2021 best smart tint glass Ideas for Home Windows

DIY Stencils for Window Decorations

New Year is two words that are associated with festive bustle and magic, home comfort and gifts under the New Year’s beauty. It is not enough to hang balls on the tree and hang garlands on the walls. It is very simple to create a maximum of festive mood – to decorate smart tint glass windows, which will turn the house into a real fairy tale.

Everyone decorates their home based on their own imagination. Someone prefers to buy ready-made decor, others make it themselves. The easiest option to decorate windows is to cut out snowflakes and attach them. This is not the only way.

Here is a small part of ideas on how to decorate smart tint glass

  • Using toothpaste;
  • The use of multi-colored garlands, including paper;
  • DIY Christmas and New Year wreaths;
  • Using paints for painting;
  • It is a skill used to create New Year’s decorations on windows.

What materials are needed for smart tint glass decorations on the windows?

The main material used is paper. From it you can cut snowflakes on the windows, make garlands and other decor.

When creating a smart tint glass decor, the following materials are used:

  • Cotton wool;
  • Threads;
  • Ribbons;
  • Cones;
  • New Year’s rain and tinsel;
  • Beads;
  • Balls;
  • Other materials.

A minimum of ingenuity and time and your window turns into real magic.

smart tint glass

Decor and window decoration options


Before you decorate the windows with snowflakes, you need to make them. It is recommended to take white napkins, as they are quite thin and well attached. There is an easy method for decorating a snowflake:

  1. You need to take a napkin and cut an even circle out of it.
  2. Then bend the circle into 6-8 pieces.
  3. Draw any ornament and cut along the contour.

In this way, you can make a large number of different snowflakes on smart tint glass, applying different patterns. You can also cut snowflakes from ready-made patterns.

After the required number of snowflakes has been cut, they are placed on the windows in any order or make up a certain composition that allows you to beautifully decorate the windows.

The decoration with a festive wreath looks elegant and creative. It is sold in almost every store, but it is better to make it yourself.

For the smart tint glass base you will need:

  • A sheet of thick cardboard;
  • Spruce or pine branches;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue gun;
  • Golden satin ribbon;
  • Elements for decoration: cones, balls, beads, rain, bows, ribbons, etc.

Smart tint glass manufacturing process:

  1. Using a compass on a cardboard, draw a circle with a diameter of 30 cm, inside it another 25 cm in diameter. Wrap the resulting ring with a gold ribbon (it will help in fastening the branches and hide the gaps).
  2. We proceed to fastening the branches. Similarly, we insert each branch into the ribbon pocket at the base and tie it with a thread. We fasten the branches along the entire base of the circle; fasten them to each other with a stapler.
  3. Next, we move on to decorating the wreath. For this, decorative snow is used in the form of a spray and various New Year’s decorations. The decor depends solely on the imagination of each person.

Advice! Attach dried orange or lemon rings to the smart tint glass wreath. The aroma of pine needles and citrus will bring the holiday closer.


With the word paper garland, rings connected to each other are immediately imagined. With a little imagination, you can make original paper garlands, for example, from stars.

For this you will need:

  • Multi-colored shiny paper;
  • Glue;
  • Threads;

Process of creating smart tint glass windows:

  1. Draw the required number of stars of different sizes on shiny sheets and cut out.
  2. Take strong threads and glue the stars to it with the “Moment” glue. The stars can be glued in a chaotic manner. The garland is ready.

Festive decor made of gouache and toothpaste: instructions with examples

This method is very old. Our mothers also used it. You will need to dilute the toothpaste in water, take a sponge or sponge and prepare various New Year stencils. It is better to apply the paste with a sponge, because if you just spray it, you get a matte smart tint glass surface.

For those who have artistic talent, it is possible not to use stencils, but to create a drawing by hand.

You can draw beautiful patterns smart tint glass. This is quite easy to do:

  1. Prepare and print your favorite stencils. To make a template for drawing, you need to stick the printed sketch on cardboard and cut out the middle.
  2. It is recommended to use white and blue shades to create a winter atmosphere.
  3. The prepared stencils are glued to the windows, and the empty spaces are carefully coated with gouache.
  4. Wait until it is completely dry and remove the stencils.

Christmas stars can be a festive window decor. To create you need threads and wire:

Take a fairly soft wire and form a star sketch. We try to keep the rays of the star the same length.

We take knitting threads. To attach the threads to the sprocket, you will need Moment transparent glue.

Put some glue on the star and start wrapping the wire tightly with thread.

You can also wrap the star with threads along the contour so that it is not transparent.

Christmas balls

Christmas balls are not just for the Christmas tree. They also look great when decorating smart tint glass. The balls suspended from the ribbons will rotate each time the curtains are opened and closed. They can be placed singly or in whole bunches.

Vytynanki look great on the windows. To create the protrusions, only a sample and a clerical knife are used. You can find a wide variety of samples.

DIY stencils for window decorations for the New Year

Along with the samples available on the network, you can make them yourself. You just need a minimum of pencil drawing skills and your own imagination. On paper, you can choose a wide variety of templates for the New Year theme: mittens, felt boots, toys, garlands and much, much more.

If the skills of a young artist are missing, that’s okay. You can use stencils, print and transfer to cardboard. This template can be used for more than one year.

smart tint glass 2021

Decorate the cornice and windowsill

Decorating windows, do not forget about the cornice and the window sill. Various candles are perfect for decorating the windowsill, which will bring maximum comfort to the house. Tinsel and garlands can be used as an additional decoration. You can also create a fairytale village on the windowsill using various figures.


How to use smart glass as anti-theft alarm device?

Ultimate Guide to install sun protection glass

smart glass

The sun is one, but it shines for all cities. And sometimes his influence is not at all happy. The sun’s rays strive to blind a person, illuminating the whole room with bright light. And the temperature rises significantly with the arrival of the sun; the house becomes unbearably stuffy and hot. To stop this, you need to install Smart glass.

We have already told you about sun-protection windows once. Now we will analyze other elements that are guarding our comfort.

Sunscreen Smart glass

From time immemorial, curtains are ideal to use to protect windows from the sun. Airy tulle and retro chintz in this matter are profane. More reliable – blackout fabric or thick linen and wool. They block sunlight and sometimes ultraviolet rays.

Any curtains will naturally fade in the sun and get dirty. How much dust accumulates in them? This means that you need to wash them at least once a season. I advise you to complement the windows with curtains only if their design has sunk into the soul and you are ready to accept all the disadvantages. Otherwise, this is not the most rational decision.

Modern window protection from the sun

It is more practical to close windows with functional blinds, roller shutters, and electric curtains. They are comfortable to use, durable, and do not require troublesome maintenance like curtains. But using Smart glass brings more benefits.

Blinds are usually made with dense plastic, wood, or aluminum plates. A simple control system allows you to deftly control the light flux. You can let in some sunshine by opening small gaps on the blinds or completely block the sun from entering.

Smart glass windows for Apartments

WINDOWS of apartments on the ground floors of buildings serve as natural bait for those who seek to profit at someone else’s expense. Their openings are most convenient for burglary and penetration into the premises for the purpose of theft or robbery.

How to protect ground floor windows?

According to the official statistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow, there are about 25 thousand cases of thieves entering other people’s homes every year. And in the country as a whole, the number of such criminal situations reaches 100 thousand per year.

About a fifth of the attackers choose housing on the first and last floors as their target.

The most vulnerable to burglary are windows accessible from the ground, access canopy, fire escape, and roof. Therefore, the tenants of such apartments have to look for their own answer to the question of how to protect the windows of the first floor.

Otherwise, there is a chance to experience a strong nervous shock after returning home to a robbed apartment.


The most simple and popular Smart glass window penetration protection options are widely popular. Among them:

  • installation of gratings;
  • installation of roller shutters;
  • selection of burglar-proof windows;
  • the use of glasses of increased strength;
  • alarm installation.

Well-made and installed metal grilles are really capable of withstanding the unexpected visit of unwanted “guests”. However, the grilles have a downside. In the event of a severe fire, they can become a trap for apartment residents, blocking their path to escape.

Roller shutters are also not perfect. First, they are very expensive. Secondly, in the closed position, the roller shutters not only block the access to the room from the external light flux but also deprive the people inside of the opportunity to admire the street view.


ORDINARY double-glazed windows in plastic or wood frames cannot withstand the harsh physical impact of burglars. In this regard, “first-story residents” should pay attention to the burglar-resistant window blocks offered on the market today.

 The degree of their security has divided according to the standard adopted in Europe into three classes:

The first class of security (marking WK1 or RC1) – the design prevents the window frame from squeezing out at all four corners of its sash. For this, you can install corner switches and striking plates on the frame profile, and the frame handle can be equipped with a lock and protection against drilling.


Second class – the design additionally contains anti-burglary pins along its perimeter, increasing the overall strength of the frame.

Third class – in addition to the protection of the first two classes, you can add pins to the ends of the scissors on the corner switch and the sash.

How to protect ground floor windows?


Another answer to the question of how to protect windows on the first floor is the use of additional glass protection. For this, the manufacturers of burglar-proof Smart glass units use shockproof films, and the glasses themselves are connected with their help into a multilayer structure – triplex.

The anti-shock films applied to the glass can prevent accidental damage when the frame is pushed open suddenly or if it is hit with moderate force. Triplex bonding increases the overall strength of the glass structure several times. At the same time, polymer film layers do not reduce the light transmission of the window.

Films can carry several more functions. They are available in reflective, mirror, energy-saving, and other options. In case of damage, glass-reinforced with films does not crumble into fragments but remains in the window opening.


Installation of burglar alarm sensors on double-glazed windows is one of the most effective methods of protection. The very presence of sensors is already capable of scaring off a significant part of those who examine other people’s windows for their availability for hacking.

Detectors for window units can have different designs and operating principles. They can be roughly subdivided:

  • to linear
  • vibrating
  • acoustic

Linear detectors are in the form of foil tape attached to the perimeter of the window glass. They react to an attempt to remove the glass since this breaks the signal loop.


Vibration detectors are mounted directly on the glass and give a signal in case of an attempt to break it.

smart glass 2021

You can also install acoustic sensors not on a glass surface, but on a frame or window sill.

Magnetic sensors consist of two parts and signal the opening of the frame when the contact between these parts becomes faulty.


The most reliable way to protect against the penetration of criminals through the Smart glass windows on the first floor is an integrated approach to ensuring the safety of the home.

In this case, a combination of several methods is useful to use, when burglar-resistant glass units are supplemented by the use of polymer films and the installation of an effective alarm system.

You can connect the set of wireless signaling devices to the control panel and install it in the apartment. From here, a message about an attempt to break the window frame is sent not only to the owner of the apartment but also to the operator.


In addition to the sensors on the windows, sensors for motion, smoke, water, and gas leaks can be included in a unified security system. This will eliminate the risk of major risks of damage or theft of property.


How to make windows soundproof with pdlc film?

There are many sources of noise around us every day. Traffic on highways, mowing lawns, people’s voices and even the rustle of autumn leaves. Noise does not let you breathe out calmly after a busy day at work, overloads the head, and sometimes causes chronic fatigue. You can stop all this by installing pdlc film.

An opportunity to hide from the noise wave of the metropolis appears only at home. And then, if soundproof windows are installed in it , which do not pass a certain amount of decibels. Today I will talk about such windows and their functionality.

pdlc film

Soundproof pdlc film windows

Noise is an annoying source of inconvenience. It penetrates through any partitions. But at each obstacle, the flow of noise loses decibels. Therefore, soundproof windows are equipped with multi-chamber double-glazed windows.

There is an air gap between each chamber of the pdlc film glass unit. Passing through it, the noise level is reduced by about 35 dB. With such windows, the house becomes two times quieter than with single-chamber double-glazed windows.

For a greater effect, gas with a low resonant frequency is pumped into the chamber distance. For example, argon. It eats up another 1-2 dB of sound.

Finally, windows with different inter-glass spaces are best protected from noise. Thanks to this, sound vibrations are gradually reduced and the noise does not reach the owner of the house.

Crystal pdlc film barrier

Triplex glass has received the role of an alternative or addition to multi-chamber window soundproofing. It consists of several layers glued together with a polymer film.

Triplex absorbs at least 35 dB of noise. And as a pleasant addition, it also provides increased strength and safety. If damaged, it does not crumble into dangerous fragments – the film holds them in place. Ideal windows for a nursery.

How to improve sound insulation?

It happens that in pursuit of the thermal and aesthetic characteristics of windows, people completely forget about sound insulation. The pdlc film windows have already been installed, but there is no way to change them. But there is a way out of such a situation.

Sometimes banal hardware adjustment saves from street noise. It is important that the sash fits snugly against the frame. Otherwise, the sound freely penetrates through the cracks. Read more about this in the article “How to adjust plastic windows?”

Third-party attributes of protection also protect the room from the roar of the street. For example, soundproof blinds and roller shutters. They absorb 3-5 dB of sound.

Properties of pdlc film windows

The properties of the entire window structure, the comfort of staying at home for each family member depend on the qualities of the glass unit installed. And in the harsh climate of Russia, the ability to save heat is especially relevant. This article will focus on energy-saving double-glazed pdlc film windows, their features, advantages and disadvantages.

Design features of a heat-saving plastic window

Contribute to the effective maintenance of a favorable indoor climate. Thanks to a special sputtering of a thin layer of metal ions, they work according to the “thermos” principle, keeping the heat inside the room. This allows you to reduce heating costs, gas consumption.

Pdlc film glass also actively reflects the sun’s rays. This allows you not to overdry the indoor air in the spring and summer. You will be comfortable at home in hot weather without the constant use of the air conditioner. In addition, curtains, furniture upholstery will retain the brightness of colors and will not fade;

Filling the chambers with argon

This inert gas has a lower thermal conductivity than air. It lacks water molecules – the main conductor of heat. The argon circuit helps to improve the thermal insulation properties of the entire structure; polymer frame.

PVC is characterized by low thermal conductivity. Polyvinyl chloride is resistant to negative environmental factors, withstands well wind, snow and other atmospheric loads.

Pros and cons of energy efficient windows


According to experts, such models are new generation systems. Their installation is advisable for the following reasons:

  • In terms of heat conservation, they are 4 times more efficient than structures made of aluminum and wood;
  • help to minimize the cost of air conditioning and space heating;
  • help to improve sound insulation; are characterized by high fire resistance. The structures do not support the combustion process;

Well pdlc film withstand the changing seasons

Can be used in a wide temperature range (-80 ° С to +100 ° С);

No condensation forms on the glasses. However, it is important that experienced installers carry out the installation. In the process, there should be no depressurization of the profile.

The disadvantages of structures include the price of structures, as well as the fact that magnetron sputtering wears out over time.


What is the difference between an energy-saving glass unit and a conventional one?

Before ordering, it is necessary to study the pdlc film product documentation. Since glazing is a long-term and expensive investment, it is advisable to buy window systems directly from the manufacturer. As a rule, there is always a marking on the window body, which is applied to the glass automatically.

Therefore, when buying windows you can be confident in the accuracy of the information. If you do not know how to check an energy efficient glass unit, then do a little test. Bring a lighter or burning match to it and look at the reflection.

The colour indication of smart films

The number of lights is related to the number of chambers, and their color indicates heat saving properties. So, i-glass reflects the infrared spectrum towards the room. Therefore, in energy-saving designs, you can see a blue, greenish or reddish light. In standard flame models, you will see a red-yellow flame.

Energy-efficient windows: myths and reality

Many people start to be overcome with doubts before making a purchase. Let’s consider each of them in turn.

Myth 1. You can’t see anything through energy-saving glasses

The light transmittance of standard glasses and heat-efficient ones is no different. You will be able to enjoy the view outside the window as well as before.

Myth 2. Energy efficient windows are very expensive

The cost of heat-saving pdlc film models is only slightly higher than that of standard models. Every buyer can afford them.

Myth 3. There is a film on the surface of an energy-saving window

No, it’s not like that. There is no tinting; the spraying is applied on the back of the glass. It is impossible to feel or view the film.

In the understanding of most people, glass is a fragile material. There is some truth in this. Previously, the glass really shattered into smithereens, it is worth unsuccessfully to touch them. However, with the development of glass craftsmanship, the once flimsy translucent products began to gain strength.

What are the major applications of pdlc film?

Then triplex appeared – glass with increased strength. Today, it is used to protect shop windows, glaze vehicles, and create double-glazed windows.

pdlc film 2021

In a new article I will talk about the use of triplex in window constructions. You will find out why a double-glazed window with triplex has become the choice of those who are trying to protect their home to the maximum.


Now you know how to distinguish an energy saving pdlc film package from a standard one. In the conditions of the climate, its advantages are obvious. In this case, investments in glazing will definitely pay off.


Are privacy windows for home good for cottages too?


privacy windows for home

How to choose privacy windows for home from a variety of offers on the market so that they meet all your needs and technical requirements as much as possible, as well as fit into the overall interior of the room? So, below are recommendations for the correct selection.

privacy windows for home profile

The metal-plastic window profile is the basis of the entire structure. Moreover, strength and reliability, as well as appearance totally depend on it.

Accordingly, the wider the profile, the more expensive its cost will be.

Energy-saving double-glazed windows – warmth in your home. Double-glazed windows are as important as the profile itself. Basically, double-glazed windows differ in the number of cameras and energy-saving characteristics.

Double glazed privacy windows

Double-glazed privacy windows for home are the most popular. In fact, they consist of three glasses with an air chamber between them. In such chambers, there can be an inert gas (argon or krypton), which is much more efficient in retaining heat inside the room.

Hence, they are suitable for installation in apartments and houses. They differ from the previous ones in improved noise insulation and heat saving due to the use of inert gases.

Insulation of slopes and window sills

Materials such as plastic panels, drywall and plaster can be used as finishing of window slopes. Actually, plastic is a more modern and convenient material to install. Also, have great advantages over other materials:

  • high level of thermal insulation, noise insulation and relatively low cost
  • Moreover, it does not need additional revision
  • Has an aesthetic appearance
  • Temperature discomfort

You can often feel cool in the room in winter and hot in summer. To eliminate discomfort, professional glass windows are ideal. They help to save money on utility bills – air conditioning and space heating. These glasses not only “trap” the heat inside the room in winter, but also reflect the sun’s rays. Therefore, the air in the rooms will not dry out in summer.

Privacy windows for home for summer cottages

Lack of light

Sometimes the soul requires dramatic changes in the interior of the apartment. We move furniture from corner to corner, change wallpaper color and lay fancy rugs. Over time, these details become boring. Then it’s time for major changes. For example, changing the layout.

A running option for redeveloping a room with privacy windows for home is to combine a kitchen with a balcony. So the zone of culinary experiments begins to play with new colors, more free space appears. How to bring such an idea to life? You will find out about this today.

Simple profile shapes

Do you like non-standard solutions? Then rectangular ready-made windows are not for you. We work with any shape: both standard rectangular and round, oval, asymmetrical, etc. Our specialists take on even the most complex orders.

At the same time, we guarantee that plastic windows for summer cottages will be made according to your dimensions with an accuracy of a millimeter. At a convenient time for you, our specialist will come to you and take all the necessary measurements.


Thanks to such precision, there will be no problems in the installation and subsequent operation of the windows.

Outsider views of privacy windows for home

Windows for summer cottages with privacy windows for home technology change their transparency in a second. They will hide you from the gaze of neighbors or passers-by, which is especially important for dense cottage buildings or low transparent fences.

At the same time, unlike standard single-chamber windows with fabric curtains, they do not require complex maintenance.

Glazing stained privacy windows for home

A new trend in cottage glazing is stained-glass windows. Now the unique art of medieval masters of composing whole paintings from pieces of glass is available to everyone.

Of course, today stained-glass windows are not made from separate fragments connected by a metal bridge – this design is not very reliable in terms of heat and sound insulation.

Modern technologies imply the use of colored film and lead tape for plastic windows for summer cottages.

What windows are installed in cottages?

A cottage is already a large field for various design project implementations. The fact that you won’t surprise anyone with ordinary windows is understandable, but here’s how to surprise your neighbors? Actually, you can start it with unusual window shapes.

Considerably, in cottages and country houses, as a rule, standard rectangular windows are installed. Hence, for clients who prefer individual architectural styles in design and construction, our range includes custom-built windows: arched windows, triangular, trapezoidal, round and polygonal.

Arched windows and doors

Arch-shaped privacy windows for home in private houses are becoming more popular every year, because their design gives a unique appearance to the architecture in which they are installed.

This technology offers a number of advantages:

  • class A tightness and heat saving in the room;
  • all arched windows can be made opening without loss of structural rigidity

Special double-glazed windows provide a high level of protection against street noise. Similarly, the minimum radius of an arc in a plastic arch is 32 cm.

The balcony block consists of a window and a door, while performing a connecting and separating function. Essentially, it separates the living room, providing free access to a balcony or loggia, and makes it possible to ventilate.

Depending on the type and characteristics of the profile, this structure has a chance to become a noticeable interior detail.

Professional privacy windows for home

The professional privacy windows manufacturers offer a wide variety of forms of window structures and color options to choose from. This enables the consumer to supply a balcony block that fully complies with his ideas about aesthetics and comfort.

Types of balcony blocks

  1. Standard balcony block.

It is the most economical and demanded option. Basically, this design involves a blind window with a door to the balcony, equipped with a swing mechanism. Due to the presence of a minimum number of mobile systems, the price of such a unit is very low.

However, the balcony door of this profile is not fully glazed, but its lower part is covered by an opaque sandwich panel.

2. Plastic balcony block with door and swing-out window.

Its installation will cost a little more in price, but such a combination of elements guarantees improved air exchange. Such a window can be solid or divided, depending on the dimensions of the opening.

In the second case, to reduce the cost of construction, one of its parts is not equipped with a swing-out system, but remains deaf.

3. A window unit with a French-style balcony door.

This type of block consists of two fully glazed doors from floor to ceiling. Generally, it is installed in modern apartments, cottages and private houses.

The design of the exit to the balcony with a French window guarantees maximum light penetration and an impeccable view. But here you will definitely need an opaque curtain, especially if it is a bedroom.

In fact, installing balcony privacy windows for home of this type in old buildings is not always possible, since for this it is necessary to disassemble part of the wall, which can be quite expensive and problematic.

privacy windows for home 2021


Now you know which windows for a summer residence to choose for you. If you have any difficulties, please contact our managers for help. We will select a design that meets all your needs.


5 Types of Windows to Apply Electric Privacy Film

How to choose the right windows for the balcony?

Electric privacy film

To answer this question, you need to determine the reason why you decided to electric privacy film on the balcony or replace old ones.

New glazing of balconies and loggias can enlarge the room. It can change the design of the room, add coziness, reduce heat loss, and make the room quieter.

However, you can consider various types of glazing structures: PVC profile, sliding, aluminum, frameless. And also you need to pay attention to the fact that aluminum glazing can be both warm and cold. Hence, it all depends on your needs.

Which factors are important in choosing electric privacy film?

An important electric privacy film factor will be the choice of the profile of metal-plastic products. However, the professional profile has proven itself well among our customers from Ukraine. The company offers a wide range of metal-plastic profiles. Thus, these profile systems offer maximum energy saving and sound insulation performance.

The size and cost of the structure depends on the type and size of your balcony. If the loggia is several connected simple plastic windows, then the balcony (outer part of the building) is:

  • L-shaped
  • u-shaped

L-shaped balcony

Thus, if you look at it from above, then it resembles the letter G, with one side part connected at an angle by a stand. For such a design, the most common opening option is a pivot sash in the front of the balcony. However, the side window, depending on the needs, is made deaf or with opening.

  • L-shaped balcony
  • U-shaped balcony

Privacy film for balcony window

However, if you look at such a balcony with electric privacy film from above, it resembles the letter P. Such a balcony has two side parts connected by corner posts. On the front, balcony windows are most often equipped with opening windows, and side windows are less common.

Thus, for better lighting of the room and a beautiful appearance, we recommend the popular glazing option – a French balcony with double-glazed windows to the entire height of the balcony.


The loggia is an integral part of the living space; it has only frontal glazing with opening and does not need lateral reinforcement. However, in new buildings, loggias of different sizes predominate noticeably. However, there are also arched structures of loggias.

Important! Think over the number of opening doors of the loggia initially, so that it is convenient to wash the windows from the street side. If you are on a sunny side, inquire about sun protection options.

Having thought over everything to the smallest detail, you will save money, time, and most importantly. Your new loggia or balcony will serve you with benefit and will meet your expectations.

Balcony block with electric privacy film

Having started external glazing, do not forget about the balcony block. The balcony block consists of a balcony door and a plastic window next to it.


A balcony door can have two types of opening:

  1. standard (swing) and
  2. Hinged (for ventilation).

The electric privacy film nearby can be swing or swing-out, but often it is made deaf (without opening). To achieve maximum energy efficiency, it is better to exit to the balcony from a warm profile, install energy-saving double-glazed windows.

Installation of metal-plastic structures

The installation of a balcony block takes a little time and it carries out in several stages: dismantling the old one, installing and fixing the new one. But plastic balconies and loggias are installed for a long time, using special fasteners, and sometimes welding.

A window with a balcony door is installed simultaneously without gaps between the profiles (through a special sealed connector).

Plastic balcony structures require the installation of reinforcing elements, connectors, posts, for reliable fixation and strength against wind loads. Additionally, installers install visors, ebb tides, mosquito nets.

Remember! High-quality installation of products is one of the main factors for a successful result, their further trouble-free use.

Installation of a metal-plastic balcony block and electric privacy film on the balcony at the same time is a rather lengthy procedure, but such a replacement has its advantages. You will save on delivery, installation, measurement; all “dirty” work takes place in one stage.

High-quality installation of metal-plastic windows

We will tell you why it is important to perform high-quality window installation, as we do using electric privacy film installation technology.

Electric privacy film glazing types

Double-glazed windows can be single-chamber (two glasses) and two-chamber (three glasses). Do not confuse with cameras in a plastic profile, it can be three, four, five-chamber and more (even eight-chamber).

For a balcony block (if the balcony or loggia glaze), you can get by with the basic option: a single-chamber energy-saving double-glazed window and a three-chamber profile. For loggias and balconies (for better heat and sound insulation), it is recommendable to choose a two-chamber double-glazed window and a five-chamber profile.

Electric privacy film Rates

For a window with a balcony door and windows for a balcony, the price may vary depending on the profile system and the type of glass unit.

When glazing a new cottage or an expensive apartment, the real priority of the customer will be the reliability of the operation of the windows, their energy efficiency, and a fair price-quality ratio.

It is easy for such customers to get the right choice of windows for their money, unless the selection entrusts to a construction contractor.

Choosing a supplier, the customer will pay attention to the real reputation and experience of the manufacturing company, reviews of friends and just reviews about the company on the Internet.

How to choose the right windows for cottages and new apartments?

Contact a company with a proven track record

The first tip for these customers is to contact a reputable electric privacy film company regardless of size. It can be a manufacturing company or a dealer company with many years of experience, but the common characteristic is the tangible customer involvement of the owner and real control over customer satisfaction.

The personal control of the responsible owner is the best guarantee. A company with a good reputation will offer you several options for windows with different energy efficiency. Such company will provide an appropriate level of service, professionalism in measurements and installation.

Moreover, it will responsibly advise you on complex technical solutions, namely:

  • correct insulation of adjacent zones
  • the necessary reinforcement of the structure
  • high-quality installation materials and
  • other technical nuances in your specific situation.

Pay attention to the company’s price niche

The second tip – pay attention to the number of window brands that the company offers you. A dealer who declares his readiness to supply windows of any price from various manufacturers, as a rule, is more focused on selling any windows than on real customer satisfaction.

If a dealer sells a lot of the cheapest metal-plastic windows of the appropriate quality, then he cannot always provide professional measurements, technical competence in details and professional installation of really good windows.

Electric privacy film 2021


Remember, does the quality of a bad doctor’s recommendation depend on how much you pay him? It is about the same with electric privacy film: there are many technical nuances that require experience, so that real specialists clearly understand the value of a reliable manufacturer.