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Do you need toning for your vehicles?

Disputes about tinting on the Internet are as common as battles on traditional topics: “VAZ or Foreign Car”, “Studded tires or non-studded tires”, “Mercedes or BMW”, “Germans or Japanese”, etc. As always, each side has its own arguments, reasons, and beliefs. You read, and it seems that both are right. In every situation, you need car window tinting film suppliers.

I thought for a long time whether to enter into these disputes or not. But still I decided to express my opinion on the need for toning in the “Blog of Smart Drivers”. Perhaps you will say that this is a summer topic and now, in the fall, it seems like it does not belong. I thought so too at first. But I gradually came to the conclusion that on the main points this is exactly the autumn-winter theme. In this article I will explain why.

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Thermal protection: car window tinting film suppliers

One of the main arguments in favor of toning, most of the “toned” ones lead to a decrease in interior heating on sunny days. Like, it lets in less sunlight, which means the interior heats up less.

However, we all went to school and from the physics course we know that black attracts heat rays, and white repels. According to this logic, “useful” tinting should be white. But that doesn’t happen. A mirror would have helped, but it is prohibited.

In addition, more and more modern car models are equipped with a thermal glass. On the one hand, such glass reduces the heating of the passenger compartment in summer. On the other hand, it reduces heat loss in cold weather. So, black tint completely kills the effect that car windows give. That is, by toning such glasses with black tint, you simply negate their main advantages.

In addition, almost every modern car has an air conditioning or climate system from car window tinting film suppliers. The need for tinting as protection against solar heating generally loses all meaning.

Car window tinting film suppliers Self-blinding

Just at this point I will tell you why I consider the topic of toning to be autumn-winter. Yes, I’m talking about long nights, poor illumination of streets and roads at this time.

Imagine reversing on a rainy November night in a narrow parking lot in a dimly lit alley. In such a situation, you need to see everything around as best as possible. Especially at the back and sides. But you “blinded” yourself with toning, making your task many times more difficult!

In the 70-90s, there was a universal exit – drivers hung blackout curtains on the rear window. Moreover, I also hung it. Very comfortably. When such “toning” interfered, it could simply be folded. Unfortunately, it is impossible to find anything like this now. But this does not mean that you should dazzle yourself with toning.

Basically, this is what a properly installed curtain looked like.

It turns out a paradox: the car window tinting film suppliers are fighting for maximum visibility from the driver’s seat, and drivers artificially impair this visibility. What for?

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Opaque: car window tinting film suppliers

I will start by telling you about an incident that happened to me. I drove in a stream for a non-tinted car. Suddenly I saw that the car in front of him began to brake sharply. I started to slow down too.  And the driver ahead of me began to brake later and did not have time to stop in time. If the windows of his car were tinted, I would have assembled a “little train”.

This situation happened on the road

Of course, there are plenty of “opaque” cars on the streets: buses, trucks, vans, SUVs. It is almost impossible to see what is happening ahead of them. This is all true. But by toning their car, drivers multiply the number of “non-transparent” ones on the roads. Thus, they simply make life difficult for all drivers.


It seems to me everything is more than obvious here. Tinted down to the B-pillar, the car doesn’t look solid as the designer intended. Half tinting simply splits the perception of the car in two.

They will tell me that they saw tinted cars at auto exhibitions. Yes, this technique is used by designers if they intend to show only the appearance of the car. Most likely, the tinted democar has no interior or has not yet been developed. Therefore, it is hidden behind tinting. If they show a serial, fully finished model, not a single glass will be tinted.

Car window tinting film suppliers Confidentiality

Some people try to hide someone or someone they are carrying in the back seat. The argument also does not stand up to scrutiny. Who are they afraid of? DPS? Wives? Friends? Passers-by?

  • For a traffic police inspector, a tinted car is more suspicious than a non-tinted one. An experienced eye will always notice something suspicious in the back seat.
  • Wife? She’ll find out anyway.
  • Acquaintances? Traditionally, they have known everything for a long time.
  • Passers-by? They don’t know you and they don’t care who is in your back seat.

So there is no point in hiding behind toning either. And car window tinting film suppliers can help you best in this matter.

The benefits of smart car window tinting

  • High comfort. This tinting makes the room bright, while isolating harmful infrared and ultraviolet radiation.
  • Energy saving. The film serves as a good heat insulator, so the thermos effect remains in the room.
  • Safety is increased. From the street you will not be able to see what is happening inside the building. Smart windows are highly durable, exceeding the reliability of standard glass.
  • Additional insulation is not required when using such windows as stained glass windows.
  • Light transmittance is not tied to the transparency of the glass.
  • Liquid crystals provide protection by two thick glasses, scratches on which do not affect the operation of the structure.
  • Windows can be washed.
  • Management is carried out using the remote control or automatically.
  • Low power consumption – only 7 watts.
  • Attractive glass appearance when switched off.
  • Ease of use, quick installation.

Smart windows are an excellent solution for both business and a country house. They will make the interior special, fit perfectly into the concept of a smart home, and give comfort, additional warmth, silence and energy savings.

You do not have to wake up from the sun shining in your face, think about how to separate the space so as not to clutter it up. Smart film or glass is an excellent modern solution to many problems that allows you to increase the functionality of windows.

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This is the most ridiculous argument in defense of tinting. I think that “being like everyone else” is simply unacceptable for a normal person. To disfigure your car for this is ridiculous.

Here are my main arguments against car tinting. I had to drive tinted cars. And I always felt uncomfortable in them. As in the “crypt”, even if only the rear and side windows were tinted.

I will repeat it again. In this article, I expressed my opinion. To listen to itor not is up to you. I have not tried to impose anything on anyone. But I will be very glad if at least some points make you think again about the benefits and dangers of tinting your car window tinting film suppliers.