Adhesive Privacy Window Film-The Smart Choice of Modern Windows.

What are adhesive privacy window films and why are the taking over

adhesive privacy window film

Adhesive privacy window film is what people opt for when they want to enhance the privacy of their homes, offices or cars, etc.

No one likes it when people stare at them as they are relaxing at home, working in their office, or while riding in their car. Therefore, people look for window films to allow them some privacy as they relax, work, drive, or ride.

Curtains or blinds also serve the purpose of providing privacy, but they completely obstruct sunlight while adhesive window films enhance privacy while allowing sunlight to seep through the windows.

What Are Window Films?

Window films are thin sheets made of PET or Polyester type plastic applied inside or outside the glass windows. These sheets come in a wide variety of types and serve multifarious purposes. Window films serve their particular purpose by sticking (in case of the adhesive film) or clinging (in case of the non-adhesive film) to the glass.

Window films alter the appearance of glass by changing its visibility-frosted glass or by changing its color-dyed film. They not only work to alter the appearance of glass, but some window films also enhance the strength and endurance of glass.

Classification of Window Films

Window films can be broadly classified into two types;

  1. Adhesive Window Films
  2. Non-Adhesive Window Films.

Adhesive Window Films

Adhesive Privacy Window films, as the name suggests, adhere to the interior or exterior of the window glass. They serve a variety of purposes aside from providing privacy

Adhesive privacy window films can be placed on a clean and dry window. To ensure that the film aligns properly with the window frame, a spray of water wets the glass surface. Then the adhesive window film is placed.

The wet glass surface will allow you to adjust the film to align with the window frame. The water from the glass then evaporates leaving behind a strong and properly in-place film. A squeegee is used to remove any air bubbles that might be trapped between the film and the glass to give it a nice finish.

Non-Adhesive Window Films

A non-adhesive window film or static cling film is made of vinyl material. It is based on the principle of suction. When applied to any clean, dry, and smooth surface, it clings to it. This happens because the vinyl material of this film acts as if it contains miniature suction cups.

The application of even slight pressure pushes the air from between the film and the glass. And the film clings to it by suction.

Adhesive vs Non-Adhesive Window Films

Both adhesive privacy window films and non-adhesive films have their pros and cons. While adhesive window films are more durable, non-adhesive window films can be removed and reused very easily.

The biggest downside of a non-adhesive window film is its limited application. A non-adhesive window film can only be applied over a smooth, clean, and dry window that is non-porous.

This constraint of non-adhesive window film makes it unusable in bathrooms and kitchens and practically any surface that may come in contact with water.

As opposed to this, an adhesive privacy window film can be used anywhere because it can withstand rough, wet conditions while protecting the glass as well.

So, if you are looking for a window film that provides privacy while not calling for a replacement very soon, an adhesive window film is your way to go.

Categories of Adhesive Window Films

Window films find their application in a wide variety of settings. From cars to homes, commercial buildings to ships and boats, window films are everywhere. And to fit into these multifarious settings, window films have different categories.

Insulating, Glare Reducing, and UV Blocking Films

These are insulating films to keep the hotness or coldness of the weather out from the building. Then there are glare reducing and UV blocking films. These films work to minimize the intensity of sunlight down to the required level. And block the majority of the harmful UV rays from the sun.

Adhesive Privacy Window Film

For people looking for privacy without turning the room into a dark, gloomy box there are adhesive privacy window films. These films block the vision of outsiders without completely obstructing sunlight so that the room looks lively and warm while privacy stays intact.

Decorative Window Films

Another category of window film is decorative window films. These window films turn boring old glass windows into works of art without permanently altering the glass. They serve the purpose of beautification along with providing privacy.

Safety and Security Window Films

The US invented safety and security window films in the 1970s to protect its foreign embassies. These films protect the glass from shattering and harming the people closest to the glass. A thick security window film when applied to glass can make the glass withstand a bomb blast.

There are many more types of window films serving a purpose that is specific to them.

The Adhesive Privacy Window Film

Adhesive window films have revolutionized the idea of privacy since their inception in 1902. Before that, people used to paint windows to keep out the stares and glare. This method was not only expensive but time-consuming and permanent as well.

Getting a window with frosted or colored glass is expensive. While adhesive privacy window films offer you the option of converting a regular transparent window into an opaque window without marking a huge dent in your wallet.

Adhesive privacy window films not only reduced the cost of adding privacy to glass windows. But they also provided a temporary way of making the windows opaque.

People tend to get bored and want to mix things up from time to time. Frosted or dyed glass windows can not be changed easily if you are looking for a renovation in your house.

As with Adhesive privacy window films, you can remove and replace them whenever you want to give your place a new and modified look.

Types of Adhesive Privacy Window Film

Adhesive privacy window films come in a variety of different types. This is not only to serve a wider variety of purposes but also to provide the customers with a wider range of films to choose from. So that the window film that they choose not only fits their requirements but also appeals to their aesthetics.

Tinted Window Films

Tinted adhesive privacy window films or solar controlled films are best if you are looking for a window film that not only provides privacy but also keeps sun glare away from the room. These windows work to reflect sunlight and UV rays away from the room.

Once applied, these window films give a shiny, mirror-like appearance on the outside. However, these films might not provide privacy at night because light from led bulbs and lamps may make the inside of the room visible to the outsiders.

Privacy Mirrors

One-way films or privacy mirrors are most commonly seen in police procedural TV shows. However, they find numerous applications in other commercial and household settings. Privacy mirrors or a one-way adhesive privacy window film provides a mirror on the exterior of the glass while allowing the glass to be see-through from the inside.

Frosted Appearance Films

Frosted adhesive privacy window films provide maximum privacy while allowing sunlight or light from the bulbs in the room through the glass. It obstructs the images of people and objects on both sides of the glass.

This film gives the same frosted appearance to the glass on both, interior and exterior sides. Frosted appearance window film is the best choice for people who are looking for maximum privacy throughout the day as no amount of light changes the opaqueness of this film.

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Decorative Window Films

Decorative window films serve the dual purpose of providing privacy while enhancing the look of the windows. These window films are best for people who are looking for incorporating privacy into their house or workspace without compromising on the aesthetics.

Decorative adhesive privacy window films come in a variety of designs and several different colors. You can get a Moroccan glass window without having to buy actual Moroccan glass by simply getting a Moroccan glass adhesive window film for your home or office.



Adhesive privacy window films have become a smart choice for modern windows. While being a source of making window glass obstructive to sunlight and stares, these films also provide insulation saving the cost of heating during winters and air-conditioning during summer.

Adhesive privacy window films have transformed the idea of privacy through windows by enabling the users to just place a sheet on the windows and replace them whenever they want.

Being cheaper than frosted or dyed glass, these films are easy on the pocket and fulfill their job as nicely as a frosted or etched glass would do.

These adhesive privacy window films also enhance the appearance of the room if you opt for a decorative film. The biggest advantage that these films have over curtains is that they do not block sunlight. They only obstruct outsiders’ views while allowing a controlled amount of natural light to enter into the area.


What is Electric Blackout Glass Film? How Does It Work?

What is a Electric Blackout Glass Film?

An Electric Blackout Glass Film is a glass window tint that has the quality to switch to a darker tint using electricity. A switchable glass film is known as smart film. It can switch to various tints like a blackout (dark tint) and a milky (lighter tint) tinge. These are some of the standard tints that are available in the market.

Development in switchable glass (electric glass film) has shown new variety and offered many choices. Now the switchable smart glass is also available in Electric Switchable Dark Glass or also known as Dark Glass. Dark Glass also referred to as Intelligent Glass, has many energy-saving qualities with the same purpose of blackout when needed.

As the new technology is being introduced. The researchers have used an exclusive and special manufacturing process which has allowed them to produce a darker variation of typically used Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals (PDLC) film.

Electric Blackout Glass Film

Electric Blackout Glass Smart Film

This Electric Blackout Glass Film is an industry game-changer. It’s the only film that reduces heat inside a building, so it’s safe for use in buildings with air conditioning. As a result of this Electric Blackout Glass Film, PDLC films have become increasingly popular.

It has resulted in several options for those who want a deeper tint on their windows, doors, and other glass surfaces. The growth in the market for blackout glass film led its discovery.

Not so long ago, consumers believed that there is no such technology that enables a Blackout Switchable glass, due to the limited functionality of Polymer Dispersed Liquid (PDLC) technology.

However, scientists have yet again left us speechless with their unkempt hard work. They have worked diligently to provide the market with another form of Intelligent Glass. They have come up with a solution that helps in blocking out even more light than the typical Electrical Switchable Glass or a smart glass.

This blackout film for the glass is the best solution to the rising demand for blackout glass. It is a big breakthrough in the world of PDLC film that offers a darker switchable glass than the standard switchable glass. This is a better experience for consumers. It renders consumers with:

  • A near blackout effect
  • A stylish blackout result
  • Enhancement in their privacy
  • A better way to enjoy the outdoors while staying inside
  • Better functionality than the standard switchable glass

Breakthrough Electric Blackout Glass Film:

As we know Electric Blackout Glass Film is a mystic film that has the ability to become visible or invisible just by using electric power mode and thus for the heat control. Blackout glass has innumerable creative design applications such as conference rooms, decorative accents, and living rooms.

It has proved one of the most beneficial advancements for architects, manufacturers, and many other innovative and practical users. Glass fabricators make use of this interlayered Polymer Dispersed Liquid (PDLC) film technology.

This is a great breakthrough in the field of glass manufacturing especially for autoclave and oven-equipped laminated glass production that have zero dust workshops for glass lamination.

After the installation of smart window glass, a layer of Double Glazed Blackout film or insulating glass can be laminated. This interlayer is of two types:

  • The standard economical Smart Blackout Film for lamination with ultra-clear Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
  • The latest Smart Window Blackout Film for lamination with Polyvinyl Butyral(PVB), Transparent thermoplastic materials like TPU, Sentry Glass Plus (SGP), or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) films.

The Process Of Electric Blackout Glass Film Cutting and Lamination:

There are two types of unilluminated glass films: Non-adhesive Blackout PDLC Switchable Smart Film and Self-adhesive Blackout PDLC Switchable Smart Film.

Non-adhesive Blackout PDLC Switchable Smart Film:

Switchable Blackout glass film is being used for lamination because of its multiple beneficial features. A laminated smart switchable film mostly makes use of smart Window film. With the increase in demand for blackout glass, many improvements in the latest generation of liquid crystal films.

This helps in better performance, consistency, clarity, and longevity of the blackout glass. World’s largest glass laminators are all preferring blackout glass over the previous switchable glass.

By the use of simple on and off switches, you can transform and clear glass to frost or blackout glass. Once the switch is on, the switchable glass acts as an electronic blackout blind.

Hence, it provides privacy as well as security. This option is available for doors, windows, and glass partitions. Using standard autoclave, the glass film can be laminated with Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA).

Furthermore, PDLC Blackout Switchable Smart Film for lamination is available in three distinct sizes. The standard widths are 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm that makes 38.6, 47.3, and 59 inches respectively.

The maximum sheet length is 3000mm or 118 inches. This sheet is then cut to any size or shape as per your personal needs. This is a unique technology that transforms glass. One of its highlight features is that it can turn any glass panel into a high definition projection screen often needed in corporate presentations.

Self-adhesive Blackout PDLC Switchable Smart Film:

Switchable Blackout glass film that is Self-Adhesive applies to retrofit glazing on windows and glass panels. Retrofit Self-adhesive glazing is replacing the single glass panes with insulated blackout glass. This kind of smart glass is a simple yet cost-effective method in comparison with switchable glass film technology.

Self-adhesive Blackout PDLC Switchable Smart Film is manufactured using a self-adhesive cling film on one side. This is a peel and stick option. This is why it is easier to install on already existing glass. It is self-service because of its layman installation technique.

This also comes with the functionality of an on/off electrically induced switch that transforms any glass into a blackout glass. It is a life-changing innovation. Moreover, its features like economical price may vary depending upon the size of the dark tint and at-home installation are making it accessible to the general public and help them add an additive innovative feature to their homes and workplaces.


Some of the advantages of installing an Electric Blackout Glass Film are as follows:

  1. When in the ‘On’ state it gives a high level of transparency.
  2. When in ‘Off’ state it high-level privacy and security.
  3. It has stability in color blackout hence giving equal color distribution.
  4. In general, it is a good quality smart glass than the standard glass used in homes and offices.
  5. It offers a wide variety of dimensions in length and width so that you can choose according to your preference and requirement.
  6. Glass Factories can use the smart glass lamination directly because of its cut-to-size easy installation.
  7. It comes in various options to solve almost any problem regarding smart glass installation.
  8. Smart blackout glass uses the in lamination either with EVA or with PVB/SGP/TPU/EVA.
  9. It an all-in-one solution for natural light-sensitive spaces, security, privacy, and heat management.
  10. It is easily transportable from one place to another due to its high endurance feature. So even if you live over the seas, getting your hands on a Smart Blackout Glass is not a problem.
  11. A specialized team allotted just to answer queries related to Smart Blackout Glass makes it an even more attractive choice.

Electric Blackout Glass Film

The Principal Of Deep Dark Glass Films

Electric Blackout Glass Film, as we already know is a switchable glass technology. It allows the consumer to switch the appearance of the glass by using electric power outage from transparent and blacked out and vice versa. Switchable glass technology has two other states.

It is available in opaque and solar-tinted switchable glass. Blackout glass is a great way to alter the appearance of the glass drastically via using electric current. Blackout glass is getting widely used in all kinds of different applications like skyscrapers, hospitals, and even in cinemas due to its privacy qualities and easy installation.

Common Use of Privacy Windows

Most commonly used for better security and privacy solutions, makes it a feasible choice.

  • In Hospitals: It helps improve patient privacy adding to the functionality of a single room.
  • In Operating Theaters: It enables a separate viewing space in the OT. Of course, this is optional and depends on the discretion of the patient. It also is a great innovative way to teach medical students during the performance of medical procedures instead of using curtains.
  • In X-ray Rooms and Labs: It is a great way to transform a room into a faux blackout to perform necessary tests that require total darkness. When not in use the blackout screen remains stagnant so that the natural light can stream in.
  • In Skyscrapers: It has now become a key ingredient in building a skyscraper. It is a great way to manage the heat that enters the building and privacy/security.
  • In Private Viewing: It lets you enjoy the view without hindering your privacy.
  • In Corporate Rooms: It can help as room partitions to accommodate different meeting happening at the same time.
  • In-Home Cinemas: It has dual functionality when it comes to home cinemas. It can act as a screen for projecting movies and also transform into blackout glass windows to prevent any UV light from entering that gives a better viewing experience.

Therefore, indulging in installing Blackout Glass Lamination is a great way to ensure privacy and security.

Electric Blackout Glass Film company

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The Complete Mechanism of Switching PDLC Film Technology

PDLC Film: A Complete And Informative Guide

PDLC Film or Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Film, also known as the switchable film works on a certain mechanism. It comprises the polymer matrix of liquid crystals. These liquid crystals combine together using electrically conductive Indium Tin Oxide-coated PET film.

The technical name for switchable film is PDLC. The PDLC film material which shoots through an electric field regroups the PDLC droplets. As a consequence, the PDLC liquid crystals match with the refractive index of the polymer.

The Mechanism of Switching A PDLC Film:

When switching the field of PDLC Film several factors need consideration. Theoretically, Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Film switch, grounds upon the balance between the elastic and field torques in ellipsoidal droplets. Switching fields depends on polymer droplet size and shape.

The droplet size and shape helps in calculating the switching fields rationally. If the switching field needs resolution analytically, optical transmittance measurements help in the calculation. As a function of temperature, possible switching mechanisms make a comparison between experimental and theoretical results.

The Basic Principal:

After the power switches off, polymer liquid crystals molecules randomly focus on the screen which in turn scatters subsidiary light. This switches the panel into a privacy mode by turning opaque.

As soon as an electrical current passes through the film the PDLC Film becomes clear bypassing the subsidiary light through the Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals that line up close to the film. The Liquid Crystals always respond to electrical current.

In order to switch the PDLC Film, electrical current introduced in the film via a descriptive wiring system makes the alterations.


Electricity introduced through the wiring forces the Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals to align and the film switches to clear mode. When the current stops flowing, Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals return to their original position. This makes the film translucent again.

 PDLC Film is an advanced technological product that switches instantaneously from opaque to transparent with the use of an electric current. When the power is off, the film turns transparent, and when power on the film switches to opacity. With the use of variance in electricity supply, it regulates and adjusts the light conduction.

Switchable PDLC Film: The Fundamental Parts

Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) Film comprises of micro-sized liquid crystal droplets. They disperse in matrixes of isotropic polymers. If the PDLC film combines liquid crystal polymers appropriately, it becomes electrically switchable.

A PDLC Film is switchable from opaque or ‘off-state’ into transparent or ‘on state’.

When in ‘off state’, the film seems milky white. The mismatch in refractive index by the incoming light causes this effect. As soon as the film is electrically charged, the Polymer liquid crystal polymers lines up along an electric field.

They line up in such a way that a liquid crystal polymers come in parallel with the electric field. This turns liquid crystal polymers to a positive dielectric condition which helps them in lining up with molecular axis. This is longitudinal to the direction of the electric field.

Thus, when in ‘on state’, the index refractive closes the distance with the polymer matrix; the entering light doesn’t scatter which makes a PDLC film transparent.


PDLC films are widely considered in switchable options like windows, glass doors, and even in architectural structures. This switch of PDLC film from transparent to opaque is only possible if the film has a covering of ITO that is an electric conductor.

Indium Tin Oxide is a functional semi-conductor. Being a semi-conductor, its conductivity ranges from being an insulator to being a metal conductor.

It has these dual properties, owing to the addition of impurities and temperature effects. Technologies that involve semiconductors are an important component of almost all electronic circuits like silicon.

In this case, a PDLC Film has high electrical conductivity. Moreover, indium tin oxide’s density is seven g/cm³ which forms a thin layer on the film that appears transparent to the naked eye in normal light.

ITO is mostly white or light yellowish in color. It is the most important phenomenon used in PDLC films that conduct electricity, hence making the transformation from transparent to opaque and opaque to transparent.

Uses of PDLC Film:

The PDLC film is becoming a popular technology spreading its uses industrially and also in common household setups. The technology is modern-day magic because it will switch the glass from transparent to opaque in a matter of seconds.

This robust technology lets you access its benefits by either using a switch flip, tapping an app or by making a simple hand gesture.  This technology is so dynamic, that it uses extend from private to open spaces as well. Its well-known and common uses include:

  1. Residential Uses: It is an excellent medium to incorporate privacy in bathrooms, shower, indoor partitions, and private rooms.
  2. Commercial Uses: Professionally they are a great adoption when privacy requirements arise in conference rooms, office doors, and office partitions as well as receptions.
  3. Retail Uses: They always opt when installing retail outlets because they come in handy when constructing changing rooms or projection displays.
  4. Healthcare Uses: The medical sector can have it without these PDLC films because much of the hospital/clinic interior requires privacy like ICU Doors, Nurseries, Emergency Rooms, Operating Rooms, and check-up partitions.
  5. Banking Uses: The banking services are also rapidly opting to install these PDLC filmed Glass for ballistic uses, transaction windows, deposit rooms, and locker rooms.

PDLC Film technology can turn any glass into Smart Glass. As mentioned above it has innumerable uses that cover the residential, commercial, retail, healthcare, and banking sectors.

You can easily control the privacy standards that you want to follow in your desired sector at the tip of your fingers. Furthermore, the PDLC technology is making progressive steps in making our surroundings up-to-date technology-wise.

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How Dynamic Glass is the Perfect 3M Building Solutions

How Dynamic Glass is Making an Impact On Modern Buildings

Dynamic Glass is an electronically charged glass that darkens its interior side. With the use of a small DC voltage, a thin coating appears that changes clear glass to a tinted one. A very low voltage system creates this kind of glass. This is a great way to make the glass energy efficient plus the installation process becomes easier.

Dynamic Glass

Process of Making Dynamic Glass

Dynamic Glass comes into existence using Dynamic Glazing. Electrochromic technology helps darken the interior of the glass by coating the inner layer with a tint. DC current charges the glass particles which then create the tint. Tinted Glasses are an example of Dynamic Glass because they darken when light hits it.

Working of Dynamic Glass:

Dynamic Glass consists of five layers that use ceramic coatings. Low voltage slowly starts transferring lithium ions and electrons from one layer to another layer which starts turning the glass to a darker tint. Similarly, when reversing the voltage, glass return backs to its original clear state.

A 5V voltage is more than enough to perform this transformation. This technology has proved to be energy- effective as it allows taking full advantage of daylight and solar energy. When in the Electrochromic state, the glass absorbs energy and deflects heat. Thus, this glass helps in saving energy.


  The Perfect 3M Building Solutions:

The use of Dynamic Glass in architectural applications is the most sought-after option. In architectural terms, it has 4 distinct tinting levels. This innovation has proposed various 3M building solutions. It has beneficial effects not only on saving energy but also in providing sound architectural solutions.

Effective Solutions

  1. No Carbon Trail:It has proved helpful in reducing the carbon trail hence it helps in reducing the environmental pollution.
  2. LEED Certification:It can help in achieving LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification.
  3. Energy Cost Reduction:It can reduce energy costs by taking away the load from the central cooling systems and saving solar energy.
  4. Reduced Load on Air-Conditioning System:It can reduce the load on Air-Conditioning System by preventing unnecessary heat from getting inside the premises.
  5. Installation Costs: It can reduce the costs of installing an expensive Air-Conditioning system.
  6. Easy Installation: This system has an easy installation. It can be incorporated into the automatic building management system and the controls are easily manageable via an automated system or even a mobile device.
  7. Energy Efficient Glass:As discussed earlier, the installation of Dynamic Glass is easy, energy-efficient, and economical.
  8. Saving Power: Glass in itself consumes a very tiny amount of power thus it is energy efficient.
  9. Adjustable Features: It is easily installable in doors, windows, skylights, and glass structures.
  10. Life Expectancy: Dynamic glazing can last up to 40 years; therefore their anticipated life expectancy makes a minute dent when building architecture.
  11. Multi-Tasking Qualities: They have multi-tasking qualities because they are easily installable on exceptionally large architectural frames, vertical structures, and sloped designs.
  12. Human Health: They also play an indirect role in maintaining an environment that ensures human health.
  13. Energy Load: Due to the response of the glass to sunlight and other weather conditions, the building’s accumulative energy load reduces drastically whether it’s heating or cooling systems.
  14. Emission Control: Dynamically glazed glass also helps in lowering any harmful emission from inside to the environment and vice versa.

Dynamic Glass manufacturers

New Developments in Dynamic Glass:

Dynamic Glass is not a new invention. It commercialized in the early 2000s. Since its early development, it has gone through major advancements especially after its increased usage in architectural structures.

These advancements have offered design flexibility which ensures optimum use of energy as well as comfort. Some major improvements are:

  1. The variety and increase in the size of the glass.
  2. Options available in colors for the exterior side of the glass like green, blue, grey, and bronze. This helps improve the aesthetics of the architecture.
  3. Improvement in reflective colors on the interior side.
  4. Effective glare and heat control via visible light transmittance.
  5. Availability of new and geometric shapes to accommodate triangular, sloped, and vertical architectural challenges.
  6. Independency in controlling the tinted areas at the same time.

Dynamic Glass in the Long-Run:

Dynamic glass or Smart glass is a perfect building solution. Currently, many architects are opting for it when building a commercial building space. Furthermore, this growth in the adoption of Dynamic Glass usage guarantees energy-efficient commercial sectors.

\A general census conduct worldwide shows that the use of Dynamic glass will have a visible growth of 30 to 50% in making a commercial building space by 2050. Moreover, estimation shows that there will be a 9% reduction in climatic energy resources with the increased use of dynamic glazing.

This reduction in emissions can result in 0.3-0.5 gig tons of decreased energy use. This might seem an additional financial at the time but it can yield massive lifetime corporation savings.


Dynamic Glass has the possibility to deliver positive changes in the built of architectural designs. It is an energy sustainable design that provides thermal and visual comfort effectively. It has the ability to maintain the perfect balance in incoming heat and light according to consumer needs while maintaining a visual connection to the outside world.

This has enabled the architects to ditch conventional designs into adapting comfortable and energy-efficient options. This energy-efficient technique has allowed the availability of well-lit spaces without the reduction of windowed areas.

Dynamic glass aesthetics have improved the functionality and capability of buildings. Additionally, it has improved the volume of glass used, exterior color aesthetics, and interior personality of the structure.

They help maintain an elegant frontage in the interiors too. In the rising demand for energy-efficient systems, this technique exactly targets the energy functional needs.  The rapid use of this glass is becoming a standard sun management solution that does not hinder the green environmental movement.

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Why car window tinting film suppliers won’t recommend Glazing of cars?

Protective film is a safer solution than polishing

car window tinting film suppliers

Do you know when you buy a new cell phone and protect it with film? All this to keep it brand new? What if you could do the same with your car and contact car window tinting film suppliers? This protection applied would work even better than the film on your phone?

What is a car window tinting film?
The tinting film is basically a sheet of transparent film. It forms a protective layer for painting your car.
Few things are as frustrating. For instance, going back to the car in the parking lot of the mall can be risky. So, I would personally advise to use tinting films for car windows. Because these films enhance beauty.

Car window tinting film suppliers is currently one of the greatest aesthetic differentials of a vehicle. Its real function is to protect the bodywork from the weather from nature. When exposed to rain, sun and sea air, for example, it rusts and becomes increasingly fragile. Painting avoids this process.

There are three most common ways to fix car window tinting film suppliers risks


Polishing is the most common way to remove stains, scratches and burn marks on the bodywork. In short, sandpaper is applied over the paint to reduce the varnish layer until it is even and removes the risk. The process, although effective, is very harmful, since it wears off the varnish that protects the paint. Therefore, you should never polish a car 0 km.

car window tinting film suppliers company in china

You can buy a tinting film from an online car window tinting film suppliers.


Crystallization is the application of a protective teflon-based resin. It lasts approximately 6 months. This resin is placed over the paint in order to protect it and increase its durability. It is also effective to protect the paint against those minor damages, such as:

  • pebbles on roads and
  • Door opening of the neighboring car.

Like polishing, crystallization is not recommended for cars 0 km.

Why car window tinting film suppliers won’t recommend Glazing of cars?

Glazing is perhaps the most effective chemical way to protect your vehicle. It is a process incorporated into the varnish of the painting,. This protection is more effective than the previous ones.

This process protects the paint from UV rays too. Glazing usually lasts up to 3 years, but requires constant care. This is the most difficult thing to do. You may find all three processes cool, but still car window tinting film suppliers have best options for you.

All of these techniques are effective in protecting the car. But, as you can see, each has its specific purpose. The cost can vary, but still nothing prevents you from going back to get your car in the mall’s parking.

But is there really a way to prevent your car from being scratched or scratched?

Yes, with window tinting film!

The car window tinting film suppliers works similarly to classic adhesive vinyls in automotive customization. However, it is a transparent film and its function is to protect the painting.

car window tinting film suppliers 2020

Advantages of car window tinting film

One of the advantages of this film is that there is no need to wrap the whole car. It is possible to protect only the parts that are at high risk of being damaged, such as:

  • Bumpers
  • hood and
  • sides

Since car window tinting film suppliers film, being transparent, does not change the original color of the vehicle. It is not necessary, for example, to apply to the ceiling.
In general, conventional adhesives come in various thicknesses. This can vary from 70 to 100 microns. Moreover, it does not guarantee good protection.

To improve, the film protects the vehicle’s paint in a great way. Protective films, such as Wglass, have UVA and UVB filters. Similarly, it has resistance to abrasion and most chemical agents, such as:

  • acid rain and
  • Bird droppings.

This protects the car’s paintwork, preventing it from burning and keeping it untouched.

What are the types of car window tinting film?

Basic tinting film

Basic tinting film is used by many people just to improve the aesthetics of the vehicle. Furthermore, many people prefer it to reduce the internal temperature. Hence it is the cheapest way to enhance car window visuals. You can find the best car window tinting film suppliers here.

Advanced and Windshield

The advanced tinting film costs more. However, it has better quality. Moreover, they usually have simple protection against ultraviolet rays. And thus help to reduce the internal temperature. There is also a specific windshield with 75% and better quality.

car window tinting film suppliers and manufacturers

Car window tinting film provides Anti-theft or security

This tinting film is done to prevent the glass from shattering in the event of an impact in theft or theft. Thicker, it increases the difficulty of accessing the vehicle, helping in safety. In addition, in the event of an accident, prevent shrapnel from reaching the occupants.


As the name says, this car window tinting film is made exactly with the function of reducing the incidence of ultraviolet rays. Therefore, it has ability to protect the car. Various car window tinting film suppliers offer anti-UV films with different protection factors.

But the rule is clear: the higher the level of UV protection, the higher the price.

However, the accessory is a benefit for those who are exposed for a long time in the car. Maximum protection does not alter the transparency of the tinting film.  And can even reach 100%, which is much higher than protectors for personal use.

The so-called car window tinting film is a very popular product in all cars. And even before the car leaves the dealership, it is already installed by the new owner.


One of the best reasons to choose car window tinting film suppliers is privacy. People choose it in order to prevent theft and theft. Another objective of consumers is the retention of ultraviolet rays, as well as helping to lower the temperature inside the car.

The vast majority, however, prefer to apply the tinting films purely for aesthetics. There are also impact resistant films, holding the glass shards.

But, not all types of films can be placed on car windows. Many want almost total darkness in the windows and generally use the so-called G20 or G5. It is prohibited.


Operating principle of switchable privacy glass film (Best smart film guide 2020)

Which Switchable Privacy Glass Film you should Install in Home?

Switchable Privacy Glass Film manufacturers

The introduction of new, smart technologies occurs not only in science, industry, but also in everyday life. New high-tech equipment, products, as well as various materials, one of which is a switchable privacy glass film.

It is already widely used in various fields of activity. Similarly, it regularly appears, becomes fashionable, and is in demand. Therefore, it is worth telling in more detail about this innovative film material. Moreover, we shall be describing:

  • What technology is used for production?
  • Its  properties
  • advantages of use

Which switchable privacy glass film you should install in Home?

  • Do you know which film to apply in a residence?
  • Would you like to know how they work?

First of all, follow our post and clarify your doubts about switchable privacy glass film.


This film is best for houses and apartments. However, they can also be placed in commercial and business areas.

It is a very common mistake for those that apply wrong film in homes. And it mainly happens with inexperienced applicators. They use automotive films in residential applications. This is a very serious flaw and should in no way be committed.

What is switchable privacy glass film?

First of all, you need to figure out what is meant by switchable privacy glass film. You are considering smartphones and smart TVs perhaps. Under this concept is meant the acquisition of new, “smart” properties that were previously absent in everyday products and materials.

Smart film for glass is a multilayer material based on a solid:
  • Polymer compounds
  • thermoplastic polyurethane
  • polyvinyl butyrate
  • ethylene vinyl acetate
These materials provide good result against:


  • Blocking sunlight
  • It protects from harmful sun rays
  • Provides better sound insulation
  • People use it to increase the beauty of homes
  • Similarly, it is best for privacy

In short, these all points have made such products actively in demand in advertising, architecture, and interior design. After installing switchable privacy glass film, you can easily change the appearance of any living apartment.

Operating principle of switchable privacy glass film

Smart film is a material with variable transparency. In its normal, inactive state, it is a low-translucent coating applied to glass surfaces. Similarly, it prevents any objects from being seen at a distance of more than 20 cm.

Using glass window for smart bathroom has been one of the newest trends in decoration. In addition, people use it to change the appearance of environments. Moreover, it brings sophistication and innovation to your spaces.

Electronic or intelligent glass is one of the most current technologies. Companies around the globe use switchable privacy glass film in their manufacturing projects.  Why it is so much popular? This film offers you to electronically control your privacy and the passage of light.

Use of glass window for smart bathroom

One of the most perfect LC Privacy Glass bathroom window applications is in damp environments. The blinds and curtains tend to get damp, dirty and in need of repair.

Even in a matte or private state, smart glass allows the passage of diffused light, Furthermore; it reduces the need for artificial lighting.


For greater flexibility, each section of the Wglass can be selected and controlled independently within the same window.

You can freeze the top. Moreover, there is an option to leave the bottom clear for brightness control. Or make the top part lighter, if you want little clarity, for example.

This makes your bathroom, in addition to luxurious, with an incredible design. When you want privacy, call in private mode and when no one is using the bathroom, leave it off, so the room appears.

How does switchable privacy glass film for smart bathroom work?

The production of intelligent glass comes with a lamination process, of two glasses with an LCD (liquid crystal) film .

It can be operated through your applications, via a wall switch. Or you can operate it by integrated into your home automation.

When the device is turned off, the smart glass returns to its normal condition. This will allow the passage of light to flow through the smart glass.

Check out the main benefits of switchable privacy glass film:

  1. The product is capable of receiving projections

If the smart glass is off, you may be able to receive image projection.

Switchable Privacy Glass Film

By having liquid crystal in its composition, it will provide greater quality of the projected image.

This means that you can watch series, movies, soap operas and everything else you want in your environment.

  1. Custom-made

Created for special spaces, smart glass can be used in hospitals, hotels, homes. Or you can use switchable privacy glass film anywhere that requires privacy.

  1. Extremely easy to clean

Smart glass is created to allow easy cleaning, avoiding the accumulation of dirt. For this reason, it has a simplified maintenance and excellent durability.

What is difference between switchable privacy glass film and automotive tint film?

Films for residential applications are different from automotive tintfilm as we will see below.

First of all, know that the residential solar control film absorbs a large amount of heat generated by the sun’s rays. And in no way should it be applied on ordinary and laminated glass, understand why.

The laminates and common glasses do not design to reach high temperatures. So the chances of cracking them are huge.

After all, glass exposure to solar radiation in residential applications is in fact much more aggressive. On the other hand, automotive windows are less affected. It is due to the circulation of the vehicle itself and its smaller dimensions.

Main types of home switchable privacy glass film

Anti-Vandal Security Film:

The anti-vandal film is thick and can be 18 times more resistant than ordinary films.

Decorative Film:

It is best for those who need privacy in a certain space. Moreover, switchable privacy glass film offers much better decoration.

Home thermal film:

They are able to block or reflect the solar heat. It maintains cozy environment.

So, did you like to know about home film? It is certainly not all yet. There are a multitude of models, and constantly the big film brands are launching their trends. However, you can already have a great idea, right?


7 Best Bathroom Window Film Ideas (privacy film) | 2020

Have you thought about bathroom window film?
Bathroom Window Film

It can be used to separate rooms, but without losing integration with the other corners of the house. That is clear, always thinking about the privacy that is fundamental in our home!

Currently, glass has been widely used in civil construction in places such as:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • outside areas

Moreover, it is also able to make the environment more visually attractive.

But you may be wondering: is having a glass door in the bathroom a good alternative?

That is why today we are going to address some important factors about the bathroom window film.

Why have a bathroom window film?

One of the big questions you should keep in mind is: How do I get my privacy?

Although it looks like an inappropriate material for a bathroom door, it is possible to use the material without losing privacy.

There are types of glass on the market such as sandblasted that can be very suitable for this situation.

The sandblasting technique is one that makes the glass more frosted. But you can leave your bathroom with much more privacy and also very stylish!

You can also choose to insert a white film on the glass that leaves a comfortable space. This method makes it easy to use the bathroom.

Another reason for having a glass door is that it is different from materials such as wood, aluminum, etc.

Glass is a material that can receive moisture without damaging the material. Hence, it can be a positive point for you.

In addition, the cost of a glass door in the bathroom can be much more affordable than a wooden door, for example.

Advantages and disadvantages bathroom window film

Bathroom Window Film manufacturers

Some important points have already been addressed for you to choose a bathroom window film.


Aesthetics:  The first advantage that we can see in the glass door is aesthetics. As always discussed here, glass imparts a certain lightness to the environment.


Security:  This is a point that should never be overlooked by the consumer. Despite looking like a fragile material, glass is much more resistant to break.

Durability:  The glass door can be a great option for those looking for durability. Because it is a material with a useful life and constant maintenance is not necessary.

Practicality:  Because it is a relatively simple material. Bathroom window film offers greater practicality for the consumer.

Lighting:  It is usually a closed area that receives less light. But the bathroom, like the rest of the house, needs light, no matter how little. The glass door can solve your problem!

Main models of glass door for bathroom

Sliding door

Sliding glass door is one of the most used models in bathrooms today. It has a horizontal opening and is usually attached to rails.

But it can also be used for the more spacious.

The sliding model is able to offer a certain lightness to the environment and most importantly: it maintains the privacy that your bathroom needs! You can easily use bathroom window film on it.

Open Door

The bathroom door is widely used in more traditional bathrooms. And it is usually installed in larger bathrooms, since it tends to take up more space than the sliding door.


The great advantage is that it is much more resistant in relation to possible accidents, for example.

A positive point to choose this type of door without neglecting your security.

With all the advantages and disadvantages presented, for sure, you will have good reasons to install new bathroom window film in your home. But it is necessary to take some steps before anything else. Look:

The first step in choosing a quality bathroom window film.

It is worth saying that a glass shop that values ​​the quality and safety of the client.

Another tip is to look for colleagues who have recently undergone a renovation. And ask for a recommendation for a good bathroom window film shop to make your home even more beautiful.

Which film to choose? Know the main types available

When faced with a glass window that lets intense light into the environment, one of the first thoughts that occurs is to install films.

One of their relevant characteristics is that such films are best for decoration of homes.  They are popular due to their decent appeal and style.

In addition to reducing the entry of light and protection against ultraviolet rays, the films are means to provide privacy against external glances and provide thermal comfort.

Bathroom window film soften the heat of the environment. It is worth remembering that excessive sunlight is a critical factor not only due to the intense light, but also for furniture and wooden floors. They can fade if exposed to the sun.

In this way, understanding about types of films can help you choose what is best, according to your needs. They are found in four basic types:

  1. Reflective
  2. Blackout
  3. smoked and

Reflective Bathroom window film

The reflective are the films that have a mirrored layer. They provide a mirror effect on the outer face of the glass. They are ideal for building facades, as they help with thermal comfort. Moreover, they reflect the sun’s rays, and still give a decorative touch to the construction.

Bathroom Window Film suppliers

In addition, they can be used indoors composing glass furniture, giving them a mirror appearance.

Blackout film

The blackout Bathroom window film are characterized by preventing complete entry of external light. Therefore, they guarantee total privacy, since they do not allow viewing what is inside the environment. Similarly, whoever is inside also cannot see the outside.

Smoked Bathroom window film

The smoked film makes light difficult to enter. Similarly, it allows visibility on both sides of the glass and is ideal for different environments. This type has four intensities of luminosity control. Hence, it gives the possibility to choose what best suits different projects.

Blasted film

Sandblasting is a film that partially inhibits luminosity and visibility. Moreover, it gives the glass a translucent and matte effect. They are widely used in the bathroom stall. They may have a decorative function.

In fact, Bathroom window film are excellent outlets for those looking for privacy and reduced light input. Similarly, each available model addresses a type of problem, making it easier to choose the one that best suits your needs. Now that you know more about films and their benefits, how about adding them to your project?

Think about the environment you want to obtain.

First, before choosing the types of Bathroom window film that you will apply to your doors and windows, you need to know what the desired effect is. How much do you want to darken the environment?


Because you must be careful when placing a very dark material.

In addition to darkening, some films also have the power to reduce heat and protect against UV rays. So, when choosing your film, keep these aspects in mind. Also pay attention to the details described next:

  • about the lighting and
  • The ability to see through glasses.

Bathroom window film controls external light during the day

As stated before, the light filtering capacity depends on the type of Bathroom window film that will be installed. It exists from blackout, which blocks 100% of light.

Combine the film with the environment:

There is a huge variety of colors, types and Bathroom window film in the market today. That is why, the possibility of combining the application with the environment, is very large. An elegant environment sometimes calls for a more decorative model, at other times a simple smoke will have the necessary visual effect.

The Bathroom window film is a great choice as it is a film 100% customizable. It comes with multi benefits. You can use it for decoration or for marketing purposes. This material can be worked in bands, stripes and with electronic cutouts. It is quite common for companies to request this type to make logos on the glass doors and windows of their offices.

In some cases, colored films, naturally colored or mirrored, can also be good options.

Visual Comfort with Bathroom window film

One of the biggest reasons and concerns of people, when installing any type of film, is the privacy factor.

When choosing the type of film to install, it should be considered that what are the specification of window film. Does it meet your requirement?


If privacy is one of your biggest reasons, look carefully and choose the type that best suits your case. During the day the effect will be very effective even for the lightest materials. But during the night the light is reversed.

And the common thing is that the interior is lighter than the outside. So, the darker the film, the better, because despite it does not block the entire view, the glass will have a smoky effect. It will block part of the view, while maintaining some privacy.

Bathroom window film best to stop UV Rays

Another important factor in the case of smoke, is the visual comfort factor.  Bathroom window film effectively control the uv rays. This factor is scientifically proven in tests with specific devices developed to measure the incidence of light, UV rays and heat.

The application of this material is especially necessary for companies and offices. Because it maintains the environment with less intensity of sunlight. Moreover, it does not cause stress or headache in people working in these locations.

In this case, the greater the blocking of the external light, the better for the functioning of your company.

For those who own a business or even a small office, it is worth thinking about this advantage when choosing the type of Bathroom window film to install on site.

Energy saving window film for bathroom

Another factor that many people do not realize. The Bathroom window film is able to block the external light and even the UV rays. In addition, it is also able to decrease the heat caused by the solar lights. Therefore, the environment becomes fresher and the use of air conditioners will be less.

In the long run, energy savings alone will pay for the installation. So if you didn’t already know about this effect, now that you know it might be a good time to start thinking in your pocket!

It can be a smart decision to make …

Noise Reduction:

Another good feature of the application of this material is the ability to reduce noise.

The fact is that there is no proven promise for this type of effect. Since its material doesn’t allow noise to enter, you can enjoy a very good experience. We can say that it works as a sound insulator. Minimizing the outer noise is its best part.

There are reports of up to 30% noise reduction.


Bathroom window film provides better security

If you are looking for security, you may need a special type of Bathroom window film. And perhaps this is the most important reason, among all the characteristics of the window films. We can count on for two simple reasons:

1 – The visual blocking factors very important. In this, external viewers do not have visual access to those who are inside environments. Majorly, it comes to increase visual excitement.

2 – In cases of accidents, this material is capable of containing possible pieces of broken glass. It prevents it from spreading into the environment. But there is a more specific material for this functionality, called security anti-vandal film.


Bathroom window film not only prevents the glass from spreading in case of accidents, but also protects the windows from possible invaders.

There are several types of protection levels and material quality, some cheaper and others a little more expensive, but more effective.


6 Benefits Electrochromic Glass Manufacturers Can Provide (2020 update)

Introduction to electrochromic glass manufacturers

Electrochromic Glass Manufacturers

Nowadays it has become a trend to use electric glass in all commercial and residential buildings. Electrochromic glass is also one of these smart electronic glasses. Moreover, electrochromic glass manufacturers are producing these smart and modern electric glasses to add innovations in your lives.

They feel you like some magic is happening around the air. In just a moment you can see but in very next moment you can’t. It sounds strange but yes, nowadays it is happening almost everywhere in modern and advanced cities and countries.

Electrochromic glass can help you in many ways. Nowadays architectures are using these smart glasses in almost every field all over the world. Such as,

  • commercial buildings
  • homes
  • automotive
  • hospitals
  • residential apartments
  • hotels, etc.

Hence, electrochromic glasses have become an essential need in our daily uses as well as industrial uses.

What are electrochromic glasses?

Basically, they are ultimate and useful connectors between our buildings and natural atmosphere.

Electrochromic Glass Manufacturers in china

Electrochromic glass manufacturers are serving all the industries by producing these smart electrochromic glasses. You can simply change the transparent glass to opaque with just a click of button.

Furthermore, these smart glasses are providing us ease, comforts with privacy. Electrochromic glass can,

  • protect you from UV rays
  • decrease energy efficiency
  • provide you extreme comforts
  • save your interior designing to fade up
  • change from transparent to translucent and opaque
  • provide you extreme privacy.

In fact, architectures and interior designers are thanking to this advanced technology. Because it is adding more attraction and glamor to their creations.

Electrochromic glass manufacturers also call it changeable glass,

  • smart glass
  • tintable glass
  • dynamic glass, etc.

Generally, it is a tintable smart glass and you can use it for,

  • doors
  • windows
  • curtains walls
  • facades
  • skylights, etc.

Additionally, this glass also provides its users a great range of designs to beautify their offices or residential apartments.

Electrochromic glass manufacturers have made it electric efficient

Electrochromic glass manufacturers have designed in such a way that it can work by using very low amount of electricity. It consumes very less electricity. It actually requires a lower voltage than a 60-watt light bulb. Additionally, this smart glass has ability to reduce power consumptions by more relying on daylight.

Electrochromic Glass Manufacturers 2020

Although its name is electrochromic glass but it needs a very low amount of voltage. The glass needs this minimum electricity only when to switch it from transparent to translucent or opaque. Moreover, it does not need the electricity all the time and hence it uses less electric current. So, generally it is an electric efficient product.

What are the applications of Electrochromic glass?

Electrochromic glass manufacturers are serving all the industries whether commercial or industrial. This smart glass provides its users a great privacy and comforts. Additionally, architectures are making use of this smart electrochromic glass in,

  • Government buildings
  • Educational institutions
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Cultural institutions
  • Office buildings
  • Home and modern residential apartments

Advantages of electrochromic glass in different sectors

Electrochromic glass can benefit you in numerous ways. These smart glasses are not only beneficial in homes but also in industrial and commercial sectors. Hence, by using this smart switchable glass you can get the maximum advantages of daylight.


According to Electrochromic glass manufacturers this smart glass is helpful for working long hours in offices using less electric current. Additionally, you can get benefit from sunlight but this smart glass can save you from extra heat and glare.

In homes:

It is very advantageous in your home. Electrochromic glasses add beautiful changes and modern look to your home. Moreover, this smart glass has minimized the need of curtains or blinds for darken the bedrooms or private rooms. Actually, electrochromic glass has become your essential need because of its innovative and latest features.

In offices:

Designers are also using this smart switchable glass in the work places. You can reduce your electric bills by simply using this switchable smart glass made by Electrochromic glass manufacturers. Because it allows the sunlight to lighten your workplaces like never before. You can feel happy and depression free under the daylight. It saves you from headache of rooms environment which usually bore you during long working hours.

Moreover, electrochromic glasses are adding innovations and extra comforts in every field of your lives.

Why electrochromic glass manufacturers using it in a museum or commercial area?

If you are an investor then it is really important for you to have knowledge about electrochromic glass.

Because electrochromic glass manufacturers are serving all the industries all over the world. In several commercial buildings like museum, this smart glass can add modern look. It leaves really good effects on the visitors.

Furthermore, it ensures you to save and preserve all the artworks with the help of sunlight. Because, you know it fully well that natural light has many advantages in comparison to artificial lights.


As we have already described that this smart glass is adding novelty in your lives. Moreover, it has also become an important and essential need for your building’s modern and latest look. You can simply change the simple glass into opaque with the help of an electric button.

Furthermore, electrochromic glass manufacturers have designed this glass for your ease. You can also change it by using,

  • Voice
  • Mobile
  • Remote control, etc.

Although this smart electrochromic glass is very beneficial and advantageous in several industries. But there is also a drawback of this smart switchable glass as it is very costly.

So, the small budget customers may not get benefits of this smart glass. But electrochromic glasses are very beneficial and adds fantasy to your lives. Hence, you should make use of these switchable glasses to get ease and comforts as well as revolution in your lives.