What is the function of Smart Film PDLC?

What is protective smart film?

The thresholds of the car are daily exposed to the destructive effects of the shoes of the driver and passengers. Gravel and sand flying off from under the wheels. In addition to the negative impact of the environment in general. Protective smart film PDLC for car thresholds will be an excellent solution for solving such a situation.
Smart Film PDLC

Roads are far from ideal, which also leads to damage to the car, forcing drivers to think about ways to keep the car intact. Over time, the paint on the door sills can wear down to the metal, ruining the look of the car. It can also lead to more serious damage, such as metal corrosion.

Why you should choose anti-gravel film for threshold protection?

The best choice for such protection is the anti-gravel film. It is transparent, elastic and durable. The smart film PDLC is usually thick enough to reliably protect the paint surface from damage.

Due to its absolute transparency, the film does not change the color of the car. It also transmits ultraviolet color. So, there will no difference between the parts pasted over with the film or without it.

A reliable protection for your car

The film for thresholds of a car is imperceptible on a surface, but at the same time it will be a reliable protection for your car. To protect the car, you should choose a thick film, because the thicker the film, the more reliable the protection.

The thickness of the smart film PDLC depends on its layering – the more layers, the thicker and more reliable the film. With the help of an anti-gravel film, the outer sills also protect. Which are also significantly damaged during the operation of the car.

Film can fit any threshold shape: high elasticity

Films for car sills can glue both with the help of ready-made patterns, and in a single piece. From which the desired shape is then cut out. Due to its high elasticity, the polyurethane film will fit any threshold shape.

Smart film PDLC is best for wrapping car sills, as it is thicker and will protect your car better and longer. If you install anti-gravel protection on your car. You will not have to worry about damage from shoes, stones accidentally flying out from under the wheels, etc. for a long time.

No traces of glue and does not damage the car paintwork

The film for car sills does not peel off, does not turn yellow and does not fade.

The advantages of a protective film are:

  • Protection of thresholds from scratches, chips and scuffs;
  • No traces after removal;
  • 100% transparency and invisibility on the car;
  • Lack of complex special care;
  • Prevention of corrosion due to moisture ingress;
  • Protection of a paint and varnish covering from gasoline, oils, chemicals.

If you choose a smart film PDLC for car sills, you will soon forget that it pastes. But at the same time, you will be glad to see a whole and undamaged factory coating if you decide to remove the film. You can stick the film by contacting specialized service centers, or on your own by buying a pattern for your car, or a piece of film.

How to apply protective film?

In order to stick a protective film, you must follow some rules.

  1. First of all, decide on the surface on which the film will paste. Inside, you can stick the area that damage, and to protect the outer thresholds of the car. Glue the smart film PDLC completely on the entire surface in order to protect the paintwork from gravel;
  2. Next, you need to thoroughly wash and dry the thresholds, removing all dirt and sand. There should be no foreign elements on the surface, otherwise the film will peel off or collapse in this place;
  3. Next, you need to degrease the surface, using special chemicals or alcohol, and also dry it;
  4. Now you can start gluing the film. It is better to do it with the help of special tools to get rid of all possible air bubbles under the film.
    Smart Film PDLC 2022

In any case, car sill protection smart film PDLC is not as easy to stick as it might seem at first glance, so you’d better turn to professionals who will do it quickly and efficiently, and you won’t have to worry about possible mistakes and wasted money.

High protective ability, high transparency and long service life

For plastic car sills, the film can also be easily pasted, since the anti-gravel film adheres well to any surface.  Each has its own distinctive characteristics, but all are distinguished by high protective ability, high transparency and long service life. At the same time, the service life of the smart film PDLC from the China brand WGLASS can reach up to 10 years.

We guarantee the originality and quality of each film

In our online store you can choose the film that suits you and find ready-made patterns. We work directly with suppliers, and therefore we guarantee the originality and quality of each film. If you have any questions, our consultants are ready to answer them, and you can contact them by calling or writing in the online chat on the website.

You can also buy a film to protect the thresholds on the website using the online chat, order form or with the support of our consultants.

Roof protection with anti-gravel smart film PDLC

Car roof film can be a great solution to this problem. The roof of the car is easy to protect with both a transparent anti-gravel film and a colored vinyl film. Anti-gravel film will be a reliable protection for your car, and vinyl film will help decorate the exterior.

Car roof films: protection from hail, rain

The polyurethane film absorbs and spreads the impact force over the entire surface of the film, which helps to avoid damage to the car. The film reliably protects the car from hail, rain, branches and other possible damage.

The smart film PDLC can be easy to replace with a new one

Protecting the roof of a car with a film is a good and more profitable option, since repainting the roof of a car after damage will be much more expensive and time consuming. Also, if necessary, the film is easy to replace with a new one, since the film does not damage the factory paintwork and does not leave marks on it.

In addition, the film transmits ultraviolet rays, which allows the details to not differ in tone, regardless of whether they are pasted over or not. Anti-gravel smart film PDLC is glossy or matte, and the thickness of the film is sufficient to provide the car with reliable protection.

Vinyl roof wrap: a wide variety of colors and textures

Car roof protection can also look original, since vinyl films can be good for gluing, which come in a wide variety of colors and textures. Vinyl films provide less protection than anti-gravel foams, however, they will still protect against light damage.

Vinyl films protect the car coating from fading

The lifespan of a vinyl film is less than that of an anti-gravel film, but it can be beneficial for those who like to change the look of their car frequently. Smart film PDLC protect the car coating from fading well, since they practically do not transmit ultraviolet light.


Best Smart Film Manufacturer Tips You Will Read This Year

Smart film manufacturer is becoming more and more popular every day. Film tinting can be both one of the elements of automotive decor, and protection of headlights from damage, weather conditions. Tinted both front and rear lights. Tinted headlights with a film create an original car design.

Best Smart Film Manufacturer

The choice of the film will not be difficult

If you choose a film in the color of the car’s paintwork, and since the colors of the films are now very diverse. The choice of the film will not be difficult.

One of the ways to tint is to tint the optics using a smart film manufacturer that design specifically for this purpose. These are films from the WGLASS and Smart brands.

According to safety requirements, tinting should not interfere with the uniform transmission of light. It also meets the necessary parameters of brightness, range and area of ​​illumination. These parameters must be strictly adhered to in order to avoid getting into dangerous situations.

Benefits of car window tinting

Film for car optics has many advantages compared to painting headlights. For example, the film is easily applied and effortlessly removed if necessary. The film has a uniform color, which will not interfere with light transmission and will not distort it.

In addition, smart film manufacturer acts as a protection for the headlights from minor damage, from haze and fading. With the help of tinted headlights, you can easily and quickly transform the car, highlighting it among the flow of other cars.

Films for tinting optics

You can tint the rear lights with a film in the same way as the front ones. However, without forgetting the need to adhere to the permissible light transmission standards.

The film for tinting optics from the Smart brand has a high optical transparency, and also stretches well, which makes it possible to paste over headlights of any shape with it and does not visually distort objects. Smart film manufacturer of this brand allows you to tint the headlights in a variety of gray shades.

Smart Blacklight is a film specially designed to protect optics from damage caused by gravel, insects and cleaning brushes. Glossy light gray film will help to create a unique car design.

Films for tinting car optics WGLASS

These have a uniform texture, which eliminates the distortion of light transmission. This film has excellent light transmission and does not impair the visibility of brake lights even in bright sunlight. The film is very elastic.

This makes it possible to paste even optics with a complex curved surface, and a strong adhesive layer ensures excellent adhesion and long-term operation of the smart film manufacturer without peeling off the edges. WGLASS film is available in a wide variety of colors – yellow, red, green and many more – allowing you to match the film to any car color if the need arises.

Films for tinting optics with a film

In case of significant damage or at the end of its service life, the film is easy to remove from the optics without damaging the surface and leaving no traces of glue; if necessary, the film is easy to polish if you choose a high-quality film. Our online store works directly with suppliers, and therefore we can guarantee the originality and quality of each roll of smart film manufacturer.

Caring for tinted optics

Caring for tinted headlights is just as important as caring for the rest of your car. Only the first time after gluing should be careful. Subsequently, direct strong pressure from the washing equipment or its incorrect inclination is easy to avoid in order avoiding peeling off the film at the edges.
Best Smart Film Manufacturer 2022

You should also refrain from using alkaline and abrasive detergents and do not rub the surface covered with a film too hard. Also, if possible, solvents, gasoline and other harsh chemicals should avoid. We can remove it as soon as possible with microfiber or a soft cloth dampened with water.

Smart film manufacturer will not be burdensome for you

Caring for tinted optics will not be burdensome for you, especially considering all the benefits of protecting headlights with a film. In order to tint the headlights with a film, you should contact the professionals in the studio.

Usually the process takes only a few hours, but you will be sure that the work comes with high quality. The film will not peel off and will serve you for many years. For tinting headlights with film, special patterns are also there.  This will allow you to choose the film immediately for the headlights of your car without the need to cut the smart film manufacturer additionally.

It is possible to tint the headlights with film yourself if you have enough experience and are ready for the possible risks of improper gluing.

Caring for tinted smart film

To do this, you will also need a lot of different tools. You need a room there will be the perfect temperature, there will be no draft, dust and dirt. It is not worth the risk and it is better to immediately turn to the masters.  They will quickly transform the headlights of the car, taking into account any of your wishes.

Smart film manufacturer elements are quite expensive. Stones and gravel can cause cracks in the headlights, through which dust, dirt and moisture can enter. This greatly impairs the dispersion of light and makes movement difficult. Also, over time, the plastic of the headlights can become cloudy, which also impairs visibility.


Provide protection from minor damage and fogging

Film tinting will protect your headlights from minor damage and fogging, which will allow you to clearly see the road, pedestrians and other road users.

You can use a matte anti-gravel film;

For the best protection of headlights from damage, an anti-gravel smart film manufacturer is used, which will reliably protect the optics from gravel, sand, stones, ice, chips and scratches. However, the anti-gravel film is transparent, and it will not work to tint the headlights with it, except to add some glossiness.

You can use a matte anti-gravel film; with its help you can add a little variety without being afraid of the level of lighting. Tinting headlights, both front and rear, subject to all standards, is allowed.


Top 5 Places to Install Smart Film for Windows in 2022

Smart Film for Windows
Many people may think of a protective sheet for smartphones when they hear the word “glass film”, but this time the spotlight is the smart film for windows.

Windows are indispensable for taking in light and outside air into a house, but they are also a place of trouble such as being worried about the line of sight from the outside and breaking glass causing a secondary disaster in the event of a disaster.

Glass film is effective for windows

Glass film is also effective for windows with gum tape or curing tape stuck to it, which is seen when a large typhoon is approaching.

Smart film for windows is an excellent item that enhances the quality of our lives with various functions, contrary to its thin appearance, such as blindfolding from the outside, prevention of glass shattering, UV protection, and interior arrangement.

However, there are probably few people who have actually pasted the glass film on their own. There are two types of glass film.

Can peel off cleanly and reattach

that can be thinly and firmly attached, and the “adsorption type” that can peel off cleanly and reattach. It is an item that you can paste yourself.

This page introduces the features of smart film for windows, and in the latter half, spotlight the “adhesive type” glass film, which tends to concern that it cannot peel off once it pastes, and after detailed pasting and peeling. What is the surface of the window? I will also challenge the mystery.

Live a bright life without closing the curtain


In a residential area with condominiums and detached houses, it is not uncommon to find a house right next to you outside the window. I think there are many people who worry about people’s eyes and live with the curtains closed.

A glass film with a blindfold effect is recommended

Mosaic type frosted glass type smart film for windows takes in light and blocks people’s eyes, so you don’t have to close the curtain completely!

For disaster countermeasures for windows and glass interiors

One of the dangers in the event of a disaster injuries cause by scattered glass. If you attach a glass film, you can prevent the glass from scattering when it breaks, so you can reduce secondary disasters!

It recommends to attach it to the glass part of the interior such as a cupboard as a safety measure in the room.

Smart film for windows shields heat rays to save energy

Windows are not only light and outside air, but also heat entrances. By attaching a heat-shielding type glass film to the window glass, you can expect the energy-saving effect of the air conditioner by preventing heat rays from the outside in the summer.

Protects skin and furniture from sunburn

Many people concern about sunburn on their skin due to the UV rays that enter through the windows, but people are not the only ones who get sunburn. It also has adverse effects such as fading and deterioration of strength on furniture and floors.

In recent years, solid wood furniture and flooring that make the best use of the material as it is are also popular, but unprocessed materials are more susceptible to light and temperature changes, so I would like to take measures. A smart film for windows with a UV blocking effect will block most of the UV rays.

“Insect repellent” effect | Makes it difficult to attract insects

The glass film with UV blocking effect also has the effect of reducing phototactic insects that collect in ultraviolet rays. If you worry about insects gathering on the windowsill, please try it.
Smart Film for Windows 2022

Glass film is recommended for such places!

In the window of the room

As a UV measure for windows that receive a lot of sunlight. In addition, it is effective as a secondary disaster countermeasure to take measures to prevent scattering around the bedroom and windows near the evacuation route in case of emergency.

Around the bathroom

Another place with high demand of smart film for windows

Even if you have a good view in such a place, it’s just embarrassing … You can rest assured that you can take measures against blindfolding!

For interior arrangements

If you don’t want to see what’s inside, such as a cupboard or cupboard, we recommend arranging it with glass film. You can hide the inside by just sticking a little pattern. Two birds with one stone that also prevent scattering.

In the shop window

It’s hard to find in a general house, but it’s also recommended for reinforcing the shop window of a store. Smart film for windows also helps prevent sunburn on display products and helps the safety of those around us in the event of a disaster.

I don’t want insects to ruin my display! There seems to be some shops that construct for the purpose of repelling insects.

“Pattern” and effect of glass film

The common effect of sticking a glass film on the entire window is “prevention of scattering”. Other than that, there is a big difference depending on the pattern.

Let’s see the difference in the effect depending on the pattern!

Transparent type: Does not spoil the appearance of the window glass!

This transparent type does not block the view and does not spoil the appearance of the original glass window. UV cut effect is also nice!

Mirror type: Reduces glare & blocks the view from the outside

The characteristic of the mirror type smart film for windows is that it blocks the view from the outside and looks clear from the inside. The windows of high-rise buildings often look like glittering reflections. That is the so-called mirror type window! It is an excellent item that provides both privacy and visibility.

However, the feature is that the film is easier to see through at night than during the day. Glittering light reflections can be a problem in your neighborhood. You may need to be careful where you use it.


13 Steps to Install Smart Film Glass

Design type: For window accents

Smart Film Glass

The “design type” is recommended for decorating windowpanes. How about smart film glass that suits your room with various patterns such as stripes, floral patterns, and stained glass? Recommended for small interior arrangements such as glass doors in cupboards. It can also use as an indoor disaster countermeasure.

Summary of adhesive type features

Since it can firmly attach, the effect of preventing scattering is higher than that of the adsorption type. After the adhesive has dried, it cannot reapply.

There are many functions and types.

  • The film is thin and the finish is natural.
  • Summary of features of adsorption type
  • Smart film glassdoesn’t use adhesive, so it can easily remove.
  • Recommended for rent as it can peel off cleanly.
  • You can re-paste as many times as you like.
  • Installation is easier than the adhesive type.

Adhesive type / adsorption type | Common precautions

Construction is not possible when the outside temperature is below 0 degrees. (Moisture sprayed on the base during construction freezes and causes poor adhesion.)

Glass that can be pasted, glass that cannot be pasted

Although there are differences in adhesive strength depending on the type of glass film, it is basically possible to attach glass with a smooth and smooth surface.

A special smart film glass with an internal structure


The table below is a general guide. It may differ from the actual product depending on the condition of the window glass and the product, so it recommend to check the product details at the time of purchase, and if you worry, try pasting using a sample etc. in advance.

A glass film that blindfolds from the outside, prevents scattering in case of emergency, and blocks UV rays that are of concern depending on the product.

Nowadays, more and more people are sticking it not only on windows but also on cupboards and small DIY accessories.

I want to put such a smart film glass in earnest! This is a must-see for those who want to paste it more beautifully. It will take a little more work, but we promise that you will be able to put it on beautifully!

Preparation before pasting

Spread a curing sheet to keep the surrounding area clean.

Place a curing sheet to keep the floor clean. Be sure to cure the carpet, especially if the bottom is a carpet, or if there is a problem with water such as electrical appliances. If you don’t need a bath towel, lay it on the floor and it will absorb the dripping water.

Make an aqueous solution and clean the smart film glass

  • Put 2-3% of neutral detergent in a spray bottle, dilute it with water, and spray it on the glass.
  • Use a glass scraper to remove dirt (dust and tar) that has stuck to the glass.
  • The glass will damage, so don’t put too much force on it!
  • At first, you will hear a “crisp” sound, but as the dirt remove, “Sue” and the glass scraper will pass through.
  • Be sure to clean it with a clean blade.
  • If the window is very dirty, clean it carefully.
  • Start by rubbing from the middle of the glass and later rubbing the edges. Rub the glass scraper first in the black direction of the figure and then in the red direction.
  • Spray the smart film glasswith an aqueous solution once more, and then drain the water with a squeegee.
  • If it doesn’t look good after doing this, repeat the same thing a couple of times.
  • Finally, wipe the window (near the rubber) clean with a kitchen towel. If you do not do this, you will inhale dirty water and the glass film will come off.
  • Now the glass is clean and the film is ready to stick.

Cut the glass film

  • First, measure the vertical and horizontal sizes of the window.
  • Mark the glass film with a size slightly larger than the window size (about 3 cm to 5 cm).
  • Cut the smart film glassfilm with a cutter.
  • Be careful not to make wrinkles or creases when cutting.
  • Be sure to cut it in a flat and clean place.
  • Stick a glass film

Spray the glass with an aqueous solution

Put a large amount of aqueous solution spray on the glass to form a film of aqueous solution. If the amount of aqueous solution is low, the glass film will stick to the glass immediately when it applies, making it difficult to apply.

Spray the aqueous solution on the back of the film

While peeling off the backing paper of the smart film glass, spray the aqueous solution on the back of the film. If the backing paper is difficult to peel off, attach cellophane tape to the corners of the backing paper and peel it off.
Smart Film Glass 2022

Speed ​​is the key to this task.

If it is slow, the static electricity generated when the backing paper peel off will cause dust in the air to adhere to the adhesive layer, and after the film attach, it will become like dust particles and will be difficult to remove.

It is more reliable to install this smart film glass with two people and there is no failure.

Paste the film.

Gently hold both ends of the top of the glass film with your hands and stick it. At that time, align the edge with the side with the key of the window, and paste it with a gap of about 2 mm from around the window frame.

Align the gaps evenly from top to bottom

Once the position is determined, spray the aqueous solution over the entire surface of the film, and use a squeegee to drain the aqueous solution and air to make a temporary press.

  • When using a squeegee, be sure to spray an aqueous solution. Otherwise, the smart film glasswill be scratched.
  • While holding the glass film with one hand so that it does not shift, remove it.
  • When removing the rough surface, move the squeegee from the inside to the outside.

Use a cutter to Cut excess film

  • Cut the remaining excess glass film with a cutter.
  • Cut around the glass frame and the edge of the film so that there is a gap of about 2 mm.
  • Be sure to cut the inside by about 2 mm to drain water. Cut with a cutter using a
  • cutter guide or a transparent ruler.

Best Smart Film Intelligent Results by Following 3 Simple Steps

What is intelligent film?

Smart Film Intelligent

Smart film intelligent helps to keep the temperature inside the car at a stable level. This helps to keep the car’s air conditioner from running at full capacity, helping to save fuel for your car.

The country is developing more and more, leading to an increasing demand for car use. Especially, in big cities, population density as well as industrial activities taking place more and more. in the humid tropics, sunny all year round. The weather is hotter than the rest of the area.

Is it necessary to paste smart film intelligent?

People’s demand for using cars is mainly to move faster, more conveniently. It also to avoid the harsh heat from the sun as well as the absorption of heat from the environment.

But it’s hard to sit in a car and it’s still hot, still can’t run away from the sun. Many drivers have come up with solutions for themselves such as: using sunshades, installing more curtains or covering the glass doors with large objects. But it is only a temporary method and does not bring the expected heat protection effect.

The great influence of UV and Infrared rays on humans

According to research, in sunlight there are 3 main radiations: UV rays (4% – 7%), Infrared rays (about 54%), the rest is visible light. In particular, UV and Infrared rays have a great influence on humans.

Understanding the psychology of users, through research and research, the manufacturer has launched effective heat-resistant insulating smart film intelligent. It is more suitable to the needs of users.

What is intelligent film, and its parameters?

Intelligent film is made up of many layers of polyester plastic film. Each layer is integrated with coating of ultra-thin intelligent materials such as carbon, ceramic enamel or other materials. The final layer is an extremely thin and transparent adhesive layer that forms a filter for the spectral ranges. Used to paste the inside of car windows, buildings.

Some outstanding uses of most intelligent films

Anti-heat and stabilize the temperature in the car: Thanks to its ability to reflect light as well as absorb heat on the surface. Smart film intelligent does a great job of reducing the heat from the environment as well as keeping the most appropriate heat balance in the car.

Protect health and furniture:

It can block a large amount of sunlight and especially ultraviolet and infrared rays, it has the ability to reduce harmful effects to human health such as:  reduce skin and eye diseases compared to facing directly.

Kindness of the work for film

The furniture in the car is mostly made of plastic, which is very resistant to the sun. With its outstanding advantages, insulating film can help: reduce the level of discoloration and damage such as: cracking, blistering, heavier than detail deformation. Smart film intelligent helps maintain the beauty and durability of car interior details.

Reducing glare, supporting safe driving:

Insulating film has a certain ability to reduce glare, helping the driver to reduce glare when seeing, especially when the car is facing the sun or when running at night, encountering problems. headlights from oncoming vehicles. From there, it helps to improve visibility and safe driving.

Increase safety for vehicle operation:

Safety when broken glass, threatening human life. Film supports protection as a safety net, keeping broken glass together, avoiding glass fragments splashing on car occupants.

Helps to balance the temperature in the car

Instead of having to turn on the air conditioner continuously with high frequency and capacity when the temperature in the car is high, now the smart film intelligent helps to balance the temperature in the car, the air conditioner does not need to work with frequency, high power again. Helps save more fuel for cars as well as costs for users.

High security with one-way vision, people sitting inside can see the outside very clearly but outside will not see, increasing privacy, more discreet for users and the interior.

Smart Film Intelligent 2022

Notes when choosing intelligent film:

The first is the technical specifications of the car, as I have shared above:

  • Ultraviolet (UV) rejection,
  • Infrared (IR) rejection,
  • Light transmission rate (VLT),
  • Reflection rate. light (VLR).

The ability to absorb heat

The origin is clear; you should learn carefully about the types of smart film intelligent available on the market. If possible, ask for more advice from professional car care centers. Avoid buying cheap or unknown origin and then losing money unjustly.

Choose the type of film you like, the color and the price

Should I paste the film myself at home, will the intelligent film damage the glass?

If you already know how the process is done, then just buy a stable film and importantly, the tools to serve the film must ensure quality and correct effect for each process.

The process of implementation: try not to make mistakes

If you are not sure or do not fully understand the smart film intelligent, it is best to bring it to professional car care centers, where they have a team of highly skilled technicians combined with equipment. Specialized tools and many years of experience in this field will help answer your questions and ensure the safety of your pet.

In addition, automotive and window films have different compositions, manufacturing technology, dimensions, installation principles and other significant nuances.

What is interesting about architectural self-adhesive film

This is how professionals call the category of tinting materials intended for installation exclusively on translucent elements of buildings!

Architectural window film: what is it?

In short, this is a self-adhesive smart film intelligent on the glass of a window / balcony / showcase and similar parts of a residential or commercial (social, administrative) property. Therefore, the epithet “architectural” is used to immediately indicate the target affiliation of the material.

As with car tinting, sticking a self-adhesive film on windows, balcony blocks and entrance groups is needed both for beauty and for certain advantages.


The most banal is achieving a certain degree of privacy. And if with car films the driver’s imagination is restrained by clear legal norms, then in the case of smart film intelligent there are no restrictions! The main thing is that the material is of high quality.