SMART GLASS : The Future Of Smart Buildings



Imagine Luxurious panoramic windows, stylish doors and partitions that can, at your request, turn from a transparent state to a milky matte Smart glass is not a fantasy! This is reality for our clients.


Smart-glass is a smart glass with adjustable transparency at the touch of a button. If you want to create an original interior, then this unique design is just for you. Smart glass has the ability to change the transparency and permeability of light

With such windows, your home will not only be comfortable and harmonious, but also functional. At the same time, having a high degree of sound insulation.

Smart Glass improves quality of life

The privacy glass and its infinite applications are revolutionizing the world of interior and exterior decoration, combining functional-ity and aesthetics, getting a sense of spaciousness and light.


Smart glass is based on advanced technology that works with the application of a small electrical current supplied by a programmed transformer. When the current passes through it, it turns to its transparent state and the liquid crystal molecules align themselves. When it does not pass current, it returns to its natural state (opaque) guaranteeing privacy, and it can also be converted into a retro-projection screen with great image quality.

Being its most used applications in contemporary architecture in futuristic buildings, combining design and functionality in a single product, and its application in partitions and partition walls between rooms and bathrooms, widely used mainly in the hotel sector in bathrooms and spas. Thanks to their high technology, smart glasses integrated with polymers can change their state from trans-parent to opaque instantly, by remote control, creating a private environment whenever the user wishes.

They operate with various control devices:

  • Remote control
  • Home automation
  • Opacity level dimmers
  • Closing and opening doors
  • And others

Advantages of smart glass:

  • Immediate control of privacy
  • User comfort and safety
  • Aesthetic and attractive
  • Protection of valuable objects
  • Easy and low maintenance
  • Low voltage

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SMART GLASS – Working Process

The operation of electronic glass is based on the polarization of microparticles in an electromagnetic field, under the influence of which the glass surface changes the main characteristics: light transmission and transparency.

In this case, an electric voltage is applied to the glass surface through a hidden wiring.

Smart Privacy Glass Work Flow

  1. There is a polymer liquid crystal film between the glass sheets. Without electricity, the liquid crystals in it are converted to a solid state, thus looming in a random pattern of blotches that scatter the light rays. Due to these properties of the liquid crystal film, a matte surface is obtained.
  2. The transition occurs instantly, and there is no semitone. But you can make this transition smooth. With this option, under the influence of different values of the electric voltage supply, it is possible to regulate the desired degree of transmission of light rays slowly, gradually increasing their haze.

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view the actual shading effect


Variable transparency glass technology converts from opaque to transparent in a fraction of a second, providing instant privacy. Which is appropriate for private spaces in the home, for example: a winter garden, a spa area, and even a bedroom to hide from unwanted prying eyes. Unique smart technology is often used in an elite country house and multi-level apartment, in the premises of business centers and offices, in banks and meeting rooms.

Adjustable tinting is gradually gaining popularity: it is an artificial darkening of glass that can be used for the car and the interior. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the glass darkens at the request of its owner. There are different types of films and shades, which allows you to choose the color for different interior.

Benefits of using smart films

Many office buildings have glass walls inside that give the impression of an aquarium, but at the same time they can delineate the territory, letting in enough light into the hall. On the one hand, this is not bad, but on the other hand, it is not very convenient for meeting rooms when passing employees are distracting or it is important to maintain confidentiality of the conversation.

In this case, you can turn on electronic tinting, which will hide what is happening in the room from prying eyes and will indicate that the meeting room is busy. This is not a bad move for a reputable company, as it will highlight the technical literacy of the management and good taste.


Manufacturers and prices

How much does electronic tinting cost depends not only on the purchase volume, but also on which company in which country is engaged in the produc-tion of this product. On the market, most often you can find American and Chinese films, the second is much cheaper.


Electro drive on smart films

Many companies mainly focus on the production of tinting for cars, but it is quite possible to order the film of the right size, which is suitable for home glass or office partition. Some manufacturers sell the material in rolls, the buyer can cut the desired shape according to the pattern. This is convenient if you are going to edit the film yourself or if you have to do a lot of work.

If you are looking for inexpensive electronic tinting, China has a fairly large selection.

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Variable transparency glass

Smart Glass, or smart glass with adjustable transparency, is an electrochromic product that turns from transparent to opaque frosted at the touch of a switch button.


The original technical and operational characteristics of this material are provided by its structure. The smart glass contains liquid crystal film. In the normal (off) mode, when the surface is opaque, the liquid crystals that make up the film are arranged in a chaotic manner. Under the influence of electric current, these elements are organized, take the desired orientation in space, and the surface becomes transparent.

This phenomenon can be compared to the situation when you are trying to see something in front, but a disordered crowd interferes. If you line up people in sparse and perfectly even ranks, the visibility immediately improves.


However, the adjustable transparency of the glass is not its only advantage. Users who have already appreciated this material note its durability, beautiful appearance and increased energy-saving qualities.

Manufacturing technology

To obtain smart glass with variable transparency, manufacturers use triplex technology:

  1. the basis of the product is triplex - a three-layer structure made of sheets of ordinary glass or polycarbonate, between which a polymer LCD film is installed;
  2. outside, on both sides, the sheets are covered with a protective film, which prevents the material from scattering into fragments upon impact;
  3. Another important element of smart glass is a conductive layer that creates an electric field that affects the crystals.

The operational characteristics of the finished structure depend on exactly how the layers are arranged. Material variations generally differ in the type of laminate used.Modifications with variable or adjustable transparency are made.

In contrast to the simply changing transparency, which changes abruptly:

1) from transparent to matte and vice versa,

2) the adjustable version allows you to change the degree of matte in halftones.

The user can set the degree of transparency that suits him: nothing is visible through the glass surface, only blurry outlines are visible, as if you are looking through a dull veil, everything is visible, etc. Variable level of transparency of windows or other designs based on smart glasses adjustable by increasing or decreasing the applied voltage.

In addition, leading manufacturers, including the FOTOTECH company, offer smart glasses for windows as part of a standard, electrically heated, protective bulletproof or fireproof glass unit. Moreover, the glass surface can be of any color, and the set, at the request of the customer, can include a frame.

Scope of application

Glass with variable transparency is used in various fields. The structure can be designed and manufactured taking into account the needs of the customer: as a window, a partition for zoning a space or a full glass wall.

1.Corporate Office

Smart glass for windows is used in the interior design of offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms, for equipping workplaces for employees of shops, ticket offices, bank employees and other institutions.


2.Commercial Areas

Products based on smart glasses are used in interior solutions for cafes, restaurants and bars. Partitions from them protect the exhibits of museums and art galleries from the sun's rays.


3.Automotive Industry

The adjustable level of opacity of the glass surface allows the use of this material in the automotive industry: for creating internal partitions, inserts into hatches.


4.High-end Residential

Partitions and windows with smart glasses are widely used in the interior design of private houses and cottages. They are used for glazing rooms, loggias, attics and effective zoning of space.


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Window films wide range of colors and resistance

Window films are available in a wide range of colors to better meet the needs and personal tastes of each customer, you can choose the transparent film to create brighter environments, or choose darker ones to give more privacy to yours homes.

The window films as well as being beneficial to health are very useful for creating intimate environments and blocking external gazes with its line of frosted films, which will block the view outside, but inside will remain a clear and clear view of the outside .
To decorate your windows, you can customize the films with the designs and patterns you like best to create the decorations of your dreams.

The window films are very resistant, even against atmospheric phenomena and shocks, moreover they do not require particular maintenance, in fact it is enough to wash them with normal glass detergents. Window films are highly controlled and tested products to ensure greater safety for you and those around you, in case of any glass breakage, the film will continue to exert its sealing action by retaining all glass fragments .

Excellent glass films for offices and companies

Window films are particularly recommended for offices and companies, because more to improve the health of workers, it will give the possibility to significantly reduce energy costs, but more importantly, these innovative and very useful films created the right privacy inside.

offices, giving workers the opportunity to work in a serene atmosphere away from prying eyes, and elegantly shield conference rooms, waiting rooms, glass partitions and much more.

Window films will improve the aesthetics of your buildings, making them more homogeneous and refined, giving them that tasteful touch of high professionalism.

Films for yours is the right choice for you, for your home and for your offices.


Everything they don't tell you about triple glazed windows


If you have decided to change the windows of your home or office, I recommend that you stop for a moment and read this article thoroughly.

It will take you more or less 3'29 '' but it is a time investment that will save you a lot of money.

Since you are inquiring about possible solutions, I'm sure you have heard of triple glazing .

It is on everyone's lips, it is the fashion of the moment.

    It is so common that I can imagine everything that cowardly salespeople told you:

  1. Triple glazed windows are the latest technological gimmick in the field of windows
  2. Triple glazed windows are the best ever
  3. The triple glass guarantees greater insulating performance
  4. The triple glazing will save you a lot of money
  5. Icing on the cake: "WE GIVE YOU THE TRIPLE GLASS!"

Okay, very tempting statements, too bad that, if not really lies, they are at least omissions of (much) of the truth.

Let's analyze them better starting from the beginning.

1.What is triple glass and when to ues it

It is true, triple glazing is currently the best in the field of doors and windows in terms of thermal insulation, but this does not mean that these windows are the absolute best for your home.

There is only one case where triple glazing is the best solution:If you live in a really, really cold place.

2.SMART GLASS Advantages?

Smart glass, also called switchable glass or privacy glass, is a new building decoration material that combines the smart film with glass. A variety of glass can be used such as insulating glass, laminated glass, art glass, fireproof glass, etc.It is transparent when ,curtainwalls, glassdoorsand windows.

Self-adhesive smart lm is a new type of functional lm that adds an optical grade doubled-sided cling layer on one side of the normal smart lm. Due to its excellent bending ability, it can be afxed on the existing at glass or curved glass, providing a simple and cost effective alternative for users. It not only maintains all the original good characteristics of the smart lm, but also has "dry paste, self-exhaust" features that make the installation easy and fast.


1.Our unique liquid crystal formula makes the materials attached closely. High transparency when power on while high haze when power off to protect your privacy.

2.Complete specications: besides 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m regular widths, the maximum width 2.2m smart lm is also customizable. Moreover, we provide milky white, gray, tint color lm for your selection.

3.Full coverage of the producing process from ITO lm to smart lm, thus effectively guarantee the quality of the products as well as shorten the delivery cycle.

4.It is a exible material that can be bent, which allows it to have a wide range of applications.

5.Large working temperature scope: -20℃ to 70℃.

6.Low rated voltage and energy consumption.

7.Strong adhesion for PDLC and long lifespan.


Heat resistant lm maintains the high transparency features of the normal smart lm when power on, and presents a mysterious, noble grayblack color when power off. Besides the excellent characteristics of the normal smart lm, it also has a very good heat insulation effect that makes it an ideal material for building energy-saving reconstruction or design.

Features of Self-adhesive Smart Film Easy to Transport and Install Wide Range of Applications & Use Instantly after Installation Self-adhesive smart lm, compared with smart glass, is much lighter due to getting rid of the heavy weight of the glass. Moreover, it can be installed on the existing glass, which is easy and fast, also enabling the instantaneous transformation between transparent and opaque as good as the smart glass do. The installation of the self-adhesive smart lm should be done in dry condition. When the lm doesn't work or need to renew, just remove the old lm and paste a new lm after cleaning the glass surface, no need to disassemble the whole glass.

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