7 Best Bathroom Window Film Ideas (privacy film) | 2020


Have you thought about bathroom window film?
Bathroom Window Film

It can be used to separate rooms, but without losing integration with the other corners of the house. That is clear, always thinking about the privacy that is fundamental in our home!

Currently, glass has been widely used in civil construction in places such as:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • outside areas

Moreover, it is also able to make the environment more visually attractive.

But you may be wondering: is having a glass door in the bathroom a good alternative?

That is why today we are going to address some important factors about the bathroom window film.

Why have a bathroom window film?

One of the big questions you should keep in mind is: How do I get my privacy?

Although it looks like an inappropriate material for a bathroom door, it is possible to use the material without losing privacy.

There are types of glass on the market such as sandblasted that can be very suitable for this situation.

The sandblasting technique is one that makes the glass more frosted. But you can leave your bathroom with much more privacy and also very stylish!

You can also choose to insert a white film on the glass that leaves a comfortable space. This method makes it easy to use the bathroom.

Another reason for having a glass door is that it is different from materials such as wood, aluminum, etc.

Glass is a material that can receive moisture without damaging the material. Hence, it can be a positive point for you.

In addition, the cost of a glass door in the bathroom can be much more affordable than a wooden door, for example.

Advantages and disadvantages bathroom window film

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Some important points have already been addressed for you to choose a bathroom window film.


Aesthetics:  The first advantage that we can see in the glass door is aesthetics. As always discussed here, glass imparts a certain lightness to the environment.


Security:  This is a point that should never be overlooked by the consumer. Despite looking like a fragile material, glass is much more resistant to break.

Durability:  The glass door can be a great option for those looking for durability. Because it is a material with a useful life and constant maintenance is not necessary.

Practicality:  Because it is a relatively simple material. Bathroom window film offers greater practicality for the consumer.

Lighting:  It is usually a closed area that receives less light. But the bathroom, like the rest of the house, needs light, no matter how little. The glass door can solve your problem!

Main models of glass door for bathroom

Sliding door

Sliding glass door is one of the most used models in bathrooms today. It has a horizontal opening and is usually attached to rails.

But it can also be used for the more spacious.

The sliding model is able to offer a certain lightness to the environment and most importantly: it maintains the privacy that your bathroom needs! You can easily use bathroom window film on it.

Open Door

The bathroom door is widely used in more traditional bathrooms. And it is usually installed in larger bathrooms, since it tends to take up more space than the sliding door.


The great advantage is that it is much more resistant in relation to possible accidents, for example.

A positive point to choose this type of door without neglecting your security.

With all the advantages and disadvantages presented, for sure, you will have good reasons to install new bathroom window film in your home. But it is necessary to take some steps before anything else. Look:

The first step in choosing a quality bathroom window film.

It is worth saying that a glass shop that values ​​the quality and safety of the client.

Another tip is to look for colleagues who have recently undergone a renovation. And ask for a recommendation for a good bathroom window film shop to make your home even more beautiful.

Which film to choose? Know the main types available

When faced with a glass window that lets intense light into the environment, one of the first thoughts that occurs is to install films.

One of their relevant characteristics is that such films are best for decoration of homes.  They are popular due to their decent appeal and style.

In addition to reducing the entry of light and protection against ultraviolet rays, the films are means to provide privacy against external glances and provide thermal comfort.

Bathroom window film soften the heat of the environment. It is worth remembering that excessive sunlight is a critical factor not only due to the intense light, but also for furniture and wooden floors. They can fade if exposed to the sun.

In this way, understanding about types of films can help you choose what is best, according to your needs. They are found in four basic types:

  1. Reflective
  2. Blackout
  3. smoked and

Reflective Bathroom window film

The reflective are the films that have a mirrored layer. They provide a mirror effect on the outer face of the glass. They are ideal for building facades, as they help with thermal comfort. Moreover, they reflect the sun’s rays, and still give a decorative touch to the construction.

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In addition, they can be used indoors composing glass furniture, giving them a mirror appearance.

Blackout film

The blackout Bathroom window film are characterized by preventing complete entry of external light. Therefore, they guarantee total privacy, since they do not allow viewing what is inside the environment. Similarly, whoever is inside also cannot see the outside.

Smoked Bathroom window film

The smoked film makes light difficult to enter. Similarly, it allows visibility on both sides of the glass and is ideal for different environments. This type has four intensities of luminosity control. Hence, it gives the possibility to choose what best suits different projects.

Blasted film

Sandblasting is a film that partially inhibits luminosity and visibility. Moreover, it gives the glass a translucent and matte effect. They are widely used in the bathroom stall. They may have a decorative function.

In fact, Bathroom window film are excellent outlets for those looking for privacy and reduced light input. Similarly, each available model addresses a type of problem, making it easier to choose the one that best suits your needs. Now that you know more about films and their benefits, how about adding them to your project?

Think about the environment you want to obtain.

First, before choosing the types of Bathroom window film that you will apply to your doors and windows, you need to know what the desired effect is. How much do you want to darken the environment?


Because you must be careful when placing a very dark material.

In addition to darkening, some films also have the power to reduce heat and protect against UV rays. So, when choosing your film, keep these aspects in mind. Also pay attention to the details described next:

  • about the lighting and
  • The ability to see through glasses.

Bathroom window film controls external light during the day

As stated before, the light filtering capacity depends on the type of Bathroom window film that will be installed. It exists from blackout, which blocks 100% of light.

Combine the film with the environment:

There is a huge variety of colors, types and Bathroom window film in the market today. That is why, the possibility of combining the application with the environment, is very large. An elegant environment sometimes calls for a more decorative model, at other times a simple smoke will have the necessary visual effect.

The Bathroom window film is a great choice as it is a film 100% customizable. It comes with multi benefits. You can use it for decoration or for marketing purposes. This material can be worked in bands, stripes and with electronic cutouts. It is quite common for companies to request this type to make logos on the glass doors and windows of their offices.

In some cases, colored films, naturally colored or mirrored, can also be good options.

Visual Comfort with Bathroom window film

One of the biggest reasons and concerns of people, when installing any type of film, is the privacy factor.

When choosing the type of film to install, it should be considered that what are the specification of window film. Does it meet your requirement?


If privacy is one of your biggest reasons, look carefully and choose the type that best suits your case. During the day the effect will be very effective even for the lightest materials. But during the night the light is reversed.

And the common thing is that the interior is lighter than the outside. So, the darker the film, the better, because despite it does not block the entire view, the glass will have a smoky effect. It will block part of the view, while maintaining some privacy.

Bathroom window film best to stop UV Rays

Another important factor in the case of smoke, is the visual comfort factor.  Bathroom window film effectively control the uv rays. This factor is scientifically proven in tests with specific devices developed to measure the incidence of light, UV rays and heat.

The application of this material is especially necessary for companies and offices. Because it maintains the environment with less intensity of sunlight. Moreover, it does not cause stress or headache in people working in these locations.

In this case, the greater the blocking of the external light, the better for the functioning of your company.

For those who own a business or even a small office, it is worth thinking about this advantage when choosing the type of Bathroom window film to install on site.

Energy saving window film for bathroom

Another factor that many people do not realize. The Bathroom window film is able to block the external light and even the UV rays. In addition, it is also able to decrease the heat caused by the solar lights. Therefore, the environment becomes fresher and the use of air conditioners will be less.

In the long run, energy savings alone will pay for the installation. So if you didn’t already know about this effect, now that you know it might be a good time to start thinking in your pocket!

It can be a smart decision to make …

Noise Reduction:

Another good feature of the application of this material is the ability to reduce noise.

The fact is that there is no proven promise for this type of effect. Since its material doesn’t allow noise to enter, you can enjoy a very good experience. We can say that it works as a sound insulator. Minimizing the outer noise is its best part.

There are reports of up to 30% noise reduction.


Bathroom window film provides better security

If you are looking for security, you may need a special type of Bathroom window film. And perhaps this is the most important reason, among all the characteristics of the window films. We can count on for two simple reasons:

1 – The visual blocking factors very important. In this, external viewers do not have visual access to those who are inside environments. Majorly, it comes to increase visual excitement.

2 – In cases of accidents, this material is capable of containing possible pieces of broken glass. It prevents it from spreading into the environment. But there is a more specific material for this functionality, called security anti-vandal film.


Bathroom window film not only prevents the glass from spreading in case of accidents, but also protects the windows from possible invaders.

There are several types of protection levels and material quality, some cheaper and others a little more expensive, but more effective.