Aviation, marine, and auto manufacturers are all making use of Smart glass to employ dynamically controlled window tinting. This can be used to reduce reflections onto display surfaces or to help reduce the glare coming into the cockpit. If you have been flying in any of the latest Boeing Dreamliners, you may notice the window has no pull-down shade, instead the glass becomes opaque at a touch of a control.

Smart glass advantages

1. Private Jets

It brings the most sophisticated machines on the planet to an even higher level of sophistication when used on windows, interior partitions, and even restroom doors.

2. Commercial Fleets

It helps put commercial passengers at ease by making flying more pleasant and comfortable.

3. Eye Protection

Direct high-altitude sunlight and radiation can pose hazards, especially to the very young and the very old. It helps maintain comfortable in-cabin light levels.

4. Natural Lighting

Because it is also dimmable, passengers can enjoy the benefits of natural lighting like never before.

5. Lower Fatigue

Less eye strain and lower fatigue make for much happier passengers and repeat customers.

6. Private Planes

The most demanding customers in the world demand SMART GLASS by name.

smart glass aerospace

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