The importance of Factory Window Tint Percentage 

The importance of Factory Window Tint Percentage

Understanding the Factory Window Tint Percentage

Factory window tint or commonly referred to as the Privacy Glass is an electrical process, known as the deep dipping. The process involves dying of the dark pigment inside the glass used within the automotive industry.

In most cases, the glass is meant for the car windows. It is standard to install factory tint on the rear of the windows. The objective of installing the glass is to provide privacy to people and personal items present in the car.

Factory window tint tends to offer a number of benefits; therefore, it is important to learn about its percentage and impact. In this blog post, we talk about everything that you should know about the percentage of these inbuilt window tints.

Factory Window Tint

Introduction to Factory Window Tint

Understanding the Percentage of Car Window Tints

You might have observed that not every car window offers the same level of privacy. On the contrary, different cars come with different degrees of window tints. The interesting part here is that you can present these varying window shades in percentages.

In lame man terms, we say that the amount of light that penerates through your car window is represented by the the tint percentage. For instance, if a window lets in 10 percent of the light, it means that it would be darker in comparison to the window that allows around 70 percent of the light.

The connection between visible light penetration percentage and tint darkness

Both the concepts – visible light transmission and tint darkness- are of great importance in the privacy film and tint industry. Despite being closely related, the concepts are not entirely the same thing. Basically, less light enters the car when the windows have a darker tint.

So, the tint allows very limited or low amount of VLT. Likewise, there would be a higher percentage of VLT, provided the films are lighter. So, it is safe to that that the sum of the light that penetrates via the window is the VLT.

On the contrary, the tint amount is defined as the darkness. The modern trend is that car comes with a darker factory window films on the backmost of the automobiles. To be precise, the rear window and the backside window of several cars have the default tints installed. The reason being, they offer a high level of privacy to the car owners.

Measuring Percentage of Factory Window Tint

Before you go on adding additional window tints to your car, we do recommend that you should know the amount of tint that comes originally with your car. Of course, if you want to add more stylish window tints, you have a variety of those available. You can engage yourself anytime, you want.

However, knowing the original window tints will help you choose the films are that in accord with your local regulations. For the longevity and smoothness of your glass, go with a expert install glass tint. The experienced installers are able to give an accurate approximate of the original tint at first glance.

In your plan to do it on your own, use a device –tint meter. It will provide you with the correct measures on the amount of light passing through the window of your car.

Aftermarket Tint Vs Factory Window Tint

We did give the basic idea of factory window tint at the staring of the blogpost. Most modern cars are coming with the originally tinted windows. The degree of the tint varies from car to car. These types of tints majorly focus on providing privacy then they do on preventing the UV rays to enter the car’s interior.

In general, you will find a factory window tin percentage ranging between 15% to 20%. This specifies the windows would be deflecting around 80 to 85 percent of the visible light, while it allows around 15-20%.

However, the above numbers are mostly limited to rear windows. In the case of side windows, the tints are extremely light. The tint ranges from 70% to 80%. Thus, allowing more light along with additional heat to pass through the windows.

In case you are looking for a way to upsurge the darkness of your side windows, we suggest using an aftermarket film pasted on top of factory window tint film. Since you plan to apply it over the factory tint, therefore, you need to have its measurement.

As many authorities around the globe have set a certain percentage of tints allowed onto your car. Before installing the aftermarket tint, ensure the percentage of both factory tint along with aftermarket tint is well within the defined range of your local authorities.

Aftermarket Tint and Factory Window Tint: Difference

With aftermarket tint, you can enjoy the sleek dark look, something you can’t do with the factory tint. Since the factory tint has a default set percentage and you have no way of changing it. You can’t remove it; however, it is possible to add to it via the after-market tints.

The aftermarket tints also provide a wide range of options. For instance, you can go with the smash and grab tint or any other sort of tint film. Unlike the factor window tint, it possible to remove the aftermarket tint.

To remove the film, you would just have to peel it off.

Pay heed to Following

When you finally decide to install an aftermarket film, we do recommend that you consider the following aspects for better and effective results.

Use Professional Help

We agree that applying tints onto your windows might not be an extremely challenging task, but to ensure accuracy, we recommend hiring a professional. In addition, the professional will be able to calculate the factory tint percent along with the required aftermarket tint accurately.

Moreover, their tint application would be smooth. It would not have any bubbles or similar sorts of problems.

Local Authorities

You need to consider the law regarding tinting your car windows. Since the percentage varies from state to state, do check in with the traffic police to avoid committing a crime.

Factory Window Tint in china

Percentage Calculation

Although, a professional would do a better job at this. Nonetheless, you can calculate the total percentage of the car tint after knowing the percentage of the aftermarket tint as well as the factory tint.

For example, you need the films VLT to be 8%, and the default VLT is 80 percent. Your final tint would have a value of 6.4 percent. So, what we did here is that we multiplied the aftermarket VLT with the VLT of the factory and divided it with 100. (8 x 80)/100.


Switchable Glass Manufacturers: Transforming your Homes

Switchable Glass Manufacturers

Switchable Glass Manufacturers recommend Intelligent Glass Tech for Homes  

Houses today are becoming more and more sophisticated and tech-based. When we are updating every aspect of the house, why not focus on the windows as well. Thanks to switchable glass manufacturers, we now have access to intelligent windows.

Incorporate these into your house and transform it from conventional to high-tech. The great thing about these windows they are not only extremely beneficial but also pleasing to the eye. You can enjoy a great variety of these films, each offering unique advantages.

For example, with a smash and grab glass film, you add an additional layer of protection to your glass windows. These films are highly effective when installed onto your car window.

Incorporating the technology in your house will offer a number of benefits. In this blog post, we are going to talk about the importance of using intelligent glass in your home. So, let us get on with it.

Switchable Glass Technology For your Homes

Intelligent glass also referred to as the Switchable glass is a high-end technology that has the ability to add a touch of luxury to your living space. It now is an integral part of contemporary offices, homes, health care, or leisure venues.

Switchable Glass Manufacturers

There is no denying that technology is becoming the most sort after one, especially when more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits it offers. As well as their need for extensions, renovations and improvement come into play.

A style to Impress

The modern and sophisticated switchable glass technology has a “WOW” element associated with it. It would provide you with all functionalities that blind and a curtain would do, but not at the expense of the comfortability.

On the contrary, they have excellent insulating properties against harmful UV Rays, heat loss, and sound transmission. Switchable glass manufacturers design these glasses to be extremely energy efficient. The double-glazed switchable glass offers low iron, low E, argon filing, and an edge spacer.

Switchable Glass is Easy to Operate

The technology is extremely hassled free. It is as easy to operate as to turn your light bulb on or off. So, now you can enjoy instant switchable privacy by pressing a button. The technology is highly integrate-able.

You can easily install it into the automation systems, as well as the room control systems. After all, the technology is designed to complete the high-tech environments and make the user’s life extremely convenient.

The great thing is that technology also becomes popular among small households. The application of the technology has no limit, you can apply it to almost everywhere you want. After all, switchable glass manufacturers are able to make products to exact precisions.

They are able to meet the requirements of the interior designers, architects, builders, contractors, and property developers. The switchable technology now is incorporated across industries. You will find them in hospitals, hotels, residential places, leisure vials, and even small health care places.

Here are the typical ways in which you can use the switchable glass in your house.


The switchable double-glazing glass removes the needs for curtains and blinds. In addition to that, it offers a higher level of insulation, instant privacy, and better thermal performance. The durable solid-state offers enhanced comfort to the users and better control.

Something we all are looking for in our high-tech, sophisticated modern homes. We would not want the hassle to draw the curtains while the sun is out, and undraw it when you want the sunlight to enter. All this can be achieved with an app or a switch.

Working Principle

The inner surface of the glass panel has a coating of a PDLC switchable layer. Next, there comes another panel to completely seal the panel. To ensure the insulation and the performance of the glass, the manufacturers incorporate the warm edge spacer bar that has an air gap filled with argon between.

Manufacturers even offer a high level of customization. For instance, you can have a switchable glass with Low E or Low iron coating to make the glass highly efficient and effective. It is also extremely easy to install and it goes a long way.

You would be able to enjoy its endless benefits with regular maintenance. This particular feature makes it extremely pleasing to the users who want robust and long-lasting products in their home.

Switchable Glass in Bathrooms

It seems that all glass bathrooms are becoming modern trends, and why should they not when you incorporate switchable glass technology. The common application of technology is wet or shower rooms. You would also find them in hotel bathrooms.

The amazing technology provides stylish discretion to all the customers living there.  There are two ways to take care of bathroom privacy in style, you can either go with a switchable laminate glass or opt for the double-glazed unit.

Choose whatever would suit your house requirement. After all, both these types of switchable smart glass are great alternative traditional curtains and blinds. So, if you think that curtains and blinds are troublesome in your personal bathroom, reach out to switchable glass manufacturers for better results.

They would provide you with a better and more reliable alternative. For instance, switchable laminate glass to enhance the wet divider of your bathroom. You can even use it for the screen of the shower cabinet or to divide your bathroom space.

It is highly effective for en-suite bathrooms as well.  So, incorporate the switchable technology and make your bathrooms look great.

Switchable Glass Manufacturers suppliers

Doors and Partitions

The use of switchable glass is not limited to bathrooms only, on the contrary, you use them for doors, creating partitions, and even for your front elevations. Allow the cutting-edge technology to turn your house into something beautiful.

Use it for your glass doors would offer the wow factor when it comes to interior designing. It is something the curtains won’t be able to match. Likewise, you can use the front elevation. So, you can enjoy the beautiful view whenever you want and prevent the heat from entering your house with a slip of a switch.


Smart Glass Manufacturers: All You Need To Know | 2022

2022 Smart Glass Manufacturers: All You Need To Know

Because smart homes require smart windows, the major smart glass manufacturers strongly recommend electrochromic glass windows. Some of you may be familiar with the concept, while others may be unfamiliar.

Smart glass is a sophisticated technology that offers the ease with which you can allow and prevent the sunlight from entering your place. In addition, it does offer a number of other benefits such as privacy. You are here either because you want to learn about this new technology or to read what it has to offer.

Regardless of your reason for being here, we will provide you complete information on what the electrochromic glass manufacturers have to offer. So, without any further delay, let us get started!


Smart Glass Manufacturers and Suppliers

Smart Glass: A Comprehensive Guide

The weather can be somewhat unpredictable at times, with the sun rising and then hiding behind a cloud. You’re unsure whether to close your shades or leave them open to create the ideal environment. Getting up from your seat repeatedly to reach for the shades is inconvenient, especially in a professional atmosphere.

It is here where the smart glass window comes into action. The smart glass will transform from light to dark, transparent to opaque and vice versa via a button, voice, or Wi-Fi. The smart glass is wonderfully convenient, extremely simple, and highly environment friendly. So, let us take a closer look.

What is Electrochromic Glass?

To begin, you must understand the fundamentals. As a result, we’ll start with an overview of electrochromic glass. There is no doubting glass’s significance. The incredible material assures that our structure is neither cold, dirty, damp, or gloomy.

On the contrary, it enhances its brightness, lightness, freshness, and beauty. Although glass has many advantages, it also has certain disadvantages. Glass, for example, lets in both light and heat despite your wishes. As a result, buildings become inefficient. How?

Simply said, when more heat enters the building during the summer, you choose more air conditioning, which raises your electricity bill. There is no doubt that this is not only harmful to the environment but would also cost you a small fortune.

Traditional folks used curtains or blinds to keep the heat out. Although they appear sophisticated and elegant, they can be a nuisance in the workplace. However, electrochromic glass has made it all simple and lovely.

Skylights, windows, curtain walls, and facades are all common applications for this electronically tintable glass. The glass is quite effective at changing the windows from transparent to opaque and from dark to clear. It has grown in popularity because it promotes user comfort, maximizes access to the outdoors and daylight, reduces building costs, and allows for architectural design freedom.

Working of Electrochromic Smart Glass

Thanks to technological advancement, we today have several different types of electrochromic glass available. Each serving different or overlapped purposes. For example, there are photochromic sunglasses, these simply turn dark during sunlight.

Likewise, there is glass that would not only darken, but also become translucent. Then you have the option of glasses that become mirror-like. Some would even offer 100 present opaqueness. Every type has a different kind of technology.

However, we will be focusing on a single type of technology here. It is based on the movement of lithium ions. Lithium is famous for its rechargeable ability. There is a chemical inside it, which makes it possible to charge it seamlessly.

Ordinary Widows

Traditional Glass windows used a single vertical glass pane. In the case, of the double-glazed window, it had two panes of glass. These two panes are separated via the air gap. The reason being: it allows soundproofing as well as heat insulation. After all, it is important to keep the heat and the noise out of your working environment or house.

Then, you would have the option of a little smarter windows. These windows use the low heat reflective glass to achieve the above two objectives. This glass has a thin metallic chemical layer. Thus, it is highly effective to keep your house warm during winters and cool during summer.

Smart Glass – Electrochromic Window

The basic working of electrochromic windows is similar to that of the low heat reflective glass windows. However, these windows are way more sophisticated and advanced. Their thin layer of metal-oxide coating is way more complex, uniform, and sophisticated. It has a finer depositing way. The depositing process is similar to that of the integrated circuits manufacturing.

The base or the substrate material of the electrochromic glass can either be plastic or glass. It all depends upon the smart glass manufacturers as well as the requirement of the clients. Of course, there will be a price difference in both these elements.

Next, comes sputtering for the coating of the material. What really happens is that in a precise and accurate way, the material is accumulated onto one another. The side that faces the inside of the building comes 5 ultra-thin layers (double-sandwich).

There is a separator in the middle with two electrodes on each side of it. These electrodes are extremely thin electrical contacts. On either side of the electrons, you will find two transparent electrical contact layers.

The Working Principle of electrochromic Smart windows

The basic functioning idea is heavily reliant on the well-known characteristic of lithium. It signifies that the lithium atoms are positively charged with missing electrons. With the help of the separator, these atoms tend to move between the two electrodes.

The lithium ions are present in the innermost electrode of the clear window. For the production of this electrode, lithium cobalt oxide is employed. When a tiny current is applied, the ions in the innermost electrode will transfer to the outermost electrode via the separator.

Polycrystalline tungsten oxide is used to create this layer. The layer tends to absorb the ions. The soaking of the ion would result in light reflection. As a result, the glass has turned opaque. As long as the voltage is not reversed, the ions will remain in that electrode.

When the current is reversed, the ions return to their original position, causing the window to become transparent once more. You don’t require constant electricity to keep the windows in a given state. On the contrary, a tiny quantity of charge applied only once would be adequate to accomplish and maintain the intended results.

Other Technologies

There are some other technologies available as well. Below, we have discussed them briefly.

Electrochromic Materials

The smart glass manufacturers use electrochromic material instead of the separator between the electrode layers. When a small amount of current is applied to the electrochromic material it tends to change color. This process is similar to that of photochromic sunglasses. However, they require precise electrical control.

Viologen work electrochromically. The chemical dye is reversible between blue and clear.


Some would use the nanocrystals technology to ensure less or lighter to pass via your smart window. After all, the technology is 1000 times smaller on the atomic scale in comparison to what we usually have the microscopic technology.


As there are different types of windows, thus they are bound to have different configuration types. Nonetheless, most of them do have multiple layers. There are 6 separate surfaces in popular design. There are 2 layers of the Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) polymer present on both sides of the electrochromic layer.

Next, comes the head-toughened glass. This is also present on both sides of the PVB layers. After this, the smart glass manufacturers have the insulating layers, along with the low-e coating and lastly there is the interior glass.

What more is that an electrochromic glass manufacturer can easily customize the electrochromic units in a number of ways. For instance, they can have ones with thicker outer layers, this would enhance the security level. It would also be useful for weatherproofing purposes.

Likewise, you can have less insulation, different types of low-e coating among the many more customization abilities. In addition, you now have the option of controlling your windows via an app installed on your iOS or Android mobile phone.

Some are fully automatic; it means they would darken and lighten without you intervening. The information they gather as to when to become dark and when to become light is via the roof-top pyranometers. These are basically the sun sensors; they will direct the window on how to respond accordingly.

Stick-on Smart Glass Films

So far the smart windows we have talked about are the ones that you have to install as self-contained units. You would have to fit your window with a coated glass. Although it offers great functionality, it is highly expensive.

On the contrary, there is a way to get the smart window technology at a cheaper cost. When we say, cheaper, it does mean a pretty decent price. Instead of using a smart glass, simply such a stick-on electrochromic film.

Of course, there are several other types of window films, you can choose from them as well. WGlass tends to offer highly effective, self-adhesive window films. You can simply stick them onto your existing window and turn that to be a smart one.

Once the film is installed onto your window, you can easily control it via an app, remote, Wi-Fi, or even your voice command.

Technology of Electrochromic Films

These films have technology similar to that of the LCD display. The film uses liquid crystal, these crystals are responsible for letting the light pass as well as to prevent it. They work under precise electronic control. When you turn the current on, all the crystals are uniform. They line up; thus, the light is able to pass seamlessly.

However, when you switch the film off, the crystals would disperse. Now, any light reaching out to them will be redirected randomly. So, the light would not pass anymore. The performance of the film is highly effective.

Research shows that a film can transmit around 98 percent of the light outside. Likewise, they would decrease the light entrance to one-third, once you want to prevent the light from coming inside.

These films are available even for cars. Here are the benefits of these types of films for your car.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electrochromic Smart Glass Window


  • These smart glass windows are highly environment friendly.
  • They tend to reflect 98 percent of the light, thus ensuring that the buildings and the house remain cool.
  • The ability to retain the cool or the warm state of the buildings makes it highly cost-efficient.
  • The electrochromic glasses are electrically operated; therefore, you can effortlessly control them via apps or other smart home systems.
  • Some of these smart glass windows are fully automatic, thus they would perform effortlessly with any input from your end. Consequently, ensuring comfortability and feasibility.
  • A very little amount of energy is required to turn the state of the windows. This further ensures that the technology is highly energy efficient.
  • With a flip of a switch, you can now enjoy complete privacy. Something that is imperative especially in houses or buildings that have a complete mirror front. You won’t now want people outside to have a sneak peek at what is going inside your house or building.


With a glass window that offers so many benefits, it is bound to be expensive in comparison to the traditional glass window. Of course, you can reach out to reliable smart glass manufacturers such as WGlass for more affordable prices.

Nonetheless, smart glass windows are going to be expensive. Also, some window films take time to migrate from transparent to opaque or vice versa. However, the window films, in this case, are efficient. They tend to make the jump in seconds instead of minutes.

Smart Glass Manufacturers in china

Take Away

There is no denying that the electrochromic smart glass windows are the future. They are highly energy-efficient, and effective. The great thing is that they are available in a wide variety. Thus, you can use the one that is according to your requirements.

For more information on smart glass windows. The leading smart glass manufacturers.


Smash and Grab Film Suppliers: A Guide on Smash and Grab Films

Smash and Grab Film Suppliers

Smash and Grab Film Suppliers: Introduction, Prevention and Benefits

With the car burglaries on the rise, it has become imperative to safeguard them. What better way to ensure protection than to allow smash and grab film suppliers to install their films onto your car. We understand that for some of you, the smash and grab film might be an alien term.

If that is the case, then rest assured, you have come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with all the desired information. So, without any further delay, let us get started!

Introduction to Smash and Grab Film

According to the statistics obtained, there has been around 829 vehicle break-ins have been reported in the city of San Francisco.  The unreported are additional few hundreds. This number sums up to roughly 27 per day.

There is no denying that the situation is alarming, especially when the numbers are from a single city. Imagine the numbers thorough out the world. Furthermore, the pandemic has resulted in an increase in street crime.

Protecting your car is no longer a luxury that you can afford. It now has become a necessity. You need to ensure prevention again all smash and grab incidents.

After all, these incidents greatly depend upon a number of elements including surprise and speed. A thief would come up, smash your car window, take out valuables, and run away. With no additional protection layer, things would be extremely easy for them.

Besides protection, a window tint film offers several benefits for your car.  In addition to offering additional protection, you should learn to prevent smash and grab incidents.

Smash and Grab Film Suppliers

How to Prevent Smash and Grab Incidents

  • Your car doors should be locked.
  • Don’t leave your window open, even if it is to let the airflow in and out.
  • Avoid getting into discussion with people handing out flyers or street vendors.
  • Do not leave valuable things like laptops, handbags, and cell phones in plain sight.
  • It is important to pay heed to your surroundings. Be alert when to come to an intersection or when you stop your car.
  • Look out for obstacles on the road. If you encounter one do not get off your car to remove it.
  • Ensure that there is enough gap between your car and the car right in front of you. This would help provide enough space in case you need to escape.

Smash and Grab Film

In addition to taking the above precautionary measures, you need to make sure that you install the smash and grab the film onto your car. The film is basically a defensive safety film that the smash and grab film suppliers would install onto your car.

It is passed on the windows of your car and is highly effective for the prevention of smash and grab incidents. These films are mostly tinted, therefore, people outside are not able to see inside your car. What more is that they hold the glass pieces in places in case someone tries to break it.

Smash and Grab might not be a bulletproof plan against robbery, however, it does offer an additional layer of protection.

Types of Smash and Grab films

Roll Window Film

Roll window films are extremely easy to cut and apply. You can easily manipulate these films to fit the glass. The great thing about these films is that they produce a clean look, ensuring that there isn’t any type of hazing.

Buying these films from reliable smash and grab film suppliers guarantees quality. The films have the ability to look 99 percent of the UV rays and they are scratch-resistant. In addition, they have don’t interfere with your car’s radio.

Generally, roll window films are available in five different colors. They offer color stability and heat rejection.

Feet Window Film Roll

This is an excellent window for heat reduction as well as to prevent the heat from entering your car. It has the capability to block up to 99 percent of the harmful UV-rays. The shades offer different darkening levels. The film is long-lasting as it adheres strongly to the window. Thus, staying intact for a long, long time.

Pre-Cut Complete Tint Kit

This non-reflective film has the ability to withstand harmful UV rays. In addition to preventing the heat from entering your car, it is cost-effective. These films come in a wide range of patterns and colors. Since they are pre-cut, thus all you have to do is install them onto your windows.

You will find films patterns for cars manufactured in 1990 and above. The film offers complete clarity, you will have no problem looking out of your car.

Advantages of Smash and Grab Film

Smash and grab film suppliers to ensure that the film offers a number of benefits. We did list the top benefits of the film below.

Occupants Protection

In case of an accident, the film would keep the small pieces or debris of the glass intact. Thus, protecting the people sitting inside the car at the time of the accident.

Enhance Style and Appearance

Since these films are available in a wide range of designs and colors, thus you can use the one that would add style to your car. There is no denying that the films have the ability to make your car stand out in the crowd.

Install these amazing films on your car window cars, make it look classy and elegant.

Offers Privacy

Since the films are mostly tinted, thus they don’t permit the onlookers to see what is inside the car. So, without any proper proof of something valuable in the car, it is highly less likely that the thief would try to break in.

Ensures Safety

Another great thing about the film is that it offers additional protection to the window. It is like an invisible barrier that would help you buy precious time during extreme conditions.

Smash and Grab Film Suppliers Manufacturers


Smash and grab films are highly effective to ensure the safety, privacy, and smartness of your cars. So, reach out to reliable smash and grab film suppliers today, and permit them to make your car stronger and sturdier.

WGlass has years of experience in delivering top-not quality smash and grab films. We offer variety and diversity. Contact us today for more information.


Window Film Manufacturers: Cleaning Your Solar Window Films

Window Film Manufacturers

Guidelines by Window Film Manufacturers on Cleaning and Maintaining Window Tint Films

There is no denying that all types of window films including the solar as well as the decorative film would enhance your offices and homes. These films are highly effective, but window film manufacturers do offer a number of tips to increase the longevity and effectiveness of these films.

With the right care and maintenance, you can actually increase the life of a window film to great extent. However, lack of care would result the film to fade, and deteriorate in no time. In addition, it would leave a bad impression on the onlookers.

After all, no one would want to have a window with scratches all over it. Nor would they want to watch a film that is foggy and doesn’t serve its purpose. Fortunately, maintaining and cleaning your windows films the right way would ensure that they not only look nice, but they also last long.

In this blog post, we are going to talk about some effective tips to care after your solar films. Also, we will provide you with a complete and in-depth cleaning method for these films. So, without any further delay, it is time for us to start.

NOTE: All these tips are extremely simple and easy to follow. However, we do recommend that you consult with your manufacturers for effective cleaning and maintenance of the window films.

Maintaining and Cleaning your Solar Window Film

Window Film Manufacturers

Using the Right Cleaning Cloth

Window films look great, but you need to be careful as most of these films are highly prone to scratch. You will be surprised to know that certain towels including some of the paper towels can lead to scratches onto your window film.

Therefore, we do recommend that you use a softer alternative instead of towels or paper towels. For instance, go with a microfiber cloth or a soft sponge. This would help you clean the window effectively without causing any scratch onto the surface.

In case of microfiber cloth, you even dry the window film with it. In case, you still want another option, you can then use a rubber squeegee. In case, you are not sure as to what to use. Go with the softest cloth that you have in hand. Instead of wiping the entire window film, use it on the corner of the window to see the results. If there are no side-effects, then gradually move to the entire panel.

NOTE: For effective results, it is imperative that you check with your manufacturer for proper guidelines.

Gentle Cleaners

When it comes to window films, all window film manufacturers recommend using highly gentle cleaners. After all, the window cleaners hold as much importance as the material that you plan to use. Thus, you need to pay extra heed to the type of material you are going to use.

You can either go with glass cleaners as they are highly effective. Or there is option of creating your own solution using baby shampoo and water. We highly recommend that you skip the cleaners that are strong as they would leave an adverse impact on the window film.

In addition to baby shampoo solution, you can opt for a liquid dish soap. However, you need to dilute it in warm water to decrease its strength and increase its effectiveness. Also, when cleaning, never soak your window film.

Apply just the right amount as extra cleaner would leave streaks and they would be noticeable in the light. It would disturb the clean image of the film. Therefore, take the right precautions to ensure the perfect result.

Use Grains for Window Film Cleaning

Another important tip when cleaning your windows is to maintain the same direction as the cut lines present along the edges of the films. For instance, you will have to wash the sides of the film using up and won motion, while in case of the bottom and top, you would wash horizontally.

This would not only ensure complete cleaning of the film, but at the same time it would keep the film in place. In case of bigger windows, look for the seams. Just make sure that you clean the window in the same direction as the seam. Doing this would prevent lifting the edges.

Dry is Imperative

Do not simply leave the window film allow after you wipe it clean. You need to make sure that the film is dry as well. The perfect way to ensure a dry film is to use a rubber squeegee or a soft cloth. After all, if you leave water under the film, it would lead to issues such as the bubbling.

This would then decrease the over all effective, and result of the film. It would also decrease in lifetime. Therefore, you need to ensure that the window film is completely dry after thorough cleaning.

Consist Maintenance

Cleaning and drying the film is part of its regular maintenance. Although, window films do not require a lot of maintenance, yet you need to cater to a number of issues that would lead to serious problems. For example, window film manufacturers highly recommend not to apply pressure onto the films.

Applying pressure would change the way the film looks. Of course, you can apply the regular cleaning pressure, but avoid pushing too hard. Moreover, if you find a water bubble, do not go on popping it. In some cases, it is normal for the air bubbles to show on your window. This is the drying process.

Give it time before you reach out to the supplier with the problem. Popping the bubbles is never a solution. The company would come and have a look at the problem.

Removing the Tape

In case you want to remove the adhesive tape that you have applied onto the film. There is no rocket science to it. All you have to do is peel the tape off the glass. In case, there are some sort of residue left by the adhesive tape, you can easily clean it afterwards.

Use a soft cloth along with acetone or methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) and gently wipe your window clean.

These are the basic tips that you need to know for proper cleaning of the windows. Below is the complete tutorial on how to clean your solar windows films.

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How Window Film Manufacturers Clean Solar Window Films?

Solar Window films are an effective way to keep the UV rays out of your homes. There is no denying that they deliver quality. However, with the time you will notice that they have lost their brand-new look. For some, it might not be a problem, but for us, we would want that crystal clear look intact. So, here is how window film manufacturers suggest you clean your windows.

After all, having neat and clean windows will ensure that you have clear visibility to enjoy the weather outside as well as a clean look to your place. The great thing about this blog post is that you really don’t have to reach out to your window suppliers, on the contrary, you can clean the windows on your own. So, lets us get started!

Basic Instructions of Cleaning the Solar Window Film

Below, we have come up with the general instructions that will help keep your solar window clean. Also, do pay heed to the instructions supplied by the window film manufacturers. That said, now let’s get straight to point.

Is your Window Film New or Old?

For starters, you need to consider the age of your window film. In case, you have just installed the film, then you need to take a break. We highly suggest that you give the film around 30 days to fully fix it.

Cleaning it well before 30 days might have an adverse impact on the film. It is highly likely that the fit and the look of the film will get affected. Something, you need to avoid at all costs possible. In addition, there is really no need to clean the films every month.

If the case, your solar window films have an unclear appearance or little bubbles, we highly recommend that you minimum 30 days before cleaning it. In case, the bubbles remain intact every after 30 days, wait for at least90 days before clean the windows.

After all, there are different types of films available that require different time frames to settle in.

NOTE: If the bubbles don’t go away even after 90 days, we suggest you reach out to the window film manufacturers to handle the problem correctly.

Abrasive Window Film Cleaning Equipment and Products: Not Recommended

Do bear in mind that abrasive window cleaning equipment and products can really damage the solar window films. Therefore, you need to avoid them at all costs. Below, we have listed some of the products and equipment that you need to avoid.

  • Brushes
  • Scouring Pads
  • Paper Towels (Abrasive)
  • Baking Soda
  • Cleaners having baking Soda in them

Use Lint-Free, Soft Cloths or Towels

In case, you are planning to clean your windows films on your own, we would highly recommend investing in the following.

Reusable Microfiber Cloths

The first thing that you need to have to clean solar window films is a reusable, washable microfiber cloth. This is an excellent way to clean your windows without causing any damage to the window films.

NOTE: Make sure to avoid fabric softener in the wash cycle.

The reason being, these softener use different oils for cloth softness. These oils persist with the cloth fibers. Thus, when you use the particular cloth to clean windows, it would leave a streaky and smudgy trail. Regardless of how hard to try to make it crystal clear, it would still have the smudges.

Window Film Suppliers in china

Window Cleaning Scrubber

In case you don’t want to buy a microfiber cloth, you can always go with a high-quality window cleaning scrubber. Just make sure that the scrubber has a squeegee on one side, and a sponge or a microfiber on the other side.

Since these films are designed to clean windows, thus they would be highly effective with solar window films as well. Also, never purchase a window cleaning wand that has a border or an abrasive layer as it would scratch the film.

Premium Quality Paper Towels

You can use paper towels to clean your window films. However, these towels need to be of premium quality.  Although, it is possible to use a paper towel, yet we believe the above two are better options. As they would yield better results without causing any harm to the film.


In case you want to avoid using a window wash wand that comes with a squeegee and pad, you can always go out and purchase squeegee.

Take a Window Cleaning Solution and Fill it in a Spray bottle

Most window film manufacturers allow using a mild, non-abrasive window cleaning solution. However, you need to make sure that the product that you choose should be ammonia-free. As an ammonia-based cleaner would damage the solar window film.

Combine liquid dish soap that is not very strong with warm water. This would yield results as effective as any high-end expensive window cleaning product.

Take a 32 oz spray bottle and fill it with warm water. Then add around 4 to 5 drops of the mild dish wash. You can also use the baby’s shampoos as well. Mix the water and the soap to create your own window cleaning detergent.

Now it’s time to Clean your Solar Window Film

Once the mixture is ready, you can clean your solar window films with it. Simply, follow the steps below!

Step-1: Take your lint-free towel, or window sponge, and dampen it. Then, you need to squeeze the additional water out of it.

Step-2: Take out the spray bottle containing the detergent you created above. Thoroughly spray the detergent onto the window film.

Step-3: Use the moist window scrubber to spread the soapy solution. Press gently onto places that contain stubborn smudges, pet prints of fingerprints, etc.

Step-4: Resin the towel or the scrubber until it is clean. Now use it again onto the window to clean away the residual of the solution. Depending on the size of the window, you might have to repeat the resining process a couple of times.

Step-5: After cleaning the window, it is time to dry them out. Use the Squeegee in even horizontal lines. Start from the top of the windows and work your way down towards the end. As you use the squeegee, keep a dry towel in hand to wipe the squeegee clean after every pass.

To wipe away any lingering water lines, we recommend using a lint-free, dry towel.


Car Window Tinting Film Suppliers: Benefits of Window Tinting Film

Car Window Tinting Film Suppliers

Car Window Tinting Film Suppliers: All That You Need To Know


Car window tinting film suppliers have come up with a wide range of car window tinting films. After all, these films not only enhance the physical attributes of the surface, but they also make the car energy-efficient. They successfully prevent the heat along with the harmful UV rays to enter your car.

Car Window Tinting Film Suppliers in china

Regardless of the car that you are driving, may it be a pick-up truck, van, or even a Mercedes’s, you will be able to find window films that are designed for your car. There are different types of window auto car window films available and all these films offer different benefits.

Below, we have come up with different types of window tint films along with the benefits that they would offer your car. So, without any further delay, let us get started!

Different Types of Car Window Tinting Films

Dyed Window Tint Films

If it is your first time, and you are looking for an affordable choice, we recommend the dyed window tint films. These films would yield the desired results and would be light on your pocket. However, do bear in mind that these films tend to fade quickly.

Car Window Tinting Film Suppliers

Therefore, you might have to replace them after some time. To make films, film manufacturers use layers of dye. They apply these layers onto the adhesive film, which results in a darker color. People standing to outstand the car would not be able to peek inside. It offers complete privacy to people in the car.

Of course, you will be able to look outside your car.

Although, the film offers privacy, but it is not energy efficient. It does reflect a small amount of light and prevent some heat. However, it is no proof against the heat outside. It won’t be able to stop it from penetrating into your car.


Metalized Car Window Tinting Film

The car window tinting film suppliers recommend using metalized window tint films especially when your objective is to keep the heat at bay. The film uses tin metallic particles in order to reflect the harmful UV rays.

It not only prevents the light to enter the window but also ensures that the heat is not able to penetrate into the car. What more is that the film is less likely to fade especially when you compare it with the dyed film. Therefore, it is an excellent alternative for dye films.

The metalized tinting film is famous for enhancing the strength and robustness of the window. It prevents the glass shattering as there is a metal present in the film. For the onlooker, the window film would look classy and shiny.

Nonetheless, it does have a downside, it sometimes intervenes with the GPS and phone signals. This, however, is not always the case. So, we believe that despite being expensive than dyed film, its durability and robustness make it a great choice.

Carbon Car Window Tinting Film

Since the films lack the presence of metal particles, therefore it has a matte finished for the onlookers. This is excellent for people who would want their cars to have a subtle look instead of the flashy, yet posh look.

Another advantage of the carbon window film is that it offers a 40% reduction of infrared radiation. Thus, the sunlight is not able to damage the interior of your car.  The increased privacy along with decreased heat makes this film an excellent choice for car lovers.

In addition, the film is robust and sturdy. It tends to last long especially when you compare it with the dyed film. However, do bear in mind that the film is slightly more expensive than the dyed window film. But then the extra price is worth the perks it offers.

Ceramic Window Tinting Films

Ceramic films are another highly recommend film by the best car window tinting film suppliers. Although, it is an extremely expensive film, but it offers benefits unmatched by other films. The film is new in the market and comes with the ability to block the infrared radiation up to 50 percent.

What more is that the film has the ability to block about 90 percent of the ultraviolet radiation. This reducing the chancing of any skin damage along with the damage to the car’s interior.

It is also highly effective when it comes to preventing the heat to enter your car.

Unlike the metallic films, these films have no metallic particles nor do they have any non-conductive particles, thus they will ensure smooth connectivity within your car. Also, the film ensures complete visibility so that you can drive safely during the day as well as the night.

Yes, the film is expensive, but it is highly durable, would a long time. It is also fade resistance, scratch resistance, highly effective and increases the strength of your windows.

Hybrid Car Window tinting

The Hybrid Car window tinting films are a combination of dye and metallic films. They contain both the dye and the metallic particles. These films offer the strength of both these films while eliminating their disadvantages.

In most cases, the car window tint film suppliers use the combination of grey dye and the titanium to create the film. This combination yields outclass and amazing films. The films are nether mirror-like, nor are they dark. They don’t even have a reflective surface.

These films are not too reflective and are decently bright. Thus, they prevent the heat to enter your car while ensuring your privacy and visibility from the inside of the car.

Crystalline Tinting

For people would want to tint their windows without making them seem dark, the car window tinting film suppliers would recommend the crystalline tinting. It would prevent the heat to enter, as well as reduce the penetration of the harmful UV rays while ensuring crystal clear windows.

Although, the windows are expensive, but they are highly robust and long-lasting. They would not fade, as there is no color. They would stay intact for a long time and would ensure that your window has the perfect look.


10 Ways to Benefits from Car Window Tinting Film Suppliers

Auto tints or car window tinting films are applied to the glass surface of your vehicle including the side windows, rear windows, and the windshield. They offer color stability, heat rejection, etc. What more is that car window tinting film suppliers offer a variety i.e. the film is available in a number of colors.

So, in case you are planning to upgrade your vehicle, or you want to block the heat during the scorching summer days, we believe window tint films are your best shot. Their benefits are not limited to blocking heat or giving your car a cool look.

On the contrary, they offer a number of benefits and in this blog post, we are going to talk about the 10 ten benefits of using these films for your car.

Advantages of Car Window Tinting Film

If you are confused about whether to incorporate window tinting films or not, simply read on the benefits. After you consider these benefits, we truly believe that you would love to use window tinting films.

Car Window Tinting Film Suppliers in china

Makes Your Car Stand Out

Owning a smart car is cool, however, enhancing your car with accessories is what catches attention. Incorporating auto tint shows that you truly care about your car. In addition, these tints have the ability to make your car stand out among the crowd.

Once you are on the road, there is a high probability that you would encounter several similar models and color cars like yours. It would be hard to differentiate. However, with car window tinting films, you offer individuality to your car.

Even among several similar cars, you would be the one to catch attention. These window films truly have the ability to make your car look amazing and classy.

Offers More Visibility

When you get a window tint, it is bound to enhance your visibility. Wondering how? Simple, when you install a window tint film, it blocks out the glare of the sun. Thus, making it easier and clearer for you to see outside. You would be able to effectively avoid obstacles and navigate easily.

The lack of sun glare would make your eyes less weary. Thus, you will be able to drive for a longer period with any trouble.

Adds Pop to the Paint Job

Tinting window films are popular for adding pop to the color of your car. They make the car paint pop. Since window tints are available in a number of colors, you can choose the one that would go hand in hand with your car paint.

After all, when it comes to colors, you need to create some balance and harmony. So, use the different styles and colors of window tints to bring the best in your car.

Use car Window Tinting Film to Cut down on the Heat

One of the greatest benefits of using these car window tinting films is that they cut down the heat. Thus, resulting in a much cooler and comfortable car. They are highly effective during the summer. As the car would remain cool even after standing directly in the sun.

So, you won’t be using a lot of air condition as you would have to with no tint films on.

Auto Glass Longevity

Car window tinting film suppliers ensure that applying tints to your car window would add longevity to the auto glass. After all, there is a protection on the glass now, thus ensuring that the glass goes a long way.

A strong and robust tint film is less likely to peel or chip away. It would add additional protection to your glass and prevent it from the debris outside. Most of the window films come with a paint protection features. So, make sure to choose one that has a paint protection film feature.

After all, you would want that the glass surface of your car stays in good health as long as you own the car.

Adds Monetary Value to the Car

We understand that window tint films could be expensive. However, incorporating them in your car would add to its value. There is no denying that the value of a car depreciates rather quickly, however, when you incorporate custom touches, it would keep the equity in the car.

So, when you finally decide to trade or sell your car, it is highly likely that you get more in return due to the accessories and custom touches.

Blocks UV Rays using Car Window Tinting Film

In addition to being a potential annoyance, prolonged exposure to the sun can turn out to be harmful to your skin and eyes. Therefore, you need a way to protect yourself.

What better way there is then to use a window tinting film. These films are designed in a way that they eliminate the UV rays coming from the sun while allowing the light to penetrate.

Privacy During Your Ride

Reaching out to a great window tinting film supplier would ensure that you get quality in exchange for your money. A good quality window tint offers a high level of privacy as you drive. These films would block people on the inside to see what value you are safeguarding in your car.

Protects Leather Interior

Direct sunlight has an adverse impact on the interior of the car, especially in the case of leather covering. So, the best thing that you can do is ask the car window tinting film suppliers to install tint films on all your car glass surfaces.

Doing so would ensure the longevity of your leather interior.

Cars become Fuel Efficient

Wondering how can car’s become fuel efficient because of window tints? Simple, installing window tints means you would have proper insulation, thus less usage of air condition during summers and heater during winters.

Both heater and air condition go heavy on your car’s fuel. Limiting their use would make your car energy efficient.

Car Window Tinting Film Suppliers

Car Window Tinting Film Suppliers: Why Us

Having the right car window tinting film supplier is imperative. We assure you that we – WGlass—would provide you with impeccable window ting services along with outstanding high-quality tinting films.

We are after all the leaders in the smart windowdimming window, and smart window film technologies.





Window tint film suppliers: How Do Window Tint Films Work?

Window Tint Film Suppliers

Window Tint Film Suppliers: Working of Window Tint Films

Today, your workplace and house need more than the traditional window tinting techniques. They should incorporate advance and sophisticated films. What better option than to reach out to smart window tint film suppliers for smart films.

In case, you are new to the term “Smart Window Tint Film” you don’t have to worry. We are going to talk about these films, their working, and the benefits of incorporating them into your commercial or residential place.

So, without any further delay, let us get started!

window tint film suppliers

What is a Window Tint Film?

Window Tint film or commonly known as the solar control window film is a thin film made of electrochromic material. You apply the film to your existing or new window to achieve opacity of different levels.

The main purpose of the film is to keep the heat outside, reflect the UV-rays, and to prevent the light to enter. You can control the amount of light penetrating your windows. This particular ability makes them the smart window tint film.

Traditionally, you would have to buy special windows for this particular purpose. However, thanks to technological advancement, you now enjoy the same smart features without replacing your existing windows with smart windows. On the contrary, simply apply these smart tint films onto the windows and you are good to go.

Working of Window Tint Films

Having a deep understanding of the window tint films would help you choose from the different films available. The great thing about these films is that they offer diversity. It means that there are different window films for you to choose from.

To operate, the Smart Window Tint films need electricity applied to it. The electric charge causes the liquid crystals inside the window film to align. Thus, resulting in the penetration of the light. When you cut off the electric charge, the liquid crystals are randomly placed, thus offer a crystal-clear view.

Things Required for the film

In order for the film to function correctly, you would be needing electrical hookups along with the control system and the tint film itself. There are different Internet of Things apps and other means available that would help you control your smart window tints.

The type of methods that a window tint supports greatly depends upon the window tint film suppliers. So, make sure to ask them about the different ways. Although, we will be covering the most common and basics ways via which you can use your window films.

How to Control Your Smart Window Tints

There are multiple ways to turn the smart window tints on or off. Likewise, you also have the option of controlling the privacy level. Below are some common methods for operating the window tint films.

  • Wi-Fi Compatibility
  • Remote Control
  • Light Switch
  • Knob Controls

Different Installation Types

There are two main installation types of a Smart Window Tint.


The self-adhesive comes with preinstalled glue. All you have to do is carefully peel the film and then stick it to your windows.


This is a mechanical installation technique. You would have to use the 3M double-sided clear tape. Most window tint film supplier would provide you with the tape.

Benefits of Window Tint Film

Highly Customizable

Instead of incorporating new windows, all you have to do is apply these smart films onto your existing windows.  What more is that you can control the opacity level from completely opaque to clear view.

UV Protection

Smart Window tint films have the ability to block up to 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This would reduce the glare and at the same time, it would protect your skin and eyes from the damage.


When you apply a window tint film to your glass window, it ensures safety. In case of the window breakage, the film would hold onto the glass. Likewise, even if the window is completely shattered, the film would prevent the glass debris to hurt the people inside.


One of the major advantages of window tint films is that they offer a different level of privacy. You can enjoy complete privacy or you can have a clear view. Once you turn the film on, it is upon you to decide the visibility level from both insides as well as outside.

Some films even offer the facility of blocking the view from the outside, whereas letting you see from the inside.

Energy Saving

Since window tint films offer insulation, thus they are also highly energy efficient. One of the major reason’s offices implement these films is that they cut down the energy cost significantly. After all, they prevent the heat from entering into your room.

Similarly, they would keep the cold from penetrating. This high level of insulation ensures helps in reducing energy costs. Once you install the windows tint films, your utility bills would come down by almost 40%.


In addition to making your space energy efficient and comfortable, the films also ensure that they look smart. Window tint film suppliers ensure that these window films give a complete look. What more is that they are available in a number of designs.

You can choose one that would go with the interior of your office or home. You will be able to find decorate window films. In addition, there are dyed window films. So, you have access to different colored and design films.

Smarter Partitions

Glass partitions are the demand for modern offices. Although, these partitions look great, but they have one major problem. They lack privacy. A glass partition would not provide the employee with the required privacy.

However, incorporating window tint films onto these partitions would not only help you retain the modern look but also offer privacy to the employees. Your office would still look airy and smart while offering the required privacy to each and every employee.

window tint film suppliers in china

Take Away

Modern window tint films have become an essential part of energy-efficient, smart and sophisticated places. With smart window tint films, it is possible to enjoy privacy, aesthetics and make your building cost-efficient.

Reach out to us today – leading window tint film suppliers for all your window-related problems.


Different types of Window Films Offers by Window Film Suppliers

Window Film Suppliers

Window Film Suppliers: An Informative and Comprehensive Guide on Window Films

Window Film Suppliers

Windows are an effective way to enhance not only the appearance of your house or office but also to cut down the cooling cost and ensure privacy. What more is that window film suppliers offer more than one type of film.

On the contrary, there are several types of window films that offer different advantages. All these films would provide basic functionality while each offering unique features as well. Incorporating any of these films into your place would offer a number of benefits.

In this blog post, we are going to talk about all the types of window films that are available in the market. In addition, we will shed light on their applications and advantages. So, let us get started!

Different Types of Window Films

Windows are an excellent source of pleasure. In addition to offering a beautiful view outside, they also allow the sunlight and fresh air to enter your place. However, lack of proper window location can be troublesome then wonderful.

It would bring in additional sunlight, or air resulting in hotter rooms during summer and chilling place amidst winters. Fortunately, you now have can effortlessly gain access to window tint suppliers.

They would provide you with window films that would resolve your problem without making any change to the interior of your place.

Glare Reduction

Another commonly used window film is the glare reduction. The great thing about these films is that they are available in different degree of glare reduction levels. So, you can purchase the one that would suit your needs to perfection.

For instance, take the edge of your window by buying windows film with low-level glare reduction. Or in case, you want something heavier, go with the glare film having minimal level so clarity.

Regardless of the reduction level, the main objective of this type of window film is to control the input of the intense blinding light and make it more tolerable. So, with window glare reduction film, you no longer have to worry about the excess amount of lighting entering your place.

The film has the ability to prevent the entrance of as much light as you want. After all, it provides the facility of choosing from a number of light transmission percentage.

Insulating Films

Insulating films are highly effective when it comes to fighting against the harsh weather outside. After all, their main function is to offer a high level of insulation to your house. Installing these window films would keep the cold of Vermont winter and the sunshine of southern California at bay.

It would also make your house energy efficient. Studies show that incorporating insulation films has significantly reduced air condition costs. Likewise, films that designed to insulate against cold have reduced the furnace cost.

UV Blocking Window Films

Although, most window film suppliers ensure that all films incorporate UV blocking feature, nonetheless, you can get films that specifically work on blocking the UV lights. Unlike glass that is able to prevent just 25% of the UV radiation to enter the room, window films can take the number up to 99.9%.

Modern and sophisticated films can to block UV radiation ranging from 95% to 99.9%.

Safety and Security Window Film

In the 1970s, some of the window film suppliers came up with these windows to enhance the security of the American Embassy aboard. These kinds of windows films serve a specific purpose. They come in a wide range of variety in terms of thickness and privacy levels. A basic thickness security film would have a minimum thickness of four mils.

One of the biggest advantages of these films is that it has the ability to keep the glass within the frame of the window even after it is broken. What more is that the film would prevent people from getting hurt in case, the window glass completely crashes.

A thick safety and security window film makes it difficult to penetrate, thus further ensuring the security of your residence or office. Thanks to technological advancement, the thick, modern window films have the ability to withstand a bomb blast.

The heavier films generally have a thickness of 8 to 15 mil and to fit them into the frame of the window system, you would have to anchor them. Time and again, the films have managed to save not only the property but also the lives of the people within.

Privacy Window Film

Privacy films are extremely popular not only among residential windows but also for commercial windows. The ability to control the level of privacy further adds to their appeal.

What is great about these films is the variety they offer. There are different types of privacy films available that offer different benefits. For instance, if you want the light to penetrate, but want to block the view at the same time, we recommend using frost film.

Frost film is like a textured glass, it would allow the light to enter, but would completely distort the view. In case, you want a complete level of privacy as well as little to no light entering your space, you can go with the complete block out films.

You can find a diverse variety of films or tints with almost all window tint suppliers.

With decorative window films, you can add an aesthetics sense to your windows. In addition to ensuring privacy, these films provide you the opportunity to add style to your interior.

In case, you want planning to incorporate them in your office, why not have your company’s logo printed on them. For homes go with beautiful and mesmerizing waterfalls or sceneries.

With decorative films, you can enjoy endless customizability. Ask your window film suppliers for their idea, or you can show them your unique concepts. You can now get your ideas pasted to your windows.


Anti-Graffiti films offer diversity when it comes to the surface. It is possible to apply them onto stainless steel, stone, glass, and several other even surfaces. Their thickness ranges from 4- 8 mil.

In addition to offering security, they save the surface from a number of damages including acid etching, paint, carving, and scratching.  Anti-Graffiti films are well used within the commercial industry instead of residential.

The reason being, they help in limiting and preventing exposure to graffiti taggers and vandals. What more is that it is possible to remove the paint without causing any harm to the film and the surface beneath it.

Likewise, you can remove the acid etching by simply washing the film. Similarly, the surfaces are safe from the carving, and scratching damages as the protective film on top would absorb all the impact.

With these films, you would not have to spend a small fortune to reinstate your property in better condition.

Dyed Window Film

To add color to your windows, use the amazing dyed films. These films offer privacy, comes with solar obstructing abilities and a wide range of colors. As the same suggests, these films are dyed in different colors.

Thus, offering you the facility to enjoy any color you like. These films come with surfaces that are not highly reflective. Something most of you would appreciate. After all, not everyone likes highly reflective window films.

The only problem with these films is that the dyes don’ t last long. When the dye starts to fade out, the film is no longer able to serve is the primary objective. Since the mechanism of the film is to absorb heat using the color, thus the fading of the color results in a lack of performance.

One Way Mirror Window Film

Most of you might have come across the one-way window film. These films create a mirror effect on the side and offer viewability from the other side. If you have the right lighting, the film would yield 100 percent results.

Nonetheless, even without good lighting, it offers great results. Most people incorporate such films in interrogation rooms.

However, you might come across them in different offices and other commercial areas. After all, these films add the classiness of the mirror to your interior without blocking any viewability from your end.

Metal Films Window Films

If you want to incorporate a complete heat blocking system into your window, window film suppliers would recommend using metal films. This kind of film uses the metal to ensure the blockage of heat.

Fortunately, metal films offer different levels of heat blocking and darkness. Both these factors greatly depend upon the among of metal used in the films. Higher metal coating means, higher reflecting capabilities and greater darkness, vice versa.

Since the film’s heat blocking abilities depend upon reflection and absorption of the sun’s energy, therefore having the right location matters. This by no means, means that if the film would not be able to perform without the right location.

The films are stable and robust. They do not lose their heat penetration ability with time nor do they change colors. Something, we have seen the dyed window tints/ films doing.

window tint film suppliers

Metalizing the Films

It is possible to metalize the films in a number of ways. For instance, the window tint suppliers would use sputter coating, vapor coating, or the electron beam coating.

Vapor Coating & Electron Beam

Both – vapor and electron beam – are the traditional coating techniques. These films are highly cost-effective and only the low-price firms incorporate them. One disadvantage of these techniques is that they are inclined to de-metallization.

So, with time the metal would corrode away, thus leaving clear areas behind. After all, a stripping pattern results due to the heavier and lighter areas of metal deposition onto the film. This pattern tends to lack its uniformity with time.

Sputter Coating

The more modern and reliable metal coating technique is the sputter coating. This technique is adopted by premium firms as it ensures quality over a long, long period of time.

The technique varies uniform metal layering into the structure of the film, thus eliminating the banding and the de-metallization issues.

 Spectrally Selective Films

These films consist of multiple layers of either ceramics of layers. The films reflect the sun layers internally between layers. Thus, causing the infrared wavelengths to collide with each other and cancel each other out.

These films ensure that no infrared heat would penetrate the film. Being among the most sophisticated films available in the market, they offer the best and the finest results. However, they are expensive.

Ceramic Films

Ceramic films are the most sophisticated form of window films. They are famous for their outstanding insulating capabilities as well as remarkable heat-blocking ability.

These films offer great results, after all, they were the ones that protected the space shuttle from burning up while re-entering into the atmosphere. These films offer durability as well as resist degradation.

Films are highly effective for a place where there is a high salt level in the air. For instance, you can use them in your beach house, as it would prevent the salt to corrode the metals.

Since ceramics are impermeable to the marine salt air environment, thus they tend to offer more robustness and durability in comparison to dye or metal films. To put it out, these films offer 25 times more durability when compared to the other two.

In addition, lightly shaded films are highly effective for blocking out the heat. They even outperform metal films. So, now you can enjoy the outside view while ensuring a higher level of UV protection.

For the uniform deposition of these films, window films suppliers generally use the sputter coating technology for applying the ceramics to the films. The uniform deposition ensures high quality and long-lasting films.

Important Things That You Need to Know About Window Films for your House

Currently, everyone is at war with houses that are not energy efficient, outdated, and weak. People are looking for reliable and more effective alternates. For this particular reason, they are reaching out to different window tint film suppliers.

After all the window tin suppliers have the ability to make your house energy-efficient and effective. Their products not only add to the aesthetic sense of your house, but it also makes it easy on your pocket.

The great thing is that you can achieve your goal of the energy-efficient house without making any changes to your places. You don’t have to uproot your windows in order to install the smart, energy-efficient ones. On the contrary, you can install films onto of your existing windows.

While most residential films are self-adhesive, lightweight polyester that has a cover of polyethylene terephthalate, not all windows are worth investing in. There are certain things that you need to know about the window films as well as the window film suppliers to ensure that you make the right decision.

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Reason for Installing Window Films

There are three main categories of window films, and your reason for installing the film would help you choose the right category. Below, we have mentioned these categories for better understanding.


In case your main reason for the tinting home windows is to make your house energy-efficient, solar windows are your best choice. These films allow just the right amount of light to pass.

They are not as thick as the security films, nor are they extremely thin like the decorative films. On the contrary, they just have the right amount of thickness that would prevent unwanted heat or cold to stay away.

These films have the capability to reflect or absorb roughly 99 % of the UV lights. This helping in regulating the in-door temperature, securing the interior furnishing, and ensuring the complete indoor cool.

Solar films are most available in neutral shades ranging from copper to silver.


Security films are highly effective if your main objective is to keep your home safe. They are effective for deterring burglars. These are the thickness of window films among the three. They mostly come in either silver color or are clear.

Security films are not famous for their energy-efficient ability. They do not absorb or reflect the heat.  However, in case of a home intrusion or a really bad storm, they minimize the window damage result.

Instead of that your window ends up completely shattered, the thick film can restrict the damage to a big crack. It would allow the window to hold on longer in comparison to when there is no film installed onto the window.


When your only objective is to have films that would enhance the interior of your home, we suggest using decorative window films. Being the thinnest of all films, they offer limited security and reflect minimal light.

However, they do come in a wide range of colors and designs. Thus, ensuring that you can enjoy diversity when it comes to decorating your windows.

Glass Compatibility

You will be surprised to know that every film is not compatible with every type of glass window. On the contrary, you would have to learn a little before you install a window film onto your window.

Do bear in mind that different types of window films have different heating absorbing abilities. For instance, security and decorative films do not have the ability to prevent thermal heat passing through the windows.

Make sure to ask the window film manufacturers for the right type of windows for your window glass. A supplier would then recommend the right kind of window film for the common types of window glass. For instance, basic flat glass—annealed, the heat-treated glass, or the insulating window glass would require the film type accordingly.

Of course, it is possible to apply all types of films on these glass windows. However, they would not be able to yield effective results.

Nonetheless, there is a guideline presented by the International Window Film Association. According to the guideline, then it is important to avoid the solar films in the following situation. The reason being the higher heat absorbing rate increases the thermal stress, thus it can cause the film to crack.

Window Film Manufacturers

  1. If the clear annealed glass is thicker 3/8 inches, avoid using solar films.
  2. In case the glass has a heat absorption rate greater than 50 percent.
  3. Insulated Glass that has seal failures
  4. Insulated Glass older than 10 years
  5. Tinted annealed glass that is over ¼ inches thick.

NOTE: In case, you have trouble deciding, check with your window tint film supplier’s manual for additional information on compatibility.

Check Window Warranty

Since all things today come with a warranty, your windows are no exception. Most window manufacturers offer a certain time period for the warranty. During this time frame, if something goes wrong with the window, they are reliable.

However, reaching out to the widow manufacturer after applying the off the shelf window tint, don’t be surprised if you warranty in no longer intact.

Most window manufacturers invalidate the window warranty after you apply a tint film. After all, there are certain extremely low-quality window films that can have an adverse impact on your windows.

Therefore, it is imperative to consult your window manufacturer before applying any type of window tint film onto your windows. Ask them whether a tint film would invalidate the warranty. If yes, then what is your best alternative.

Tinting is highly effective old Windows

Older windows do not have the low-emissivity coating. It is basically a thin layer of metal oxide. The lack of this coating on the glass allows the window tints to perform in an effective manner.

However, some modern windows do come with the Low-emissivity coating. This means that they do ensure energy efficiency. Of course, there would a difference in the energy efficiency level in comparison to tinting films. Nonetheless, they would make your house energy efficient. In some cases, you might not even need the film.

Again, to install the film, it is important to talk to your window film suppliers as well as the window manufacturers. They would provide you with accurate information to take to the right step.

Homes with Tinted Windows are Economical

In addition to offering enhanced energy efficiency, window films are also economical. For instance, if you buy a window film from a home improvement store, let us amazon, you would have to pay it roughly $2 to $4 per square foot.

Installing it yourself would not cost you anything at all. Likewise, if you go with a professional window film supplier, it would cost you somewhere between $5 to $8, or in some cases even less per square foot.

This would sum up to a maximum of $54 or as little as $27. This is extremely less in comparison to what you would have to pay for other sun-blocking techniques including the cellular fabric shades, blinds, or the honeycomb-shade cells. They would cost you somewhere between $40 to $280.

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Window Films are Easy to Install


Installing window films is an extremely easy task. It does not require any special equipment, not any experience. All you need to do is take a lint-free soft cloth along with a solution.

To create the solution, take one gallon of water and mix one teaspoon of no-tear baby shampoo. Next, take a knife and carefully cut the window film. Make sure that it is ½ inch bigger than the window size on which you plan to install it.

Use the solution and the cloth the wipe cleans your window. Wait for it to dry. It would take hardly a couple of seconds. Then remove the adhesive backing of your film and start the pasting process.

Make sure that you install the window gradually onto the window panel. A good approach is that you go top-down. While you are applying the film, make sure that you lightly mist the window surface using the leftover solution.

To remove the trapped air bubbles, you can use either a credit card or a squeegee and rub it across the window tint in a certain direction.

NOTE: It generally takes around a week or two for the tint film to cure.  

DIY Down Side

The potential downside of the Do it Yourself method is that sometimes a streak or cleaner, dirt, or scratches occur underneath the tint film. These can lead to bubbles and instability of the film.

Therefore, homeowners generally prefer the professional to ensure a pristine and polished finish of their tint films. However, carefully application the window tint films onto your windows will help you yield the same result.

Other Renter-Friendly Options

In terms of permanence, you can enjoy decorative, safety, and window films in three different options.

Temporary Varieties

If you want to take your window films when you move out of your rented houses, you need to go with the temporary verities. These films are easily cleaned and removed when desired.

Semi-permanent Varieties

It is possible to remove these films. However, they would leave some amount of residue onto the glass. The residue is mainly due to the film adhesive.

Permanent Varieties

Once you install these types of window films, it is not possible to remove then. Window film suppliers generally recommend these types of films to having their own house. Or a place that they do not plan to leave for the next decade or so.

Decorative films work well with commitment-phobic homeowners or renters as they generally are the temporary tinting solution. On the contrary, security and solar films work well with permanent or semi-permanent tinting solutions. They are an effective choice for people owning their own property.

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Adhesive-Backed and Static Cling Window Film

The window film suppliers offer window films that are either static cling or adhesive-back. Decorative, security, or safety window films can either have a static cling or can be adhesive. The choice of the type greatly depends upon you and your requirement.

There are several things that you need to consider when it comes to choosing between these two types of clinging options. For instance, you would have to consider the price, locations, the re-usability, and the longevity of the film.

So, to make the right choice, you need to learn the basic differences between these films. Below, we did highlight the main differences to make things easier for you.

Static Cling Window Film: Advantages


  1. Simpler removal
  2. Easier to Clean
  3. Lower Price
  4. The films are extremely easy to Install
  5. Easier to Maintain
  6. Repositionable and Reusable


  1. Shorter Shelf Life
  2. They may be difficult to die-cut or print
  3. Cannot withstand weather conditions
  4. Are not very lasting, or permanent. Their stickiness gives away with time.


Adhesive Back Window Film: Advantages

  1. Sticks to a number of surfaces
  2. Has a long shelf life
  3. Easy to die-cut and print it
  4. Weather-resistant
  5. A more permanent solution

Window Film Manufacturers and Supppliers


  1. These films are generally of a high price.
  2. It is not possible to reuse them. Once you install them there, they would stay intact for years.
  3. Installing and the removable process is difficult. It is recommended to use professional help for installing the adhesive-backed window films.
  4. You need to be careful, as these films highly prone to damage before installation.


If your objective is to ensure the longevity of your film, then we recommend that you go with a film having adhesive back. Also, for correct and right installation use services of professional window film suppliers instead of doing it yourself.

After all, experienced widow tint film suppliers would yield promising and long-lasting results. They would ensure that your films do not have any bubbles in them and have a smooth look.


Choosing the Best Window Film Suppliers

With window films or window tints, it is possible to reduce or eliminate the light, ensure privacy, and joy the view. These different types of window films serve different purposes and offer different benefits.

However, to ensure the quality of these films, you need to reach out to the best window film suppliers – WGlass. Being the leading suppliers, they offer innovative solutions for your windows. Their unique smart film privacy and switchable privacy glass products would offer outstanding window solutions.