What are the cost, advantage and application of smart tint film?



smart tint film

Smart tint film a product of innovative technologies for exclusive solutions. Provide complete privacy at the touch of a button?  Make a spectacular projection screen out of a glass showcase? Easily!

Smart Glass is a real innovation in the world of respectable design, the most modern and technologically advanced design solutions.


Smart glass is an innovative material with a variable transparency function. A film of liquid crystal material is placed between two thin layers of glass. In the off mode, liquid crystals scatter light, the surface remains dull, completely opaque.

When we apply power, the crystals change their position and make the Smart glass completely transparent. In this case, in both modes, the amount of transmitted light remains unchanged. The opaque glass surface with adjustable transparency does not darken the space.


The main advantage of smart tint film is its versatility. The main distinctive and exclusive properties of glass with variable transparency are:


Frosted surface when turned off, completely transparent – when the smart glass is connected to the network


Shortest transition time from one mode to another – less than one second


Thanks to its special structure, smart glass also contributes to the reliability and safety of the largest surfaces.


We can use smart tint film to build any, even the most impressive and monumental structures.


Shortest transition time from one mode to another – less than one second

The use of this truly revolutionary material will instantly transfer your office, apartment or country house to the top league. After all, only people with the most refined taste and knowledge of modern technologies use the most progressive inventions, such as smart tint film.

Smart tint film Benefits Bottom of Form


  • Smart glass ensures complete privacy in the room
  • Smart glass is highly durable. Such material is almost impossible to break.
  • Energy consumption is only 4 W / m2 on average – the price of smart glass pays off in savings.
  • Heat protection. Thanks to its multi-layer structure, Smart glass reduces heat loss in winter.
  • Increased noise isolation, reduces the noise level by 35 dB.
  • UV and infrared protection.
  • Switching modes of smart glass occurs using the remote control.
  • The liquid crystal film can be in the structure of bulletproof and shockproof glass.
  • Long service life. The Private Glass smart glass continues to function normally even after the reassembly of the structure.
  • There are no restrictions on the shape of the glass. You can buy smart glass in almost any geometric shape.
  • Unlimited possibilities for the selection of glass shades and combinations of technologies. SMART technology is also combined with heated, LED and other types of glass.

Cost of smart tint film

Smart tint film is calculated individually, because the final cost of the project comes by a number of factors, such as:

  1. Design and operation features (dimensions, area, shape, size, weight, number of elements).
  2. Smart glass control system (integration into the “smart home” system, etc.).
  3. Features of the glass used in the manufacture of the product.
  4. Material used in the manufacture of smart glass products.
  5. Design


The scope of application of smart glass is incredibly wide. This innovative material is easy to use in panoramic glazing of buildings, home and office interiors, in shops and studios. Why you can buy smart glass – only your imagination defines the boundaries.

Window technologies do not stand still. Today many people expect much more from a glass unit than they did yesterday. Keeping warmth in the room, preventing drafts and intrusive street noise from entering the house, strength, durability and an attractive look are no longer enough.

We can get complete transparency

In this article, we talk about a technology that has every chance of becoming a real trend in the next few years. These are smart tint film windows produced on the basis of a liquid crystal matrix.  Thus, it is possible to achieve both completely transparent and completely darkened glasses.

 Adjustable transparency windows: why are they needed?

Why do we need smart glass windows? They absorb harmful ultraviolet radiation. These windows do not let infrared rays into the apartment or office, making it comfortable to stay in the apartment even in the summer heat. Cool air stays indoors much longer, which means you don’t need to keep the air conditioner on all the time.


Windows with variable transparency are the best alternative to any, even the most dense curtains.

It allows you to delimit the personal space of each family member or team member. An interesting option is to use smart windows for attic glazing. Install such a structure and forget about insulation, soundproofing and darkening: the smart film does a great job!

What is the peculiarity of smart glass technology and how to manage it?

Most often, manufacturers use SPD technology. Devices working on it are based on particles suspended in a liquid deposited on a special film.  If the glass is in the activated state, then it will be black.

In fact, it is a triplex with smart tint film deposition. The advantage of this option is the possibility of using it even in rooms with high humidity, where water can constantly get on the glass: bathrooms, kitchens, saunas, shower cabins, etc.

What are the advantages of tinted windows?

This option has a lot of advantages. Let’s list the main advantages:

smart tint film 2021

  • Isolation from ultraviolet and infrared radiation, creating the most comfortable conditions for staying indoors.
  • Saving heat resources due to the thermal insulation properties of the film.
  • Increased safety level, because from the street you cannot see what is happening inside the premises.
  • Additional insulation is not required.
  • The transparency of the glass does not affect its light transmittance.
  • Liquid crystals are reliably protected by two thick glasses. Even if the glass is scratched, it will not affect the functionality of the structure.
  • Attractive look.
  • Simple and affordable installation.
  • Relatively low power consumption.



Smart tint film is an excellent solution for both home and office. They will not only bring zest to the interior and fit into any architectural style, but also provide increased comfort, silence and additional warmth. By installing them, you will no longer face merciless sun rays penetrating the curtains!