Why do we encourage pdlc switchable smart film in homes?


All people know the adage that the miser pays twice. And at the same time, many of them are trying to save money on what cannot be saved on, including pdlc switchable smart film. A high-quality smart film is durable, functional and durable.

It protects the room from the penetration of noise and drafts. Similarly, it helps to retain heat inside the room, and to organize proper ventilation.

pdlc switchable smart film

Another thing is fakes, which are shamelessly offered to buyers by fraudsters in the market of smart films. They argue that reliable manufacturers inflate the price, and cheap fakes are in no way inferior to elite smart films.

Many buyers believe in this lie, and then regret it: the flimsy sashes of the fakes instantly warp, the fittings break, and there is no trace of heat and sound insulation. In this article, we will tell you why high-quality double-glazed windows will never be cheap and share the secrets of choosing the right pdlc switchable smart film.

Factors that affect the cost of pdlc switchable smart film

High-quality double-glazed windows are made from reliable materials that have high strength characteristics and are safe for health and the environment. Leading manufacturers of insulating glass units include in the price:

  • Professional measurement of the window opening before the installation of the structure.
  • The cost of fittings, profiles, ebbs, double-glazed windows.
  • Delivery of double-glazed windows to the client’s address.
  • Professional installation of the structure (up to 25% of the cost of the product).
  • Further warranty service.

Reliable manufacturers of smart films, which have been working on the market for a long time and have proven themselves well in the client environment, set approximately the same prices for their products. So if you are offered to buy a pdlc switchable smart film, the price of which is much lower than the market average, most likely you are in front of scammers.

Why do fly-by-night companies reduce the cost of pdlc switchable smart film?

In fact, it is possible to save money on the production of double-glazed windows and their installation. But this will negatively affect the quality. Most often, fly-by-night companies use low-quality polyvinyl chloride for the production of window structures, in which there is a lot of hydrophobic chalk.

This additive reduces the cost of the structure, but makes it fragile.  Unscrupulous manufacturers perform reinforcement from a thinner layer of metal that has not been treated against corrosion.

Over time, such a smart films loses its strength. Window sashes wear out, window geometry violates. The design becomes leaky.

Why poor structure is harmful?

The most budgetary pdlc switchable smart film comes with cheap fittings that will start breaking in a few weeks or months. Often it is not completely metal, but has plastic elements. Unscrupulous manufacturers also save on double-glazed windows.

But the main danger is unqualified installers who will install a poor-quality structure, which will have to be changed and spoil the window opening. And the most important thing: buying cheap windows from an unknown manufacturer, if the glass unit fails, no warranty obligations will help.

PDLC switchable smart film used in portal windows and doors: what are they?

Today, panoramic glazing, which includes portal windows and doors, is becoming more and more popular. Portal windows and doors are often used in suburban construction and are used to decorate balconies, terraces, closed verandas, winter gardens.

Dur to the use of pdlc switchable smart film portal structures can often be seen in restaurants and shopping and entertainment centers. In this article, we talk about portal windows in more detail and characterize their main advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantages of pdlc switchable smart film

Portal structures look very beautiful and unusual. If you use them in suburban construction, then they are guaranteed to become the highlight of the house. Moreover, it gives it an elegant and modern look. Portal windows and doors are easy to make in any color scheme

Furthermore, the constructions will help create the illusion of unity between the interior and the environment, fill the premises with a lot of bright sunlight and air. And this directly affects mood, performance, and well-being. Thanks to panoramic windows, interior space save.

This is possible due to the fact that the sashes work along the plane of the structure and you can do without additional space for full opening of the sash. The profiles of modern pdlc switchable smart film are made from durable and environmentally friendly PVC.

Why do we encourage pdlc switchable smart film?

This material has the highest rates of sound and heat insulation, is reliable and durable. And yet – such a design is easy to care for. Also, portal windows are easy to equip with automation. Moreover, it regulates the process of their opening and closing, and installs motion sensors and door closers. This option is ideal for offices, shops and shopping centers.
pdlc switchable smart film 2021

Many people believe that because of the large area of ​​the glass unit, the portal window is easy to break. In fact, this is not true. If the portal windows come with impact-resistant glass units, then they cannot broken. And anti-burglar fittings will prevent burglary.

What are portal windows and doors using pdlc switchable smart film?

Modern gantry structures are available in wood, aluminum and pvc. We advise you to pay attention to plastic structures. Moreover, this has many advantages over metal and wood. Similarly, it includes more affordable cost, high strength characteristics, and complete tightness.

Do not think that the plastic profile is boring: it is easy to paint in any color, to give the product a metal, wood or stone texture.

Types of pdlc switchable smart film structures

Depending on the number of valves, the following structures used in pdlc switchable smart film are different:

  • Portal: When two opening sashes move in opposite directions to each other.
  • Accordion: Itconsists of more than two sections, folding “accordion”. Most often used to decorate large doorways.
  • Patio: One opening sash, moving parallel to the “blind” sash.

If we consider designs by the type of fittings and by the possibilities of opening, then portal windows and doors are:

  • Parallel-sliding: Opening by parallel sliding. There is no reclining function.
  • Tilt and slide:Thanks to the fittings, the sash is easy to open by tilting (for ventilation) and by sliding it in parallel.
  • Lifting and sliding: The principle of operation is similar to the door of a wardrobe, when each sash is in motion and at the same time goes over one another.