What type of privacy glass windows is best for kitchen?

Privacy Glass  windows are energy-saving and durable structures that are guaranteed to last for several decades and protect the house from dust, noise, and drafts. Is it possible to choose the same windows for all rooms, or is it better to take into account the characteristics of each room and select window designs individually?

privacy glass

 The second option is closer to us: if you spend a little more time, you can choose really beautiful and functional double-glazed windows. Read about the secrets of the right choice of pvc windows for a nursery, bedroom, kitchen and other premises below !

Choosing Privacy Glass for the kitchen

Privacy Glass is important in kitchen. More often than not, the humidity in the kitchen is approximately equal to or even higher than the humidity in the bathroom.

Moreover, another feature of this room is constant temperature fluctuations, which, together with high humidity, contributes to the appearance of condensation on the windows.

What type of privacy glass windows is best for kitchen?

The ideal plastic window for the kitchen should meet the following requirements:

  • Firstly, two or more chambers, preferably with an inert gas inside
  • Secondly, this prevents condensation from occurring
  • Thirdly, have reliable tilt-and-turn fittings with micro-ventilation function.
  • Finally, such fittings can withstand several opening and closing cycles without any problems

If, even with these measures, the kitchen is humid enough, you can order a company that manufactures and installs Privacy Glass .

What should be the privacy glass in the bedroom?

Privacy windows in the bedroom should give the room an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility, because it is here that a person gains strength for a new working day. The main requirements for pvc profiles in the bedroom:

  • Complete tightness.
  • High thermal insulation properties

Therefore, it is best to stop at two-chamber energy-saving double-glazed windows with reliable swing-out fittings. The presence of a micro-ventilation function will ensure an adequate supply of fresh air in winter.

How to protect sun light and sound?

If the bedroom windows face the sunny side, it is advisable to install sun-protection Privacy Glass  windows. And if there is a busy transport highway right outside the windows or a subway not far from your house, it is better to put windows with an additional level of sound insulation in the bedroom.

Furthermore, one more important point-if in the warm season you plan to open the window sashes, it is advisable to equip the opening with a strong and reliable mosquito net.

Privacy Glass windows for a nursery: aesthetics and safety

A baby’s room is a place where he not only sleeps, but also plays and learns. Therefore, a healthy microclimate and proper lighting are especially important. An equally important parameter is the safety of the nursery.

Moreover, children are very curious and will probably strive to open the Privacy Glass  window, climb onto the windowsill and better see what is happening on the street. It is important to equip the window structures in the children’s room with mechanisms that prevent dangerous situations.

privacy glass 2021

This is a special locking fitting that prevent the handle from opening freely, an opening blocker (also called a child lock). Kids love everything bright and interesting.  

Choosing privacy glass windows for a frame house

Frame houses in USA began to be built recently, but the technology was invented in Canada more than 70 years ago. The construction of such a building does not require large expenditures of forces, complex special equipment and heavy equipment.

This is a budget, fast and sustainable home option for the whole family. We talk about the features of frame houses and the specifics of Privacy Glass  in this article!

The main advantages of privacy glass houses

The secret of the popularity of frame houses is also that they are much cheaper than traditional brick houses. They are built from SIP panels pressed from wood chips. The outer slab of the structure has a longitudinal orientation, and the inner slab is transverse.

It is very comfortable to live there both in summer heat and in winter cold. In addition, SIP panels have increased strength characteristics. The vertical load that they can withstand is up to 10 tons inclusive. Therefore, you can safely build frame houses with a height of 2 or 3 floors.

  • Strength, durability, environmental safety
  • You can operate such a house for at least 80 years
  • Resistant to fire
  • Excellent sound insulation properties
  • Savings on heating and building maintenance

How are frame houses having privacy glass glazed?

Privacy Glass  has high thermal insulation properties. This must be taken into account when choosing window structures for glazing a house. Your main concern is to prevent windows from becoming the weakest link in energy conservation.

It is optimal to use a multi-chamber PVC profile with two-chamber double-glazed windows. Please note: it is necessary to install windows before starting the interior and exterior decoration of the building. Low quality installation contributes to the appearance of drafts in the building and deterioration of the thermal insulation properties of the structure.

The technology for installing windows in frame houses is as follows. First, a Privacy Glass  is applied to the outer side of the wall, and a vapor barrier film is applied to the inner side. It is necessary that they have an overlap on the window opening.

Important actions are repeated from the inside of the wall

After the privacy glass  windows install, you can start finishing work inside the frame house. In order for the light-transmitting structures to last as long as possible and not cause problems during operation, order them from a reliable manufacturer.

Final Remarks Privacy Glass

It is also better to entrust the installation to professionals. This is a guarantee that in the first months of operation and in the future, problems will not appear, such as mold on the slopes, sash skew, breakage of fittings, drafts. If the article was useful, share the link to it on social networks and may your windows always serve without problems!


7 Reasons to use privacy glass pdlc film in your Home

Many people do not like change, so they are reluctant to innovate in their life. Sometimes it seems to them that an old balcony, door or privacy glass pdlc film  can last for at least several more years. But often the old window is: drafts , ice, dust and noise coming from the street.

privacy glass pdlc film

And also-it spoils the interior of the apartment and the exterior of the house. We will tell you in this article!

Option # 1: your apartment still has old wooden frames

Old wooden windows are not just the last century. It is difficult to care for them; they let cold air into the apartment and do not have an effective ventilation and locking system. Restoration work is not an option. A few years after the start of exploitation, under the influence of external factors, the tree begins to rot.

Also, often the owners of windows with wooden frames face with such a problem that the wooden frame is eaten away by insects. Due to the impossibility of adjusting the fittings, a common nuisance is mashing the sash, difficult turning of the handle.

We advise you not to postpone the replacement of window structures and install privacy glass pdlc film  from a reliable manufacturer. It is possible to save well on windows and their installation out of season, when most companies offer impressive discounts on pvc profiles.

Old windows are not energy efficient enough

Now you have to pay a lot for heat, which hits the budget of many families. How to save on utilities and at the same time ensure that the apartment always has a comfortable temperature? Supply energy efficient pvc profiles.

Installation of such windows will help you pay 25-30% less for heat, provided that you have an individual heating meter. And one more thing: you will not suffer from drafts blowing from under the windowsill.

window structures in privacy glass pdlc film of the first wave

Privacy glass windows, which are 7-10 years old and more, are technologically outdated and cannot cope with the tasks assigned to them. They are often of rather poor quality and improperly assembled.

As for privacy glass pdlc film  in modern new buildings, developers save on everything. They buy and install cheap windows with minimal energy efficiency, flimsy sashes and unreliable fittings. If possible, it is better to replace such a window before the onset of cold weather , because in terms of quality it does not differ much from a wooden one.

The main signs to change privacy glass windows

Examine the window profile carefully. Replacement of windows is necessary if the window has visible distortions. There should be no chips, breaks or cracks on the plastic level.

If the plastic has acquired a pronounced yellowish tint, then we must change it. This indicates that low-quality raw materials were common for its manufacture.

Moreover, you also need to inspect the glass unit. We recommend that you think about replacing the window if it has damage, moisture and stains inside. And privacy glass pdlc film , even if they look presentable, will not provide the desired comfort in the apartment.

From whom to order new privacy glass pdlc film at an affordable price?

We have been working on the market for a long time and have established it as a reliable partner. We offer a large selection of windows that will surely last for several decades!

The main features of the glazing of a country house

Have you decided to spend more time outside the metropolis and are building a country house? There are no trifles in construction and finishing work. Moreover, the comfort of your family depends on how correctly and rationally everything is done.

privacy glass pdlc film 2021

The most important criterion in choosing a privacy glass pdlc film  is high thermal insulation properties. Heating a private house is always expensive, so in order not to overpay for a communal apartment, you need to make the building energy efficient. If the windows in a country house are of poor quality, pass drafts and dust, then the room will not be comfortable.

The ideal option is energy-saving privacy glass windows with high heat and sound insulation properties. And also-they have sealing, reliable, strong and durable, look beautiful and will last a long time.

Which privacy glass pdlc film unit is best suited?

It is optimal to choose two or three-chamber energy-saving double-glazed windows with a high quality profile and reliable fittings. Therefore, it is better to buy windows from reliable manufacturers, rather than fly-by-night firms.

Moreover, to make the look of your home recognizable and memorable, to give the exterior and interior a beautiful look, use privacy glass pdlc film . It looks very beautiful, increases the amount of daylight in the house, and has a positive effect on a person’s mood. As for the shape of the window openings, you can choose any-arched, triangular, trapezoidal, round or arched.

Is privacy glass pdlc film suitable for outside the city?

Some people have doubts about privacy glass windows outside the city, fearing that they will look out of place.

In addition, modern companies engaged in the production of privacy glass windows offer lamination of profiles in the most relevant colors and textures. Lamination can be bilateral or unilateral.

Moreover, from the side of the facade, such a window can, for example, repeat the texture of the masonry, and inside the room it can be blue, white, gray, beige, etc. Privacy glass pdlc film  laminates by applying high- quality colored films and films with imitation of a certain texture.

Is safety of windows important?

Cottages are more likely to be targeted by burglars than apartments in apartment buildings. Therefore, you need to take care of the safety of your home and make sure that burglars cannot enter your house through the windows. For this you can try privacy glass pdlc film .

Further, we advise you to equip window structures with anti-burglary fittings, anti-burglary handles and shockproof glass units. Burglar-resistant hardware comes with special mushroom pins.

Summary privacy glass pdlc film

If the attacker even managed to break the glass unit, it will not crumble to smithereens, but will remain intact thanks to a special adhesive film. And burglar-proof handles will enhance security.


Why do we encourage pdlc switchable smart film in homes?

All people know the adage that the miser pays twice. And at the same time, many of them are trying to save money on what cannot be saved on, including pdlc switchable smart film. A high-quality smart film is durable, functional and durable.

It protects the room from the penetration of noise and drafts. Similarly, it helps to retain heat inside the room, and to organize proper ventilation.

pdlc switchable smart film

Another thing is fakes, which are shamelessly offered to buyers by fraudsters in the market of smart films. They argue that reliable manufacturers inflate the price, and cheap fakes are in no way inferior to elite smart films.

Many buyers believe in this lie, and then regret it: the flimsy sashes of the fakes instantly warp, the fittings break, and there is no trace of heat and sound insulation. In this article, we will tell you why high-quality double-glazed windows will never be cheap and share the secrets of choosing the right pdlc switchable smart film.

Factors that affect the cost of pdlc switchable smart film

High-quality double-glazed windows are made from reliable materials that have high strength characteristics and are safe for health and the environment. Leading manufacturers of insulating glass units include in the price:

  • Professional measurement of the window opening before the installation of the structure.
  • The cost of fittings, profiles, ebbs, double-glazed windows.
  • Delivery of double-glazed windows to the client’s address.
  • Professional installation of the structure (up to 25% of the cost of the product).
  • Further warranty service.

Reliable manufacturers of smart films, which have been working on the market for a long time and have proven themselves well in the client environment, set approximately the same prices for their products. So if you are offered to buy a pdlc switchable smart film, the price of which is much lower than the market average, most likely you are in front of scammers.

Why do fly-by-night companies reduce the cost of pdlc switchable smart film?

In fact, it is possible to save money on the production of double-glazed windows and their installation. But this will negatively affect the quality. Most often, fly-by-night companies use low-quality polyvinyl chloride for the production of window structures, in which there is a lot of hydrophobic chalk.

This additive reduces the cost of the structure, but makes it fragile.  Unscrupulous manufacturers perform reinforcement from a thinner layer of metal that has not been treated against corrosion.

Over time, such a smart films loses its strength. Window sashes wear out, window geometry violates. The design becomes leaky.

Why poor structure is harmful?

The most budgetary pdlc switchable smart film comes with cheap fittings that will start breaking in a few weeks or months. Often it is not completely metal, but has plastic elements. Unscrupulous manufacturers also save on double-glazed windows.

But the main danger is unqualified installers who will install a poor-quality structure, which will have to be changed and spoil the window opening. And the most important thing: buying cheap windows from an unknown manufacturer, if the glass unit fails, no warranty obligations will help.

PDLC switchable smart film used in portal windows and doors: what are they?

Today, panoramic glazing, which includes portal windows and doors, is becoming more and more popular. Portal windows and doors are often used in suburban construction and are used to decorate balconies, terraces, closed verandas, winter gardens.

Dur to the use of pdlc switchable smart film portal structures can often be seen in restaurants and shopping and entertainment centers. In this article, we talk about portal windows in more detail and characterize their main advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantages of pdlc switchable smart film

Portal structures look very beautiful and unusual. If you use them in suburban construction, then they are guaranteed to become the highlight of the house. Moreover, it gives it an elegant and modern look. Portal windows and doors are easy to make in any color scheme

Furthermore, the constructions will help create the illusion of unity between the interior and the environment, fill the premises with a lot of bright sunlight and air. And this directly affects mood, performance, and well-being. Thanks to panoramic windows, interior space save.

This is possible due to the fact that the sashes work along the plane of the structure and you can do without additional space for full opening of the sash. The profiles of modern pdlc switchable smart film are made from durable and environmentally friendly PVC.

Why do we encourage pdlc switchable smart film?

This material has the highest rates of sound and heat insulation, is reliable and durable. And yet – such a design is easy to care for. Also, portal windows are easy to equip with automation. Moreover, it regulates the process of their opening and closing, and installs motion sensors and door closers. This option is ideal for offices, shops and shopping centers.
pdlc switchable smart film 2021

Many people believe that because of the large area of ​​the glass unit, the portal window is easy to break. In fact, this is not true. If the portal windows come with impact-resistant glass units, then they cannot broken. And anti-burglar fittings will prevent burglary.

What are portal windows and doors using pdlc switchable smart film?

Modern gantry structures are available in wood, aluminum and pvc. We advise you to pay attention to plastic structures. Moreover, this has many advantages over metal and wood. Similarly, it includes more affordable cost, high strength characteristics, and complete tightness.

Do not think that the plastic profile is boring: it is easy to paint in any color, to give the product a metal, wood or stone texture.

Types of pdlc switchable smart film structures

Depending on the number of valves, the following structures used in pdlc switchable smart film are different:

  • Portal: When two opening sashes move in opposite directions to each other.
  • Accordion: Itconsists of more than two sections, folding “accordion”. Most often used to decorate large doorways.
  • Patio: One opening sash, moving parallel to the “blind” sash.

If we consider designs by the type of fittings and by the possibilities of opening, then portal windows and doors are:

  • Parallel-sliding: Opening by parallel sliding. There is no reclining function.
  • Tilt and slide:Thanks to the fittings, the sash is easy to open by tilting (for ventilation) and by sliding it in parallel.
  • Lifting and sliding: The principle of operation is similar to the door of a wardrobe, when each sash is in motion and at the same time goes over one another.

Should you install privacy film window on the basement floor?

As a rule, the basement floors of cottages are common to equip technical rooms. But there you can also create a gym, bath, sauna, home theater. Moreover, basement privacy film window may not be full size. But even a small privacy window opening will bring a lot of natural light into the room.

Privacy film privacy window

Remember that the privacy window provides the air exchange you need in your garage and sauna. Therefore, if you decide to build a house with a basement floor, be sure to provide for the presence of privacy window openings.

Many people ask themselves: which profile to choose for the equipment of basement privacy windows? Similarly, wood is not suitable due to high humidity conditions. Even if you treat it with special antifungal solutions, moisture and mold cannot be avoided.

Why aluminum is common?

After a couple of years, the frame of privacy film window will have to change. The aluminum profile is lightweight and durable, non-corrosive.

But its thermal insulation properties are lower than that of a pvc profile. Therefore, we advise you to install energy-saving double-glazed privacy windows.

 Advantages of privacy film privacy window: 

  • Resistance to mechanical damage and adverse environmental factors.
  • High level of heat and sound insulation.
  • Large skylight.
  • Possibility to order a custom-made profile.

The main characteristics of a privacy film for a basement floor First of all, order a high-quality double-glazed privacy window from a reliable manufacturer. This is the best guarantee that the profile will last a long time.

A few practical guidelines about privacy film privacy window:

  • To ensure optimal ventilation in the basement, the privacy film privacy window must have a tilt-and-turn opening sash.
  • It is best to choose a two-chamber energy-saving glass unit.
  • Equip the basement privacy windows with grilles or order an anti-burglar structure.
  • Such measures will prevent intruders from entering the house.

How to install a privacy film privacy window and what to make a pit from?

Mount privacy windows at a height of at least 15 c m from the bottom edge of the privacy window. If the height is not enough, it is necessary to equip the pits. The main task of the pit is to ensure maximum penetration of sunlight through the basement privacy film window.

The size of the pit depends on several factors. First of all, on the dimensions and level of installation of the glass unit, you also need to ensure the correct slope for the pit, which can be rectangular, polygonal or semicircular. It is important to equip the pit with drainage to drain melt and rainwater.

The pit is made from:

  • Concrete
  • Blocks
  • Bricks

Benefits of using pit

You can also buy a ready-made galvanized steel pit. Such a structure does not leak, does not fail for a long time, withstands atmospheric influences and temperature drops. Furthermore, a good alternative to metal is a plastic pit.

Many people worry that the pits are not decorative enough for privacy film window. Furthermore, we can correct this by using ceramic tiles, artificial stone, and clapboard.

It is optimal to equip deep pits with a roof that protects against the ingress of large particles of debris. In addition, small children and animals cannot fall into such a pit. Often, the pits are covered with metal gratings: this is both decorative and practical.

Decoration of a privacy film privacy window with pseudo-stained glass

A plastic window has many advantages over standard wooden frames. It does not let dust and street noise into the room. Furthermore, it serves for a long time, prevents heat leakage. Similarly, looks beautiful and retains its decorative appearance for a long time. A plastic window can be made to order in any color.

Privacy film privacy window 2021

Moreover, it can be of a standard or non-standard shape, for example, round or triangular. Privacy film privacy window comes from many pieces of multi-colored film. Piece by piece, it glues to the sheet glass, in accordance with which pattern is selected.

Furthermore, it does not allow the edges of the privacy film privacy window glass to deform and creates the effect of a real work of art. With a relatively small investment in decor, your window will look like a small masterpiece.

Film pseudo- Privacy film privacy window  glass

Film pseudo-stained glass is made from many pieces of multi-colored film. Piece by piece, it is glued to the sheet glass, in accordance with which pattern is selected. It does not allow the edges of the pseudo-stained glass to deform and creates the effect of a real work of art. With a relatively small investment in decor, your window will look like a small masterpiece.

By the way, the technology of film stained glass is common not only for the design of double-glazed windows. It is often common to decorate a suspended ceiling. A little hint: if you decorated a window with a privacy film window, you can choose the same motif for decorating interior items:

  • Lamps
  • Shelves
  • Mirrors

Advantages of pseudo-stained glass

Pseudo-stained glass also goes well with faceted elements. Note that film pseudo-stained glass has many advantages.

These include: availability, high quality materials of manufacture, detailing of a picture or ornament. But such decor is not suitable for rooms with high humidity. It is better not to use film pseudo-stained glass in baths, saunas, and bathrooms.

Fill pseudo-stained glass

Firstly, filled Privacy film window comes using special software-controlled equipment. With its help, the contour of the drawing is applied to the glass. After application, the contour is filled by hand using polyurethane varnish mixed with paints. Sometimes a stencil is common for application. Without an outline, the drawing looks more coherent and uniform.

After the filler pseudo-stained glass dries, it becomes resistant to ultraviolet radiation, temperature extremes, sunlight and mechanical stress. Therefore, the glass unit is easy to wash without fear of damaging the pattern: varnish and paint have high adhesion to the glass surface.

Furthermore, another advantage of flooded privacy window glass is safety for human health and non-toxicity. In order for the drawing to serve for at least several years, it is best to apply it to the inside of the glass unit.

Conclusion Privacy film privacy window

Summing up, we note: regardless of the manufacturing method, pseudo-stained glass decorates windows and the interior as a whole. The play of colors and sun rays improves mood, helps to raise vitality.

In addition, if a double-glazed window with pseudo-stained glass – you will not have to worry about curtains, blinds or roller shutters: it will protect well from annoying sunlight and prying eyes.


How to install pdlc switchable glass in wooden frames?

pdlc switchable glass
Horizontal pdlc switchable glass is a modern alternative to conventional glass. They are often equipped with metal-plastic windows in the house and in office premises. Advantages of roller glass over textile curtains:

  • Long lasting and durable.
  • It is possible to adjust the light transmittance of the structure.
  • Not subject to fading.
  • Suitable for rooms with high humidity.
  • Fits into any interior and design.
  • Perfectly and functionally complement pvc structures.

But as well as on curtains, particles of dust and grease accumulate on roller shutters over time. And washing pdlc switchable glass is very problematic. In this article, we’ll look at the basic, time-saving ways to clean horizontal glass!

Dry cleaning of pdlc switchable glass

Not all horizontal glass can be cleaned with water, some only dry clean. Such cleaning involves removing dust and dirt from the surface of the glass. Remember, they are cleaned exclusively by dry method:

  • Fabric glass.
  • Wooden glass.

To dry clean pdlc switchable glass, use a microfiber cloth or any other clean rag. Also in large construction supermarkets and in online stores there is a special tweeter brush on sale, with which it is even easier to remove dust from the glass.

When cleaning fabric or wooden roller glass, be careful not to press too hard on the slats. This minimizes the risk of structural failure.

Best Method to clean pdlc switchable glass

Unfortunately, the dry method of cleaning glass causes dust particles to settle on furniture, room textiles, walls and the window itself. So wet cleaning will most likely have to be done. Also, this method is not suitable for allergy sufferers, in whom dust can cause a corresponding reaction.

A good alternative is vacuuming with low suction. The vacuum cleaner can easily handle light dirt and prevent dust from pdlc switchable glass. Close the louvers tightly before cleaning. Then vacuum each of them with furniture cleaner. After that, it is advisable to walk on the glass with a clean, slightly damp microfiber cloth.

Washing horizontal pdlc switchable glass

Horizontal glass can be washed as long as they are not made of fabric or wood. Washing a fabric or wood structure will ruin its appearance and accelerate failure. Aluminum and plastic glass are easiest to clean.

The easiest way is to remove the pdlc switchable glass from the window and wash them in the tub using a shower head and detergent. This way you will quickly get rid of even old and stubborn dirt. After immersing the rolls in the bathtub, pull on the cord so that they open completely.

Then – immerse them in water and pull them out after a few seconds. Repeat the manipulation until all dirt is washed off.

What to do if the lamellas are heavily soiled, for example with cooking grease? You can soak them in the bathroom for a couple of hours in soapy water. When the structure is clean and completely dry, be sure to lubricate the pivot mechanism with silicone grease.

Can glass be washed directly on the window?

It is not always possible to remove horizontal glass from a window. For example, they are fixed in a special box and you are worried that if you dismantle the structure, you will not be able to install it back. To wash the lamellas, prepare a bowl of clean water, to which you can add:

  • Dishwashing liquid.
  • Some furniture polish.
  • Laundry soap.

Take a clean rag, moisten it in the prepared solution and squeeze well. Wipe each lamella gently from all sides. Then it is advisable to get rid of excess moisture by blotting the details of the structure with a kitchen towel.

We hope our pdlc switchable glass tips were helpful and it will be even easier for you to clean your glass!

How to install pdlc switchable glass in wooden frames?

Many people still have traditional wooden frames in their dachas. But they are significantly inferior to modern energy-saving double-glazed windows in terms of quality, strength, durability.

A wooden frame, even if the window is equipped with a lattice, will not become an obstacle for thieves, will not protect the cottage from drafts and dampness. In addition, after a few years of use, it will begin to rot, even if you regularly take care of the windows.


Therefore, it is best to install pvc profiles in the country. What pdlc switchable glass windows are best suited for a summer residence and have an affordable price? First of all, be guided by how the dacha is used: all year round or only in the warm season? We answer this question in detail below!

Choosing windows for a summer residence

There is no particular need to buy energy-saving windows for such a summer residence. There are enough reliable, durable and high-quality double-glazed windows.

A three-chamber profile with two sealing contours is ideal. Such a system provides sufficient heat and sound insulation for rooms that are not heated in winter. In addition, it will last at least 15 years and will fully pay for itself.

Install pdlc switchable glass in single chamber wooden profile

In a dacha that is not heated, it is possible to install a single-chamber double-glazed unit, consisting of two hermetically interconnected glasses. But in any case, do not buy cheap pdlc switchable glass windows from one-day firms.

pdlc switchable glass 2021

They will quickly depressurize, and condensation will begin to form inside the glass unit. These are not just ugly streaks and stains on the windows that cannot be eliminated, but also drafts and dampness in the room.

How to choose fittings for pdlc switchable glass?

When choosing windows, pay attention to the fittings. High-quality fittings are a guarantee that the window will not lose functionality for a long time. Particular attention should be paid to the pdlc switchable glass pvc profile security system.

This is due to the fact that during the period when the dacha is mothballed, cases of theft become more frequent. Therefore, it is better to equip the window with protective shutters, anti-burglar fittings. Do not forget about mosquito nets to prevent annoying insects from entering the house.

Features of the choice of windows for a summer house used all year round

The dachas used by the owners all year round are usually heated. The heating system (boiler or electric convector) does not really matter when choosing windows. It is important that the windows have good thermal insulation properties and retain more heat in the room.

We advise you to choose structures that are installed in apartments. Pay attention to the profile. It is desirable that it be multi-chamber and has from two to three seal contours.

Summary pdlc switchable glass

pdlc switchable glass windows order two-chamber energy-saving. This design has a special energy-saving coating. There is an inert gas inside the chambers of the insulating glass unit, which slows down the transfer of heat between the panes.