Adhesive Privacy Window Film-The Smart Choice of Modern Windows.


What are adhesive privacy window films and why are the taking over

adhesive privacy window film

Adhesive privacy window film is what people opt for when they want to enhance the privacy of their homes, offices or cars, etc.

No one likes it when people stare at them as they are relaxing at home, working in their office, or while riding in their car. Therefore, people look for window films to allow them some privacy as they relax, work, drive, or ride.

Curtains or blinds also serve the purpose of providing privacy, but they completely obstruct sunlight while adhesive window films enhance privacy while allowing sunlight to seep through the windows.

What Are Window Films?

Window films are thin sheets made of PET or Polyester type plastic applied inside or outside the glass windows. These sheets come in a wide variety of types and serve multifarious purposes. Window films serve their particular purpose by sticking (in case of the adhesive film) or clinging (in case of the non-adhesive film) to the glass.

Window films alter the appearance of glass by changing its visibility-frosted glass or by changing its color-dyed film. They not only work to alter the appearance of glass, but some window films also enhance the strength and endurance of glass.

Classification of Window Films

Window films can be broadly classified into two types;

  1. Adhesive Window Films
  2. Non-Adhesive Window Films.

Adhesive Window Films

Adhesive Privacy Window films, as the name suggests, adhere to the interior or exterior of the window glass. They serve a variety of purposes aside from providing privacy

Adhesive privacy window films can be placed on a clean and dry window. To ensure that the film aligns properly with the window frame, a spray of water wets the glass surface. Then the adhesive window film is placed.

The wet glass surface will allow you to adjust the film to align with the window frame. The water from the glass then evaporates leaving behind a strong and properly in-place film. A squeegee is used to remove any air bubbles that might be trapped between the film and the glass to give it a nice finish.

Non-Adhesive Window Films

A non-adhesive window film or static cling film is made of vinyl material. It is based on the principle of suction. When applied to any clean, dry, and smooth surface, it clings to it. This happens because the vinyl material of this film acts as if it contains miniature suction cups.

The application of even slight pressure pushes the air from between the film and the glass. And the film clings to it by suction.

Adhesive vs Non-Adhesive Window Films

Both adhesive privacy window films and non-adhesive films have their pros and cons. While adhesive window films are more durable, non-adhesive window films can be removed and reused very easily.

The biggest downside of a non-adhesive window film is its limited application. A non-adhesive window film can only be applied over a smooth, clean, and dry window that is non-porous.

This constraint of non-adhesive window film makes it unusable in bathrooms and kitchens and practically any surface that may come in contact with water.

As opposed to this, an adhesive privacy window film can be used anywhere because it can withstand rough, wet conditions while protecting the glass as well.

So, if you are looking for a window film that provides privacy while not calling for a replacement very soon, an adhesive window film is your way to go.

Categories of Adhesive Window Films

Window films find their application in a wide variety of settings. From cars to homes, commercial buildings to ships and boats, window films are everywhere. And to fit into these multifarious settings, window films have different categories.

Insulating, Glare Reducing, and UV Blocking Films

These are insulating films to keep the hotness or coldness of the weather out from the building. Then there are glare reducing and UV blocking films. These films work to minimize the intensity of sunlight down to the required level. And block the majority of the harmful UV rays from the sun.

Adhesive Privacy Window Film

For people looking for privacy without turning the room into a dark, gloomy box there are adhesive privacy window films. These films block the vision of outsiders without completely obstructing sunlight so that the room looks lively and warm while privacy stays intact.

Decorative Window Films

Another category of window film is decorative window films. These window films turn boring old glass windows into works of art without permanently altering the glass. They serve the purpose of beautification along with providing privacy.

Safety and Security Window Films

The US invented safety and security window films in the 1970s to protect its foreign embassies. These films protect the glass from shattering and harming the people closest to the glass. A thick security window film when applied to glass can make the glass withstand a bomb blast.

There are many more types of window films serving a purpose that is specific to them.

The Adhesive Privacy Window Film

Adhesive window films have revolutionized the idea of privacy since their inception in 1902. Before that, people used to paint windows to keep out the stares and glare. This method was not only expensive but time-consuming and permanent as well.

Getting a window with frosted or colored glass is expensive. While adhesive privacy window films offer you the option of converting a regular transparent window into an opaque window without marking a huge dent in your wallet.

Adhesive privacy window films not only reduced the cost of adding privacy to glass windows. But they also provided a temporary way of making the windows opaque.

People tend to get bored and want to mix things up from time to time. Frosted or dyed glass windows can not be changed easily if you are looking for a renovation in your house.

As with Adhesive privacy window films, you can remove and replace them whenever you want to give your place a new and modified look.

Types of Adhesive Privacy Window Film

Adhesive privacy window films come in a variety of different types. This is not only to serve a wider variety of purposes but also to provide the customers with a wider range of films to choose from. So that the window film that they choose not only fits their requirements but also appeals to their aesthetics.

Tinted Window Films

Tinted adhesive privacy window films or solar controlled films are best if you are looking for a window film that not only provides privacy but also keeps sun glare away from the room. These windows work to reflect sunlight and UV rays away from the room.

Once applied, these window films give a shiny, mirror-like appearance on the outside. However, these films might not provide privacy at night because light from led bulbs and lamps may make the inside of the room visible to the outsiders.

Privacy Mirrors

One-way films or privacy mirrors are most commonly seen in police procedural TV shows. However, they find numerous applications in other commercial and household settings. Privacy mirrors or a one-way adhesive privacy window film provides a mirror on the exterior of the glass while allowing the glass to be see-through from the inside.

Frosted Appearance Films

Frosted adhesive privacy window films provide maximum privacy while allowing sunlight or light from the bulbs in the room through the glass. It obstructs the images of people and objects on both sides of the glass.

This film gives the same frosted appearance to the glass on both, interior and exterior sides. Frosted appearance window film is the best choice for people who are looking for maximum privacy throughout the day as no amount of light changes the opaqueness of this film.

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Decorative Window Films

Decorative window films serve the dual purpose of providing privacy while enhancing the look of the windows. These window films are best for people who are looking for incorporating privacy into their house or workspace without compromising on the aesthetics.

Decorative adhesive privacy window films come in a variety of designs and several different colors. You can get a Moroccan glass window without having to buy actual Moroccan glass by simply getting a Moroccan glass adhesive window film for your home or office.



Adhesive privacy window films have become a smart choice for modern windows. While being a source of making window glass obstructive to sunlight and stares, these films also provide insulation saving the cost of heating during winters and air-conditioning during summer.

Adhesive privacy window films have transformed the idea of privacy through windows by enabling the users to just place a sheet on the windows and replace them whenever they want.

Being cheaper than frosted or dyed glass, these films are easy on the pocket and fulfill their job as nicely as a frosted or etched glass would do.

These adhesive privacy window films also enhance the appearance of the room if you opt for a decorative film. The biggest advantage that these films have over curtains is that they do not block sunlight. They only obstruct outsiders’ views while allowing a controlled amount of natural light to enter into the area.