How to Apply Privacy Smart Glass Film? (China Adhesive Privacy Film Cost 2020)


How to Apply Privacy Smart Glass Film? (China Adhesive Privacy Film Cost 2020)

The use of privacy smart glass, although already widespread in the automotive, aeronautical and architectural industries. It continues to gain ground and begins to be used in the railway industry seeking to bring its advantages to train users.

They maximize the use of natural and visual light; allow regulating the degree of transparency and translucency. Similarly, it offers darkening control, reduce heat gain and reflections, and increase comfort.

What exactly is privacy smart glass?

It is a type of glass whose ability to be penetrated by light varies depending on the application of heat, light, or an electrical current. Some of the most widely famous technologies are:

  • Electrochromic
  • Photochromic
  • thermo chromic, and
  • suspended particle glass

Its use allows to intelligently managing visibility and thermal gain. Similarly, it takes advantage of or reducing the incidence of light depending on the case.

Privacy Smart Glass

How do we measure privacy smart glass?

Generally, there is another way to get opacity. We can do this via colored glass. It is very important to get through a reliable manufacturer of privacy glass. Because, it is vital to know the measurement of your area.

In all cases there is the possibility of adapting to the requirements of the regulations in terms of:

  • insulation against fire
  • with fireproof glass
  • thermal and acoustic insulation
  • with double glazing, etc

This smart glass comes in two presentations. It is according to the requirements depending on the case of project.

  • The first option is a 5 + 5mm laminated glass. It is in the middle of the glasses has the “sandwich” technology installed. This allows the Smart Glass technology to be more protected by being in the middle of two sheets of glass.
  • The second option, which in many cases is the most viable and practical when implementing it in a project. It is a polymer with liquid crystal molecules.  Moreover, it comes with several layers and materials. Similarly, it works exactly the same as Glass. Smart described above.

The advantage of adapting this privacy smart glass to existing glass is its quick installation and adaptation to glass. Furthermore, it they can be installed and adapted on the existing glass; going from being a conventional glass to a high-performance smart glass.

How does privacy smart glass?

We can control privacy smart glass by means of a remote control or a wall switch.

Privacy glass offers you peace of mind in your investment by having a useful life. It is 10 times greater than that offered by other substitute products, such as mechanical blinds and curtains.

In addition, another advantage that smart glasses have is that they do not require maintenance by mechanical parts or washing for cleaning. This means an economic saving for derived expenses.


The main function of Smart Glass is to separate spaces in a new and elegant way. It is then, that the applications of a Smart Glass can occur in:

  • Boardroom
  • Crisis rooms
  • Offices
  • Laboratories
  • Clinics
  • Banks / ATMs / Payment boxes
  • Bathrooms
  • Airports

Additionally, another benefit of having a privacy smart glass is that you obtain an energy saving of 30% and 40%. Since this technology allows to absorb a part of the light spectrum, such as infrared rays and a blockage of UV rays.

There is even thermochromic glass, special for exterior glazing. It allows you to adjust the opacity to the amount of sunlight that the glass receives.

Smart glass has become popular as a natural way to provide privacy and elegance in the homes of individuals, commercial businesses or the hotel sector. Find out how to get the most out of them.

Privacy Smart Glass 2021
Why privacy smart glass technology is popular?

The privacy smart glass technology consists of a film of liquid crystal dispersed polymer (PDLC). It comes in between two layers of glass and two layers of adhesive. PDLC film allows the visual appearance of glass to be changed from opaque to clear or dimmed.

This allows you to have full control regarding the amount of light, privacy and heat. The Smart Glass technology is a solution is aimed not only for residential and corporate sectors, also for automotive, commercial, museums and health.

Its operation is simple; just press a switch on the wall or on a wall. We can also control by:

  • motion detectors
  • lightor
  • temperature sensors

We can integrate it into any home and building automation control system. Another aspect to highlight is that Smart Glass technology, by blocking heat or light, thus achieves more efficient spaces in energy saving and thus reduces the carbon footprint of buildings and their daily operation.

Learn about 10 advantages of using privacy smart glass technology:

  1. Remove blinds and curtains
  2. Hence, preserve the day and night views and thus enjoys the shade even with light.
  3. Minimize glare
  4. Reduce heating and cooling needs
  5. Maximize natural lighting
  6. Moreover, it protects interior furnishings
  7. Reduce heating and air conditioning needs
  8. Reduce your fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  9. Privacy smart glass increases privacy, security and acoustics

There is no longer any excuse to continue struggling with heavy curtains or irreparable electric blinds. The Smart Glass technology seeks to optimize the design and interior. It is not just our home but businesses, cars and all those around us and is composed of glass.

How to apply privacy smart glass?

We can apply smart glass in two different types. These are our self-adhesive smart window film and non-adhesive flat window film. …

Generally, people use Smart glasses in homes, offices, hospitals, vehicles, educational institutions, in short, in all sectors.


  • Protects occupants and belongings from harmful UV rays
  • Provides a comfortable living and working environment for the people inside
  • Furthermore, it reduces harmful solar heating
  • Control of extreme brightness and ambient light
  • Low electricity consumption (about 1 bulb in 10 m2 area use)


  • Privacy smart glass provides protection of privacy
  • UV / IR protection
  • High light transmission (> 80%)
  • Energy saving and environmentally friendly technology
  • Control with Wi-Fi and smartphone application
  • User-friendly solution applicable on the customer side


  • Instant and sensitive privacy control and security that can be used in conjunction with architectural design
  • Environmentally friendly, protection against UV rays (> 98%)
  • Exceptional optical quality, preventing glare and eye irritation
  • Preventing furniture, items and valuable accessories from fading and damaging
  • Energy saving stud in heating, cooling and lighting
  • Control of ambient temperature
  • Aesthetically pleasing, modern appearance
  • High durability
  • Effective use of spaces in buildings
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • High contrast for reverse projection and projection applications
  • A spacious feeling for employees and guests in closed office environments

What my experience says in privacy smart glass selection is, always consider professionals. Moreover, do not forget to hold a comprehensive research. This will help you in choosing the best materials. If you do not know about this filed, you can ask a privacy film supplier too.