window tint film suppliers Best Guide about Athermal and Tinted Film (Pros & Cons)


Athermal  vs ordinary smart film: What is the difference?

Despite the fact that most cars are factory-tinted, many car owners prefer the good old tint film. This is due to personalize the car and minimize the ability to view the car interior from the inside. How to choose window tint film suppliers? Let’s figure it out.

What you should pay attention to before choosing window tint film suppliers?
1. Manufacturer.
It is very easy to get lost in the sea of ​​manufacturers and brands today, but you can still figure it out. One of the criteria influencing the decision is still the price and country of production.

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Tinting film is removed for a number of reasons:

Poor visibility in the dark, replacement of tint and the most common one, the percentage of light transmission does not pass according to GOST.

Generally, the easiest way to remove tinting from a car is a specialized service. Moreover, the process is fast and not expensive at all. If you are replacing the tint film, then the chances are high that the old film will be removed for you free of charge.
If you want to do it yourself, then here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to do it:

You will need:
– a building hair dryer (you can use it at home)
– blade
– a clean rag
– a detergent
How to remove window tint film?

Let’s get started!

1. Remove the tint.
Basically, you will need a sharp blade. Similarly, you need to gently pry off the edge of the film so that it is convenient for you to grasp it. Next, we hold the film in tightness and pull it from top to bottom with even movements, trying to remove it with a continuous sheet. It is better to ask nearest window tint film suppliers before removing it.

There are 2 pitfalls here.

1) The tinting is very old.
2) Tinting is cheap and not of high quality.
In these cases, it can tear, be extremely brittle, etc. In such a situation, you cannot do without a hair dryer. We heat the glass surface to about 40 degrees (on a building hair dryer we set the minimum temperature, at home maximum) at a distance of 10 cm from the surface. As in the previous version, we need a blade. Pry the edge of the already heated film, slowly pull it diagonally down and up (so as not to break).

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 Why slow?

a) In order not to tear the film.
b) To minimize glue residue on the glass.
There is another way. We take a detergent and make a soapy solution (30 ml of detergent per liter of water). Pour the resulting solution into a spray bottle, then the usual manipulation of the blade. After prying off the edge of the film, pour a soapy solution between the tinting and the glass and gently pull the film.

  1. Remove the remnants of the adhesive window film.
    Even if you did everything correctly, and the film quickly gave up before your pressure, there will still be glue residues. Cleaning, glue is a rather long and painstaking process, but this greatly affects the final result. Therefore, the first thing to try is to rinse off the glue. It would be better if you take help of professional window tint film suppliers.

Generally, we take a wet rag and apply it to the places where the glue accumulates, soak it. Then we rub it off with medium pressure. It is not a good practice to use a scraper for these purposes, there is a high probability of damaging (scratching) the glass.

Athermal glass or window tint film suppliers?

More and more window tint film suppliers have begun to include athermal windshields in their car lines. Most often, you can find such glasses at Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Volkswagen, Volvo.

Subsequently,  for many car brands, you can order athermal glass and replace the usual one. But alas, such glass is not produced for all models and brands of cars. .

Let’s take a look at the differences and similarities.
What is athermal glass?
Athermal glass is glass that has been specially processed at the factory. A coating containing silver ions comes to it. This is done to improve energy saving properties. The process is quite painstaking, but this is how glass acquires athermal properties. Hence the price, on average, an athermal windshield costs 1.5 – 3 times more expensive than usual.

How to distinguish athermal glass from ordinary window tint film?
1. Athermal glass has special

Markings: – TINTED – window tint film suppliers glass has a greenish tint. This stamp comes on glass, the light transmission of which is 81%
– OVERTINTED – Here, a pronounced green tint, in contrast to the previous one. Light transmittance 78.5%

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  1. Athermal glass has a different shade.


    Depending on the production technology, shades can be of the following colors: green-blue, brown, violet.
    The surest way to identify a fake is to compare the glass and its shadow. If the shadow is darker than the glass itself, then the glass is really athermal.

Athermal film
Such a film is made not to darken glass, but to block solar energy and ultraviolet radiation. Moreover, it comes with an innovative material consisting of more than 200 layers, each of which is responsible for a different percentage of blocking UV and solar energy.

Pros and cons of athermal film and glass
Why are these materials useful in practice?
  • Prevent the penetration of solar energy into the car interior
  • The load on the air conditioner (climate control) is reduced and fuel consumption is more economical.
  • I minimize the amount of glare on the glass, thereby reducing the burden on the driver’s eyes
  • Prevent fading of the car interior
  • Greater strength compared to ordinary glass.

So what is the difference between athermal glass and athermal tint film?

The main difference lies in the degree of efficiency and window tint film suppliers. Athermal glass absorbs up to 50% of solar energy and infrared radiation. Similarly, athermal film blocks up to 93% of solar energy and 99% of infrared radiation.

It can be concluded that athermal glass looks aesthetically better, but the protective qualities are inferior to the new generation of material. If you have it a priori installed by the manufacturer, that’s just fine! If not, then there is no problem with the installation of an athermal tint film.

Why cover a car with vinyl film?

First, it gives you limitless possibilities for experimenting with the color of your iron friend. There is an opportunity to develop your own unique design and stand out from the gray mass. Also, no one canceled advertising goals, car branding or the creation of their own stickers. Among other things, vinyl wrapping is much cheaper than painting a car.

Window tint film suppliers Conclusion
The service life of PVC-based films directly depends on the quality of the film itself, but it is not recommended to keep them on the body for more than 3 years, because the glue becomes permanent.

You simply will not be able to remove the remnants of the film in places where it is “baked” on the body + damage to the paintwork is not unlikely.
Since vinyl is UV-resistant, some window tint film suppliers design experimentation can have consequences.