window tint suppliers: 6 Best Tint Window Films to buy in 2021


Tinted metal-plastic windows

Window tinting is widespread and has many applications: from increasing the aesthetic appeal of interiors to protecting premises from ultraviolet radiation. Tinted glass ennobles even the poorest interiors of apartments and small private houses. And window tint suppliers use tinting successfully d in business construction for a very long time.

Ways of tinting windows installation

The most popular method is to cover the window glass with a tinted polymer film before inserting it into the PVC glass unit. The advantage of this method is to give the glass any degree of transparency and color shade.

As well as it gives some additional physical properties at the request of the customer. Films have a number of properties that we can combine with each other:

  • blackout film reduces the level of lighting in the room during the daytime;
  • decorative film is used to color the glass
  • reflective film makes windows mirrored on the outside and hides what is happening inside;
  • matte film is used to maintain privacy in interiors and for decorative purposes;
  • noise reduction film drowns out sounds by reducing glass vibration;
  • a special film reduces the penetration of ultraviolet radiation.window tint suppliers

What are window tint film effects?

Usually, when toning, several effects combine at once. In addition, any tint film increases the strength of the glass. Colored decorative film is popular among window tint suppliers. It is to create stained glass windows.

Tinting of glass in bulk consists in the addition of metal oxides to the molten glass during melting. This method allows you to adjust the tone and darkness of the glass, leaving it translucent.

Do you know what types of window glass films are for your environment?

There are alternatives to ensure comfort and privacy, depending on what you seek for the environment you want to place the film.

With that in mind, we selected the most important attributes when selecting window glass films to help you understand what will be best for your home or apartment.

What do you search about window tint suppliers?

Privacy: those who want to prevent the internal or external view of their residence, the privacy film is ideal. In addition to leaving the environment modern and beautiful, it can be applied in different types of area.

Architectural / Protection: thermal comfort and blocking UV rays to protect your environment. The most requested by architects and decorators, it provides:

  • heat reduction
  • protecting furniture and
  • Objects from sunlight.window tint suppliers in china

Security / Anti-vandalism: as the name says, it protects and strengthens the glass against shattering against attempts at theft and accidents. Perfect for areas of exposed glass, areas of great circulation of people and balconies.

Decorative: It is wiely common for those who want to modernize the environment. It is due to its wide variety of colors, perfect for those who want to modernize buildings.

Why window tint films are best option for decoration?

We all like to make our home cozier and with differentials for decoration that stay with our personality. Did you know that there is the option of decorative glass films as well? That in addition to leaving your home with the most attractive environments, have a protective function. Nearest window tint suppliers can help you in this regard.

There are two types of decorative glass films:

  • exterior and

The exteriors have high sun protection and attractive appearance, as a great solution for projects. It needs to improve and modernize the external look of the environment. And, at the same time, it provides greater thermal comfort and energy savings.

Since the film for decorative glass interior are ideal to improve the functionality and appearance of the glass. In addition to privacy and UV protection, they can be used to demarcate space, disguise unattractive elements or provide impact, through graphic elements or logos.

Discover the types of decorative glass tint films:

For exterior windows:

DS Bronze X

The bronze tint of the DS Bronze X decorative glass films complement the natural environment and add sophistication. It combines high heat reduction with a proportionately higher percentage of natural light than many other reflective films. It makes it an attractive option for residential and commercial projects.

DS Blue X 

It offers a sophisticated blue tone, making the film an ideal option for residential and commercial projects. The strong heat rejection performance increases the thermal comfort inside, making it a great choice for decorative glass films.

For interior glass:

DS Matte i 

The film for glass decorative DS Matte i provides a translucent sandblast effect. Moreover, it adds privacy and designs the doors, windows or partitions in offices or commercial projects.

window tint suppliers 2021

DS i 

The film for glass decorative DS Black ie DS White i are ideal to hide unattractive views or to disguise elements that damage the external appearance.

DS UV Filter i

It offers total transparency and, at the same time, provides comfort, high protection against the action of the Sun.


Find out in the article about which car film will help prevent heating of its interior. And how can window tint suppliers

If you are a car driver, then you probably know that covering your car with tint film is an important element. The film that attaches to the glass is not just a decoration or a whim of the owner. It is protection from negative environmental factors and additional security.

First of all, you should pay attention to athermal films. It is they who are able to reduce the penetration of ultraviolet rays into the car interior by up to 100%. This will significantly ensure the driver’s driving comfort, and the fabric and plastic of the interior will be protected from fading.

How much light a window tint film retains?

According to the standard, tint film should transmit at least 75% of the light, but this does not mean that you cannot protect yourself from the sun. The main task of the film is not to transmit ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

It is invisible to the human eye, but excessively heats up and spoils the interior elements in your car. For this, an athermal film is applicable. Moreover, it provides clearance according to all standards, but protects the car from defects.

Window tint suppliers Features of UV protection films

Thanks to modern technologies, window tint suppliers have learned to create unique materials that fully fulfill the assigned functions and tasks. It happens without affecting the overall situation. This also applies to the athermal film. Its ability is to block the range of ultraviolet and infrared rays, while the visibility of the road remains clear and safe for the driver.
High quality films are characterized by the ability to block 100% of infrared radiation.

Features of athermal film:
Elimination of interior heating – driving becomes more comfortable, and fuel consumption for air conditioning is reduced;
Plastic and fabric in the cabin are protected from burnout;
Does not interfere with the passage of radio waves;
Complies with all countries;

The production of such a film comes on the use of special technologies. The tinting sheet consists of many layers that carefully absorb the rays, while the glass remains transparent in appearance.