What type of privacy glass windows is best for kitchen?


Privacy Glass  windows are energy-saving and durable structures that are guaranteed to last for several decades and protect the house from dust, noise, and drafts. Is it possible to choose the same windows for all rooms, or is it better to take into account the characteristics of each room and select window designs individually?

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 The second option is closer to us: if you spend a little more time, you can choose really beautiful and functional double-glazed windows. Read about the secrets of the right choice of pvc windows for a nursery, bedroom, kitchen and other premises below !

Choosing Privacy Glass for the kitchen

Privacy Glass is important in kitchen. More often than not, the humidity in the kitchen is approximately equal to or even higher than the humidity in the bathroom.

Moreover, another feature of this room is constant temperature fluctuations, which, together with high humidity, contributes to the appearance of condensation on the windows.

What type of privacy glass windows is best for kitchen?

The ideal plastic window for the kitchen should meet the following requirements:

  • Firstly, two or more chambers, preferably with an inert gas inside
  • Secondly, this prevents condensation from occurring
  • Thirdly, have reliable tilt-and-turn fittings with micro-ventilation function.
  • Finally, such fittings can withstand several opening and closing cycles without any problems

If, even with these measures, the kitchen is humid enough, you can order a company that manufactures and installs Privacy Glass .

What should be the privacy glass in the bedroom?

Privacy windows in the bedroom should give the room an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility, because it is here that a person gains strength for a new working day. The main requirements for pvc profiles in the bedroom:

  • Complete tightness.
  • High thermal insulation properties

Therefore, it is best to stop at two-chamber energy-saving double-glazed windows with reliable swing-out fittings. The presence of a micro-ventilation function will ensure an adequate supply of fresh air in winter.

How to protect sun light and sound?

If the bedroom windows face the sunny side, it is advisable to install sun-protection Privacy Glass  windows. And if there is a busy transport highway right outside the windows or a subway not far from your house, it is better to put windows with an additional level of sound insulation in the bedroom.

Furthermore, one more important point-if in the warm season you plan to open the window sashes, it is advisable to equip the opening with a strong and reliable mosquito net.

Privacy Glass windows for a nursery: aesthetics and safety

A baby’s room is a place where he not only sleeps, but also plays and learns. Therefore, a healthy microclimate and proper lighting are especially important. An equally important parameter is the safety of the nursery.

Moreover, children are very curious and will probably strive to open the Privacy Glass  window, climb onto the windowsill and better see what is happening on the street. It is important to equip the window structures in the children’s room with mechanisms that prevent dangerous situations.

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This is a special locking fitting that prevent the handle from opening freely, an opening blocker (also called a child lock). Kids love everything bright and interesting.  

Choosing privacy glass windows for a frame house

Frame houses in USA began to be built recently, but the technology was invented in Canada more than 70 years ago. The construction of such a building does not require large expenditures of forces, complex special equipment and heavy equipment.

This is a budget, fast and sustainable home option for the whole family. We talk about the features of frame houses and the specifics of Privacy Glass  in this article!

The main advantages of privacy glass houses

The secret of the popularity of frame houses is also that they are much cheaper than traditional brick houses. They are built from SIP panels pressed from wood chips. The outer slab of the structure has a longitudinal orientation, and the inner slab is transverse.

It is very comfortable to live there both in summer heat and in winter cold. In addition, SIP panels have increased strength characteristics. The vertical load that they can withstand is up to 10 tons inclusive. Therefore, you can safely build frame houses with a height of 2 or 3 floors.

  • Strength, durability, environmental safety
  • You can operate such a house for at least 80 years
  • Resistant to fire
  • Excellent sound insulation properties
  • Savings on heating and building maintenance

How are frame houses having privacy glass glazed?

Privacy Glass  has high thermal insulation properties. This must be taken into account when choosing window structures for glazing a house. Your main concern is to prevent windows from becoming the weakest link in energy conservation.

It is optimal to use a multi-chamber PVC profile with two-chamber double-glazed windows. Please note: it is necessary to install windows before starting the interior and exterior decoration of the building. Low quality installation contributes to the appearance of drafts in the building and deterioration of the thermal insulation properties of the structure.

The technology for installing windows in frame houses is as follows. First, a Privacy Glass  is applied to the outer side of the wall, and a vapor barrier film is applied to the inner side. It is necessary that they have an overlap on the window opening.

Important actions are repeated from the inside of the wall

After the privacy glass  windows install, you can start finishing work inside the frame house. In order for the light-transmitting structures to last as long as possible and not cause problems during operation, order them from a reliable manufacturer.

Final Remarks Privacy Glass

It is also better to entrust the installation to professionals. This is a guarantee that in the first months of operation and in the future, problems will not appear, such as mold on the slopes, sash skew, breakage of fittings, drafts. If the article was useful, share the link to it on social networks and may your windows always serve without problems!