What is Electric Blackout Glass Film? How Does It Work?


What is a Electric Blackout Glass Film?

An Electric Blackout Glass Film is a glass window tint that has the quality to switch to a darker tint using electricity. A switchable glass film is known as smart film. It can switch to various tints like a blackout (dark tint) and a milky (lighter tint) tinge. These are some of the standard tints that are available in the market.

Development in switchable glass (electric glass film) has shown new variety and offered many choices. Now the switchable smart glass is also available in Electric Switchable Dark Glass or also known as Dark Glass. Dark Glass also referred to as Intelligent Glass, has many energy-saving qualities with the same purpose of blackout when needed.

As the new technology is being introduced. The researchers have used an exclusive and special manufacturing process which has allowed them to produce a darker variation of typically used Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals (PDLC) film.

Electric Blackout Glass Film

Electric Blackout Glass Smart Film

This Electric Blackout Glass Film is an industry game-changer. It’s the only film that reduces heat inside a building, so it’s safe for use in buildings with air conditioning. As a result of this Electric Blackout Glass Film, PDLC films have become increasingly popular.

It has resulted in several options for those who want a deeper tint on their windows, doors, and other glass surfaces. The growth in the market for blackout glass film led its discovery.

Not so long ago, consumers believed that there is no such technology that enables a Blackout Switchable glass, due to the limited functionality of Polymer Dispersed Liquid (PDLC) technology.

However, scientists have yet again left us speechless with their unkempt hard work. They have worked diligently to provide the market with another form of Intelligent Glass. They have come up with a solution that helps in blocking out even more light than the typical Electrical Switchable Glass or a smart glass.

This blackout film for the glass is the best solution to the rising demand for blackout glass. It is a big breakthrough in the world of PDLC film that offers a darker switchable glass than the standard switchable glass. This is a better experience for consumers. It renders consumers with:

  • A near blackout effect
  • A stylish blackout result
  • Enhancement in their privacy
  • A better way to enjoy the outdoors while staying inside
  • Better functionality than the standard switchable glass

Breakthrough Electric Blackout Glass Film:

As we know Electric Blackout Glass Film is a mystic film that has the ability to become visible or invisible just by using electric power mode and thus for the heat control. Blackout glass has innumerable creative design applications such as conference rooms, decorative accents, and living rooms.

It has proved one of the most beneficial advancements for architects, manufacturers, and many other innovative and practical users. Glass fabricators make use of this interlayered Polymer Dispersed Liquid (PDLC) film technology.

This is a great breakthrough in the field of glass manufacturing especially for autoclave and oven-equipped laminated glass production that have zero dust workshops for glass lamination.

After the installation of smart window glass, a layer of Double Glazed Blackout film or insulating glass can be laminated. This interlayer is of two types:

  • The standard economical Smart Blackout Film for lamination with ultra-clear Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
  • The latest Smart Window Blackout Film for lamination with Polyvinyl Butyral(PVB), Transparent thermoplastic materials like TPU, Sentry Glass Plus (SGP), or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) films.

The Process Of Electric Blackout Glass Film Cutting and Lamination:

There are two types of unilluminated glass films: Non-adhesive Blackout PDLC Switchable Smart Film and Self-adhesive Blackout PDLC Switchable Smart Film.

Non-adhesive Blackout PDLC Switchable Smart Film:

Switchable Blackout glass film is being used for lamination because of its multiple beneficial features. A laminated smart switchable film mostly makes use of smart Window film. With the increase in demand for blackout glass, many improvements in the latest generation of liquid crystal films.

This helps in better performance, consistency, clarity, and longevity of the blackout glass. World’s largest glass laminators are all preferring blackout glass over the previous switchable glass.

By the use of simple on and off switches, you can transform and clear glass to frost or blackout glass. Once the switch is on, the switchable glass acts as an electronic blackout blind.

Hence, it provides privacy as well as security. This option is available for doors, windows, and glass partitions. Using standard autoclave, the glass film can be laminated with Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA).

Furthermore, PDLC Blackout Switchable Smart Film for lamination is available in three distinct sizes. The standard widths are 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm that makes 38.6, 47.3, and 59 inches respectively.

The maximum sheet length is 3000mm or 118 inches. This sheet is then cut to any size or shape as per your personal needs. This is a unique technology that transforms glass. One of its highlight features is that it can turn any glass panel into a high definition projection screen often needed in corporate presentations.

Self-adhesive Blackout PDLC Switchable Smart Film:

Switchable Blackout glass film that is Self-Adhesive applies to retrofit glazing on windows and glass panels. Retrofit Self-adhesive glazing is replacing the single glass panes with insulated blackout glass. This kind of smart glass is a simple yet cost-effective method in comparison with switchable glass film technology.

Self-adhesive Blackout PDLC Switchable Smart Film is manufactured using a self-adhesive cling film on one side. This is a peel and stick option. This is why it is easier to install on already existing glass. It is self-service because of its layman installation technique.

This also comes with the functionality of an on/off electrically induced switch that transforms any glass into a blackout glass. It is a life-changing innovation. Moreover, its features like economical price may vary depending upon the size of the dark tint and at-home installation are making it accessible to the general public and help them add an additive innovative feature to their homes and workplaces.


Some of the advantages of installing an Electric Blackout Glass Film are as follows:

  1. When in the ‘On’ state it gives a high level of transparency.
  2. When in ‘Off’ state it high-level privacy and security.
  3. It has stability in color blackout hence giving equal color distribution.
  4. In general, it is a good quality smart glass than the standard glass used in homes and offices.
  5. It offers a wide variety of dimensions in length and width so that you can choose according to your preference and requirement.
  6. Glass Factories can use the smart glass lamination directly because of its cut-to-size easy installation.
  7. It comes in various options to solve almost any problem regarding smart glass installation.
  8. Smart blackout glass uses the in lamination either with EVA or with PVB/SGP/TPU/EVA.
  9. It an all-in-one solution for natural light-sensitive spaces, security, privacy, and heat management.
  10. It is easily transportable from one place to another due to its high endurance feature. So even if you live over the seas, getting your hands on a Smart Blackout Glass is not a problem.
  11. A specialized team allotted just to answer queries related to Smart Blackout Glass makes it an even more attractive choice.

Electric Blackout Glass Film

The Principal Of Deep Dark Glass Films

Electric Blackout Glass Film, as we already know is a switchable glass technology. It allows the consumer to switch the appearance of the glass by using electric power outage from transparent and blacked out and vice versa. Switchable glass technology has two other states.

It is available in opaque and solar-tinted switchable glass. Blackout glass is a great way to alter the appearance of the glass drastically via using electric current. Blackout glass is getting widely used in all kinds of different applications like skyscrapers, hospitals, and even in cinemas due to its privacy qualities and easy installation.

Common Use of Privacy Windows

Most commonly used for better security and privacy solutions, makes it a feasible choice.

  • In Hospitals: It helps improve patient privacy adding to the functionality of a single room.
  • In Operating Theaters: It enables a separate viewing space in the OT. Of course, this is optional and depends on the discretion of the patient. It also is a great innovative way to teach medical students during the performance of medical procedures instead of using curtains.
  • In X-ray Rooms and Labs: It is a great way to transform a room into a faux blackout to perform necessary tests that require total darkness. When not in use the blackout screen remains stagnant so that the natural light can stream in.
  • In Skyscrapers: It has now become a key ingredient in building a skyscraper. It is a great way to manage the heat that enters the building and privacy/security.
  • In Private Viewing: It lets you enjoy the view without hindering your privacy.
  • In Corporate Rooms: It can help as room partitions to accommodate different meeting happening at the same time.
  • In-Home Cinemas: It has dual functionality when it comes to home cinemas. It can act as a screen for projecting movies and also transform into blackout glass windows to prevent any UV light from entering that gives a better viewing experience.

Therefore, indulging in installing Blackout Glass Lamination is a great way to ensure privacy and security.

Electric Blackout Glass Film company

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