Why car window tinting film suppliers won’t recommend Glazing of cars?


Protective film is a safer solution than polishing

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Do you know when you buy a new cell phone and protect it with film? All this to keep it brand new? What if you could do the same with your car and contact car window tinting film suppliers? This protection applied would work even better than the film on your phone?

What is a car window tinting film?
The tinting film is basically a sheet of transparent film. It forms a protective layer for painting your car.
Few things are as frustrating. For instance, going back to the car in the parking lot of the mall can be risky. So, I would personally advise to use tinting films for car windows. Because these films enhance beauty.

Car window tinting film suppliers is currently one of the greatest aesthetic differentials of a vehicle. Its real function is to protect the bodywork from the weather from nature. When exposed to rain, sun and sea air, for example, it rusts and becomes increasingly fragile. Painting avoids this process.

There are three most common ways to fix car window tinting film suppliers risks


Polishing is the most common way to remove stains, scratches and burn marks on the bodywork. In short, sandpaper is applied over the paint to reduce the varnish layer until it is even and removes the risk. The process, although effective, is very harmful, since it wears off the varnish that protects the paint. Therefore, you should never polish a car 0 km.

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You can buy a tinting film from an online car window tinting film suppliers.


Crystallization is the application of a protective teflon-based resin. It lasts approximately 6 months. This resin is placed over the paint in order to protect it and increase its durability. It is also effective to protect the paint against those minor damages, such as:

  • pebbles on roads and
  • Door opening of the neighboring car.

Like polishing, crystallization is not recommended for cars 0 km.

Why car window tinting film suppliers won’t recommend Glazing of cars?

Glazing is perhaps the most effective chemical way to protect your vehicle. It is a process incorporated into the varnish of the painting,. This protection is more effective than the previous ones.

This process protects the paint from UV rays too. Glazing usually lasts up to 3 years, but requires constant care. This is the most difficult thing to do. You may find all three processes cool, but still car window tinting film suppliers have best options for you.

All of these techniques are effective in protecting the car. But, as you can see, each has its specific purpose. The cost can vary, but still nothing prevents you from going back to get your car in the mall’s parking.

But is there really a way to prevent your car from being scratched or scratched?

Yes, with window tinting film!

The car window tinting film suppliers works similarly to classic adhesive vinyls in automotive customization. However, it is a transparent film and its function is to protect the painting.

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Advantages of car window tinting film

One of the advantages of this film is that there is no need to wrap the whole car. It is possible to protect only the parts that are at high risk of being damaged, such as:

  • Bumpers
  • hood and
  • sides

Since car window tinting film suppliers film, being transparent, does not change the original color of the vehicle. It is not necessary, for example, to apply to the ceiling.
In general, conventional adhesives come in various thicknesses. This can vary from 70 to 100 microns. Moreover, it does not guarantee good protection.

To improve, the film protects the vehicle’s paint in a great way. Protective films, such as Wglass, have UVA and UVB filters. Similarly, it has resistance to abrasion and most chemical agents, such as:

  • acid rain and
  • Bird droppings.

This protects the car’s paintwork, preventing it from burning and keeping it untouched.

What are the types of car window tinting film?

Basic tinting film

Basic tinting film is used by many people just to improve the aesthetics of the vehicle. Furthermore, many people prefer it to reduce the internal temperature. Hence it is the cheapest way to enhance car window visuals. You can find the best car window tinting film suppliers here.

Advanced and Windshield

The advanced tinting film costs more. However, it has better quality. Moreover, they usually have simple protection against ultraviolet rays. And thus help to reduce the internal temperature. There is also a specific windshield with 75% and better quality.

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Car window tinting film provides Anti-theft or security

This tinting film is done to prevent the glass from shattering in the event of an impact in theft or theft. Thicker, it increases the difficulty of accessing the vehicle, helping in safety. In addition, in the event of an accident, prevent shrapnel from reaching the occupants.


As the name says, this car window tinting film is made exactly with the function of reducing the incidence of ultraviolet rays. Therefore, it has ability to protect the car. Various car window tinting film suppliers offer anti-UV films with different protection factors.

But the rule is clear: the higher the level of UV protection, the higher the price.

However, the accessory is a benefit for those who are exposed for a long time in the car. Maximum protection does not alter the transparency of the tinting film.  And can even reach 100%, which is much higher than protectors for personal use.

The so-called car window tinting film is a very popular product in all cars. And even before the car leaves the dealership, it is already installed by the new owner.


One of the best reasons to choose car window tinting film suppliers is privacy. People choose it in order to prevent theft and theft. Another objective of consumers is the retention of ultraviolet rays, as well as helping to lower the temperature inside the car.

The vast majority, however, prefer to apply the tinting films purely for aesthetics. There are also impact resistant films, holding the glass shards.

But, not all types of films can be placed on car windows. Many want almost total darkness in the windows and generally use the so-called G20 or G5. It is prohibited.