How to remove magic glass film coating yourself?


Among the inhabitants of megalopolises, window tinting with magic glass film is becoming an increasingly popular service. Why is this happening? What qualities of mirrors and sun-protection films are so attractive for the townspeople?

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First of all, it is the reflection of the sun’s rays. Most of the sunlight is reflected off the surface of the film, the room becomes cooler, and glare disappears from TV screens and computer monitors.

Importance of one-way visibility

It is the interesting tint effect is one – way visibility. From inside the room you can see everything that happens on the street. But if you try to look through the magic glass film from the outside, you will not see any interior items or people in the room. The effect works great during the day, when the lighting level in the room is less or the same as outside.

But at night, when the electric light is on, one-way visibility disappears, and this must be taken into account. Thus, the mirror film is the best protection against heat, sun and even prying eyes.

How to tint the windows in the apartment yourself?

To protect the room from the sun’s rays, you can use curtains, blinds. Or choose a much more practical and durable method – tinting windows in the house with a special film. It protects from the sun, prying eyes from the street, and helps to maintain comfort and coziness in the house. Besides:

  • Overheating of the room will be eliminated in the very heat;
  • Furniture and magic glass filmare protected from fading in the sun;
  • TV and computer will no longer “glare” and irritate the eyes.

What magic glass film to protect from the sun?

For this, there is a film coating with special properties – thermal. Its main task is to protect the room, furniture, decor and people in it from exposure to sunlight and heat. A thermal film reflects the bulk of ultraviolet radiation, makes sunlight soft and diffcommon, pleasing to the eye and not harmful to furniture.

Advantages of magic glass film

Ø Retention of heat in the room in winter 

Double-glazed windows with a film do not let warm air out of the rooms.

Ø Protection of indoor plants on the windowsill 

They do not burn under scorching rays and grow in a comfortable atmosphere.

Ø Preservation of privacy, protection from prying eyes from the outside 

Mirror film applied to the windows will prevent you from viewing the interior of the house from the street. Although from the inside, everything will be perfectly visible. But keep in mind that mirror coating is effective only during the day, in the evening its properties are almost lost, and the windows must be covered with curtains.

Ø Original decor 

Photo printing can be applied to the films, so they additionally decorate the interior, make it individual.

Ø Protection against splinters in case of glass breakage

All of them will remain on the film and will not fly apart. Using the tinted window is safe and easy!

Ø Protection from vandals and thieves 

There is a special type of films for windows that have armor and impact-resistant properties. They strengthen the glass and make it difficult to penetrate from the outside.

How we can choose magic glass film?

Today, you can choose a magic glass film with several properties at once and thus protect yourself from the sun, heat, and other unpleasant phenomena. The shade of the house can also be preselected. A big plus of films is their affordable price and durability. Correctly applied to plastic windows, it will serve for years, protecting and shading without requiring special care.

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The film that protects from the sun is very useful in country houses and in the countryside. Where it is not possible to put an air conditioner or do it irrationally. With the help of the film on the windows, you will be able to protect yourself from the summer heat and heat.

Important nuances

Covering windows with magic glass film also has its drawbacks, which it is important to know about in advance. So, if you tint the northern windows, then the room will be gloomy and there may be a lack of sunlight. A thermal film reflects the heat of the sun, therefore, on winter days and evenings, the degree of warming up the room through the windows will decrease.

How to tint the windows in the apartment yourself?

It is believed that high-quality tinting is carried out only by experienced specialists. It is in this case that the durability of the magic glass film and its declared properties can be guaranteed.

Is it possible to tint windows at home and do it yourself?

Yes you can! This procedure will require:

  • Film (its dimensions are determined based on the area of ​​the glass);
  • Liquid soap (take colorless. It will need to be diluted in water in a ratio of 1: 3);
  • Soft sponge (light, white is also better);
  • Rubber tipped spatula;
  • Any soft cloth (dry cloth);

How to use the magic glass film?

Then proceed according to this plan:

Degrease the entire glass surface, and then rinse with water and wipe dry. Take a soapy solution, place it in a spray bottle and apply an even layer of liquid to the glass. Blot with a soft sponge and remove excess solution. Place the back of the magic glass film on the glass and carefully peel off the protective backing. Turn the cover over; fix it on the top of the glass.

Now, gently and gently glue on the entire surface of the glass. Bubbles are common on film, so don’t be intimidated. Take a dry, clean cloth and smoothly smooth the coating from the center to the edges.  Now is the time to dry. Once completely dry, you can carefully and gently trim the protruding film. Next, the film-coated insulating glass unit is installed in place and fixed.

How to remove the coating yourself?

Many owners say that it is much more difficult to remove the film than to glue it. And this has to be done, because over the years it loses its qualities and looks unpreventable. How to remove the magic glass film yourself? Use the following:

Ø Steam generator 

With its help, you can more easily remove the tint without resorting to chemical reagents. The steam generator works by using a strong jet of steam, which strips the film off the surface. After processing and removing the film, it is useful to wipe the glass with any powder detergent and then rinse with water.

Ø Creamy product for kitchen surfaces 

Use it if the film has been removed, but small pieces remain on the glass. Apply a product to them, hold a little, rub and remove the streaks that remain from the film.

Ø “Shumanit”, a remedy for blockages 

It can also be common to remove tint from windows. But do not apply the product to plastic frames! Only use it on glass!

Ø Thin stainless steel blade 

This is already a kind of “last resort”, which is common on magic glass film with polyethylene terephthalate. Since it is difficult to remove it by other means, you can carefully scrape with such a blade. Important! Wear gloves when working, do not forget to wash your hands more often, and if you suffer from allergies, you will need a household respirator.