Update your home with our customizable PDLC smart tint film to create open, modern, unique, and fresh living spaces without sacrificing privacy when you need it. It is possible to accommodate all of your design needs in Windows, Sliding Doors, Folding Doors, Roof-lights, Kitchen and Living Room Partitions, Bedrooms and Bathrooms Partitions, Shower Screens, etc.

Switchable Glass Shower Door

Switchable Glass Shower Door enables a comfort, privacy room when you’re showering. Shower glass privacy film adhesive one same function too. Widely used in residential homes, superior hotels, even more.

Switchable Glass Shower Door-detail-01

Projection Liquid Crystal Laminated Glass

Liquid Crystal Laminated Glass is a polymer dispersed liquid crystal glass, which is dimmable from clear to frosted with a remote switch. It’s prevalent used as a projection screen at home, hospitals, governmental control centers, and commercial buildings for advertisement.

projection liquid crystal laminated glass-detail-02

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