8 Reasons to apply switchable Glass in your Apartment in 2021


5 Benefits of sun-protected glass

In addition to the obvious reasons, switchable glass with sun protection offers several other benefits for those who want to invest and create environments with much more comfort and safety. Nowadays, balconies and balconies are a great option for leisure and social areas.

Therefore, the more positive aspects these provide the better for you, the family and, of course, the better for your home.

Check out the 5 main benefits of switchable glass with sun protection:

  1. Reduced use of electricity

One of the biggest advantages of glass with solar control is the reduction in the consumption of electric energy, which happens primarily by reducing the use of air conditioning. You may even wonder what this has to do with the type of glazing on a balcony or balcony.

switchable Glass

It’s simple. The switchable glass controls the amount of infrared rays that enter the environment. And guess who gets the heat inside the house? Themselves! Therefore, be prepared to save considerably on your electricity bill.

  1. More privacy without limiting the external view

    While one of the greatest advantages of environments with glass finish is in the external view, one of the major complaints from users of this type of system is precisely the lack of privacy.

So, how about combining these two conditions and creating the perfect balance between privacy and a beautiful view? With reflective control glasses, you can limit your view from the outside in, but without losing even 1% of what you see from the inside out.

  1. The right luminosity with glazing glass
    Glazed environments can often represents excess or scarcity of light. In summer, it provides excessive clarity and brightness to the point of making it impossible to live in the piece. And in winter, pitch and darkness, which, after all, accompany the cold.

That way, only the mid-seasons, like autumn and spring, remain. The reflection characteristics of solar-controlled glasses help to control the brightness and glare of environments, taking advantage of natural light and reducing the need for artificial lighting.

  1. Ease of cleaning

    In addition to all the advantages we have already mentioned, we can point out the ease of cleaning as one of the great benefits of environments with switchable glass.

  2. Privacy films provide Safety for the whole family
    Another great advantage of glazing with sun protection is in the safety itself. In this way, environments such as balconies and balconies become a true extension of the home, being practically an extra internal room, safe for children and even pets.

Of course, in addition to these, there are many other advantages and benefits in using solar-controlled glass. Like, for examplethe integration with the external environment, the feeling of more space, the application of extra security films and many others.

So, how about investing in a super modern glass system with solar control and promoting great benefits to your home, creating a new and pleasant environment for socializing? Bet on that idea with our products and change the way you live!

switchable Glass in china

The films for windows are very important to take care of their environment.

There are several types of films, each with different objectives. Below you will see the 8 reasons to apply glass films in your environment.

1- Glass films can block ultraviolet rays

First of all, glass films have the characteristic of blocking up to 99.9% of ultraviolet (UV) rays, certainly a very important characteristic for us.

What WHO says about uv rays?

The article published by the newspaper O globo tells about the research carried out by the World Health Organization (WHO), where it says that: “About 60 thousand people die each year, the majority due to skin cancer, due to excessive exposure to the sun”.

In the same way that in the summer there is the emission of ultraviolet (UV) rays, in the winter too. In winter people are unconcerned and end up not being prevented, so they are not careful. Even on colder days, when the sun comes up, care must be taken. Using switchable glass, therefore, is very important precisely to control UV rays.

2. Glass films can be used for your safety

There are types of glass films that can hold the broken glass and even give it more resistance. This film is called a security or anti-vandal film.

For the reason that I have already explained in depth about this film for glasses, I will not go into this subject further. Because here on the blog there is content explaining everything about it. Click here if you want to see this content.

Glass films, 8 reasons to apply them

  1. Glass films can block sunlight

Have you ever been in an environment where the sunlight was so strong that, consequently, it even hurts the eyes? Or that place where you were unable to use your cell phone, notebook or TV, because the brightness of the sun hindered you? Solar control films will help you. These films, in turn, have models that reduce the sun’s illumination, and without taking your vision out.

  1. Glass films can reduce the heat of the sun

There are glass films that can reduce the heat emitted by the sun. Reflective films, for example, have the greatest ability to block the entry of heat. Because this type of film is reflective, it has the effect of sending back much of the heat it receives.

Heat-resistant glass films

However, due to the fact that most films that hold heat are dark or reflective, in some places they can be a problem, because there are places that are not allowed to apply these films, for example on condominium balconies, as the ART says. Likewise, car windows also have rules for applying switchable glass.

switchable Glass 2021

However, this is not a problem, as there are models of films that are transparent and can reduce the burning caused by the heat of the sun, see the image below:

  1. Glass films bring privacy

Glass films have models that are responsible for bringing privacy. The Privacy Film deprives people from being able to spy on what is happening within a given environment? With the privacy film, this will no longer happen!

After all, with this film you can hide places in your home that you don’t want to be exposed. Here at Easy film, we received several requests requesting Milky White Vinyl film to cover the house’s air conditioning box, for example.

6. Switchable Glass films bring Aesthetics

In addition to bringing all these qualities, the glass films help to make the environment more modern and personalized, in order to make it more pleasant. The decorative films are perfect for this function of just personalizing the environment, having several colors; they adjust in any environment, due to the amount of colors.

  1. Glass film reduces fading

The window film is also responsible for preventing fading and staining. The sun’s rays in constant contact with the furniture, as a result, contribute to the fading and stains on the object, consequently, reducing its useful life. The switchable glass can reduce such damage and as a result, increase the life.

  1. Variety

Finally, you can already see that glass films have a variety of benefits that will certainly help you to eliminate several problems you have. In addition, its wide variety is not only linked to its benefits. This in turn, is already great, but glass films also have different colors and aspects, so that it will be possible to fit in any situation within the environment.