How to stop sunlight with pdlc film? 5 Benefits


Sun protection on the windows with pdlc film

Pdlc film is much necessary during summer. Large bright windows are a guarantee of comfort in the home. However, during the summer heat, enlarged window openings are a source of trouble. The scorching sun doesn’t just heat up the room. Ultraviolet light literally heats up the air, from which not only people but also pets suffer.

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Partial or complete blocking of ultraviolet radiation

An overheated room is very harmful to human health, so people do not get tired of inventing more and more new ways to cool the room during the heat.

How to close the windows from the sun in the apartment? 

All methods are divided into two large options:

  • complete blackout
  • light curtain

The first option includes both external and internal films. The most efficient ones have a reflective coating. Thick linen or satin curtains are less effective, but they can turn day into night indoors.

Tinting pdlc film

Light protection from the sun on the windows in the apartment is provided by glass tinting. The tint pdlc film is glued directly onto the glass sheet. Its purpose is not only to reflect the rays, but also to reduce the heat flux. Films with different degrees of protection are presented on the market; some of them are endowed with a mirror effect.

What is mirror tinting?

Mirror tinting not only promotes light reflection, but also provides a masking effect. The premises cannot be seen through it from the street. The advantage of the product is that it can be removed quickly. It is important that the tinting film does not require any special maintenance during operation.

Along with the classic tinted film, which you can seal the windows from the sun yourself, the market offers double-glazed windows with the same function.

Curtains – the classic way

From time immemorial, on a sultry day, curtains are closed to darken the windows from the sun. In this case, dark curtains can not only cool, but also heat the room. A thick curtain must be of a light shade.

Light-colored fabric heats up less, but retains the sun’s rays. A truly ingenious invention of our time is the innovative Black-out canvas.

The composition consists of three layers, it almost completely reflects sunlight. This is good sun protection for windows. However, this option has its drawback. Several layers of fabric not only serve as protection from sunlight. This is a real dust collector. In operation, multilayer curtains are quite complicated. They must be washed several times per season.

Outdoor pdlc film

It is generally accepted that outdoor pdlc film is just a way to protect property. Indeed, they are capable of preventing unwanted intrusion. However, in summer, these products will also serve as protection from the sun. They are lowered when the temperature rises especially high, creating a protective shield.

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Products made of galvanized metal are most effective for darkening windows. They are not subject to corrosive processes and are well tolerated by atmospheric precipitation. Most importantly, galvanized metal has a reflective effect. External films must be accompanied by a lamella angle change mechanism.

Cassette curtains – a modern option

Heavy curtains with lambrequins were replaced by light and graceful cassette curtains. The design allows them to be fixed directly to the glass unit. The cassette curtains fit snugly against the glass, so they can block the window from the sun. On the market, they are presented in a wide variety of color and texture options. They can be matched to almost any design solution.

In fact, cassette curtains are analogous to pdlc film, but better. They are more graceful. They are effective as protection from the sun’s rays and are much easier to care for than conventional multi-slat films.

Metal and plastic interior films

Horizontal films perform their function at home and in the office, creating obstacles in the path of sunlight. But many years of practice have shown that this option is tiresome in daily use. The fact is that even more dust accumulates on the slats than on canvas curtains.

Each lamella must be processed separately. Of course, this takes a lot of time and effort. However, they are still popular. On the market you can find interior films made of light-repelling plates. It is enough to turn them in a vertical plane to get a light but dense enough shield for the entire width of the window.

Bamboo and pleated films

Manufacturers spoil consumers with several options for bamboo pdlc film. They are both horizontal and vertical. A small angle of rotation makes it possible to illuminate the room, but not completely. Since they are made in a variety of colors, they can organically blend into any interior.

These are the most budget-friendly option, but their disadvantage is the ability to attract dust. Caring for bamboo films should be the same as for any surface in the room: periodically arrange them wet cleaning.

Pleated films: a tribute to fashion

The classic design of strips of fabric, connected by a lifting mechanism, in this version is supplemented with a day-night function, which allows you to make the shading more or less dense. This design is made of two types of fabric, one of which is translucent. The model is attractive for its variability of use, and the external resemblance to horizontal pdlc film inspires confidence in the consumer.

Protecting windows from the sun with your own hands

How to close the window from the sun with your own hands? Everyone knows a sheet of foil, which is fixed at the top of the window with tape. The resourceful townspeople have perfected this option. The foil can be secured to a regular sheet of cardboard and exposed to the window as needed, while the roll foil is secured to the window frame all summer long.

Another option that can rightfully be attributed to folk art is pleated paper pdlc film. They are done by hand from a simple roll of paper. It is enough to choose darker wallpaper and fold it like a fan. The top edge is secured with tape on the frame, and the pleated fabric goes down to curtain the window.

Use of common building substance

The most inventive people use a common building substrate. One side of it has reflective foil. The material is much denser than a regular sheet of foil. If you attach it to the outside of the glass, the effect will be amazing. You can experiment and place your palm on a heated substrate in the middle of a sultry day. The foil is heated almost like a hot frying pan.

Thus, all the aggression of summer sunlight remains outside the apartment. Of course, the underlay option, for all its effectiveness, is short-lived. None of these methods give a 100% effect, but they all help to survive the sultry summer.