Is switchable glass perfect for home sound insulation?


The Importance of installing Quality Window structures

Switchable glass

The switchable glass windows of many city houses overlook busy highways, tram lines, and places of large gatherings of people. Unfortunately, the owners of such apartments have to constantly hear extraneous sounds. This interferes with normal life and rest, and increases stress levels. By the way, sounds from 65 decibels and above negatively affect health and contribute to the occurrence of a number of diseases.

Switchable glass provides better sound insulation

So if a stormy life is boiling under your windows, you need to think about the most effective sound insulation. In this article, we will tell you which hardware elements are responsible for sound insulation and how to make plastic windows even better protect you from annoying and loud sounds from the street.

What materials provide sound insulation for a plastic window?

A common situation – earlier the window protected well from street noise, but now it copes with these functions worse. Most often, the reason is that the rubber seal is worn out, which is responsible for the tight fit of the sash to the window.

Therefore, it is necessary to remove the old gum, thoroughly clean the remaining glue and replace it with a new part. It is important that this manipulation is performed by an experienced specialist. Then the chances that the breakdown will be eliminated, and you can continue to enjoy the silence, are much greater.

Why do rooms become noisier?

Often the room becomes noisier due to the fact that the pvc doors do not fit tightly to the frame. Noise enters the room through the resulting gaps. A specialist in the switchable glass installation and repair of plastic windows will carefully examine the window opening.

With the help of silicone sealant and sealant, it will seal all cracks between the wall and the window. This also increases the sound insulation properties of window structures.

What can provide additional noise insulation for plastic switchable glass windows?

Thicker double-glazed switchable glass windows provide additional noise insulation for plastic windows. Also, a wider frame can be used to minimize the penetration of sounds from the street into the room. This increases the layer of air or gas that absorbs noise.

Triplex has excellent soundproofing properties – several double-glazed windows of different thicknesses, glued together with the help of a special resin. If you live in a very busy place, triplex is the best option for containing high and medium frequency sound waves. An additional advantage of the triplex is an increased level of security: even if it breaks, the fragments will not crumble.

Another way of additional noise insulation is filling the chambers of double-glazed windows with gases:

  • xenon;
  • argon;

Due to the air space between the glasses, sound is absorbed quite efficiently.

What are the best double-glazed switchable glass windows to choose?

First of all, those that are made by reliable manufacturers. If you purposefully want to buy a window with an increased level of noise insulation, pay attention to the “Rw” indicator. Do you live in a very noisy place? Choose the window with the highest Rw!


Also remember: the asymmetrical switchable glass windows have the highest level of sound insulation. In this case, the thickest glass should be installed outside.

Why it is important to buy quality window structure?

Summing up, we note that it is not difficult to achieve maximum sound insulation. The main thing is to buy pvc structures from a reliable manufacturer, do not save on installation, and promptly call a foreman to fix individual parts.

And one more thing – you need to watch the windows throughout the apartment, only then you can achieve the maximum effect and enjoy the silence, even if your home has a bus station or an entrance to the subway!

Privacy Glass in Homes is Future of Technology

The idea of ​​using glass in residential and office construction is not new. It began to be widely used in the last century. Today, with the help of glass or double-glazed windows, you can embody the most daring ideas of designers.

Thanks to modern technology, you can build real switchable glass houses. Of course, in a building completely made of glass, a person will be uncomfortable. But such glazing of a terrace, winter garden or one of the rooms is a fresh and original solution that brings a special atmosphere to the house. By the way, not only walls are made glass, but also roofs, partitions, doors, floors and visors.

Glass roof over the house: what is it like?

A glass roof can be made over the whole house or over some of the rooms. Most often, it is equipped over the living room, dining room or winter garden. In bedrooms and nurseries, this design is usually inappropriate. In order to enjoy the sky without hindrance, it is better to equip the bedroom with switchable glass located directly in the roof.

Installing switchable glass roof is technically challenging

In addition, in the summer it creates great difficulties and, in fact, turns into an analogue of a greenhouse due to the hot sunlight. Glass loses its translucent function under a layer of dust. So you need to think about how you will clean the roof surface.

Is the house solid with large glass elements?

Such houses only have a fragile appearance. When designing, great attention is paid to the reliability and safety of the structure. Modern technologies make it possible to improve the strength characteristics of a building.

For example, reinforced, tempered or glued glass can be used. If the profile systems for the house are of high quality, then the structure will be stable and reliable. Therefore, cooperate only with trusted manufacturers.

The main advantages of houses with large glass elements

First of all, such a house looks elegant and stylish and stands out among the neighboring cottages. He is an indicator of the good taste of the owners. Another great advantage is the large amount of natural light.

It has been scientifically proven that being in bright rooms where a lot of sun penetrates, a person’s mood and health are improved.

Switchable glass 2021

Other benefits of switchable glass houses:

Energy efficiency,

Because the costs of lighting and heating the building are reduced.

Environmental friendliness

Glass is a material that is safe for human health and does not cause allergies.


There is no need to spend money on decorating the walls inside and outside. In addition, glass walls do not need regular cosmetic repairs. It is enough to wash them periodically.