How does switchable privacy film stop condensation in home kitchen?


switchable privacy film
Until recently, window sills in private houses, apartments and offices were famous only for flower pots. Today – many people use the switchable privacy film as a work area. A modern window sill is a desk in a nursery or in an office, a kitchen countertop, a shelf for books and souvenirs. We will tell you how to properly organize the working area on the windowsill below.

Features of the switchable privacy film in the kitchen

If you have a small kitchen with literally nowhere to turn, organizing a work area on the windowsill is a real salvation. Place a dining area or cooking area on a windowsill. In this case, it is necessary to take into account:

  • the height of the window sill
  • the likelihood of condensation on the double-glazed windows
  • Moreover, the movement of heat from the heating devices on the window.

It is important that the kitchen worktop is 85 cm above floor level. If your kitchen furniture is slightly higher than the countertop, you can use the legs to adjust it to the height of the windowsill.

If the window sill is much higher than the table top, make it as narrow as possible. And place the tabletop below the windowsill at the required level. A part of the wall, decorated like a kitchen apron with ceramic tiles, looks beautiful.

Another option is to equip lockers under the windowsill. Then the window sill will be in a niche under the countertop.

How to organize switchable privacy film work area?

When organizing a work area near the switchable privacy film window, it is important that the hot air from the heaters maintains the correct movement. It should rise up unhindered. So you have to make ventilation holes or insert ventilation grilles above the heaters.

Similarly, do not forget that the kitchen is a room with a high level of humidity. Therefore it is necessary to minimize the factors contributing to the appearance of moisture on double-glazed windows. Therefore, to prevent condensation from appearing on the windows, you must:

  • Install pvc profiles that correspond to the climatic conditions of your region in terms of the level of thermal insulation.
  • Insulate window slopes.
  • Ventilate the kitchen several times a day.
  • Make sure that air masses move freely from the heaters.

How to make a desktop on the window?

Converting a window sill into a work table in a nursery or office is a practical and modern solution. Its advantage is space saving and good daylight illumination of the desktop. The main factors that we must consider are:

  • the correct height of the workplace
  • ensuring free movement of air masses
  • and minimizing the occurrence of condensation.

Please note that the width of the switchable privacy film should be such that the legs of an adult fit freely under it. If they run into a part of the wall under the windowsill or the battery, it will be very inconvenient to work.

What is the main function of the switchable privacy film?

Generally, the main task switchable privacy film performs is to control the light. In addition, they protect the premises from cold, draft, heat, wind and natural precipitation. Therefore, when choosing window structures, it is important to pay attention to their thermal insulation, noise insulation properties, strength, durability and functionality.

But on the other hand, it is important that the windows fit into the interior of a house or apartment, harmonize the space. And it should not seem like an alien element in it.

Modern structures made of polyvinyl chloride are beautiful, high quality, have stable color and minimalist design. Often used for their decor:

  • jalousie;
  • roller shutters;
  • tulle;
  • lambrequins;

How to perform window decoration?

Window decoration is performed not only because a window opening with a beautiful decor blends well with the interior of the room and even becomes its “highlight”. Curtains and other decorative elements are designed to protect the room from pesky sunlight and outsiders’ glances.

But choosing the right window decor is a huge challenge for most people. In addition, many spend a lot of money hiring designers, and get a window opening, decorated with heavy folds of fabric on which dust accumulates. What you need to know about window decoration? We decided to cover the basic rules in this article, invite you to read!

Rule number 1: do not ignore the prevailing switchable privacy film color combinations

Today you can buy switchable privacy film windows, the profile of which is painted in any color, imitating wood, metal and stone surfaces. Lamination has helped to achieve this effect for modern manufacturers of plastic windows. If you decide to buy colored PVC windows instead of the standard white construction, do not act at random.

It is important that the color of pvc profiles harmonizes beautifully with the interior of the room, wallpaper, furniture, textile elements. But most importantly, always consider the shade in which the walls are painted, this is a key parameter. How to choose the right curtains for a plastic window?

switchable privacy film 2021

  • Are the wallpaper and interior of the room colorful? Choose monochromatic curtains, they will slightly balance the variegation and make the interior calmer.
  • For rooms with a laconic design, where there are a minimum of shades, curtains or blinds of bright colors and shades, or even patterned ones, are best suited. To prevent them from looking unnatural, add other textile elements in such shades to the interior, for example, sofa cushions.
  • Not sure how to choose the right window décor to blend in with your décor? Choose proven color combinations. For example, all shades of green go well with brown, with gray – pink, with blue – gray.


You can also decorate the interior in switchable privacy film, when the decor of the curtains will be a couple of tones different from the furniture upholstery. Such a solution is not only stylish, but also practical – statistics say that the color of the walls changes more often than curtains and furniture.