How does pdlc film for car protects your vehicle?


What is pdlc film for car for?

Understand why people look for pdlc film for car. Before we talk about the car film allowed by law, let’s highlight the importance of this accessory. Yes, it is not a mere “perfumery” in the car. The automotive films not only have aesthetic function, though many to install in their cars for this reason.

pdlc film for car

Which is the best pdlc film for car?

Currently, the best pdlc film for car for UV protection is transparent, oddly enough. Returning to the accessory’s functions, another one is to make the vehicle’s interior heat less. Again, it’s important for you to know that this has more to do with the quality of the film than its dark tone.

And we can’t stop talking about security, of course. One of the functions that most attracts people is making robbers not know how many people or who is inside the vehicle. Popularly, the idea was spread that a good film for cars allowed by law can curb robberies, kidnappings and other crimes. It’s a hypothesis, but the police also have theirs.

Use of dark pdlc film for car

If inside the car there is a crime in progress, such as a lightning kidnapping, there is no way law enforcement authorities can see it if the pdlc film for car is too dark. This also happens if the vehicle owner chooses to install so-called reflective films. In this case, the car’s windows look more like a mirror.

Accident protection

Another function is to prevent the windows from shattering, both in accidents and by the action of criminals. However, a normal film only withstands the impact of a collision to a limited extent. To increase this efficiency, there is car film allowed by specific law for this.


And the last function, of course, is aesthetics. Many people opt for pdlc film for car because they think it gives a bolder look to the vehicle. It’s a kind of customization that doesn’t need a previous inspection to be approved and installed. It just cannot exceed the legal limits, as we will see later in this article.

Types of pdlc film for car

Know which films are allowed and which are prohibited. There are two types of films:

  • Mirrored
  • Smoked

Ø Mirrored films 

These are those that look like a mirror to someone looking from outside the car. They completely prevent vision into the vehicle. The model can be found in several shades: bluish, pinkish, reddish, greenish, and silvery (most common), among others. Let’s say in advance that this model is not a car film allowed by law.


However, pdlc film for car is a great choice for windows in houses and apartments, as it allows those inside to see outside, but prevents those outside from seeing inside.

Ø Smoked

The smoked film is what you see on cars that circulate around. Its transparency level ranges from 0 to 100%. Later in this article, we’ll talk about the maximum percentages that are allowed by law in each glass.

Basic and Advanced Films

The smoked film is divided into subgroups according to function. The first is the basic one. It won’t have any function other than darkening the windows and making the car look aesthetic. If you are going to buy a film of this type, be very careful. There are currently some imported films, mainly from China, which are much cheaper than the others on the market.

However, they are of poor quality, often making the car even warm up rather than lowering the temperature. Therefore, when placing pdlc film for car, ask for the opinion of a specialized professional.

Anti UV film

Another type is anti UV. This film has as its main function to protect the driver and passengers against ultra violet rays. Currently, the highest protection factor that exists for this film on the market is 1,700 FPS.

How does pdlc film for car work for your vehicle?

For you to be able to compare, the sunscreen you buy in markets and pharmacies, the one you use to go to the beach, has a maximum protection factor of 60, with factor 15 being the most common. Imagine that this pdlc film for car protects 28 times more than the best sunblock on the market. It is highly recommended for those who spend hours in the car, as it helps to prevent skin cancer.

You must be thinking she’s super dark, right?

Believe me: as already said, the level of transparency does not interfere with the UV protection of the film. Some of the best anti UV films on the market have 100% transparency. In other words, it is possible for all the light to pass, without the driver and passengers getting burned due to the incidence of the sun.

Obviously, this is the film that most reduces the temperature inside the vehicle, regardless of the level of transparency, as it also prevents heat from entering. It is recommended for use on the front windshield of vehicles, precisely because it is a film that allows total transparency.


  • Thermal comfort
  • acoustic comfort
  • Thermal protection against UV rays
  • Greater durability for furniture
  • Privacy
  • Safety
  • Protects the glass against scratches and graffiti
  • Film with durability of up to 15 years
  • Easy installation and zero maintenance
  • Aesthetic versatility

pdlc film for car 2021


Anti-theft pdlc film for car

There is also the anti-theft pdlc film for car. This film is thicker than the others. Its main function is to ensure that the glass does not shatter if someone tries to break the glass with any object. This greatly increases the protection of the driver, who, in case of attempted robbery, ends up not being cut by the glass.

In addition, in robbery or theft attempts, the bandits often give up due to the extra difficulty encountered in accessing the vehicle.

To better understand the aesthetic effects of each model, you can visit our company.