Operating principle of switchable privacy glass film (Best smart film guide 2020)


Which Switchable Privacy Glass Film you should Install in Home?

Switchable Privacy Glass Film manufacturers

The introduction of new, smart technologies occurs not only in science, industry, but also in everyday life. New high-tech equipment, products, as well as various materials, one of which is a switchable privacy glass film.

It is already widely used in various fields of activity. Similarly, it regularly appears, becomes fashionable, and is in demand. Therefore, it is worth telling in more detail about this innovative film material. Moreover, we shall be describing:

  • What technology is used for production?
  • Its  properties
  • advantages of use

Which switchable privacy glass film you should install in Home?

  • Do you know which film to apply in a residence?
  • Would you like to know how they work?

First of all, follow our post and clarify your doubts about switchable privacy glass film.


This film is best for houses and apartments. However, they can also be placed in commercial and business areas.

It is a very common mistake for those that apply wrong film in homes. And it mainly happens with inexperienced applicators. They use automotive films in residential applications. This is a very serious flaw and should in no way be committed.

What is switchable privacy glass film?

First of all, you need to figure out what is meant by switchable privacy glass film. You are considering smartphones and smart TVs perhaps. Under this concept is meant the acquisition of new, “smart” properties that were previously absent in everyday products and materials.

Smart film for glass is a multilayer material based on a solid:
  • Polymer compounds
  • thermoplastic polyurethane
  • polyvinyl butyrate
  • ethylene vinyl acetate
These materials provide good result against:


  • Blocking sunlight
  • It protects from harmful sun rays
  • Provides better sound insulation
  • People use it to increase the beauty of homes
  • Similarly, it is best for privacy

In short, these all points have made such products actively in demand in advertising, architecture, and interior design. After installing switchable privacy glass film, you can easily change the appearance of any living apartment.

Operating principle of switchable privacy glass film

Smart film is a material with variable transparency. In its normal, inactive state, it is a low-translucent coating applied to glass surfaces. Similarly, it prevents any objects from being seen at a distance of more than 20 cm.

Using glass window for smart bathroom has been one of the newest trends in decoration. In addition, people use it to change the appearance of environments. Moreover, it brings sophistication and innovation to your spaces.

Electronic or intelligent glass is one of the most current technologies. Companies around the globe use switchable privacy glass film in their manufacturing projects.  Why it is so much popular? This film offers you to electronically control your privacy and the passage of light.

Use of glass window for smart bathroom

One of the most perfect LC Privacy Glass bathroom window applications is in damp environments. The blinds and curtains tend to get damp, dirty and in need of repair.

Even in a matte or private state, smart glass allows the passage of diffused light, Furthermore; it reduces the need for artificial lighting.


For greater flexibility, each section of the Wglass can be selected and controlled independently within the same window.

You can freeze the top. Moreover, there is an option to leave the bottom clear for brightness control. Or make the top part lighter, if you want little clarity, for example.

This makes your bathroom, in addition to luxurious, with an incredible design. When you want privacy, call in private mode and when no one is using the bathroom, leave it off, so the room appears.

How does switchable privacy glass film for smart bathroom work?

The production of intelligent glass comes with a lamination process, of two glasses with an LCD (liquid crystal) film .

It can be operated through your applications, via a wall switch. Or you can operate it by integrated into your home automation.

When the device is turned off, the smart glass returns to its normal condition. This will allow the passage of light to flow through the smart glass.

Check out the main benefits of switchable privacy glass film:

  1. The product is capable of receiving projections

If the smart glass is off, you may be able to receive image projection.

Switchable Privacy Glass Film

By having liquid crystal in its composition, it will provide greater quality of the projected image.

This means that you can watch series, movies, soap operas and everything else you want in your environment.

  1. Custom-made

Created for special spaces, smart glass can be used in hospitals, hotels, homes. Or you can use switchable privacy glass film anywhere that requires privacy.

  1. Extremely easy to clean

Smart glass is created to allow easy cleaning, avoiding the accumulation of dirt. For this reason, it has a simplified maintenance and excellent durability.

What is difference between switchable privacy glass film and automotive tint film?

Films for residential applications are different from automotive tintfilm as we will see below.

First of all, know that the residential solar control film absorbs a large amount of heat generated by the sun’s rays. And in no way should it be applied on ordinary and laminated glass, understand why.

The laminates and common glasses do not design to reach high temperatures. So the chances of cracking them are huge.

After all, glass exposure to solar radiation in residential applications is in fact much more aggressive. On the other hand, automotive windows are less affected. It is due to the circulation of the vehicle itself and its smaller dimensions.

Main types of home switchable privacy glass film

Anti-Vandal Security Film:

The anti-vandal film is thick and can be 18 times more resistant than ordinary films.

Decorative Film:

It is best for those who need privacy in a certain space. Moreover, switchable privacy glass film offers much better decoration.

Home thermal film:

They are able to block or reflect the solar heat. It maintains cozy environment.

So, did you like to know about home film? It is certainly not all yet. There are a multitude of models, and constantly the big film brands are launching their trends. However, you can already have a great idea, right?