5 Types of Windows to Apply Electric Privacy Film


How to choose the right windows for the balcony?

Electric privacy film

To answer this question, you need to determine the reason why you decided to electric privacy film on the balcony or replace old ones.

New glazing of balconies and loggias can enlarge the room. It can change the design of the room, add coziness, reduce heat loss, and make the room quieter.

However, you can consider various types of glazing structures: PVC profile, sliding, aluminum, frameless. And also you need to pay attention to the fact that aluminum glazing can be both warm and cold. Hence, it all depends on your needs.

Which factors are important in choosing electric privacy film?

An important electric privacy film factor will be the choice of the profile of metal-plastic products. However, the professional profile has proven itself well among our customers from Ukraine. The company offers a wide range of metal-plastic profiles. Thus, these profile systems offer maximum energy saving and sound insulation performance.

The size and cost of the structure depends on the type and size of your balcony. If the loggia is several connected simple plastic windows, then the balcony (outer part of the building) is:

  • L-shaped
  • u-shaped

L-shaped balcony

Thus, if you look at it from above, then it resembles the letter G, with one side part connected at an angle by a stand. For such a design, the most common opening option is a pivot sash in the front of the balcony. However, the side window, depending on the needs, is made deaf or with opening.

  • L-shaped balcony
  • U-shaped balcony

Privacy film for balcony window

However, if you look at such a balcony with electric privacy film from above, it resembles the letter P. Such a balcony has two side parts connected by corner posts. On the front, balcony windows are most often equipped with opening windows, and side windows are less common.

Thus, for better lighting of the room and a beautiful appearance, we recommend the popular glazing option – a French balcony with double-glazed windows to the entire height of the balcony.


The loggia is an integral part of the living space; it has only frontal glazing with opening and does not need lateral reinforcement. However, in new buildings, loggias of different sizes predominate noticeably. However, there are also arched structures of loggias.

Important! Think over the number of opening doors of the loggia initially, so that it is convenient to wash the windows from the street side. If you are on a sunny side, inquire about sun protection options.

Having thought over everything to the smallest detail, you will save money, time, and most importantly. Your new loggia or balcony will serve you with benefit and will meet your expectations.

Balcony block with electric privacy film

Having started external glazing, do not forget about the balcony block. The balcony block consists of a balcony door and a plastic window next to it.


A balcony door can have two types of opening:

  1. standard (swing) and
  2. Hinged (for ventilation).

The electric privacy film nearby can be swing or swing-out, but often it is made deaf (without opening). To achieve maximum energy efficiency, it is better to exit to the balcony from a warm profile, install energy-saving double-glazed windows.

Installation of metal-plastic structures

The installation of a balcony block takes a little time and it carries out in several stages: dismantling the old one, installing and fixing the new one. But plastic balconies and loggias are installed for a long time, using special fasteners, and sometimes welding.

A window with a balcony door is installed simultaneously without gaps between the profiles (through a special sealed connector).

Plastic balcony structures require the installation of reinforcing elements, connectors, posts, for reliable fixation and strength against wind loads. Additionally, installers install visors, ebb tides, mosquito nets.

Remember! High-quality installation of products is one of the main factors for a successful result, their further trouble-free use.

Installation of a metal-plastic balcony block and electric privacy film on the balcony at the same time is a rather lengthy procedure, but such a replacement has its advantages. You will save on delivery, installation, measurement; all “dirty” work takes place in one stage.

High-quality installation of metal-plastic windows

We will tell you why it is important to perform high-quality window installation, as we do using electric privacy film installation technology.

Electric privacy film glazing types

Double-glazed windows can be single-chamber (two glasses) and two-chamber (three glasses). Do not confuse with cameras in a plastic profile, it can be three, four, five-chamber and more (even eight-chamber).

For a balcony block (if the balcony or loggia glaze), you can get by with the basic option: a single-chamber energy-saving double-glazed window and a three-chamber profile. For loggias and balconies (for better heat and sound insulation), it is recommendable to choose a two-chamber double-glazed window and a five-chamber profile.

Electric privacy film Rates

For a window with a balcony door and windows for a balcony, the price may vary depending on the profile system and the type of glass unit.

When glazing a new cottage or an expensive apartment, the real priority of the customer will be the reliability of the operation of the windows, their energy efficiency, and a fair price-quality ratio.

It is easy for such customers to get the right choice of windows for their money, unless the selection entrusts to a construction contractor.

Choosing a supplier, the customer will pay attention to the real reputation and experience of the manufacturing company, reviews of friends and just reviews about the company on the Internet.

How to choose the right windows for cottages and new apartments?

Contact a company with a proven track record

The first tip for these customers is to contact a reputable electric privacy film company regardless of size. It can be a manufacturing company or a dealer company with many years of experience, but the common characteristic is the tangible customer involvement of the owner and real control over customer satisfaction.

The personal control of the responsible owner is the best guarantee. A company with a good reputation will offer you several options for windows with different energy efficiency. Such company will provide an appropriate level of service, professionalism in measurements and installation.

Moreover, it will responsibly advise you on complex technical solutions, namely:

  • correct insulation of adjacent zones
  • the necessary reinforcement of the structure
  • high-quality installation materials and
  • other technical nuances in your specific situation.

Pay attention to the company’s price niche

The second tip – pay attention to the number of window brands that the company offers you. A dealer who declares his readiness to supply windows of any price from various manufacturers, as a rule, is more focused on selling any windows than on real customer satisfaction.

If a dealer sells a lot of the cheapest metal-plastic windows of the appropriate quality, then he cannot always provide professional measurements, technical competence in details and professional installation of really good windows.

Electric privacy film 2021


Remember, does the quality of a bad doctor’s recommendation depend on how much you pay him? It is about the same with electric privacy film: there are many technical nuances that require experience, so that real specialists clearly understand the value of a reliable manufacturer.