Why does electronic window film is becoming popular in modern buildings?

Quality electronic window film has become a modern alternative to electronic structures. And this is largely due to their properties: good thermal insulation, noise protection, ability to protect against dust and other contaminants.

electronic window film

Before installation, measurement is important. Its correct implementation is the guarantor of precise manufacturing and installation of the structure. Similarly, this article will discuss how to correctly measure plastic windows.

What are the rules for self-measurement for installing electronic window film?

It is important to correctly determine the depth, width, and height of the opening. The accuracy of the future glazing depends precisely on the measurements taken. Moreover, it comes to production. Relying on your own strength, you need to act especially carefully and accurately.

Measurements take from both sides of the window opening for installing electronic window film. Basically, in order to level out the skew, the responsible manufacturer chooses ways to strengthen the structure.

After the final measurement

After taking the final measurements, you need to compare the results. Reliable construction of buildings guarantees the coincidence of 2 types of parameters. In addition, minor irregularities is easy to level at the installation stage.

What is required to measure electronic window film?

It is also necessary to take into account the type of building, the material from which the load-bearing walls erect. Furthermore, such data determine the rules for measuring ELECTRONIC windows. Also, before measuring ELECTRONIC windows, the following tools will come in handy:

  • tape measure with a lock;
  • pencil for marking;
  • A capsule instrument or a laser instrument can be common.

Determining the size of the opening

electronic window film 2021

It is necessary to take into account the construction technology before installing the electronic window film, the material common in the construction.

In a brick house

To determine the discrepancy between the slopes relative to the wall, you need to take external and internal measurements.

The width of the window sill should be 5 cm more than the thickness of the walls for the installation of electronic window film.

In an electronic house

Typically, electronic buildings have smooth window openings and slopes. This makes it easier to measure at home. You don’t have to subtract or add any values ​​to the data.

How to measure electronic window film?

To prevent premature failure of the window, proceed in accordance with the diagram.

By height

Determine the measurements and then subtract 2 cm from each side. This gap is technological. When installing the windows, it is sealed on each side. For these purposes, polyurethane foam is usually common.

With a quarter

In this case, the outside of the slope is larger than the inside. Use a tape measure to measure the outside perimeter. It is necessary to place the tape close to the frame and also to tighten it. It is important to add 30-60 mm to the obtained distance.

After that, measurements are taken of the opening for the plastic window from the inside. The value obtained should be 50 mm larger. To measure the height, you need to act along the outer length of the opening.

Measurements are taken on fragments between the outer upper slope and the drainage system. This will determine the exact height of the profile for installing electronic window film.

Quarter to

If you are working with a straight opening in a brick house, then when measuring the width, you need to subtract 40-60 mm. When calculating the height, it is required to subtract 8-10 cm. Furthermore, this need is due to the fact that a standing profile is common during installation.

They become excellent conditions for the multiplication of microorganisms that destroy the top layer and structure of PVC.

What to do to get rid of dirt?

To get rid of dirt, use;

  • soft brush. It is suitable for the joints of sashes and frames;
  • household chemicals with a neutral composition. Abrasive particles will scratch ELECTRONIC and glass. Acids and alkalis destroy the structure of the material. It is best to use professional tools recommended by electronic window filmmanufacturers;
  • paper towels, microfiber napkins, cellulose sponges. Spread the product over the surface, then wipe the glass unit or profile dry. Microfiber cloths work well for glass surfaces. They do not leave streaks.

Preparing an electronic window film’s seal for winter

Contours play a big role. They reduce the level of street noise as well as cold air and dust. So that the seals do not crack, do not break, it is important to wash and lubricate them before winter.
Fresh air in the nursery is much more important for the development of the child’s brain and his health than Doman’s cards and other “development”. Air must constantly circulate in the room where the child is.

Is warm air the best breeding ground for bacteria?

Stale, too warm air is the best breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. Only air saturated with oxygen has a beneficial effect on the development of the child’s brain. Not to mention, babies sleep much better in a cool, well-ventilated room by using electronic window film.

It is important to remove all excess dust with dry, soft-bristled brushes. Then you need to wipe the rubber bands with damp rags.

When to apply a silicone-based spray to the surface?

After that, wait until the seal is completely dry. Then apply a silicone-based spray to its surface. This will keep the material elastic.

It is important to prepare in advance for the arrival of cold weather. To take care of the comfort in the house, do not forget about plastic windows. Our experts will tell you how to properly prepare ELECTRONIC structures for winter and extend their service life.


Generally, the nuances of the correct measurement of a plastic window are very necessary. And the best thing is to turn to specialists. Most electronic window film manufacturers have trained staff members.

If you will measure the electronic window yourself, then be prepared to be responsible for the work done. Moreover, there will be simply no one to accuse of incompetence.


What is the electrochromic glass price? Simple Privacy Glass 2021

electrochromic glass price
What will we see in this article?

  • Electrochromic glass Price – Cost m² of each film
    • How to calculate the Application Price
    • How much does the Electrochromic glass Coil Cost

Among dozens, maybe hundreds of options on the market, the time to choose the best film to be applied may not be so simple. And, in addition, even after choosing the best material for your need, it is still necessary to know electrochromic glass price. Whether it is for material or labor is fair and within the market’s charging standards.

2 Electrochromic glass price points are very important here.

1- Know if you are not paying much more than the market average
2- Check if you are not paying too cheap for bad material and service.

To speed up your search, if that’s what you’re looking for, we’ve listed below a summary of the average price of the main requested films in the market.

Currently, there are several types of Electrochromic glass on the market, such as:

  1. Smoked Electrochromic glass
  2. Matte Electrochromic glass and
  3. Sandblasted Electrochromic glass.

It is increasingly common and residents looking for practicality and aesthetics have a growing demand for residential sulfonates.

Due to its various types and functions, clear Electrochromic glass has many advantages and can have a positive impact on your installation environment. Now, let’s take a look at the main advantages and electrochromic glass price.

What does electrochromic glass do?

In very hot cities, many residents turn to electrochromic glass in order to alleviate the temperature inside the house. One of the types of film that provides this effect is the smoked film.


Residential electrochromic glass can reduce solar heat input by up to 75%, according to recent studies, by balancing the internal temperature. With some types of transparent electrochromic glass, it is possible for this heat reduction to occur. It happens without altering the light entering the environment.

In addition to generating greater thermal comfort with the balance of temperature on hot days, the film also helps to reduce energy costs with electrical appliances such as air conditioning and fans. In this way, it allows for savings in the short and medium term.


UV rays are harmful to health, especially when exposure occurs for long periods, and can cause damage such as skin cancer. Thus, the films for residential glass are great allies, reducing the entry of these rays.

Nowadays, with the advancement of technologies common in electrochromic glass, it is able to block up to 99% of this harmful radiation. This protection is essential for the health of people who attend homes with large and constant exposure to the sun. Before installing, it is important to know electrochromic glass price.


Sun exposure can also affect some furniture and objects, such as rugs, artwork, appliances, wooden furniture and many others that may be exposed to the sun on a daily basis. With electrochromic glass, this exposure to sunlight can be reduced.

Moreover, it prevents accelerated degradation of furniture and objects and increasing their useful life. Once again, residential electrochromic glass brings savings in the short and medium term.


One of the functions of electrochromic glass most sought after among residents is the ability to increase the privacy of the environment. Some types of films diminish or even completely impede visibility due to the degree of opacity or mirroring.

With the sandblasted film, also called matte film, visibility is partially limited, bringing a slight transparency and greater privacy. The mirrored film also brings this effect, as the mirroring of the outside face of the glass prevents the person outside from seeing the inside. It decreases visibility, but without changing the light input, as it is a transparent electrochromic glass.

It is important to check electrochromic glass price

Increasing privacy is also the proposal of blackout film, the darkest electrochromic glass that can be common in homes. Its purpose is to completely block outside light and visibility. Thus, by preventing one side from seeing the other, when applied to glass doors and windows, the blackout film   guarantees maximum privacy for the resident.


Some films on the market are security films. You need to check electrochromic glass price. With a finer finish than armored glass, this film is stronger and has the effect of holding the glass in case it breaks. This prevents it from shattering and from having an accident with the broken glass.

This security guarantee is essential in some residential environments. The application is recommended in homes with babies and children. It is to protect the little ones from possible accidents with the glass. And in homes that have windows or glass doors facing the street, preventing vandalism.


In addition to all these practical advantages, film can have aesthetic advantages. There is a diversity of colors, patterns and styles present in the films. It can bring beauty and harmony to the environment where they are installed.
electrochromic glass price 2021

In addition, residential electrochromic glass is a great choice for small houses or apartments. As it is installed directly on the glass, it takes up no space and does not bring a heavy or bulky decorative touch, perfect for environments with limited space. Thus, the ideal electrochromic glass is the one considered the best for the home and that meets all the needs of the environment in which it is placed.

What is the cheapest electrochromic glass?

Electrochromic glass G5 is the cheapest among all the film lines, with an average application price. Electrochromic glass price may vary, depending on the size of the service. The minimum output value of a professional can vary from company to company.

However it is usually around $150.00 to around R$200.00, for residential and commercial applications, whereas for automotive applications there are other variables for this calculation.

Summary: electrochromic glass price

Stainless steel stickers, metallic and of different colors, usually have a value very close to these vinyl stickers too. They are widely common for enveloping household appliances and furniture. The highest value with respect to the blasted adhesive will be around 10 to 20% higher. If it’s more expensive than this, it won’t be at a good price.


How to properly maintain electrochromic glass film in your home?

The electrochromic glass film still represents today the most used type of window frame in our homes and for this reason the care and maintenance is essential to ensure a long life.

electrochromic glass film

Glass film is beautiful. Its appeal is determined by several factors – the warm color, the structure, the grain. Similarly, it is pleasant to the touch, and its use gives particular aesthetic values ​​to the entire home.

Glass film is a material that increases the prestige of the building. Moreover, it is a material capable of bringing elegance to interiors and guarantees high quality finishes.


1 The glass window frames

  • 2 How to protect glass frames?
  • 3 The 3 phases of maintenance of glass frames
    • 1 Cleaning of glass frames
    • 2 Retouching
    • 3 Refreshment
  • 4 Rules for guaranteeing a long life to windows
  • 5 Window maintenance

The electrochromic glass film window frames

The modern electrochromic glass film provides technical parameters of isolation from the atmosphere, noise good.  These characteristics come thanks to particular construction solutions, most of the time with lamellar systems and the use of increasingly efficient double glazing units.

The thermal transmittance of the entire glass window ensures a level of insulation worthy of passive construction – a construction system devoted to maximum savings.

What is the benefit of electrochromic glass film?

Glass film ensures a favorable microclimate inside homes by absorbing excess moisture from the interior and “returning” it to the outside when we need it.

Resistance and durability over time is easy to ensure through the use of water-based painting systems. It allows for low extraordinary maintenance as long as, once a year, the glass windows we clean with a regenerating product of the painting film. .

The only aspect to keep in mind, that being a “living” material that undergoes transformations over time, it must be subject to a care action, which ensures its functionality, its performance and its natural beauty, contributing to regulate thermal and acoustic insulation , and to monitor the energy savings of a house

How to protect electrochromic glass film frames?

The causes of deterioration of electrochromic glass film are generally connected to the action of atmospheric agents, such as rain, sun, variations in humidity, UV rays, but also to pollution.

In fact, the windows and doors often get damage by substances brought by the rains, which interact chemically initially with the finish of the window frame and up to the glass film of the frame.

The latest generation fixtures have greatly reduced extraordinary maintenance times, leaving room for periodic cleaning and refreshing, mainly because they are:

  • Made with laminated glass film capable of ensuring stability over time
  • Built with latest generation CNC technologies and software, capable of ensuring a long life with high performance over time
  • Equipped with particularly performing hardware in order to ensure excellent closure in all its parts, making them resistant to the various classes of anti-burglary
  • Equipped with very thick glazing, which help to strengthen the frame as well as to ensure a high thermal standard.


The 3 phases of maintenance of glass frames

Cleaning of glass frames

Cleaning is the first fundamental precaution to preserve the painting of the frame as long as possible. As already mentioned, the deposit of acid rain on the external surfaces of the window frame is one of the major causes of deterioration.


Cleaning should be carried out with solutions of water and neutral detergents and a microfibre cloth. Aggressive products, such as those based on ammonia or alcohol should be avoided.

Retouching of electrochromic glass film

On the occasion of the six-monthly electrochromic glass film cleaning it is a good idea to also proceed with the paint retouching operation.

This is a punctual application of paint that is where you notice the onset of cracks, dents or discontinuities.

The goal of retouching is to increase the duration of the paint, which with its protective film protects the glass film from acid rain, UV rays and all harmful agents.

Refreshment of electrochromic glass film

Unlike retouching which involves applying paint only to certain points, refreshing consists of reinvigorating the external glass surfaces. Refreshments are important at least once a year starting from the 4th year of installation.

Initially, a thorough cleaning is carried out to eliminate encrustations and dust that settle on the external side of the frame. Then remove all residues with a damp cloth and dry the parts of the window with a soft cloth.
electrochromic glass film 2021

Then, by means of a soft cloth, a special regenerating and nourishing product applies to the electrochromic glass film.

Rules to guarantee a long life to windows

  • Know the characteristics of the purchased product
  • Carry out normal cleaning operations
  • Follow the instructions for scheduled maintenance of the various elements that make up the product
  • Check the greasing and adjustment of the hardware and the tightness of the gaskets
  • Carry out the retouching and refreshing operations of the coating film

These brief rules, if respected, allow safeguarding the frame over time.

Nevertheless, we realize that often the final user, even if informed, tends to forget the care operations of the product.

Electrochromic glass film maintenance

Our commitment is to never disappoint you!
We know that you turn to us to always have something more and better for your glass windows, because before we think about making them, we think about you, your expectations and your needs.

You have often wondered what the qualified installation of the fixtures consists of, what the advantages that derive from it are and therefore why it is so important for a window company to offer this quality service.


With this article we will try to make the ideas a little clearer about it.

The qualified installation of the windows and electrochromic glass film has assumed a fundamental role in achieving the energy and environmental performance that the client expects both in a new construction and in a renovation.


Electronic Glass Film: 9 Important Pre Privacy Glass Installation Tips

Electronic Glass Film
Electronic glass film
 is a great option for those looking for solutions that bring beauty and elegance without having to spend a lot of money for it. With different colors, prints and models, they can transform spaces in a unique way. Moreover, it enables a semi-transparency that brings much more privacy to the space.


Film is a material that protects and increases the durability of glass surfaces. They can receive different designs and colors, modifying the appearance of the glass. The most common models are of transparent and sandblasted films. It comes with the second offering an appearance similar to sandblasted glass, with a much lower cost.

Where do we use electronic glass film?

Electronic films can be common on any glass surface, whether in a residential or commercial property. They improve privacy without blocking natural light from entering the room. In offices, they are widely common in partitions and meeting rooms. They need privacy and elegance, without making the environment too dark.


The main advantage is, of course, privacy and aesthetics. The electronic glass film prevents unwanted looks and makes the decoration of the property much more interesting. But it still has other advantages, such as:

Easy installation: The placement of films on doors and windows is very fast when carried out by a specialized professional. But it is important that the installation is done properly to ensure the desired quality and aesthetics.

Minimum maintenance: The only maintenance required is proper cleaning. We must take care to avoid contact with abrasive products or sharp objects. Other than that, you don’t have to do anything else to keep your electronic film intact.

Safety: in addition to bringing beauty and privacy, the film works as a protective layer on the glass. Moreover, it makes it difficult to break and preventing shattering if it breaks. It also protects the glass against scratches and graffiti, as it is much cheaper to change the film than to change the entire surface of the glass.

Durability: Electronic glass film can last up to 15 years when cared for properly! Remembering that it is very important that the installation is done by specialized professional and using quality products.


Who should install Electronic glass film?

Solar control films should preferably apply by a qualified professional, avoiding problems that could compromise the appearance and durability of your films. This professional will probably indicate what care will be necessary after applying your film.

But if you have not received the proper guidance, or performed the application yourself, we want to help you understand what care will be necessary to ensure the quality of the films.

Taking care of newly electronic glass film is not complicated at all, but it is essential to avoid problems. The most important thing is to avoid opening doors and windows in the first 24 hours, also avoiding touching the surface. If necessary, do a light cleaning with a soft damp cloth, and do not use abrasive products.


– The films have an average durability time of up to 15 years, and for this it is necessary to take some important precautions:
Before cleaning, remove watches, rings, or any other object that could scratch the film;

– Use a duster to remove small dirt that could scratch the film;

– Do not use chemical products. Cleaning should preferably be done with water;

– In case of very dirty environments, use water with neutral detergent;

– Pay attention to the cloth you will use for cleaning, make sure it is clean and try to use softer cloths;

– Never use sponges, brushes, glass cleaners or other materials that could scratch the surface;

– Be careful with the edges of the Electronic glass film, especially the corners. Clean carefully and with little water to prevent them from coming loose;

– Never apply adhesives or adhesives on the films;

– Never use cleaning paper;

What are important caring tips for Electronic glass film?

It is also very important to emphasize the need to use a quality product. Ensure that the film has recognized quality and can support the needs of the location. The actions of the weather in each environment can directly influence the durability of solar films.

Pay attention to the warranty period of the films, take care of the surface correctly and always look for the application with qualified professionals. This way you can guarantee your solar films with quality for much longer.

Electronic glass film Protects from Direct Sunlight

Did you know that the sun can damage – a lot – objects and clothes displayed in store windows? This problem is very common and ends up bringing losses to the business, considering the difficulty of selling parts later, which already look like wear. This problem is much more common than you might think. And that’s why it’s so important to be careful with the exposure to the sun in shop windows.

  • Security: acting as an extra layer of protection for the glass, the films make it difficult to break the glass, preventing access by intruders. And if breakage occurs, the film holds the splinters together, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Health:by reducing the incidence of UV rays, sun protection films contribute to a much healthier indoor environment. Moreover, it reduces the risk of excessive sunstroke on the skin, which can cause blemishes and even skin cancer.
  • Aesthetics and Design: with Electronic glass filmmodels, it is possible to change the face of your business façade, without requiring a large investment. So you can have protection, security and still leave the facade of the property much more modern and elegant.

Benefits of Electronic glass film

One of the biggest advantages of glass roofs is natural lighting, which is very important for our health and quality of life. With greater lighting in spaces, electricity ends up being less common, generating considerable savings on the electricity bill and making the property more sustainable. In addition, the glass roof allows for greater integration with the surroundings, allowing greater enjoyment of the view.


Electronic Glass Film 2021

For a professional Electronic glass film installation, we recommend to hire reliable company..

CLEANING: frequent and adequate cleaning is very important so that the roof is always working properly and looking good. It is important that homeowners hire a specialized professional, considering the height of the roof.


Electrochromic window film: Difference between Double & Triple Glaze Window

Electrochromic window film
Our electrochromic window film protects the environment from heat by up to 80% without reducing natural light. Block up to almost 100% the incidence of UV rays.

Top 5 features of Privacy Films


Exclusive Film’s reflective, translucent or dark-colored window film provides privacy levels according to the needs of each client.


Once applied to the glass, safety and solar control films make the glass more resistant. Moreover, it prevents shattering and preventing serious injuries in case of accidents.

BEAUTY Enhancement

Safety and electrochromic window film enhances the architectural project. They are available in any size and in different colors.


With security films and solar control, you reduce light transmission, making the environment more comfortable in your office or home.

With a wide range of products, modern equipment and efficient and safe services, we offer extremely viable and intelligent solutions for any type of need related to film in buildings.

How to choose between double or triple electrochromic window film?

Let’s find out more in detail.








To determine the need to purchase electrochromic window film, it is important to evaluate the environment where the new window frame will be installed and, moreover, it is necessary to verify what kind of we need have and what type of intervention we are facing.

The type of home plays a decisive role in the comparison between the two glazing solutions.

Double or triple glazed electrochromic window film

The triple glazing technology in window frames has been tested for years and is the logical consequence of the evolution of double glazing: but it is not certain that the installation of triple glazing is always the best choice and not just for economic reasons.

The two electrochromic window film technologies aim at reducing dispersions by increasing the greenhouse effect inside the home: part of the infrared rays is in fact reflected by low-emission glass and films inside the environment, preventing them from coming out and guaranteeing savings energetic. This process is undoubtedly comes by triple glazing compared to double glazing.

What benefits electrochromic window film provide?

The windows, however, have another fundamental task, that of allowing the sun’s rays to enter the building by providing completely free heat supplies. This function is limited by the triple glazing.

Not only that, even the light rays are partly reflected and are unable to enter the interior, in this way one can fall into the contradiction of having hyper-isolated houses, but with the interior lights often on because they are particularly dark. How to behave then?


The so-called double glazing electrochromic window film consists of two or more sheets of glass between which an aluminum frame of variable thickness between 6 and 22 mm i interposes.

Double or triple glazed windows

Thermal insulation we can further improve by using stainless steel covered with plastic film instead of aluminum.

TRIPLE GLASS electrochromic window film


Triple glazing has the same characteristics as double glazing but has an extra glass and chamber. Without a doubt, the thermal insulation (not the acoustic one) further improves compared to double glazing.

The triple glass has the same characteristics as the double one but in addition to having an extra glass and chamber it has undergone a further low emissivity treatment.

This is the interesting prerogative, namely that the window has a considerable thickness and the double chamber can make the difference.

Electrochromic window film 2021


Are you building a house with all the precautions to achieve high energy performance: coats, heat recovery systems, geothermal heating? So you have to choose a triple-glazed window because it allows you to reach maximum thermal performance.

If, on the other hand, you are facing a building redevelopment, before deciding whether to focus on one solution rather than another, you should know that with a double-glazed window, the thermal insulation of your home and therefore the cost of heating and cooling and comfortable feeling, can change by 50-60%!!

Double or triple glazed electrochromic window film

So if your goal is to significantly improve the comfort of your home, electrochromic window film is sufficient. If, on the other hand, you want maximum thermal insulation from a window, then triple glazing must be installed.

Thermal insulation is measured with a number called thermal transmittance (Uw). The smaller the value, the better the thermal insulation.

The windows with normal double glazing will have a Uw of about 3.0 W / m2K, and in this value the drafts that further worsen the performance are not considered.

If you install low-emission double-glazed windows this Uw value is 1.4 W / m2K. If we install a triple glazed window the Uw value is 1.2 W / m2K.


Security films are manufactured with high technology, and the material varies by brand and model. That’s why it’s important to buy the film with a company that guarantees its performance. The films form a protective layer on the glass, increasing surface resistance and preventing splinters from spreading in case of breakage.

Advantages of Residential electrochromic window film

In addition to increasing the security of your home, the films bring several other advantages that only make their cost-effectiveness even better. See the main advantages:

  • Protection against harmful sun rays;
  • Reduction of excessive brightness that hinders the viewing of screens and monitors;
  • Thermal comfort;
  • Acoustic comfort;
  • Energy saving
  • Privacy;
  • Aesthetic enhancement;
  • Preservation of furniture, tapestries and other objects;
  • Easy installation and maintenance free.

It is important to remember that films only perform well when the material is of good quality and the installation is done correctly. For this reason, we always recommend purchasing a certified material with a guarantee, and carrying out the installation with a trained and experienced professional.


Therefore, before deciding whether to install electrochromic window film with double or triple glazing, the company you are addressing must absolutely make a personalized assessment based on your needs and your living environment (exposure, altitude, climatic zone, etc.).

It is absolutely not mandatory to install triple glazing.