How expensive is dynamic glass? Advantages & Application

How you can get rid of installing traditional glass or blinds in 2021?

dynamic glass

Are you worried to select a perfect window glass solution for your newly built house?

But don’t want to install blinds or permanently tinted glass because they have become outdated. In fact, dynamic glass is the only solution as well as a better way to control solar heat gain, glare, and sunlight.

Moreover, this latest technology is ideal to make your home attractive and trendy like never before.

Come with us to learn more that you must know before using this amazing technology!

What is dynamic glass?

Basically, the engineering behind dynamic glazing makes use of electrochromic technology in order to darken the interior of a piece of glass. Furthermore, it helps to enable a thin coating to change from clear to tinted (frosted or opaque).

But it changes its position when you apply a small DC voltage to it. You can use this smart technology not only to your windows but also to your door.

What are glazing materials?

Basically, the most common materials that dynamic glass manufacturers use are,

  • polysulfides,
  • silicones,
  • acrylic,
  • polyurethanes,
  • as well as several other important materials that can be tooled to provide a specially designed shape.

How dynamic glass can save your room to overheat in summer?

In fact, a window has the ability to break a home’s thermal performance and energy efficiency. Furthermore, if you choose the wrong kind of glass then obviously it will cause your room and entire home to overheat in summer.

Additionally, in winter, these windows will leak heat like a sieve. Hence, selecting the wrong and traditional glass will highly increase your heating and cooling costs year-round as well as will make your home a less-than-comfortable place for you.

But choosing a dynamic glass will provide an optimal natural light, security, comfort, and highly attractive looks for every homeowner.  So, by choosing dynamic glazing you can not only stand more comfortably in front of an inefficient window during the winter but also in the height of the hot summer.

Why is dynamic glazing so important?

In fact, if you select high-quality and durable window glazing for your home or even for your office, you can easily get an outdoor connection. Nowadays the latest range of window glazing is ideally energy efficient as well as can save your money on heating bills.

Hence, the perfect quality smart glassing can easily regulate the overall temperature of your home and office as well.

What are the different types of dynamic glass?

Essentially, there are several kinds of dynamic glass (smart glasses) that are increasingly used in homes, offices, industrial or commercial buildings such as;

  • Tempered glass,
  • Clear and tinted float glass,
  • Laminated glass, etc.

In addition, today there is also a wide variety of coated glasses that you can select in single- or double-glazing technology.

What are the other popular names for dynamic glass?

Here are other popular names for dynamic glazing like;

  1. Smart glass
  2. Switchable glass
  3. Intelligent glass
  4. Privacy glass
  5. Smart windows
  6. Dynamic windows
  7. Dynamic shading
  8. PDLC Smart Film.

However, it is also known as electrochromic glass. Further, this glass material can change color from transparent to opaque. But this change happens only when you apply an electrical voltage across them.


What are the different dynamic glass applications?

You can not only use this dynamic glass in your newly built house but nowadays you can see its uses in several more places such as;

In newest hotels:
  • restaurants,
  • dynamic lobbies,
  • bathroom enclosures.
In modern offices:
  • private offices,
  • confidential areas,
  • conference rooms,
  • work pods.
In astonishing automotive:
  • for great privacy,
  • temperature control,
  • advertising on windows
In healthcare institutions:
  • ICU areas
  • operating rooms,
  • private patient rooms.

How much electricity does dynamic glass (smart glass) use?

Basically, smart glass consumes 110 Volts AC power to work perfectly. Additionally, this smart dynamic glass has five layers.

It makes use of a small electrical charge that is approximately 3 to 5 watts per square meter.

Actually, this latest electrochromic technology makes use of voltage up to12-36 W and can cause lithium-ions to transfer their layers and making the glass tint.

How do electrochromic windows work?

Essential, the smart technology that electrochromic film uses is exactly similar to an LCD display that generally uses liquid crystal. Moreover, these special liquid crystals work under precise electronic control and decide to change how much light can get through the glass.

Hence, when you switch off your dynamic glass, these special crystals automatically point in random directions. Further, after pointing in random directions and scatter incoming light, your dynamic glass easily turns the film opaque.

How long does smart glass last?

In fact, there are several answers to this question as it totally depends on where is your switchable glass located.

For example, its lifespan depends on its locations whether it is externally or internally as it is extremely an important factor.

Hence, if you install this switchable glass internally (inside your home or offices) and use it daily for 50% of the time switched on and off, then this dynamic glass film will last between 15-20 years.

But if you want to install it for external use and use this product daily for 50% of the time switched on and off, it will just last between 5-10 years.

Furthermore, it will obviously last between 30-50 years if you install it internally with care. Since in internal usage it has not to face direct sunlight so its lifespan will increase.

Furthermore, if you want to increase the lifespan of your switchable glass, you should leave it on permanently and do not require any switching off to prolong its life.

How expensive is electrochromic glass?

In fact, the total cost of dynamic glass or electrochromic windows depends on the designs, Moreover, it can cost around $100 per square foot.

How much does switchable glass cost?

Basically, the overall cost of this smart glass ranges from $85-130 United States Dollars (USD) per square foot.

Moreover, if you want to get smart glass under 40 square feet then you may have to pay $130 USD per square foot.

How much do smart glass windows cost?

If you have decided to use dynamic glazing for your home or office windows, you will have to pay from $50 to $100 per square foot. Actually, it is expensive as you will only pay from $10 to $15 per square foot for regular glass.

dynamic glass 2021


If you have decided to use dynamic glass for your home, it will be very beneficial for you because you can get extreme safety as well as;

  • It will reduce the need for shading devices or blinds.
  • You can easily keep your inside more comfortable.
  • You will get enhanced protection from UV rays.

Moreover, using dynamic glazing will also ideally increase the health of you and your dear ones.


9 Most Common Questions about Window Privacy Film

What is adhesive privacy film?

Window Privacy Film

Adhesive privacy film may be in a vogue, smooth, present-day alternative to net shades as well as blinds. It is straightforward to utilize self-cement film which takes fair minutes to apply to need as it were foamy water, as well as a, felt carved squeegee which we offer free with each arrange.

Updating the glass in your windows as well as entryways with protection film has exceptionally a high expense. Our cloud window film gives you the similar wanted to impact as designed or iced glass, without fetching your luck. Additionally, natural light can pour into your home.
As the driving security window film company within the United Kingdom, you’ll rest guarantee you may get movies of the finest quality.

Is window privacy film removable?

Enriching window film may be a brilliant addition to numerous homes as well as businesses here within the FoCO range. It includes fashion, makes space more private, and indeed cuts down on vitality costs. These movies are made indeed way better by the truth that they are quick and simple to use.

Additionally, they come in custom plans through window film merchants like ourselves at Greenlight adhesive privacy film. What’s brilliant almost these movies are they are wonderfully easy to preserve and will final for the year. But you’ll need to evacuate embellishing movies at a few points. In reality, we get calls around this regularly.
Individuals pondering if they can expel the movies themselves or require proficiency.

What is needed to remove a window film?

The sort and sum of apparatuses you would like to depend on which film you have got. Inactive cling film, as well as cement, supported film change in numerous ways from one another so they need distinctive assets to expel them. For inactive clings movies, you may require a razor edge, and spray bottle with water as well as a hairdryer.

But for adhesive privacy film, particularly more seasoned backed on movies, you’ll require many more things to assist you take it off. These things may be an ammonia-based box, shower bottle, and a drop cloth as well as a razor edge or scrubber is all conceivable extra apparatuses.

Does window film provide privacy at night?

Reflective window films improve domestic security amid the day, its reflective highlights don’t give much protection at night. There are, tragically, no window movies on the showcase that can anticipate individuals from looking in whereas you’ll be able to see out, for both days as well as night.

What is the best window film for privacy?

These six window films will make your domestic feel much more private.

Window Privacy Film 2021

What is the white frosted film?

The white iced film lets in a delicate light, and however, will provide you the security you wish. The window film applies through inactive cling, no cement or pastes, needed. Once introduced to the film pieces, 96% of ultraviolet beams make a difference diminish glare, and indeed offer warm separators within the warm months and warm conservation within the cool ones. The window is made of premium vinyl fabric that can be craved to any measure or shape.

What is one-way window film?

The window film introduces utilizing cement, so it’ll solidly connect to your windows for the long pull. Just be sure that you put it precisely as carved since it’ll be about incomprehensible to reposition. This film includes a reflected outside appearance, giving prevalent daytime security, whereas still keeping up your see of the outside. This window film is vitality productive, glare-reducing up to 82%, and indeed pieces up to 99% of hurtful ultraviolet beams.

What is a stained glass-inspired film?

This stained glass adhesive privacy film is a work of craftsmanship. The flower magnolia copy will cover up any window as well as give you total two-way security since no one can see out or in. be that as it may, this choice still permits light to sparkle through.

The window film pieces 96% of ultraviolet beams and makes a difference with glare, as well. In case you’d like to evacuate the window film, it’s very simple to do. Peel it off the window, and now you are great to go.

What is a blackout window film?

Add-up to haziness and security can be accomplished with this power outage window film from VELIMAX. The vinyl window film provides both way security, so simply cannot see out and passersby cannot see in. It blocks 99% of the sunshine, which is extra ideal for those who rest amid the day or those who require to add up to obscurity to rest at night.

This window film moreover squares out ultraviolet light and controls abundance warmth and glare.

What is one-way mirrored window film?

This window film pieces out 90% of the infrared beams and 85% of the ultraviolet beams. The window film can hold warm within the cool months and keep it out within the hot ones, decreasing warming cooling expenses.

The window film indeed diminishes glare. Installation may add up to breeze, the inactive cling window film effectively follows to windows and can be cut for culmination fit. And it won’t take off behind any build-up once expelled.

What is a fan favorite decorative window film?

The adhesive privacy film highlights an excellent three-dimensional mosaic design that makes a colorful visual impact when daylight sparkles through it. Additionally, the film diminishes glare, squares out 96% of the ultraviolet beams, as well as ensures your furniture from getting specifically uncover to sunlight. The inactive cling window is simple to introduce. One can expel and reuse it numerous times.

What can I put on my window for privacy?

Everybody adores windows. They permit light as well as air into your domestic, and in a few cases, they give a crisis exit. The one thing that commonplace windows don’t offer is protection. Without a few sort of conveying or treatment, anybody can see into a window from the exterior. So here is the name of some things that you can put on your window to enhance protection.

  • Interior shutters
  • Adhesive privacy film
  • Blinds and curtains
  • Exterior window privacy screen
  • Frosted glass window
  • Shades and different window films


Is removing privacy window film easy?

After evacuating the film, most times there appear to be cement on the window that may draw in clean. At this point, you would like to how to expel adhesive privacy film. This process is not so easy. While taking this off is very simple by utilizing a razor edge to rub it out.

Can I see out but not in window film?

One-way window film may be a type of reflected protection window film that gives a tall level of daytime security. This implies that, amid the day, individuals on the outside of the window can’t see through the glass of the window. Whereas you’ll be able to still see clearly through it from the interior.


What are the cost, advantage and application of smart tint film?


smart tint film

Smart tint film a product of innovative technologies for exclusive solutions. Provide complete privacy at the touch of a button?  Make a spectacular projection screen out of a glass showcase? Easily!

Smart Glass is a real innovation in the world of respectable design, the most modern and technologically advanced design solutions.


Smart glass is an innovative material with a variable transparency function. A film of liquid crystal material is placed between two thin layers of glass. In the off mode, liquid crystals scatter light, the surface remains dull, completely opaque.

When we apply power, the crystals change their position and make the Smart glass completely transparent. In this case, in both modes, the amount of transmitted light remains unchanged. The opaque glass surface with adjustable transparency does not darken the space.


The main advantage of smart tint film is its versatility. The main distinctive and exclusive properties of glass with variable transparency are:


Frosted surface when turned off, completely transparent – when the smart glass is connected to the network


Shortest transition time from one mode to another – less than one second


Thanks to its special structure, smart glass also contributes to the reliability and safety of the largest surfaces.


We can use smart tint film to build any, even the most impressive and monumental structures.


Shortest transition time from one mode to another – less than one second

The use of this truly revolutionary material will instantly transfer your office, apartment or country house to the top league. After all, only people with the most refined taste and knowledge of modern technologies use the most progressive inventions, such as smart tint film.

Smart tint film Benefits Bottom of Form


  • Smart glass ensures complete privacy in the room
  • Smart glass is highly durable. Such material is almost impossible to break.
  • Energy consumption is only 4 W / m2 on average – the price of smart glass pays off in savings.
  • Heat protection. Thanks to its multi-layer structure, Smart glass reduces heat loss in winter.
  • Increased noise isolation, reduces the noise level by 35 dB.
  • UV and infrared protection.
  • Switching modes of smart glass occurs using the remote control.
  • The liquid crystal film can be in the structure of bulletproof and shockproof glass.
  • Long service life. The Private Glass smart glass continues to function normally even after the reassembly of the structure.
  • There are no restrictions on the shape of the glass. You can buy smart glass in almost any geometric shape.
  • Unlimited possibilities for the selection of glass shades and combinations of technologies. SMART technology is also combined with heated, LED and other types of glass.

Cost of smart tint film

Smart tint film is calculated individually, because the final cost of the project comes by a number of factors, such as:

  1. Design and operation features (dimensions, area, shape, size, weight, number of elements).
  2. Smart glass control system (integration into the “smart home” system, etc.).
  3. Features of the glass used in the manufacture of the product.
  4. Material used in the manufacture of smart glass products.
  5. Design


The scope of application of smart glass is incredibly wide. This innovative material is easy to use in panoramic glazing of buildings, home and office interiors, in shops and studios. Why you can buy smart glass – only your imagination defines the boundaries.

Window technologies do not stand still. Today many people expect much more from a glass unit than they did yesterday. Keeping warmth in the room, preventing drafts and intrusive street noise from entering the house, strength, durability and an attractive look are no longer enough.

We can get complete transparency

In this article, we talk about a technology that has every chance of becoming a real trend in the next few years. These are smart tint film windows produced on the basis of a liquid crystal matrix.  Thus, it is possible to achieve both completely transparent and completely darkened glasses.

 Adjustable transparency windows: why are they needed?

Why do we need smart glass windows? They absorb harmful ultraviolet radiation. These windows do not let infrared rays into the apartment or office, making it comfortable to stay in the apartment even in the summer heat. Cool air stays indoors much longer, which means you don’t need to keep the air conditioner on all the time.


Windows with variable transparency are the best alternative to any, even the most dense curtains.

It allows you to delimit the personal space of each family member or team member. An interesting option is to use smart windows for attic glazing. Install such a structure and forget about insulation, soundproofing and darkening: the smart film does a great job!

What is the peculiarity of smart glass technology and how to manage it?

Most often, manufacturers use SPD technology. Devices working on it are based on particles suspended in a liquid deposited on a special film.  If the glass is in the activated state, then it will be black.

In fact, it is a triplex with smart tint film deposition. The advantage of this option is the possibility of using it even in rooms with high humidity, where water can constantly get on the glass: bathrooms, kitchens, saunas, shower cabins, etc.

What are the advantages of tinted windows?

This option has a lot of advantages. Let’s list the main advantages:

smart tint film 2021

  • Isolation from ultraviolet and infrared radiation, creating the most comfortable conditions for staying indoors.
  • Saving heat resources due to the thermal insulation properties of the film.
  • Increased safety level, because from the street you cannot see what is happening inside the premises.
  • Additional insulation is not required.
  • The transparency of the glass does not affect its light transmittance.
  • Liquid crystals are reliably protected by two thick glasses. Even if the glass is scratched, it will not affect the functionality of the structure.
  • Attractive look.
  • Simple and affordable installation.
  • Relatively low power consumption.



Smart tint film is an excellent solution for both home and office. They will not only bring zest to the interior and fit into any architectural style, but also provide increased comfort, silence and additional warmth. By installing them, you will no longer face merciless sun rays penetrating the curtains!


How does switchable privacy film stop condensation in home kitchen?

switchable privacy film
Until recently, window sills in private houses, apartments and offices were famous only for flower pots. Today – many people use the switchable privacy film as a work area. A modern window sill is a desk in a nursery or in an office, a kitchen countertop, a shelf for books and souvenirs. We will tell you how to properly organize the working area on the windowsill below.

Features of the switchable privacy film in the kitchen

If you have a small kitchen with literally nowhere to turn, organizing a work area on the windowsill is a real salvation. Place a dining area or cooking area on a windowsill. In this case, it is necessary to take into account:

  • the height of the window sill
  • the likelihood of condensation on the double-glazed windows
  • Moreover, the movement of heat from the heating devices on the window.

It is important that the kitchen worktop is 85 cm above floor level. If your kitchen furniture is slightly higher than the countertop, you can use the legs to adjust it to the height of the windowsill.

If the window sill is much higher than the table top, make it as narrow as possible. And place the tabletop below the windowsill at the required level. A part of the wall, decorated like a kitchen apron with ceramic tiles, looks beautiful.

Another option is to equip lockers under the windowsill. Then the window sill will be in a niche under the countertop.

How to organize switchable privacy film work area?

When organizing a work area near the switchable privacy film window, it is important that the hot air from the heaters maintains the correct movement. It should rise up unhindered. So you have to make ventilation holes or insert ventilation grilles above the heaters.

Similarly, do not forget that the kitchen is a room with a high level of humidity. Therefore it is necessary to minimize the factors contributing to the appearance of moisture on double-glazed windows. Therefore, to prevent condensation from appearing on the windows, you must:

  • Install pvc profiles that correspond to the climatic conditions of your region in terms of the level of thermal insulation.
  • Insulate window slopes.
  • Ventilate the kitchen several times a day.
  • Make sure that air masses move freely from the heaters.

How to make a desktop on the window?

Converting a window sill into a work table in a nursery or office is a practical and modern solution. Its advantage is space saving and good daylight illumination of the desktop. The main factors that we must consider are:

  • the correct height of the workplace
  • ensuring free movement of air masses
  • and minimizing the occurrence of condensation.

Please note that the width of the switchable privacy film should be such that the legs of an adult fit freely under it. If they run into a part of the wall under the windowsill or the battery, it will be very inconvenient to work.

What is the main function of the switchable privacy film?

Generally, the main task switchable privacy film performs is to control the light. In addition, they protect the premises from cold, draft, heat, wind and natural precipitation. Therefore, when choosing window structures, it is important to pay attention to their thermal insulation, noise insulation properties, strength, durability and functionality.

But on the other hand, it is important that the windows fit into the interior of a house or apartment, harmonize the space. And it should not seem like an alien element in it.

Modern structures made of polyvinyl chloride are beautiful, high quality, have stable color and minimalist design. Often used for their decor:

  • jalousie;
  • roller shutters;
  • tulle;
  • lambrequins;

How to perform window decoration?

Window decoration is performed not only because a window opening with a beautiful decor blends well with the interior of the room and even becomes its “highlight”. Curtains and other decorative elements are designed to protect the room from pesky sunlight and outsiders’ glances.

But choosing the right window decor is a huge challenge for most people. In addition, many spend a lot of money hiring designers, and get a window opening, decorated with heavy folds of fabric on which dust accumulates. What you need to know about window decoration? We decided to cover the basic rules in this article, invite you to read!

Rule number 1: do not ignore the prevailing switchable privacy film color combinations

Today you can buy switchable privacy film windows, the profile of which is painted in any color, imitating wood, metal and stone surfaces. Lamination has helped to achieve this effect for modern manufacturers of plastic windows. If you decide to buy colored PVC windows instead of the standard white construction, do not act at random.

It is important that the color of pvc profiles harmonizes beautifully with the interior of the room, wallpaper, furniture, textile elements. But most importantly, always consider the shade in which the walls are painted, this is a key parameter. How to choose the right curtains for a plastic window?

switchable privacy film 2021

  • Are the wallpaper and interior of the room colorful? Choose monochromatic curtains, they will slightly balance the variegation and make the interior calmer.
  • For rooms with a laconic design, where there are a minimum of shades, curtains or blinds of bright colors and shades, or even patterned ones, are best suited. To prevent them from looking unnatural, add other textile elements in such shades to the interior, for example, sofa cushions.
  • Not sure how to choose the right window décor to blend in with your décor? Choose proven color combinations. For example, all shades of green go well with brown, with gray – pink, with blue – gray.


You can also decorate the interior in switchable privacy film, when the decor of the curtains will be a couple of tones different from the furniture upholstery. Such a solution is not only stylish, but also practical – statistics say that the color of the walls changes more often than curtains and furniture.


Is switchable glass perfect for home sound insulation?

The Importance of installing Quality Window structures

Switchable glass

The switchable glass windows of many city houses overlook busy highways, tram lines, and places of large gatherings of people. Unfortunately, the owners of such apartments have to constantly hear extraneous sounds. This interferes with normal life and rest, and increases stress levels. By the way, sounds from 65 decibels and above negatively affect health and contribute to the occurrence of a number of diseases.

Switchable glass provides better sound insulation

So if a stormy life is boiling under your windows, you need to think about the most effective sound insulation. In this article, we will tell you which hardware elements are responsible for sound insulation and how to make plastic windows even better protect you from annoying and loud sounds from the street.

What materials provide sound insulation for a plastic window?

A common situation – earlier the window protected well from street noise, but now it copes with these functions worse. Most often, the reason is that the rubber seal is worn out, which is responsible for the tight fit of the sash to the window.

Therefore, it is necessary to remove the old gum, thoroughly clean the remaining glue and replace it with a new part. It is important that this manipulation is performed by an experienced specialist. Then the chances that the breakdown will be eliminated, and you can continue to enjoy the silence, are much greater.

Why do rooms become noisier?

Often the room becomes noisier due to the fact that the pvc doors do not fit tightly to the frame. Noise enters the room through the resulting gaps. A specialist in the switchable glass installation and repair of plastic windows will carefully examine the window opening.

With the help of silicone sealant and sealant, it will seal all cracks between the wall and the window. This also increases the sound insulation properties of window structures.

What can provide additional noise insulation for plastic switchable glass windows?

Thicker double-glazed switchable glass windows provide additional noise insulation for plastic windows. Also, a wider frame can be used to minimize the penetration of sounds from the street into the room. This increases the layer of air or gas that absorbs noise.

Triplex has excellent soundproofing properties – several double-glazed windows of different thicknesses, glued together with the help of a special resin. If you live in a very busy place, triplex is the best option for containing high and medium frequency sound waves. An additional advantage of the triplex is an increased level of security: even if it breaks, the fragments will not crumble.

Another way of additional noise insulation is filling the chambers of double-glazed windows with gases:

  • xenon;
  • argon;

Due to the air space between the glasses, sound is absorbed quite efficiently.

What are the best double-glazed switchable glass windows to choose?

First of all, those that are made by reliable manufacturers. If you purposefully want to buy a window with an increased level of noise insulation, pay attention to the “Rw” indicator. Do you live in a very noisy place? Choose the window with the highest Rw!


Also remember: the asymmetrical switchable glass windows have the highest level of sound insulation. In this case, the thickest glass should be installed outside.

Why it is important to buy quality window structure?

Summing up, we note that it is not difficult to achieve maximum sound insulation. The main thing is to buy pvc structures from a reliable manufacturer, do not save on installation, and promptly call a foreman to fix individual parts.

And one more thing – you need to watch the windows throughout the apartment, only then you can achieve the maximum effect and enjoy the silence, even if your home has a bus station or an entrance to the subway!

Privacy Glass in Homes is Future of Technology

The idea of ​​using glass in residential and office construction is not new. It began to be widely used in the last century. Today, with the help of glass or double-glazed windows, you can embody the most daring ideas of designers.

Thanks to modern technology, you can build real switchable glass houses. Of course, in a building completely made of glass, a person will be uncomfortable. But such glazing of a terrace, winter garden or one of the rooms is a fresh and original solution that brings a special atmosphere to the house. By the way, not only walls are made glass, but also roofs, partitions, doors, floors and visors.

Glass roof over the house: what is it like?

A glass roof can be made over the whole house or over some of the rooms. Most often, it is equipped over the living room, dining room or winter garden. In bedrooms and nurseries, this design is usually inappropriate. In order to enjoy the sky without hindrance, it is better to equip the bedroom with switchable glass located directly in the roof.

Installing switchable glass roof is technically challenging

In addition, in the summer it creates great difficulties and, in fact, turns into an analogue of a greenhouse due to the hot sunlight. Glass loses its translucent function under a layer of dust. So you need to think about how you will clean the roof surface.

Is the house solid with large glass elements?

Such houses only have a fragile appearance. When designing, great attention is paid to the reliability and safety of the structure. Modern technologies make it possible to improve the strength characteristics of a building.

For example, reinforced, tempered or glued glass can be used. If the profile systems for the house are of high quality, then the structure will be stable and reliable. Therefore, cooperate only with trusted manufacturers.

The main advantages of houses with large glass elements

First of all, such a house looks elegant and stylish and stands out among the neighboring cottages. He is an indicator of the good taste of the owners. Another great advantage is the large amount of natural light.

It has been scientifically proven that being in bright rooms where a lot of sun penetrates, a person’s mood and health are improved.

Switchable glass 2021

Other benefits of switchable glass houses:

Energy efficiency,

Because the costs of lighting and heating the building are reduced.

Environmental friendliness

Glass is a material that is safe for human health and does not cause allergies.


There is no need to spend money on decorating the walls inside and outside. In addition, glass walls do not need regular cosmetic repairs. It is enough to wash them periodically.