SMART GLASS is working with leading OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to integrate our smart glass windows technology into vehicles across the automotive sector through a system-based approach. Instant shading and solar reflection in all windows eliminates road glare and mitigates interior temperatures while providing manufactures a solution that reduces material costs, optimizes space, and saves energy.

Smart glass windows advantages

1. Dynamic Shading

Instantly dimming windows block up to 99% of light eliminating glare and heat that disrupts drivers and passengers.

2. Transparent Displays

Optimize vehicle windows to display time and location-based ads that appear and disappear for drive ready windows.

3. Temperature Control

Reflect IR light with Solar Control LC that keeps interiors cool, reducing energy intake while also allowing privacy.

4. Solar Control

SPD or outdoor grade Solar Control LC allows windows to shade and reflect heat for a shaded and cooler interior.

smart glass windows automotive

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