What do need UV protective Smart Film Transformer?


Smart Film Transformer
What is the use of heat protection films?

Smart film transformer falls into the category of sun protection films. As you can probably already guess and as the name suggests, these films are there to protect you from the heat from the sun’s rays.

In general, one can say that foils that have a high reflection value also protect you best from heat. Most of the heat doesn’t even have the chance to get inside the room, since it bounces off or is reflected directly if the foil has a high reflection value.

A big advantage that you have with the heat protection films is that the interior does not heat up so much and it is so much more pleasant in summer than without a film. As a consequence, the costs for an existing air conditioning system will also decrease.

Smart film transformer is available in many different designs

Heat protection films are available in many different designs, which then have different strong properties.

Depending on how much the film is supposed to prevent the room from heating up, the darker or lighter it is – of course this also means that a darker film blocks part of the light.

In addition, these foils are also available in different colors such as silver, gray or bronze, so that the foils fit perfectly into the look of the facade or the building.

Assembly of smart film transformer

The installation of the sun protection films is not very difficult and with a little practice you can easily do it yourself.

It is important that you thoroughly clean the surface to be coated beforehand. If this does not happen, there may be unsightly inclusions that can only be remedied by reassembly. A glass plane or a glass scraper is recommended for cleaning. These are friendly to the window, but also do your job at the same time.

The heat protection films that you can buy from WGLASS are glued when wet. It means that the adhesive on the back of the smart film transformer only reacts when it comes into contact with water. For easier processing, it is important to mix the water with assembly concentrate.

Start by cutting the film to fit your window size

From now on it is helpful to work in pairs. The film must now be held at the top two corners. Anyone holding the film must definitely spray their fingers with a mixture of water and assembly concentrate beforehand so that there are no ugly fingerprints on the film that you can see afterwards.

Now you can start to gradually remove the smart film transformer from the film. As soon as the adhesive exposes, it should be sprayed directly with plenty of water/assembly concentrate mixture.

A big advantage over dry bonding

After you have also sprayed the area to coat, you can place the film on the pane. The film floats on the pane due to the water/mounting concentrate mixture, so that you can now easily move or adjust it.

If the foil is positioned correctly, you have to squeeze or squeegee out the liquid from under the foil. This is best done with the help of a squeezer or a squeegee. The mounting liquid must squeeze from the center to the edge, where it can then be cleaned off.

A silicone seam at the end of the smart film transformer is also part of it. It is also largely responsible for the success of your installation.

UV protection film for 24-32 weeks

UV protective films, which you can order from us here, protect exhibits, high-quality fabrics and furniture from the invisible danger of UV rays. Without sufficient UV protection, it can quickly happen that exhibited furniture, clothing or works of art behind a glass front fade within a few weeks and thus lose their shine and value.

Of course, this must avoid and this is exactly where our UV protective films come into play. Although you cannot completely prevent fading with the correct use of UV protection smart film transformer. You can extend the process by a factor of 3 – 4.

If your exhibits have already started to fade after 8 weeks. You can leave them behind a window coated with UV protection film for 24-32 weeks without any problems.

But people are also protected from UV radiation by this window film. Children react much more sensitively to light. Adults protects from UV radiation in the house thanks to UV protection film and thus also from painful sunburn and skin diseases.

What do UV protective films do?

Smart Film Transformer 2022

UV protective films provide UV protection of over 99% and are still transparent. This makes smart film transformer ideal for shop windows and museums where you want to protect furniture, clothing and works of art from UV rays.

However, the viewer or potential customer deprives of their free view. With pure UV protective films, it is mainly the short-wave light rays (300-380 nm) that are absorbed.

Most of the visible light passes through the window unbroken, like an uncoated, commercially available pane. When buying a UV protection film, pay attention to the transmission value of the film. It indicates what percentage of visible light goes through the pane.

Are the UV protective films visually conspicuous?

You can’t say that in general. Most pure UV protective smart film transformer is visually inconspicuous. However, there are also sun protection films that have good UV protection and are optically conspicuous with a tint. If a pane comes with a pure UV protective film is located directly next to an uncoated pane, it will be slightly darker.

Because a small part of the light is absorbed or reflected, coated panes are usually slightly tinted. But since the entire glass front comes with UV protection, you don’t notice the UV protective film. There is still enough daylight coming through the panes and you cannot reflect yourself in the shop window.

A transparent UV protective smart film transformer serves – as the name suggests – for pure UV protection. It therefore has no privacy or glare protection, but does not impair the view in the slightest.

Will my furniture be protected from fading?

Yes! The biggest enemy for rich colors in furniture and upholstery is UV radiation. Unfortunately, it happens again and again that the exhibits lose their color and thus their shine within just a few weeks. This counters with the help of UV protection film.

This ensures that your furniture will look the same color as it did on the first day, even after a long period of time.