The Moorhouse, London, England

Moor House is one of London’s most prominent buildings and has the city’s deepest foundations. It is home to a number of the world’s leading institutions, including Pictet & Cie, themselves a solid presence in the international financial sector for more than 200 years.

We were approached to segment and subdivide areas of this corporate space, creating meeting rooms and offices that shift from open to opaque in an instant.


Adopting laminated switchable smart glass panels creates a space with stylish and sophisticated. Each panel can be individually controlled by a wall switch and remote control. SMART GLASS succeeds in maximizing light levels and creating a welcome sense of space while simultaneously delivering privacy on demand.

“The switchable smart glass looks great, it really enhances the image of the corporate space and wins the guest’s satisfaction.”

– By Project Manager said.


Howard Johnson Tianxi Plaza Chongqing

The Howard Johnson Tianxi Plaza Chongqing makes it a fantastic choice for those staying in Chongqing. Howard Johnson Tianxi Plaza Chongqing is located approximately 62km from Chongqing West Railway Station and 78km from Jiangbei International Airport. Seeing the sights from this hotel is easy with Chongqing’s attractions including Chongqing Municipal Museum (Chongqing Shi Bowuguan) and Chongqing Dragon Hot Spring close by.

We were approached to create a modern, minimalist entrance to complement the striking architecture, preserve natural light, and deliver privacy on demand.


Adopting double glazed toughened electronic glass panels creates a space with stylish and sophisticated means of tailoring privacy levels. Each panel can be individually controlled by a wall switch and remote control.

“The switchable smart glass looks great, it really enhances the image of the hotel and must win the guest’s satisfaction.”

– By Project Manager said.


Hue Hotels & Resorts

Hue Hotels Situated at Philippines Boracay Island station 2, A well-loved island paradise. Hue Hotels and Resorts offers hip and vibrant stays while guests bask in nature’s wonders. A perfect spot to chill out, this 126-room lifestyle resort hotel boasts of a unique architecture complemented by a creative mix of retail and dining options, wide-open spaces.

We were approached to deliver a room within a room in a form that would capture the imagination while simultaneously maximizing space and light.


Self-adhesive smart PDLC film provides a sleek and minimalist facade through which en suites can be revealed or concealed in an instant. Guests benefit from privacy on demand without compromising the luxurious sense of light and space in their weekend retreat.

“The self-adhesive smart PDLC film looks great, it really enhances the image of the hotel and must win the guest’s satisfaction.”

–By Project Manager said.



A or multiple privacy observation windows / doors are a must for dust-free or fully enclosed production workshop. SMART GLASS’s liquid crystal film allows you to check the workshop real-time status or show it to your customers during their visit while protecting it when you want. This useful security measure creates an inviting display for visitors-but only at the hours you choose.

liquid crystal window film

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Aviation, marine, and auto manufacturers are all making use of Smart glass to employ dynamically controlled window tinting. This can be used to reduce reflections onto display surfaces or to help reduce the glare coming into the cockpit. If you have been flying in any of the latest Boeing Dreamliners, you may notice the window has no pull-down shade, instead the glass becomes opaque at a touch of a control.

Smart glass advantages

1. Private Jets

It brings the most sophisticated machines on the planet to an even higher level of sophistication when used on windows, interior partitions, and even restroom doors.

2. Commercial Fleets

It helps put commercial passengers at ease by making flying more pleasant and comfortable.

3. Eye Protection

Direct high-altitude sunlight and radiation can pose hazards, especially to the very young and the very old. It helps maintain comfortable in-cabin light levels.

4. Natural Lighting

Because it is also dimmable, passengers can enjoy the benefits of natural lighting like never before.

5. Lower Fatigue

Less eye strain and lower fatigue make for much happier passengers and repeat customers.

6. Private Planes

The most demanding customers in the world demand SMART GLASS by name.

smart glass aerospace

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SMART GLASS is working with leading OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to integrate our smart glass windows technology into vehicles across the automotive sector through a system-based approach. Instant shading and solar reflection in all windows eliminates road glare and mitigates interior temperatures while providing manufactures a solution that reduces material costs, optimizes space, and saves energy.

Smart glass windows advantages

1. Dynamic Shading

Instantly dimming windows block up to 99% of light eliminating glare and heat that disrupts drivers and passengers.

2. Transparent Displays

Optimize vehicle windows to display time and location-based ads that appear and disappear for drive ready windows.

3. Temperature Control

Reflect IR light with Solar Control LC that keeps interiors cool, reducing energy intake while also allowing privacy.

4. Solar Control

SPD or outdoor grade Solar Control LC allows windows to shade and reflect heat for a shaded and cooler interior.

smart glass windows automotive

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SMART GLASS switchable magic PDLC smart film brings simplicity and efficiency to display and promote brands & products in innovative ways. Business applications are endless, including but not limited to Corporate Office / Conference Meeting Rooms Partition, Shop Windows / Showcases, Retail Stores, Advertising, Displays, Bank & Teller Counters, Train Station & Airport Ticket Windows, etc.

Meeting Room Liquid Crystal Glass Film

Meeting Room Liquid Crystal Glass Film is available in any custom shapes like curved, triangle, domed, hinges. As well as DIY artwork design allowed.

meeting room liquid crystal glass film-01

Commercial Smart Window Film

Commercial Smart Window Film is popular in meeting rooms and offices, enjoying the partition, privacy, and energy saving. With the smart glasses technology, a switchable privacy glass makes the same effect too.

meeting room liquid crystal glass film-02

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Update your home with our customizable PDLC smart tint film to create open, modern, unique, and fresh living spaces without sacrificing privacy when you need it. It is possible to accommodate all of your design needs in Windows, Sliding Doors, Folding Doors, Roof-lights, Kitchen and Living Room Partitions, Bedrooms and Bathrooms Partitions, Shower Screens, etc.

Switchable Glass Shower Door

Switchable Glass Shower Door enables a comfort, privacy room when you’re showering. Shower glass privacy film adhesive one same function too. Widely used in residential homes, superior hotels, even more.

Switchable Glass Shower Door-detail-01

Projection Liquid Crystal Laminated Glass

Liquid Crystal Laminated Glass is a polymer dispersed liquid crystal glass, which is dimmable from clear to frosted with a remote switch. It’s prevalent used as a projection screen at home, hospitals, governmental control centers, and commercial buildings for advertisement.

projection liquid crystal laminated glass-detail-02

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SMART GLASS introduced a revolution in the clinic and hospital design. Skip the costly curtains and blinds that trap bacteria and viruses. Electrochromic smart PDLC film can be used to address healthcare facility needs in several areas, including Intensive Care Units, Emergency Rooms, Operating Rooms, Wards, Moveable Privacy Screen/Doors, Fire-rated Doors, etc.

Hospital Windows Smart PDLC Film

It is a must for its soundproof quiet, secrecy, heat-insulation in the nursing room, old-care room, surgery room. With adhesive film, easily installed to existing glass.

hospital windows pdlc film

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Benefits of Smart Glass Window

Most of you have probably heard about or seen smart glass before. Even if the term “smart glass”  isn’t ringing any bells, I’m pretty positive most of you have interacted with it in your life or have at least seen it. A smart glass window also called a switchable glass window, is glass that turns from transparent to translucent when it has electricity applied to it. It is often controlled by a switch or button that, when pressed, changes the transparency of the glass.

Smart glass is able to be controlled thanks to the technology that is integrated into it. Most smart glass takes advantage of the electrochromic, photochromic, thermochromic, suspended particle, micro-blind, and liquid crystal devices to change transparency. These technologies and devices are integrated into the glass or added onto the glass. When someone uses the switch or button on smart glass / switchable glass they are simply applying electricity to the technology within the glass, which then changes the amount of light that the glass lets through.

Smart glass window application

Smart glass / switchable glass is commonly used in large offices, big businesses, and high-class homes. With that being said, smart glass is becoming less expensive and the market surrounding it is continuously growing. Smart glass is no longer limited to specific uses and it’s not extremely expensive anymore. There’s now affordable smart glass for cars, homes, showers, offices, and ALL KINDS of other things.

Benefits of Smart Glass Window-detail-01

Today, I’m going to go over some of the benefits of using smart glass in the household. In this case, I’m going to be talking about the benefits of smart switchable glass windows. It should be noted beforehand that there are primarily two options when it comes to switchable glass windows. There are complete, smart switchable glass windows that look like normal windows. And, then there’s also a self-adhesive switchable glass, which is basically a giant sticker that you can add onto a window to turn into a smart glass window. So, it’s not like you have to remove every window in your home to get some of these benefits.

Anyway, here are some of the benefits of having switchable glass windows in your household.

Easy Cleaning

Regular windows require a decent amount of maintenance, and not even maintenance related to the actual window itself. With ordinary windows, if you want some privacy then you have to cover them with all sorts of different materials. These materials include plastic, wood, and cloth. I’m talking about ordinary blinds, shades, and curtains. These blinds, shades, and curtains need to be cleaned and washed on a regular basis or else your window is going to be looking dirty on all kinds of different levels. The thing is, a lot of us don’t have the time to be cleaning shades and curtains on a regular basis. Basically, ordinary windows require cleaning maintenance that a lot of people don’t have time to do.

With smart glass windows, there is a lot less maintenance when it comes to keeping them clean. You just have to wipe down the window occasionally to make sure that the window isn’t getting all dusty and that’s pretty much it. Since you can control the level of privacy you want via the actual window controls, you don’t need curtains and all that other stuff. So, there’s definitely a lot less cleaning and maintenance involved with smart glass windows.

Saves Money and Keeps the House Cool

While windows can provide an amazing view of the outside world, they are terrible for raising the temperature of a household. If you’re not blocking out all the light coming through your windows while the air is running, then you’re pretty much working against yourself. Light, especially from the sun, packs all kinds of heat.

The awesome thing about switchable glass windows is that you don’t even have to cover them to block out light and to prevent heat from coming into your home. Smart glass windows are able to prevent light from coming into a home with just a flick of a switch. The less light that is getting inside your home, the lower the temperature is going to be inside of your home. This means you’ll be running your air conditioner less and will be saving all kinds of money.

Benefits of Smart Glass Window-detail-02

Blocks UV Rays and Protect Furniture

Most windows, especially the ones in older houses, barely block any UV rays. Getting hit with some UV rays in moderation isn’t really that bad, but over time UV rays can do some pretty nasty damage. I’m not even talking about nasty damage to your health, but nasty damage to your furniture. UV rays can fade and damage furniture pretty easily. If your windows are open on a regular basis and your furniture is getting hit with sunlight constantly, you’ll notice that your furniture’s color is changing and not for the better. Smart glass windows can prevent this from happening.

Another one of the awesome benefits of smart glass is that it blocks out almost all UV rays. Smart glass can block out UV rays without even needing to be in a certain state. It doesn’t need to be activated or anything like that.

By adding self-adhesive smart glass to your windows or by buying switchable glass windows, you can prevent furniture from fading due to you leaving your windows open because it blocks out all UV rays. Pretty awesome.

Doubles As A Projection Screen

Not everyone is going to want or need to take advantage of this benefit, but it’s still a benefit. One of the cool things about smart glass is that when it is in its privacy state it can be used as a projection screen.

A lot of people are looking to have a home theater these days, but are limited by space. In most homes, a lot of the walls that would work as good screening areas have windows in them. Well, self-adhesive smart glass can help turn those normal walls and windows into handy dandy projection areas.

Benefits of Smart Glass Window-detail-03


So, those are some of the benefits of having a smart glass window in your home. They are easy to maintain, easy to keep clean. They can help you save money on the air. And they can prevent your furniture’s color from fading and smart glass can double as a projection screen. There are definitely more benefits when it comes to having smart glass windows, but the ones mentioned above are ones that everyone can enjoy.

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What is switchable smart glass?

Switchable smart glass alternates between the clear look they offer, with a soft white color that does not allow the eye to see through it, at the touch of a button. This is achieved by connecting it to the electric current and providing a certain voltage. The smart glass has all the features of safety glasses, as they are basically multilayered glass with an inner membrane, improving the uniqueness of the space and upgrading the living standard.

Due to the features of the internal liquid crystal film, smart glass can also be used as a display screen, replacing the standard display screen with a high definition screen. Unlike ordinary display screens, Smart glass gives the same clear picture on both sides, allowing the headlamp to be placed to the opposite side of the viewers.

Smart glass can reflect more than 90% of infrared rays and over 99% of ultraviolet rays thus reducing indoor temperature and protecting against harmful ultraviolet radiation, which is responsible for the wear of furniture and various materials, as well as skin diseases.

what is switchable smart glass


The Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal in the middle of the two glass sheets is bonded by means of high temperature and high pressure by the method of welding multilayered glasses, creating new photoelectric glass.

Smart switchable glasses have the functionality of common glass and an electronic curtain. In the absence of electricity, the glassworks like an electronic curtain, which, by providing an electric field, makes the glass clear and offers an unobstructed view.

In the absence of electric field (POWER OFF) the crystals are unevenly placed in the space, giving a white color to the glass. Only with the supply of electric power (POWER ON), the crystals are aligned giving the transparency to the glass.

switchable smart glass structure

Advantages of smart glass

1. Specialized Product

Smart PDLC Film & Glass is a highly specialized product based on PDLC Liquid Crystal Technology.

2. Smart Features

We provide the Highest Transparency. In the industry along with noise cancellation and blocking 99% UV rays.

3. Wireless Control

Switchable Privacy Film can be easily controlled via Wifi, Smart Phone App, Remote Control, Standard Light Switch.

4. Color Variants

The PDLC Smart Film & Glass is available in 5 Different color options – White, Red, Black, Blue, Grey.

5. Many Uses

Along with privacy control indoors, Smart Film & Glass is also used as a projector screen, for noise control in libraries.

Applications of smart glass

The switchable glass is generally used for the commercial purpose:

  • Storefronts
  • Displays
  • Skylights
  • Windows
  • Transportation
  • Office Partitions
  • Conference Rooms
  • Interior Partitions
  • Security Applications

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