How expensive is dynamic glass? Advantages & Application


How you can get rid of installing traditional glass or blinds in 2021?

dynamic glass

Are you worried to select a perfect window glass solution for your newly built house?

But don’t want to install blinds or permanently tinted glass because they have become outdated. In fact, dynamic glass is the only solution as well as a better way to control solar heat gain, glare, and sunlight.

Moreover, this latest technology is ideal to make your home attractive and trendy like never before.

Come with us to learn more that you must know before using this amazing technology!

What is dynamic glass?

Basically, the engineering behind dynamic glazing makes use of electrochromic technology in order to darken the interior of a piece of glass. Furthermore, it helps to enable a thin coating to change from clear to tinted (frosted or opaque).

But it changes its position when you apply a small DC voltage to it. You can use this smart technology not only to your windows but also to your door.

What are glazing materials?

Basically, the most common materials that dynamic glass manufacturers use are,

  • polysulfides,
  • silicones,
  • acrylic,
  • polyurethanes,
  • as well as several other important materials that can be tooled to provide a specially designed shape.

How dynamic glass can save your room to overheat in summer?

In fact, a window has the ability to break a home’s thermal performance and energy efficiency. Furthermore, if you choose the wrong kind of glass then obviously it will cause your room and entire home to overheat in summer.

Additionally, in winter, these windows will leak heat like a sieve. Hence, selecting the wrong and traditional glass will highly increase your heating and cooling costs year-round as well as will make your home a less-than-comfortable place for you.

But choosing a dynamic glass will provide an optimal natural light, security, comfort, and highly attractive looks for every homeowner.  So, by choosing dynamic glazing you can not only stand more comfortably in front of an inefficient window during the winter but also in the height of the hot summer.

Why is dynamic glazing so important?

In fact, if you select high-quality and durable window glazing for your home or even for your office, you can easily get an outdoor connection. Nowadays the latest range of window glazing is ideally energy efficient as well as can save your money on heating bills.

Hence, the perfect quality smart glassing can easily regulate the overall temperature of your home and office as well.

What are the different types of dynamic glass?

Essentially, there are several kinds of dynamic glass (smart glasses) that are increasingly used in homes, offices, industrial or commercial buildings such as;

  • Tempered glass,
  • Clear and tinted float glass,
  • Laminated glass, etc.

In addition, today there is also a wide variety of coated glasses that you can select in single- or double-glazing technology.

What are the other popular names for dynamic glass?

Here are other popular names for dynamic glazing like;

  1. Smart glass
  2. Switchable glass
  3. Intelligent glass
  4. Privacy glass
  5. Smart windows
  6. Dynamic windows
  7. Dynamic shading
  8. PDLC Smart Film.

However, it is also known as electrochromic glass. Further, this glass material can change color from transparent to opaque. But this change happens only when you apply an electrical voltage across them.


What are the different dynamic glass applications?

You can not only use this dynamic glass in your newly built house but nowadays you can see its uses in several more places such as;

In newest hotels:
  • restaurants,
  • dynamic lobbies,
  • bathroom enclosures.
In modern offices:
  • private offices,
  • confidential areas,
  • conference rooms,
  • work pods.
In astonishing automotive:
  • for great privacy,
  • temperature control,
  • advertising on windows
In healthcare institutions:
  • ICU areas
  • operating rooms,
  • private patient rooms.

How much electricity does dynamic glass (smart glass) use?

Basically, smart glass consumes 110 Volts AC power to work perfectly. Additionally, this smart dynamic glass has five layers.

It makes use of a small electrical charge that is approximately 3 to 5 watts per square meter.

Actually, this latest electrochromic technology makes use of voltage up to12-36 W and can cause lithium-ions to transfer their layers and making the glass tint.

How do electrochromic windows work?

Essential, the smart technology that electrochromic film uses is exactly similar to an LCD display that generally uses liquid crystal. Moreover, these special liquid crystals work under precise electronic control and decide to change how much light can get through the glass.

Hence, when you switch off your dynamic glass, these special crystals automatically point in random directions. Further, after pointing in random directions and scatter incoming light, your dynamic glass easily turns the film opaque.

How long does smart glass last?

In fact, there are several answers to this question as it totally depends on where is your switchable glass located.

For example, its lifespan depends on its locations whether it is externally or internally as it is extremely an important factor.

Hence, if you install this switchable glass internally (inside your home or offices) and use it daily for 50% of the time switched on and off, then this dynamic glass film will last between 15-20 years.

But if you want to install it for external use and use this product daily for 50% of the time switched on and off, it will just last between 5-10 years.

Furthermore, it will obviously last between 30-50 years if you install it internally with care. Since in internal usage it has not to face direct sunlight so its lifespan will increase.

Furthermore, if you want to increase the lifespan of your switchable glass, you should leave it on permanently and do not require any switching off to prolong its life.

How expensive is electrochromic glass?

In fact, the total cost of dynamic glass or electrochromic windows depends on the designs, Moreover, it can cost around $100 per square foot.

How much does switchable glass cost?

Basically, the overall cost of this smart glass ranges from $85-130 United States Dollars (USD) per square foot.

Moreover, if you want to get smart glass under 40 square feet then you may have to pay $130 USD per square foot.

How much do smart glass windows cost?

If you have decided to use dynamic glazing for your home or office windows, you will have to pay from $50 to $100 per square foot. Actually, it is expensive as you will only pay from $10 to $15 per square foot for regular glass.

dynamic glass 2021


If you have decided to use dynamic glass for your home, it will be very beneficial for you because you can get extreme safety as well as;

  • It will reduce the need for shading devices or blinds.
  • You can easily keep your inside more comfortable.
  • You will get enhanced protection from UV rays.

Moreover, using dynamic glazing will also ideally increase the health of you and your dear ones.