7 Reasons to use privacy glass pdlc film in your Home


Many people do not like change, so they are reluctant to innovate in their life. Sometimes it seems to them that an old balcony, door or privacy glass pdlc film  can last for at least several more years. But often the old window is: drafts , ice, dust and noise coming from the street.

privacy glass pdlc film

And also-it spoils the interior of the apartment and the exterior of the house. We will tell you in this article!

Option # 1: your apartment still has old wooden frames

Old wooden windows are not just the last century. It is difficult to care for them; they let cold air into the apartment and do not have an effective ventilation and locking system. Restoration work is not an option. A few years after the start of exploitation, under the influence of external factors, the tree begins to rot.

Also, often the owners of windows with wooden frames face with such a problem that the wooden frame is eaten away by insects. Due to the impossibility of adjusting the fittings, a common nuisance is mashing the sash, difficult turning of the handle.

We advise you not to postpone the replacement of window structures and install privacy glass pdlc film  from a reliable manufacturer. It is possible to save well on windows and their installation out of season, when most companies offer impressive discounts on pvc profiles.

Old windows are not energy efficient enough

Now you have to pay a lot for heat, which hits the budget of many families. How to save on utilities and at the same time ensure that the apartment always has a comfortable temperature? Supply energy efficient pvc profiles.

Installation of such windows will help you pay 25-30% less for heat, provided that you have an individual heating meter. And one more thing: you will not suffer from drafts blowing from under the windowsill.

window structures in privacy glass pdlc film of the first wave

Privacy glass windows, which are 7-10 years old and more, are technologically outdated and cannot cope with the tasks assigned to them. They are often of rather poor quality and improperly assembled.

As for privacy glass pdlc film  in modern new buildings, developers save on everything. They buy and install cheap windows with minimal energy efficiency, flimsy sashes and unreliable fittings. If possible, it is better to replace such a window before the onset of cold weather , because in terms of quality it does not differ much from a wooden one.

The main signs to change privacy glass windows

Examine the window profile carefully. Replacement of windows is necessary if the window has visible distortions. There should be no chips, breaks or cracks on the plastic level.

If the plastic has acquired a pronounced yellowish tint, then we must change it. This indicates that low-quality raw materials were common for its manufacture.

Moreover, you also need to inspect the glass unit. We recommend that you think about replacing the window if it has damage, moisture and stains inside. And privacy glass pdlc film , even if they look presentable, will not provide the desired comfort in the apartment.

From whom to order new privacy glass pdlc film at an affordable price?

We have been working on the market for a long time and have established it as a reliable partner. We offer a large selection of windows that will surely last for several decades!

The main features of the glazing of a country house

Have you decided to spend more time outside the metropolis and are building a country house? There are no trifles in construction and finishing work. Moreover, the comfort of your family depends on how correctly and rationally everything is done.

privacy glass pdlc film 2021

The most important criterion in choosing a privacy glass pdlc film  is high thermal insulation properties. Heating a private house is always expensive, so in order not to overpay for a communal apartment, you need to make the building energy efficient. If the windows in a country house are of poor quality, pass drafts and dust, then the room will not be comfortable.

The ideal option is energy-saving privacy glass windows with high heat and sound insulation properties. And also-they have sealing, reliable, strong and durable, look beautiful and will last a long time.

Which privacy glass pdlc film unit is best suited?

It is optimal to choose two or three-chamber energy-saving double-glazed windows with a high quality profile and reliable fittings. Therefore, it is better to buy windows from reliable manufacturers, rather than fly-by-night firms.

Moreover, to make the look of your home recognizable and memorable, to give the exterior and interior a beautiful look, use privacy glass pdlc film . It looks very beautiful, increases the amount of daylight in the house, and has a positive effect on a person’s mood. As for the shape of the window openings, you can choose any-arched, triangular, trapezoidal, round or arched.

Is privacy glass pdlc film suitable for outside the city?

Some people have doubts about privacy glass windows outside the city, fearing that they will look out of place.

In addition, modern companies engaged in the production of privacy glass windows offer lamination of profiles in the most relevant colors and textures. Lamination can be bilateral or unilateral.

Moreover, from the side of the facade, such a window can, for example, repeat the texture of the masonry, and inside the room it can be blue, white, gray, beige, etc. Privacy glass pdlc film  laminates by applying high- quality colored films and films with imitation of a certain texture.

Is safety of windows important?

Cottages are more likely to be targeted by burglars than apartments in apartment buildings. Therefore, you need to take care of the safety of your home and make sure that burglars cannot enter your house through the windows. For this you can try privacy glass pdlc film .

Further, we advise you to equip window structures with anti-burglary fittings, anti-burglary handles and shockproof glass units. Burglar-resistant hardware comes with special mushroom pins.

Summary privacy glass pdlc film

If the attacker even managed to break the glass unit, it will not crumble to smithereens, but will remain intact thanks to a special adhesive film. And burglar-proof handles will enhance security.