How to install electrified switchable privacy glass in balcony?


Electrified switchable privacy glass

The electrified switchable privacy glass was designed for places that need transparency and low reflection. It is suitable for showcases, glazed booths, protection of paintings and pieces in museums. Being its objective, and also a greater benefit, the plate promotes the reduction of reflection by up to five times more than in comparison to ordinary glass.

Even with the blockage, it still allows more than 90% of the light to pass through and prevents almost 100% of the UV rays. Moreover, it prevents the fading of furniture and objects.

What is electrified switchable privacy glass?

The Smart Glass or Privacy Glass is very suitable for hospitals – from ICUs to hospitals. It is also widely common in clinics for examination and consultation rooms. In general, this technology allows the creation of modern environments with electronic transparency control.

In addition to high durability, it reduces hospital contamination by eliminating the need for curtains, which are responsible for the accumulation of dirt.


Safety is certainly the biggest advantage in using the film. It keeps the broken glass fragments fixed on the film and also allows the door to move even after breaking.

The electrified switchable privacy glass is hyper resistant and, therefore, it is also common as a way to prevent vandalism in establishments. It does not tear, cannot be perforated and has a layer of greater resistance to abrasion, avoiding scratches in the material.

  • Ensures greater security for users;
  • Keeps fragments of broken glass attached to the film;
  • Allows movement of the shower door even with broken glass;
  • Anti-vandalism in establishments;
  • Anti-scratch layer with greater resistance to abrasion;
  • The film does not tear, and cannot be perforated;
  • Protective layer for reflective and tempered glass;
  • Color stability (anti-yellowing);
  • At least 95% UV protection.


How to use electrified switchable privacy glass without losing privacy?

The glass walls laminated ensure many benefits to a residence. Among them, sophistication, natural light, integration between environments and protection against UV rays and acoustics. Despite all these advantages, there are still many people who are afraid to include glass in architectural projects and end up losing privacy. If this is your case, keep reading the tips and inspirations that we have separated for you!

Between indoor environments

If you are one of those who are afraid to use glass walls and let your family’s routine show, how about using glass inside your own home? A great option is to separate your home environments with electrified switchable privacy glass walls and partitions. Hence, it ensures privacy and security for your home.

In the inspiration we separated, a laminated glass wall was used to integrate the home’s environments. Check out!

Bet on curtains!

But, if your project includes glass walls on the facade of the house, don’t worry! In this case, the tip of our blog is to bet on long and beautiful curtains! This way, you will have a way to opt for privacy when you think it is necessary.

Invest in reflective glass!

The glass reflective, also known as mirrored glass is also a great option for facades with glass walls. It provides a very beautiful aesthetic effect for the house generates more privacy to the internal environment.

Moreover, it allows the entry of natural light, generating savings by reducing the need to use artificial light. In addition, it reduces energy costs in air conditioners, by making the environments more comfortable, reducing the need for appliances.

Electrified switchable privacy glass controls seasonal variations

In the months of December and January the heat is already a striking feature. With the arrival of summer, heavy rains also stamp this season. The free span on balconies of apartments and houses can become a major problem in this situation. We can solve it by electrified switchable privacy glass.

Electrified switchable privacy glass 2021

Follow our blog and see how the glass system for roof and balcony glazing becomes crucial in times of rain.

Advantages of balcony glazing electrified switchable privacy glass

The glass-tiled roof and balcony glazing is easy to install indoors and outdoors. This installation is carried out using laminated or tempered glass, being a way to guarantee maximum safety against bad weather since these glasses are the most resistant models on the market.

Natural lighting, noise protection, beauty and sophistication are some of the advantages of opting for the glazing system, be it as a curtain or glass cover.

In addition, it is possible to enjoy even more contact with the environment. The retractable glass roof has joined with high technology and allows us the option to open or close the roof according to the need of the moment.

Privacy Glass is a Unique Innovation

Among the countless innovations to come in 2017, the buildings that rely on glass will be larger than today. This is because, increasingly, glass offers countless benefits and advantages with its application, in addition to ensuring that the property is much more valued by the market.

Today, society is looking for functional, modern, sustainable and cost-effective products. And the electrified switchable privacy glass leaves nothing to be desired.

Tempered glass

Much more than security and sophistication. 2017 is the time to invest in interior decoration with glass. For those who intend to have a shower stall and glass doors, tempered glass is one of the options most recommended by specialists? This product guarantees five times more resistance and a lot of elegance and sophistication.

Laminated Glass

One of the most classic glasses, it never ceases to be renovated. Today, laminated glass is one of the most suitable for corporate buildings and this will not change in 2017. It offers incredible security, thanks to the film between the two glass plates, which is able to hold the broken glass in case of breakage.

Sun Protection electrified switchable privacy glass

Few are aware of the existence of this incredible product. The sunscreen glass has a high capacity to block UV rays and, consequently, prevents the indoor environment from becoming too hot, but remains illuminated by natural light.

Because of the greenhouse effect, experts say that 2017 will be the hottest year in history, which indicates the rise of this type of glass. And, to protect yourself from the heat to come, the ideal is to ensure that the glass applied to the doors, facades and windows is able to reduce the effect of the sun’s rays inside the environments.

Self Cleaning Glass

Like electrified switchable privacy glass, self-cleaning glass will also be on the rise next year. The truth is that the cleaning and maintenance of glass has always been a concern for users, after all, a transparent product shows any dirt. But another consequence of the greenhouse effect is the increased frequency of rain, even in areas of drought.


How to remove stickers from switchable glass front door?

Switchable glass front door
Switchable glass front door
keep free furniture should be free from dust, dirt, grease. The paper does not stick to the concrete window sill. It must first be painted over with oil paint. Also, if a wall or other surface has cracks or an old coating, then the latter must be removed, and the flaws must be repaired with latex-free plaster. No vinyl sticks to it.

What is switchable glass front door?

Those who opt to purchase the window tinting service aim for high comfort and safer driving. It is proven that the darkening will protect the driver and passengers from the heat. Darkening is also a very useful ally for people who want to better protect their privacy in the car.

It greatly reduces the view from the outside inside the passenger compartment. Blackout is also a trading lever that allows you to increase the value of your car in the event of a sale.


A house with switchable glass front door does not require special attention and care other than those reserved for a home kept in good condition. By washing the car even in the car wash, the film performs its task unchanged for more than 7 years.

Switchable glass front door recommendations

For new homes: we recommend darkening the windows immediately after the purchase. The main reason is that the glasses are kept in the best condition and no extra interventions are necessary to make them suitable for the best application. There are few poor people in the car showroom and this is good for the windows.

For cars with mileage: If there is a low quality blackout film application on the windows a screening is required to remove the old film and properly glue our new high quality film

For all cars: only tinted windows prevent excess heat in the passenger compartment and create the ideal microclimate inside the car.

What type of switchable glass front door you should choose?

If you receive more quotes and you see a very marked difference in price between the lowest and the highest, you will have to pay attention to the type of service and material quoted.

Take the time to check whether the darkening will be applied with homologated and quality switchable glass front door or with sub-brand and unsecured films. Remember that a job well done is decisive compared to a job done economically.

Beware of scammers 

Applying low quality films means wasting your time and not enjoying the benefits of this application. Over time, a low quality film exfoliates and solarizes, creating annoying and unsightly halos on the glass. Not to mention the fact that you will not enjoy the shelter from the heat of the sun and its ultraviolet rays.

Where can I use self-adhesive stained glass?

Stained glass for glass is an excellent element in interior design: home, apartment, office decoration. Applying it to the windows of the bathroom or the glass of the shower stall will make further hygiene procedures more comfortable. Adhered to the dividers of workspaces in the office, the product will limit visibility between different sectors.

At the same time, such stained glass partitions will transmit a sufficient amount of light. A sticker with a monochrome decor and a matte surface is perfect here.

Advantages and varieties of stained glass films

There are the following types of films on glass:

  • transparent;
    Switchable glass front door 2021

Some tips for using the switchable glass front door material

The classic switchable glass front door looks good on glass of a large area due to its unobtrusiveness and grace. In addition, sunlight passes through it well, so that the room will always have excellent visibility.

Some tips for using the material

The classic stained-glass window looks good on glass of a large area due to its unobtrusiveness and grace. In addition, sunlight passes through it well, so that the room will always have excellent visibility.

The stained-glass window looks spectacular, playing with all the colors of the rainbow. Real stained-glass windows are made of glass, but the film version looks no less interesting. The presence of decorative elements pasted over ornament, depending on the color.


It will make the room brighter or more comfortable. And having pasted over it a sconce, in the evening it will be possible to watch the play of light.

How to decorate room with switchable glass front door?

The children’s room can also be decorated with beautiful glass. Bright windows with flowers, dragonflies and other children’s drawings will undoubtedly delight every kid.

It is naive to believe that switchable glass front door is used only indoors. With its help, you can transform not only the interior doors, but also the front door, making it the hallmark of the house. Such a door looks much more interesting than a solid wood or metal one.

The glass sticker can be used to decorate household items, when restoring furniture. Imitation stained glass will transform old cabinets so much that they will look no worse than just rolled off the assembly line. The self-adhesive patterned glass film can be applied to a glass table, coffee table, kitchen table, or a vase standing on it.

From all it should be concluded that stained glass is an excellent solution to decorate the interior, create your own personal space.

How to remove a sticker from glass?

Over time, the switchable glass front door can get bored. If treated carelessly, it can even deteriorate. In this case, to replace it, it must be removed from the surface by pulling on one of the corners. If the material has stuck too tightly, it should be heated with a hair dryer.

Pieces of material can be easily removed with a solvent, and glue residues with an alcohol-based solvent. They are moistened, left to swell, after which they can be easily removed with a spatula or napkin.


7 Types of Door you can Apply Switchable Glass Film diy

Switchable Glass Film diy
The switchable glass film diy can help integrate the environments. Moreover, it creates an interesting connection between the internal area of ​​the building and the external space. It brings the view from the open space to the interior of the environment. Likewise, it allows natural light to enter and increases the users’ field of view, creating a feeling of comfort and spaciousness.

It is important to remember that the ideal is to use glasses suitable for this purpose in order to avoid possible accidents and breakages. Tempered glass is very suitable for application on doors. It undergoes a thermochemical treatment that makes it five times more resistant than ordinary glass.

Switchable glass film diy door with metal frame

Glass and metal are two materials with very different characteristics. And that is why, when worked together, they can create very interesting effects. The metal has a feeling of “weight” that contrasts well with the smoothness of the glass, providing a harmonic result.

The design of the switchable glass film diy with metal also greatly influences the impact it will have on the environment. A door with straight lines and a rustic finish can give a more industrial look to the decor, with a clean and minimalist look.

For those who want to create a more prominent piece, it is also possible to create designs and patterns with metal. Therefore, we are referring to the old stained glass or worked metal from the art era.

Glass door with wooden frame

The naturalness of the wood combines very well with the lightness of the glass. The type of finish used on wood can give a more rustic, modern or traditional result, being a very versatile option in the assembly of your glass door.

Switchable glass film diy door without miter

Another interesting option is to install the glass door without a frame, being only fixed by its opening system.

In this way it is possible to make the most of the subtlety of the glass. Hence, it generates a very light and discreet splitting effect. But extra attention when installing this model. It is simpler and more discreet than mitered doors. It can be more difficult to see when it is closed.

Sliding glass door

The sliding switchable glass film diy door is indicated mainly to optimize the size of the rooms. It does not need the necessary swivel area to open the models with hinges. Moreover, it is very good for sharing rooms without taking up a lot of space. Similarly, it is also widely used in cabinets, closets and wet areas such as the kitchen or bathroom stall.

Pivoting glass door

Pivoting doors tend to feel spacious and refined, and are generally wider than normal. The glass is able to add more lightness to this model, guaranteeing the effect of elegance and modernity of the pivoting doors. They can be used punctually or in sequence, creating a partition.


Glass door with hinge

This is the most traditional model of doors. In this case, glass is normally used to add transparency and allow viewing through the door, and it is also possible to create different effects with frosted or colored glass.

Shrimp glass door

The shrimp switchable glass film diy door is great for saving space. Also known as a hinged door, its opening mechanism helps to optimize the area around it and allows it to be opened without hitting nearby furniture. Glass helps this model to better integrate environments, expanding the visual field of users.

Sandblasted glass door

Sandblasted glass undergoes an abrasion process, becoming translucent. Thus, the sandblasted glass door is a good option for private areas, maintaining the lightness of the glass without allowing the visualization through the material.

Adhesive glass door

Sticky glass opens up a wide range of options. The stickers can be colored, as well as contain drawings, textures or patterns, which can be chosen in order to better harmonize with the environment. With this, the glass door can easily become a highlight in the composition – and be personalized again by changing the adhesive.

Glass door with switchable glass film diy

The switchable glass film diy can be used to protect the door or simply create effects on the glass. With this, it is possible to add colors and control the transparency of the glass. It facilitates its use in doors in areas that should have less visibility.

Some films can also reduce the entry of sunlight. They protect the internal environment from the harmful action of UV rays and reducing the incidence of heat inside the environment.

Colored glass door

Adding color is a great way to make your glass door even more modern. You can choose to color the frame and keep the glass transparent, also color the glass with films or stickers, or add color only to the glass to create a contrast with your surroundings.

Internal glass door

The glass door, when used internally, helps to enlarge the environments and generate more integration for the spaces. It can be installed to block kitchen odors or close cabinets without impeding viewing through the door.

Switchable Glass Film diy 2021

External switchable glass film diy door

When applied externally, the switchable glass film diy allows greater communication between the interior and the exterior part of the space. Thus, it is very interesting when there is vegetation or pleasant landscape on the outside of the room. In addition, it allows natural light to enter and helps to avoid the feeling of indoors.

Square glass door

Square glass is a popular model of textured glass that can be used on the glass door. On the one hand, it has a normal smooth finish. On the other side, it is covered by small squares that have a rough texture and decrease transparency, while still allowing the passage of light and with a delicate aspect.