Switchable Smart Glass Applications

Switchable glass products (Switchable smart glass & Switchable smart tint) is undoubtedly the upstarts in the market of building material in recent years. It meets the requirement of personal privacy protection by its born feature freely exchange between transparency (clear) and opaque (frosted). Designers are easy to integrate the switchable products into their designs, making them be a harmonious part of the space.

What is Switchable Glass and its uses?

In the era of technology changing a life, there are such products that help you control the climate inside of your homes with a switch on remote or a smartphone. They make great sense to control the light from the glass and protect your privacy on-demand at the same time. That is switchable smart glass brings to you.

The switchable glass is an innovative glass. The frosting level can easily control by applying the appropriate voltage, such the same with heat or light. Your window glass can change from transparent to translucent by applying switchable glass. It can block UV and IR rays which is harmful to people and let others pass through.

What is Smart PDLC Film and its uses?

PDLC film is the abbreviation of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals film which is basically three-dimensional structures composed by liquid crystal microdroplets dispersed in a polymer matrix. Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) films are useful in light control applications because they can be switched electrically between light scattering and transparent states.

PDLC film various colors: blue, pink, green, black, coffee, milk-white for option. Generally, it comes in two types one is self-adhesive and another is non-adhesive. We sell both, but in second choice an optically clear glue has to be applied to stick it on a glass. There is also a very thin protective covering over a film.

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