection. You need to analyze what results you want to achieve: is the film just for heat reduction, or does your space needs more privacy?

pdlc glass 2021

Is incident lighting well, or does it need to be reduced? Is this an area with a high risk of glass breakage? All these questions are very important to define if you will apply a reflective, smoked, safety film, among others…


Pdlc glass have the great advantage of allowing the aesthetic change of glass doors and windows, so it is necessary to define what kind of effect you want to give to your facade or internal environment. Mirrored glass, for example, is a great option for those who want more privacy and still modernize the facade.

Decorative glass, on the other hand, is great for meeting room dividers, for example. Through our Film Simulator it is possible to check the aesthetic results of some of our models of glass, and in case of doubt, it is always interesting to talk to a specialized professional!


In general, pdlc glass doesn’t require much maintenance other than proper cleaning. But some models of film require more frequent cleaning, as they can make fingerprints and dust more visible, for example. If this is a feature you need to avoid, its important knowing which glass will not be a good choice.


Did you know that residential pdlc glass also helps reduce electricity use? By reducing the temperature of the rooms, air conditioning is no longer necessary, and energy costs are reduced. In cases where privacy glass are used, the use of curtains and blinds also ends up being less frequent, helping to take advantage of natural lighting and reducing the use of lamps.


Few people know that pdlc glass also help to reduce noise. As insulfilm is an extra layer of protection for the glass, it helps to reduce the incidence of external and internal noise, contributing to greater acoustic comfort.


Another great advantage of residential pdlc glass is that it protects the glass from scratches and vandalism. If any of these events happen, it is much cheaper to replace the damaged film than to replace the glass. Furthermore, the film strengthens the glass, making it difficult to break and preventing shattering.


What is an average pdlc film price in 2021? Low to High

What your goal is with buying pdlc?

What is the purpose of a privacy film? There are many products but you need an overview of pdlc film price first. This will help you in choosing most suitable product for you. 

With these answers we were able to tell you where to buy pdlc for windows with warranty and quality origin.

magic glass film

Where is the best place to buy low pdlc film price for windows?

If your goal is to buy window for personal use, you will install pdlc on your home windows and doors yourself, so pay attention to the quality of the product. It is not right for you to go out by buying and applying it to the window of your residence.

Here is an average price of pdlc

The price of pdlc varies according to the country and quality. But we shall present an average cost here:

1: $50




Pdlc for designer


If you hope to add beauty to windows with the application of a pdlc, be aware that the wrong can bring you harm. That’s because a low-quality pdlc film price doesn’t last long. It becomes faded in a short time, especially if this is too exposed to the sun. So prefer a quality pdlc when it comes to direct sun exposure, it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

 Home Window Quality Tips

On the market we have s with a high level of technology, and this technology cannot be ignored.

Low quality Pdlc  cannot retain the impacts comes by a stone, for example, if the glass that has a low quality  has an impact with a stone, it is possible that all the shards of glass will fly around the house and even hurt someone be close. On the other hand, pdlc film price matters a lot to get according to choice.

Where to buy special s to get best pdlc price?

You can buy the indicated s through the manufacturer’s website, with direct representatives. Be careful when buying, many websites sell replicas. As I said above, give preference to quality and analyze the sources. Today we have practically no more privacy. When leaving the house we came across hundreds of cameras all around.

Privacy is an important factor

With the advent and growth of social networks, having privacy has become an almost impossible task with pdlc film price. Society is also increasingly invasive. Everybody wanting to know what’s going on in our life, isn’t that right? At work, privacy is also close to zero, unless you work alone.

Well then! At least indoors we are entitled to our privacy. But in practice it is often not like that.

Take care of your neighbors

A peek from the neighbor always has. But there is a limit to everything. If this situation starts to get embarrassing, with your neighbor becoming more and more inconvenient to the point where you’re worried about what you’re doing in your own home, it’s time to take some steps and precautions.

How to end the problem?

The situation can be resolved simply and quickly with a friendly conversation with the neighbor who, at times, is not intended to be causing the discomfort. But if you see that the person has ulterior motives and, in the chat, it won’t work out, it’s time to talk to the condominium administration. If even so the invasion of privacy persists, you can file a complaint with the police and sue that “big brother neighbor”.

Constitutional law and the crime of harassment

      But there are even more serious cases like the crime of harassment. A woman being spied out of a window is more common than one thinks, unfortunately (of course it can happen that men are also victims). So buy and use this without considering pdlc film price.


A simple solution that will provide you not only privacy, but security and aesthetics is the placement of residential. With their placement, those who are outside do not see anything that goes on inside their house. On the other hand, you can see everything that happens outside perfectly. The placement of residential s is becoming more and more common. The market is expanding.

Benefits of corporate sun protection

In order for the business environment to correspond to your required needs, performing tasks efficiently, it is necessary that the environment provides comfort to the visitors of the place. Investing in items that are able to increase the quality of the company is essential, but it is essential to be careful about pdlc film price.

Top seven benefits of business sun protection

Reduction in the use of electricity, without having to invest in the intense use of air conditioning, as there is control over the amount of infrared rays that transmit the heat radiated by the sun’s rays. Reflective solar control glass is widely common in business environments, ensuring privacy for employees during the day, without harming the external view of people inside the environment.
magic glass film 2021

The reflection of pdlc film price helps to control ambient luminosity and glare, taking advantage of the quality of natural light, without the need for curtains and reducing electricity costs for artificial lighting. Moreover, it is integration with the external environment, providing the entry of natural light.

  • Ease of cleaning
  • Greater security
  • 8 and 10 mm thickness in business sun protection.

Periodic maintenance of privacy films

Periodic maintenance ensures the efficiency and durability of your privacy film. It is necessary to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding cleaning and frequency of maintenance. It is very important to always use the pdlc film price properly. The lack of knowledge can damage it.

Use privacy glass film

Glass s, also known as solar control s, is a great solution for reducing the temperature of environments. They reduce heat absorption and block the incidence of UV rays by up to 99%, contributing to a more thermally comfortable environment.

In addition, the s bring greater safety and protection to the glass, are highly durable and do not require maintenance. The solar control protects your health and helps to extend the life of your furniture, all without blocking the incidence of natural light in the rooms.


How to remove magic glass film coating yourself?

Among the inhabitants of megalopolises, window tinting with magic glass film is becoming an increasingly popular service. Why is this happening? What qualities of mirrors and sun-protection films are so attractive for the townspeople?

pdlc film price

First of all, it is the reflection of the sun’s rays. Most of the sunlight is reflected off the surface of the film, the room becomes cooler, and glare disappears from TV screens and computer monitors.

Importance of one-way visibility

It is the interesting tint effect is one – way visibility. From inside the room you can see everything that happens on the street. But if you try to look through the magic glass film from the outside, you will not see any interior items or people in the room. The effect works great during the day, when the lighting level in the room is less or the same as outside.

But at night, when the electric light is on, one-way visibility disappears, and this must be taken into account. Thus, the mirror film is the best protection against heat, sun and even prying eyes.

How to tint the windows in the apartment yourself?

To protect the room from the sun’s rays, you can use curtains, blinds. Or choose a much more practical and durable method – tinting windows in the house with a special film. It protects from the sun, prying eyes from the street, and helps to maintain comfort and coziness in the house. Besides:

  • Overheating of the room will be eliminated in the very heat;
  • Furniture and magic glass filmare protected from fading in the sun;
  • TV and computer will no longer “glare” and irritate the eyes.

What magic glass film to protect from the sun?

For this, there is a film coating with special properties – thermal. Its main task is to protect the room, furniture, decor and people in it from exposure to sunlight and heat. A thermal film reflects the bulk of ultraviolet radiation, makes sunlight soft and diffcommon, pleasing to the eye and not harmful to furniture.

Advantages of magic glass film

Ø Retention of heat in the room in winter 

Double-glazed windows with a film do not let warm air out of the rooms.

Ø Protection of indoor plants on the windowsill 

They do not burn under scorching rays and grow in a comfortable atmosphere.

Ø Preservation of privacy, protection from prying eyes from the outside 

Mirror film applied to the windows will prevent you from viewing the interior of the house from the street. Although from the inside, everything will be perfectly visible. But keep in mind that mirror coating is effective only during the day, in the evening its properties are almost lost, and the windows must be covered with curtains.

Ø Original decor 

Photo printing can be applied to the films, so they additionally decorate the interior, make it individual.

Ø Protection against splinters in case of glass breakage

All of them will remain on the film and will not fly apart. Using the tinted window is safe and easy!

Ø Protection from vandals and thieves 

There is a special type of films for windows that have armor and impact-resistant properties. They strengthen the glass and make it difficult to penetrate from the outside.

How we can choose magic glass film?

Today, you can choose a magic glass film with several properties at once and thus protect yourself from the sun, heat, and other unpleasant phenomena. The shade of the house can also be preselected. A big plus of films is their affordable price and durability. Correctly applied to plastic windows, it will serve for years, protecting and shading without requiring special care.

pdlc film price 2021

The film that protects from the sun is very useful in country houses and in the countryside. Where it is not possible to put an air conditioner or do it irrationally. With the help of the film on the windows, you will be able to protect yourself from the summer heat and heat.

Important nuances

Covering windows with magic glass film also has its drawbacks, which it is important to know about in advance. So, if you tint the northern windows, then the room will be gloomy and there may be a lack of sunlight. A thermal film reflects the heat of the sun, therefore, on winter days and evenings, the degree of warming up the room through the windows will decrease.

How to tint the windows in the apartment yourself?

It is believed that high-quality tinting is carried out only by experienced specialists. It is in this case that the durability of the magic glass film and its declared properties can be guaranteed.

Is it possible to tint windows at home and do it yourself?

Yes you can! This procedure will require:

  • Film (its dimensions are determined based on the area of ​​the glass);
  • Liquid soap (take colorless. It will need to be diluted in water in a ratio of 1: 3);
  • Soft sponge (light, white is also better);
  • Rubber tipped spatula;
  • Any soft cloth (dry cloth);

How to use the magic glass film?

Then proceed according to this plan:

Degrease the entire glass surface, and then rinse with water and wipe dry. Take a soapy solution, place it in a spray bottle and apply an even layer of liquid to the glass. Blot with a soft sponge and remove excess solution. Place the back of the magic glass film on the glass and carefully peel off the protective backing. Turn the cover over; fix it on the top of the glass.

Now, gently and gently glue on the entire surface of the glass. Bubbles are common on film, so don’t be intimidated. Take a dry, clean cloth and smoothly smooth the coating from the center to the edges.  Now is the time to dry. Once completely dry, you can carefully and gently trim the protruding film. Next, the film-coated insulating glass unit is installed in place and fixed.

How to remove the coating yourself?

Many owners say that it is much more difficult to remove the film than to glue it. And this has to be done, because over the years it loses its qualities and looks unpreventable. How to remove the magic glass film yourself? Use the following:

Ø Steam generator 

With its help, you can more easily remove the tint without resorting to chemical reagents. The steam generator works by using a strong jet of steam, which strips the film off the surface. After processing and removing the film, it is useful to wipe the glass with any powder detergent and then rinse with water.

Ø Creamy product for kitchen surfaces 

Use it if the film has been removed, but small pieces remain on the glass. Apply a product to them, hold a little, rub and remove the streaks that remain from the film.

Ø “Shumanit”, a remedy for blockages 

It can also be common to remove tint from windows. But do not apply the product to plastic frames! Only use it on glass!

Ø Thin stainless steel blade 

This is already a kind of “last resort”, which is common on magic glass film with polyethylene terephthalate. Since it is difficult to remove it by other means, you can carefully scrape with such a blade. Important! Wear gloves when working, do not forget to wash your hands more often, and if you suffer from allergies, you will need a household respirator.


Classes and Types of pdlc electro chromic Film Safety Glazing

What is the most important thing for any person? Of course, it is your own safety and the safety of family and friends. Therefore, it is now very important to install protective pdlc electro chromic film, where there is even the slightest risk of explosions, vandalism or illegal entry.

pdlc electro chromic Film

In a word, almost everywhere:

  • Banks
  • offices of large companies
  • gas stations
  • Supermarkets
  • restaurants, as well as private houses or apartments need protection

It is also very important to use impact-resistant films in regions prone to earthquakes or other natural disasters. Hence, where there is a threat of terrorist attacks.

Protective films are divided depending on the purpose:

01Anti-vandal films

The advantages of this pdlc electro chromic film have many functions.  They provide the creation of explosion-proof and impact-resistant glazing. Such films absorb a significant part of the shock wave. And therefore, they are able to withstand significant mechanical loads. And even if a crack appears on the glass, it remains in the frame and fragments remain on the film.

This protective film consists of several layers of glue and polyester with a thickness of 112-380 microns. It is applied to the window surface from inside the room. And the glass, as a result of a huge mechanical load, nevertheless flies out of the frame. The glass remains on the pdlc electro chromic film, so the fragments do not fall apart.

Impact resistant pdlc electro chromic

Shock-resistant films differ in technical characteristics, on the basis of which they are divided by protection classes into A1, A2 and A3.

Impact-resistant glass is subject to testing on special equipment. This acts on the test specimen with arbitrary impacts of a falling ball of various masses. Impact-resistant glass is used in buildings where there is no need to install safety glass or other mechanical means of protection.

Safety glass

Protective pdlc electro chromic film is used to ensure the safety of people, as well as inventory. It is usually installed in windows and shop windows to prevent illegal entry into the premises. Security glazing will be able to detain the thief at the crime scene. This gives the security services time to respond to the alarm signal, thereby preventing crime.

Where pdlc electro chromic film can be installed?

When installing protective glasses of any class, grilles, shutters, blinds and other security elements are easy to omit. Many govt institutions approve the use of this film. The pdlc electro chromic film is installed at the following objects:

  • In premises that do not contain significant material values
  • ​It can be used for internal security system: shops, bars, restaurants, offices etc.
  • Impact-resistant films of classes А 2, А 3 (Р4А, Р5А)
  • In premises that contain significant material, historical and cultural values ​​
  • It can be used under internal or centralized protection;
  • Furthermore, in bank rooms, buildings of authorities and administration
  • They are installed in: sales rooms of weapons and jewelry stores, as well as in pharmacies
  • These films are used in private houses and apartments to provide additional security.

What is the use of mirror films?

Mirror films protect our living spaces and various offices from the sun. The low cost of such a film allows it to be used on large glazing areas as pdlc electro chromic film. Also, these films ensure the confidentiality of indoor spaces, and this effect remains even with the same lighting from inside and outside the room.

Such glass protects well from ultraviolet radiation, reduces glare on computer monitors and TVs, which increases the productivity of office employees.

What is matte film?

The next type of such coatings are matte films, they have high (up to 68%) light transmittance, exclude the visibility of the room from the outside. They are widely used for covering glass of entrance doors, offices, and partitions. Tinting films also perfectly protect the room from overheating in the summer, and also save up to 30% of heat in the cold season.

Also, pdlc electro chromic film is produced, which are relevant in our time for protection against man-made electromagnetic fields. This type of glass coating is especially loved by interior designers and architects – they make it possible to radically change the appearance of buildings and premises.

When sunscreen films are used?

On hot summer days, special sunscreen films are especially useful – this type of coverage reflects most of the incoming sun rays – up to 75%. The application of such a film increases the comfort in the room, reduces the amount of glare on monitors and protects furniture and interior from burnout.

What is the use of decorative films?

Decorative films – this type of coating is specially used to change the design and transparency of the glazed coating. The use of decorative films to the greatest extent changes the color gamut of both reflected glass and light transmitted through the glass.
pdlc electro chromic Film 2021

With the help of such a pdlc electro chromic film, you can change the color of the glass in the doors and windows at will. The effect achieved with such changes is often used to create an unusual look for familiar office spaces.

Do I need to install the film “under the glazing bead”?

When installing protective films on the glass of existing light openings in a building, it is often impossible to remove the glass fastening elements in the frame. In this case, the films are installed with a gap between the edge of the film and the glazing bead along the entire perimeter of 1-2 mm. This gap is necessary for the release of moisture remaining between the film and the glass.

What is the effect of a gap?

The presence of a gap does not in any way affect the strength characteristics of the “pdlc electro chromic film -glass” system. The fact is that the glass fixed around the entire perimeter cracks upon impact with the formation of dagger-like fragments, the tops of which are at the point of impact; the bases are formed by the ends of the glass.


How does pdlc film for car protects your vehicle?

What is pdlc film for car for?

Understand why people look for pdlc film for car. Before we talk about the car film allowed by law, let’s highlight the importance of this accessory. Yes, it is not a mere “perfumery” in the car. The automotive films not only have aesthetic function, though many to install in their cars for this reason.

pdlc film for car

Which is the best pdlc film for car?

Currently, the best pdlc film for car for UV protection is transparent, oddly enough. Returning to the accessory’s functions, another one is to make the vehicle’s interior heat less. Again, it’s important for you to know that this has more to do with the quality of the film than its dark tone.

And we can’t stop talking about security, of course. One of the functions that most attracts people is making robbers not know how many people or who is inside the vehicle. Popularly, the idea was spread that a good film for cars allowed by law can curb robberies, kidnappings and other crimes. It’s a hypothesis, but the police also have theirs.

Use of dark pdlc film for car

If inside the car there is a crime in progress, such as a lightning kidnapping, there is no way law enforcement authorities can see it if the pdlc film for car is too dark. This also happens if the vehicle owner chooses to install so-called reflective films. In this case, the car’s windows look more like a mirror.

Accident protection

Another function is to prevent the windows from shattering, both in accidents and by the action of criminals. However, a normal film only withstands the impact of a collision to a limited extent. To increase this efficiency, there is car film allowed by specific law for this.


And the last function, of course, is aesthetics. Many people opt for pdlc film for car because they think it gives a bolder look to the vehicle. It’s a kind of customization that doesn’t need a previous inspection to be approved and installed. It just cannot exceed the legal limits, as we will see later in this article.

Types of pdlc film for car

Know which films are allowed and which are prohibited. There are two types of films:

  • Mirrored
  • Smoked

Ø Mirrored films 

These are those that look like a mirror to someone looking from outside the car. They completely prevent vision into the vehicle. The model can be found in several shades: bluish, pinkish, reddish, greenish, and silvery (most common), among others. Let’s say in advance that this model is not a car film allowed by law.


However, pdlc film for car is a great choice for windows in houses and apartments, as it allows those inside to see outside, but prevents those outside from seeing inside.

Ø Smoked

The smoked film is what you see on cars that circulate around. Its transparency level ranges from 0 to 100%. Later in this article, we’ll talk about the maximum percentages that are allowed by law in each glass.

Basic and Advanced Films

The smoked film is divided into subgroups according to function. The first is the basic one. It won’t have any function other than darkening the windows and making the car look aesthetic. If you are going to buy a film of this type, be very careful. There are currently some imported films, mainly from China, which are much cheaper than the others on the market.

However, they are of poor quality, often making the car even warm up rather than lowering the temperature. Therefore, when placing pdlc film for car, ask for the opinion of a specialized professional.

Anti UV film

Another type is anti UV. This film has as its main function to protect the driver and passengers against ultra violet rays. Currently, the highest protection factor that exists for this film on the market is 1,700 FPS.

How does pdlc film for car work for your vehicle?

For you to be able to compare, the sunscreen you buy in markets and pharmacies, the one you use to go to the beach, has a maximum protection factor of 60, with factor 15 being the most common. Imagine that this pdlc film for car protects 28 times more than the best sunblock on the market. It is highly recommended for those who spend hours in the car, as it helps to prevent skin cancer.

You must be thinking she’s super dark, right?

Believe me: as already said, the level of transparency does not interfere with the UV protection of the film. Some of the best anti UV films on the market have 100% transparency. In other words, it is possible for all the light to pass, without the driver and passengers getting burned due to the incidence of the sun.

Obviously, this is the film that most reduces the temperature inside the vehicle, regardless of the level of transparency, as it also prevents heat from entering. It is recommended for use on the front windshield of vehicles, precisely because it is a film that allows total transparency.


  • Thermal comfort
  • acoustic comfort
  • Thermal protection against UV rays
  • Greater durability for furniture
  • Privacy
  • Safety
  • Protects the glass against scratches and graffiti
  • Film with durability of up to 15 years
  • Easy installation and zero maintenance
  • Aesthetic versatility

pdlc film for car 2021


Anti-theft pdlc film for car

There is also the anti-theft pdlc film for car. This film is thicker than the others. Its main function is to ensure that the glass does not shatter if someone tries to break the glass with any object. This greatly increases the protection of the driver, who, in case of attempted robbery, ends up not being cut by the glass.

In addition, in robbery or theft attempts, the bandits often give up due to the extra difficulty encountered in accessing the vehicle.

To better understand the aesthetic effects of each model, you can visit our company.


How to stop sunlight with pdlc film? 5 Benefits

Sun protection on the windows with pdlc film

Pdlc film is much necessary during summer. Large bright windows are a guarantee of comfort in the home. However, during the summer heat, enlarged window openings are a source of trouble. The scorching sun doesn’t just heat up the room. Ultraviolet light literally heats up the air, from which not only people but also pets suffer.

pdlc film

Partial or complete blocking of ultraviolet radiation

An overheated room is very harmful to human health, so people do not get tired of inventing more and more new ways to cool the room during the heat.

How to close the windows from the sun in the apartment? 

All methods are divided into two large options:

  • complete blackout
  • light curtain

The first option includes both external and internal films. The most efficient ones have a reflective coating. Thick linen or satin curtains are less effective, but they can turn day into night indoors.

Tinting pdlc film

Light protection from the sun on the windows in the apartment is provided by glass tinting. The tint pdlc film is glued directly onto the glass sheet. Its purpose is not only to reflect the rays, but also to reduce the heat flux. Films with different degrees of protection are presented on the market; some of them are endowed with a mirror effect.

What is mirror tinting?

Mirror tinting not only promotes light reflection, but also provides a masking effect. The premises cannot be seen through it from the street. The advantage of the product is that it can be removed quickly. It is important that the tinting film does not require any special maintenance during operation.

Along with the classic tinted film, which you can seal the windows from the sun yourself, the market offers double-glazed windows with the same function.

Curtains – the classic way

From time immemorial, on a sultry day, curtains are closed to darken the windows from the sun. In this case, dark curtains can not only cool, but also heat the room. A thick curtain must be of a light shade.

Light-colored fabric heats up less, but retains the sun’s rays. A truly ingenious invention of our time is the innovative Black-out canvas.

The composition consists of three layers, it almost completely reflects sunlight. This is good sun protection for windows. However, this option has its drawback. Several layers of fabric not only serve as protection from sunlight. This is a real dust collector. In operation, multilayer curtains are quite complicated. They must be washed several times per season.

Outdoor pdlc film

It is generally accepted that outdoor pdlc film is just a way to protect property. Indeed, they are capable of preventing unwanted intrusion. However, in summer, these products will also serve as protection from the sun. They are lowered when the temperature rises especially high, creating a protective shield.

pdlc film price

Products made of galvanized metal are most effective for darkening windows. They are not subject to corrosive processes and are well tolerated by atmospheric precipitation. Most importantly, galvanized metal has a reflective effect. External films must be accompanied by a lamella angle change mechanism.

Cassette curtains – a modern option

Heavy curtains with lambrequins were replaced by light and graceful cassette curtains. The design allows them to be fixed directly to the glass unit. The cassette curtains fit snugly against the glass, so they can block the window from the sun. On the market, they are presented in a wide variety of color and texture options. They can be matched to almost any design solution.

In fact, cassette curtains are analogous to pdlc film, but better. They are more graceful. They are effective as protection from the sun’s rays and are much easier to care for than conventional multi-slat films.

Metal and plastic interior films

Horizontal films perform their function at home and in the office, creating obstacles in the path of sunlight. But many years of practice have shown that this option is tiresome in daily use. The fact is that even more dust accumulates on the slats than on canvas curtains.

Each lamella must be processed separately. Of course, this takes a lot of time and effort. However, they are still popular. On the market you can find interior films made of light-repelling plates. It is enough to turn them in a vertical plane to get a light but dense enough shield for the entire width of the window.

Bamboo and pleated films

Manufacturers spoil consumers with several options for bamboo pdlc film. They are both horizontal and vertical. A small angle of rotation makes it possible to illuminate the room, but not completely. Since they are made in a variety of colors, they can organically blend into any interior.

These are the most budget-friendly option, but their disadvantage is the ability to attract dust. Caring for bamboo films should be the same as for any surface in the room: periodically arrange them wet cleaning.

Pleated films: a tribute to fashion

The classic design of strips of fabric, connected by a lifting mechanism, in this version is supplemented with a day-night function, which allows you to make the shading more or less dense. This design is made of two types of fabric, one of which is translucent. The model is attractive for its variability of use, and the external resemblance to horizontal pdlc film inspires confidence in the consumer.

Protecting windows from the sun with your own hands

How to close the window from the sun with your own hands? Everyone knows a sheet of foil, which is fixed at the top of the window with tape. The resourceful townspeople have perfected this option. The foil can be secured to a regular sheet of cardboard and exposed to the window as needed, while the roll foil is secured to the window frame all summer long.

Another option that can rightfully be attributed to folk art is pleated paper pdlc film. They are done by hand from a simple roll of paper. It is enough to choose darker wallpaper and fold it like a fan. The top edge is secured with tape on the frame, and the pleated fabric goes down to curtain the window.

Use of common building substance

The most inventive people use a common building substrate. One side of it has reflective foil. The material is much denser than a regular sheet of foil. If you attach it to the outside of the glass, the effect will be amazing. You can experiment and place your palm on a heated substrate in the middle of a sultry day. The foil is heated almost like a hot frying pan.

Thus, all the aggression of summer sunlight remains outside the apartment. Of course, the underlay option, for all its effectiveness, is short-lived. None of these methods give a 100% effect, but they all help to survive the sultry summer.


Why and where to install pdlc film in roll? Best Guide 2021

Why do you install pdlc film in roll in your environment?

Has the sun been a problem for your home? Has the large presence of light in the environment bothered? Don’t worry, with the installation of pdlc film in roll this is no longer a problem, because with quality materials, it offers a space with ultraviolet rays’ control, providing more comfort and quality of life for you and your whole family.

Why and where to install pdlc film in roll?

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, the installation of this film is an excellent alternative to save energy. This promotes thermal comfort in the environment while providing lighting, avoiding the use of lights, air conditioning and others.

One of its best-known features is that it retains about 99% of UV rays. This is a measure that aims to prevent furniture and other objects from being exposed.
pdlc film in roll

Make the installation of the film with a specialized company. We still offer more features and quality of service, enabling better results than expected. We a specialized team that makes the application in your environment, thus providing a space with pdlc film in roll, maintaining an ideal temperature in the rooms and reducing the glare.

What are the benefits of pdlc film in roll?

Glass is a versatile material that can be common for many occasions. Currently, many architects choose it in their projects. This comes both for room division as a modern touch for decoration and to bring more lighting. But despite its benefits, this material ends up taking away some of the privacy of the space, which may annoy the residents, in addition to increasing the risks.

In order to bring more privacy, comfort and security to the house, the dark film for windows is an excellent alternative. It is for those who want to have glass to modernize the environment without losing the possibilities to feel at ease. Manufactured with pdlc films in roll that help make it difficult to see the interior of the space and also protect the window from possible problems such as vandalism.

Some other benefits of pdlc film in roll

  • Increases home security;
  • Offers more privacy to the environment;
  • Protects the glass from possible problems such as breakage, scratches and strong impacts;
  • Provides more comfort and convenience for the whole family;


Residential Pdlc provides protection and comfort

The home should be a comfortable and private environment to enjoy moments with family and friends. It should be a place to relax, watch a movie or have lunch with loved ones.

And for all of this to be possible, it is important to invest in alternatives that offer more and more benefits for these times, as is the case with residential Pdlc. This provides several benefits to improve these moments.

 Qualities of residential Pdlc:

With many alternatives and versatile for any environment, residential Pdlc is a great alternative for those who want more:

  • Comfort
  • Privacy
  • Protection
  • and security for the home

Its material makes it difficult to see the interior of the space and even protects the glass from any type of vandalism.

pdlc film in roll 2021

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, residential Pdlc also offers greater temperature control for the environment, as its material has the ability to retain the incidence of sunlight in the space by up to 99%, ensuring a longer useful life for furniture and objects that are exposed in these places, in addition to offering more convenience for those who use it.

Everything you need to know about pdlc film for facades

Having an area covered by glass has several advantages, in addition to being a great alternative to see natural daylight and admire the outside of the house; pdlc film in roll offers a modern and sophisticated decoration. However, to make its installation, it is necessary to invest in other materials that help to improve its efficiency.

Although glass is a versatile material that can be common for different purposes and in the most varied spaces, it can bring some discomfort on hotter days due to the sun. For this reason, installing pdlc film for facades may be the best option.

How pdlc film for facades can help you?

With the ability to retain the sun’s incidence by up to 99%, the pdlc film in roll for facade is not intended to inhibit your access to natural light, but to protect against ultraviolet rays that can be harmful to the skin, as well as to the objects and furniture that are in the place. In addition, it provides an ideal thermal comfort for the environment.

With high durability, the pdlc film for facade adjusts to the needs of the glass; this allows it to be installed easily and practically. It is a kind of filter that controls the entry of sunlight into the environment, thus offering more comfort and quality of life. It maintains the ideal temperature for the room, keeping it cool on hotter days and cozier on colder days.

Main benefits of pdlc film for windows

The decoration of an environment is essential to increase the value of a home, so pdlc film in roll takes a lot of planning and attention to detail. A very appreciated item and common as the main element is glass, which has been receiving more and more amplitude in architectural projects whatever its type, common, tempered, laminated or any other to compose windows and doors.

What are the benefits provided by pdlc film for windows?

Pdlc – Provides improved energy efficiency, absorbing or reflecting up to 99% of UV, infrared and invisible light, helping to regulate temperature, reducing glare, preventing furniture fading and providing greater thermal comfort and energy savings.

Ø Security

Increases privacy within the internal environment, prevents damage cacommon by storms, deters thieves and in case of broken glass, there is no spreading.

In which environments is it possible to apply pdlc film for glass?

  • Dining room or living room
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Outdoors