Smash and grab film suppliers: 5 Best Tinting film maintenance tips



Smash and grab film suppliers make films to improve the appearance and increase your comfort in the car. Tinted glass will last long enough if you follow the rules for care. If the rules are not followed, then damage may appear already in the first weeks of operation.

The following look at the basic care instructions for toning in continuous operation and immediately after pasting the film.

Maintenance of smash and grab film that has been in use for a long time

If the driver has installed a high-quality tint film, problems arise only in the case of improper use or care. In other cases, as a rule, there is no inconvenience.

Main recommendations:

  1. No abrasive components. . Such products can scratch the film.
  2. Furthermore, prevent accumulation of dirt between the seal and the glass. Such build-up contributes to scratching and impairs visibility, especially at night.
  3. Damp wash only. Dirt and dust cannot be wiped off dry glass, as particles scratch the film. An alternative to wet washing is a jet of air.
  4. The film should not succumb to aggressive influences.  Hence, chemical, thermal, mechanical factors negatively affect the film – they leave scratches, corrode the material and shorten the service life.Smash and grab film suppliers

Leaving immediately after pasting

Before you cover the auto glass with tint film, you need to find out which is better smash and grab film suppliers. Generally, most of all positive reviews are left by users about the classic and a thermal film. The latter is more resistant to temperature conditions, reflects infrared (thermal) and ultraviolet radiation.

If you are not sure if you can handle applying the film yourself, consult a professional. Experienced craftsmen will quickly and efficiently cover the glass of your car.

Basic recommendations for applying smash and grab film to car glass

  • When tinting a car, it is necessary to observe the temperature regime, the level of moisture and cleanliness in the room, use high-quality tools, adhere to a clear sequence of actions;
  • Avoid excessive overheating of the film material. Using an industrial hair dryer, do not bring it too close to the glass; be sure to moisten the film and glass with soapy water.
  • After pasting, let the car stand for about a day, refrain from washing for the first 7 days. Otherwise, it can lead to film peeling, air bubbles, stains, distortions.
  • For the first 5-7 days after pasting, do not raise / lower the glass. Soft coating with not dried adhesive layer is easily deformed. Complete drying of the film is completed in 5-10 days after application. Everything will depend on the impact of external conditions during vehicle operation.

Attention! After installation, streaks or cloudiness may appear. You should not sound the alarm, or even more so, you should not try to fix this situation yourself. The defects will disappear after a while.

Full drying of the film takes about 30 days depending on weather conditions, film thickness, and properties of the adhesive layer, so you just need to wait a while and all effects will disappear. These are smash and grab film suppliers’ recommendations.

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What other nuances of smash and grab film care are there?

In addition to what has been said, there are several issues that arise from the owners of vehicles.

What to use when washing and what absolutely should not be used?

  • Wash with exclusively purified water. If the water contains solid impurities or rust, it will cause damage.
  • Similarly, wash with regular window cleaner or soapy water;
  • Use a soft sponge. Then wipe the glass with a soft cotton cloth, lint-free cloth or microfiber cloth.
  • It is not permissible to use hard brushes, sponges with hard foam rubber and large pores, as well as tools with sharp edges. Therefore, such items can scratch the tint film.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use substances with solid elements and aggressive chemicals.

Let’s summarize

So, auto tinting is a convenient and practical solution for your car.


Tired of smash and grab film suppliers? Are there defects? Stop suffering – take it off! Undoubtedly, you pasted the film on the glass of the car because you wanted to protect the interior from prying eyes, get rid of excess light, reduce eye strain, and maybe in order to give the “iron beast” a spectacular look.

But what to do when it has already lost its original appearance? Hence, there is only one way out – car glass shading. What tools are needed? How to remove the film correctly? Let’s consider in more detail.

Reasons for peeling tape and the process of removing it

There may be a lot of reasons for this, but the most common are:

  • Desire to increase the light transmission of glass.
  • Unsuitable material due to a long service life.

Regardless of whether a thermal, classic, and one Way Vision or UV protection – the coating can change its color, crack or even peel off. What to do? That’s right, remove the old tint yourself. Let’s take a closer look at what tools you need to use to remove the film.
List of tools:

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  1. construction or ordinary hair dryer;
  2. sharp knife;
  3. cleaning agent.

Careful inspection is very important

Once you have everything ready, follow our recommendations. First and foremost, before starting work, carefully inspect the glass of the car and remove all decorative linings and seals from them. Mark which glass they belong to so that you can reinstall them after completion of work.

Now let’s look at the most common ways to remove tint film from car windows.

Method 1 – use a knife

High-quality glass tinting can be removed without problems (as stated by the reviews of car owners).

Using a sharp knife, pry off the upper edge of the film (it is more convenient to start from the upper right corner of the glass if you are right-handed). Then you need to gently pull the film towards you and down, trying to remove it with one sheet, and not in separate strips.

A problem can arise if the film is too thin or of poor quality. If you have problems, then you should go to method number 2 and number 3. That is why it is important to buy film from reliable smash and grab film suppliers.

Method 2 – cleaning agent

If the film does not peel off well, does not come off in one piece and peels off, and there is no hair dryer at hand, use any cleaning agent. Window cleaners are also good – a handy spray bottle will simplify the process. You need to wipe or spray on the inside of the film so that it better separates from the glass, as

Method 3 – use a hair dryer

Heat exposure using a construction or ordinary hair dryer is the best method if the first and second ways of tinted glass are removed poorly. This method is well suited for removing the athermal film, since it is the thickest.

  1. Warm up the film. Be careful! Do not exceed the warm-up temperature above 40 degrees Celsius.
  2. Gently pry the tint with a sharp object (preferably with a knife) and pull on the edge.

That’s all, toning is gone. But no. There are traces of glue. What to do?

Best smash and grab film suppliers Conclusion

All the recommendations given in the article are based on the experience of the smash and grab film suppliers. Based on which you can save money and remove the old tint film from the car windows without any problems. If the reason for its removal was the loss of properties, then purchase a new one of much better quality.