7 Types of pdlc Foil You Can Use on Windows


Smart Privacy Film Buying Guide 2021

The search for pdlc foil has grown increasingly in world. For many years this product was famous only for the advantages it brought to automotive conservation. However, its use in architectural projects of all kinds is increasingly popular.

These days, many people are using this amazing product in home decoration and privacy purposes.

pdlc Foil

But do you know the benefits that make the foil be common in both cars and real estate? To find out, keep following this article until the end. Good reading!

After all, what is the use of pdlc foil?

It is a product whose main function is to add to the design and aesthetics of glazed surfaces. It is an excellent option for those who want to transform environments and cars quickly, practically and, above all, with little expense.

The pdlc foil gives a real upgrade to the glass and is easily removed for replacement whenever you want. This is not to say that its useful life is low, on the contrary, the accessory can last for years when well maintained.

Benefits of pdlc foil 

Anyone who thinks that the accessory is merely decorative is wrong. Some models have an anti-vandalism function, provide privacy for the interior of the environment, prevent the fading of furniture and automotive upholstery, control the temperature of the environment and, in addition, protect against sunlight.

The pdlc foil is found in versions:

  • Reflective;
  • Blackout;
  • Smoked;
  • Sandblasted;

8 types of pdlc foil

The pdlc foil bring many benefits to the look of the environment, as it increases the feeling of space, lightness, balance, in addition, of course, to benefiting the natural light of the place. In addition, it is versatile and combines with different decor proposals.

You can use frames, curtains, stickers and, mainly, various types of textured finishes. For this last option, the glass partition film gains real prominence not only in design, but also in terms of safety.

Why choose pdlc foil?

The pdlc foil is an excellent option to change the look of the window without spending a lot of money; it is easy to make to measure and allows natural light to enter the room without neglecting privacy. Some models of film for glass partitions have anti-vandalism technology, that is, even broken glass does not shatter. This is essential to prevent major accidents and preserve people’s safety.

Pdlc foil for glass partitions:

  • Reflective;
  • Blackout;
  • Smoked;
  • Sandblasted;
  • Mirrored;
  • Colorful;
  • Designed;

Safety: do not give up the pdlc foil

The pdlc foil must be made of tempered or laminated glass, the famous safety glass, stipulated by standard rules. This type of material is up to 5 times more resistant than ordinary glass, as it receives a tempering heat treatment at around 650/750 °C.

When broken, it breaks into small but much less sharp pieces. That’s not to say it doesn’t need to be handled with care or the extra protection of glass shower film.

What is glass shower film?

It is a 100 micron thick polymer that guarantees more safety for the bath time. Simple and economical, the film prevents the box from shattering in case of breakage, as it holds the glass shards, which prevents further accidents.


In addition, pdlc foil creates an anti-scratch layer that increases its resistance performance. And its advantages do not stop there, because the glass shower film has thermo technology, that is, it offers thermal comfort during the shower.

Installation of glass box film

Ø Sliding doors and hinges: 

The product must be installed under the pulleys on the sliding doors. In the case of the opening door, the application has to be made under the hinges

Ø Edge distance 

The film must be at most 5mm from the edge of the window pane. This is good to install pdlc foil on windows properly. Moreover, it will endure its life too.

Ø Curing time:

It is necessary to wait a minimum period of 2 hours after installing the film to apply the box support system.

Is it worth investing in a guardhouse film?

Smart privacy films are a small building that works as a shelter for sentries, guards, watchmen and porters. It is common in shops, companies, banks, condominiums and several other types of establishments. Above all, they must provide comfort and safety for the employee to work efficiently.

In this sense, there is a fundamental item to make the glass in this place even more resistant: the pdlc foil. Want to know more about this product? So follow this reading to the end!

What is the differential of the film for a guardhouse?

They are made of a polymer – a tough macromolecule – 100 microns thick. This makes the panes stronger and prevents fragments from spreading in case of breakage, as all the pieces are fixed in the film for the guardhouse. This is a product that can last up to 10 years when well maintained, and is therefore an excellent lasting investment.

The guardhouse film provides:

Anti-vandalism action;

Anti-scratch layer;


Glass color stability;

UV protection (minimum 95%);

Greater mechanical strength;

Thermal comfort;

High durability.

pdlc Foil 2021


Benefits of pdlc foil

Some pdlc foils in addition to darkening, also have the power to reduce heat and protect against UV rays, in addition to inhibiting external heat, making the environment more pleasant, so when choosing your film, have these aspects in mind. Also pay attention to the details described on the side, in the list of films, about the lighting and the ability to see through the windows.

Reflective film – how does it work?

The greater the light difference, the stronger the mirror effect. Whereas when the aspect ratio is smaller, we have a ghosting effect that works partially on both sides. It is one of the most efficient in terms of blocking UV rays and IR (heat) rejection. Moreover, it provides a thermal balance and light control of the environment.

Some of the great advantages of mirror film are the wide range of colors, such as silver, inverted silver, 2-sided silver, blue mirror, green mirror, bronze, red, gold, pink, purple, gradient, reflective, titanium, black.