Why and where to install pdlc film in roll? Best Guide 2021


Why do you install pdlc film in roll in your environment?

Has the sun been a problem for your home? Has the large presence of light in the environment bothered? Don’t worry, with the installation of pdlc film in roll this is no longer a problem, because with quality materials, it offers a space with ultraviolet rays’ control, providing more comfort and quality of life for you and your whole family.

Why and where to install pdlc film in roll?

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, the installation of this film is an excellent alternative to save energy. This promotes thermal comfort in the environment while providing lighting, avoiding the use of lights, air conditioning and others.

One of its best-known features is that it retains about 99% of UV rays. This is a measure that aims to prevent furniture and other objects from being exposed.
pdlc film in roll

Make the installation of the film with a specialized company. We still offer more features and quality of service, enabling better results than expected. We a specialized team that makes the application in your environment, thus providing a space with pdlc film in roll, maintaining an ideal temperature in the rooms and reducing the glare.

What are the benefits of pdlc film in roll?

Glass is a versatile material that can be common for many occasions. Currently, many architects choose it in their projects. This comes both for room division as a modern touch for decoration and to bring more lighting. But despite its benefits, this material ends up taking away some of the privacy of the space, which may annoy the residents, in addition to increasing the risks.

In order to bring more privacy, comfort and security to the house, the dark film for windows is an excellent alternative. It is for those who want to have glass to modernize the environment without losing the possibilities to feel at ease. Manufactured with pdlc films in roll that help make it difficult to see the interior of the space and also protect the window from possible problems such as vandalism.

Some other benefits of pdlc film in roll

  • Increases home security;
  • Offers more privacy to the environment;
  • Protects the glass from possible problems such as breakage, scratches and strong impacts;
  • Provides more comfort and convenience for the whole family;


Residential Pdlc provides protection and comfort

The home should be a comfortable and private environment to enjoy moments with family and friends. It should be a place to relax, watch a movie or have lunch with loved ones.

And for all of this to be possible, it is important to invest in alternatives that offer more and more benefits for these times, as is the case with residential Pdlc. This provides several benefits to improve these moments.

 Qualities of residential Pdlc:

With many alternatives and versatile for any environment, residential Pdlc is a great alternative for those who want more:

  • Comfort
  • Privacy
  • Protection
  • and security for the home

Its material makes it difficult to see the interior of the space and even protects the glass from any type of vandalism.

pdlc film in roll 2021

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, residential Pdlc also offers greater temperature control for the environment, as its material has the ability to retain the incidence of sunlight in the space by up to 99%, ensuring a longer useful life for furniture and objects that are exposed in these places, in addition to offering more convenience for those who use it.

Everything you need to know about pdlc film for facades

Having an area covered by glass has several advantages, in addition to being a great alternative to see natural daylight and admire the outside of the house; pdlc film in roll offers a modern and sophisticated decoration. However, to make its installation, it is necessary to invest in other materials that help to improve its efficiency.

Although glass is a versatile material that can be common for different purposes and in the most varied spaces, it can bring some discomfort on hotter days due to the sun. For this reason, installing pdlc film for facades may be the best option.

How pdlc film for facades can help you?

With the ability to retain the sun’s incidence by up to 99%, the pdlc film in roll for facade is not intended to inhibit your access to natural light, but to protect against ultraviolet rays that can be harmful to the skin, as well as to the objects and furniture that are in the place. In addition, it provides an ideal thermal comfort for the environment.

With high durability, the pdlc film for facade adjusts to the needs of the glass; this allows it to be installed easily and practically. It is a kind of filter that controls the entry of sunlight into the environment, thus offering more comfort and quality of life. It maintains the ideal temperature for the room, keeping it cool on hotter days and cozier on colder days.

Main benefits of pdlc film for windows

The decoration of an environment is essential to increase the value of a home, so pdlc film in roll takes a lot of planning and attention to detail. A very appreciated item and common as the main element is glass, which has been receiving more and more amplitude in architectural projects whatever its type, common, tempered, laminated or any other to compose windows and doors.

What are the benefits provided by pdlc film for windows?

Pdlc – Provides improved energy efficiency, absorbing or reflecting up to 99% of UV, infrared and invisible light, helping to regulate temperature, reducing glare, preventing furniture fading and providing greater thermal comfort and energy savings.

Ø Security

Increases privacy within the internal environment, prevents damage cacommon by storms, deters thieves and in case of broken glass, there is no spreading.

In which environments is it possible to apply pdlc film for glass?

  • Dining room or living room
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Outdoors