Should you install privacy film window on the basement floor?


As a rule, the basement floors of cottages are common to equip technical rooms. But there you can also create a gym, bath, sauna, home theater. Moreover, basement privacy film window may not be full size. But even a small privacy window opening will bring a lot of natural light into the room.

Privacy film privacy window

Remember that the privacy window provides the air exchange you need in your garage and sauna. Therefore, if you decide to build a house with a basement floor, be sure to provide for the presence of privacy window openings.

Many people ask themselves: which profile to choose for the equipment of basement privacy windows? Similarly, wood is not suitable due to high humidity conditions. Even if you treat it with special antifungal solutions, moisture and mold cannot be avoided.

Why aluminum is common?

After a couple of years, the frame of privacy film window will have to change. The aluminum profile is lightweight and durable, non-corrosive.

But its thermal insulation properties are lower than that of a pvc profile. Therefore, we advise you to install energy-saving double-glazed privacy windows.

 Advantages of privacy film privacy window: 

  • Resistance to mechanical damage and adverse environmental factors.
  • High level of heat and sound insulation.
  • Large skylight.
  • Possibility to order a custom-made profile.

The main characteristics of a privacy film for a basement floor First of all, order a high-quality double-glazed privacy window from a reliable manufacturer. This is the best guarantee that the profile will last a long time.

A few practical guidelines about privacy film privacy window:

  • To ensure optimal ventilation in the basement, the privacy film privacy window must have a tilt-and-turn opening sash.
  • It is best to choose a two-chamber energy-saving glass unit.
  • Equip the basement privacy windows with grilles or order an anti-burglar structure.
  • Such measures will prevent intruders from entering the house.

How to install a privacy film privacy window and what to make a pit from?

Mount privacy windows at a height of at least 15 c m from the bottom edge of the privacy window. If the height is not enough, it is necessary to equip the pits. The main task of the pit is to ensure maximum penetration of sunlight through the basement privacy film window.

The size of the pit depends on several factors. First of all, on the dimensions and level of installation of the glass unit, you also need to ensure the correct slope for the pit, which can be rectangular, polygonal or semicircular. It is important to equip the pit with drainage to drain melt and rainwater.

The pit is made from:

  • Concrete
  • Blocks
  • Bricks

Benefits of using pit

You can also buy a ready-made galvanized steel pit. Such a structure does not leak, does not fail for a long time, withstands atmospheric influences and temperature drops. Furthermore, a good alternative to metal is a plastic pit.

Many people worry that the pits are not decorative enough for privacy film window. Furthermore, we can correct this by using ceramic tiles, artificial stone, and clapboard.

It is optimal to equip deep pits with a roof that protects against the ingress of large particles of debris. In addition, small children and animals cannot fall into such a pit. Often, the pits are covered with metal gratings: this is both decorative and practical.

Decoration of a privacy film privacy window with pseudo-stained glass

A plastic window has many advantages over standard wooden frames. It does not let dust and street noise into the room. Furthermore, it serves for a long time, prevents heat leakage. Similarly, looks beautiful and retains its decorative appearance for a long time. A plastic window can be made to order in any color.

Privacy film privacy window 2021

Moreover, it can be of a standard or non-standard shape, for example, round or triangular. Privacy film privacy window comes from many pieces of multi-colored film. Piece by piece, it glues to the sheet glass, in accordance with which pattern is selected.

Furthermore, it does not allow the edges of the privacy film privacy window glass to deform and creates the effect of a real work of art. With a relatively small investment in decor, your window will look like a small masterpiece.

Film pseudo- Privacy film privacy window  glass

Film pseudo-stained glass is made from many pieces of multi-colored film. Piece by piece, it is glued to the sheet glass, in accordance with which pattern is selected. It does not allow the edges of the pseudo-stained glass to deform and creates the effect of a real work of art. With a relatively small investment in decor, your window will look like a small masterpiece.

By the way, the technology of film stained glass is common not only for the design of double-glazed windows. It is often common to decorate a suspended ceiling. A little hint: if you decorated a window with a privacy film window, you can choose the same motif for decorating interior items:

  • Lamps
  • Shelves
  • Mirrors

Advantages of pseudo-stained glass

Pseudo-stained glass also goes well with faceted elements. Note that film pseudo-stained glass has many advantages.

These include: availability, high quality materials of manufacture, detailing of a picture or ornament. But such decor is not suitable for rooms with high humidity. It is better not to use film pseudo-stained glass in baths, saunas, and bathrooms.

Fill pseudo-stained glass

Firstly, filled Privacy film window comes using special software-controlled equipment. With its help, the contour of the drawing is applied to the glass. After application, the contour is filled by hand using polyurethane varnish mixed with paints. Sometimes a stencil is common for application. Without an outline, the drawing looks more coherent and uniform.

After the filler pseudo-stained glass dries, it becomes resistant to ultraviolet radiation, temperature extremes, sunlight and mechanical stress. Therefore, the glass unit is easy to wash without fear of damaging the pattern: varnish and paint have high adhesion to the glass surface.

Furthermore, another advantage of flooded privacy window glass is safety for human health and non-toxicity. In order for the drawing to serve for at least several years, it is best to apply it to the inside of the glass unit.

Conclusion Privacy film privacy window

Summing up, we note: regardless of the manufacturing method, pseudo-stained glass decorates windows and the interior as a whole. The play of colors and sun rays improves mood, helps to raise vitality.

In addition, if a double-glazed window with pseudo-stained glass – you will not have to worry about curtains, blinds or roller shutters: it will protect well from annoying sunlight and prying eyes.