How to make windows soundproof with pdlc film?


There are many sources of noise around us every day. Traffic on highways, mowing lawns, people’s voices and even the rustle of autumn leaves. Noise does not let you breathe out calmly after a busy day at work, overloads the head, and sometimes causes chronic fatigue. You can stop all this by installing pdlc film.

An opportunity to hide from the noise wave of the metropolis appears only at home. And then, if soundproof windows are installed in it , which do not pass a certain amount of decibels. Today I will talk about such windows and their functionality.

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Soundproof pdlc film windows

Noise is an annoying source of inconvenience. It penetrates through any partitions. But at each obstacle, the flow of noise loses decibels. Therefore, soundproof windows are equipped with multi-chamber double-glazed windows.

There is an air gap between each chamber of the pdlc film glass unit. Passing through it, the noise level is reduced by about 35 dB. With such windows, the house becomes two times quieter than with single-chamber double-glazed windows.

For a greater effect, gas with a low resonant frequency is pumped into the chamber distance. For example, argon. It eats up another 1-2 dB of sound.

Finally, windows with different inter-glass spaces are best protected from noise. Thanks to this, sound vibrations are gradually reduced and the noise does not reach the owner of the house.

Crystal pdlc film barrier

Triplex glass has received the role of an alternative or addition to multi-chamber window soundproofing. It consists of several layers glued together with a polymer film.

Triplex absorbs at least 35 dB of noise. And as a pleasant addition, it also provides increased strength and safety. If damaged, it does not crumble into dangerous fragments – the film holds them in place. Ideal windows for a nursery.

How to improve sound insulation?

It happens that in pursuit of the thermal and aesthetic characteristics of windows, people completely forget about sound insulation. The pdlc film windows have already been installed, but there is no way to change them. But there is a way out of such a situation.

Sometimes banal hardware adjustment saves from street noise. It is important that the sash fits snugly against the frame. Otherwise, the sound freely penetrates through the cracks. Read more about this in the article “How to adjust plastic windows?”

Third-party attributes of protection also protect the room from the roar of the street. For example, soundproof blinds and roller shutters. They absorb 3-5 dB of sound.

Properties of pdlc film windows

The properties of the entire window structure, the comfort of staying at home for each family member depend on the qualities of the glass unit installed. And in the harsh climate of Russia, the ability to save heat is especially relevant. This article will focus on energy-saving double-glazed pdlc film windows, their features, advantages and disadvantages.

Design features of a heat-saving plastic window

Contribute to the effective maintenance of a favorable indoor climate. Thanks to a special sputtering of a thin layer of metal ions, they work according to the “thermos” principle, keeping the heat inside the room. This allows you to reduce heating costs, gas consumption.

Pdlc film glass also actively reflects the sun’s rays. This allows you not to overdry the indoor air in the spring and summer. You will be comfortable at home in hot weather without the constant use of the air conditioner. In addition, curtains, furniture upholstery will retain the brightness of colors and will not fade;

Filling the chambers with argon

This inert gas has a lower thermal conductivity than air. It lacks water molecules – the main conductor of heat. The argon circuit helps to improve the thermal insulation properties of the entire structure; polymer frame.

PVC is characterized by low thermal conductivity. Polyvinyl chloride is resistant to negative environmental factors, withstands well wind, snow and other atmospheric loads.

Pros and cons of energy efficient windows


According to experts, such models are new generation systems. Their installation is advisable for the following reasons:

  • In terms of heat conservation, they are 4 times more efficient than structures made of aluminum and wood;
  • help to minimize the cost of air conditioning and space heating;
  • help to improve sound insulation; are characterized by high fire resistance. The structures do not support the combustion process;

Well pdlc film withstand the changing seasons

Can be used in a wide temperature range (-80 ° С to +100 ° С);

No condensation forms on the glasses. However, it is important that experienced installers carry out the installation. In the process, there should be no depressurization of the profile.

The disadvantages of structures include the price of structures, as well as the fact that magnetron sputtering wears out over time.


What is the difference between an energy-saving glass unit and a conventional one?

Before ordering, it is necessary to study the pdlc film product documentation. Since glazing is a long-term and expensive investment, it is advisable to buy window systems directly from the manufacturer. As a rule, there is always a marking on the window body, which is applied to the glass automatically.

Therefore, when buying windows you can be confident in the accuracy of the information. If you do not know how to check an energy efficient glass unit, then do a little test. Bring a lighter or burning match to it and look at the reflection.

The colour indication of smart films

The number of lights is related to the number of chambers, and their color indicates heat saving properties. So, i-glass reflects the infrared spectrum towards the room. Therefore, in energy-saving designs, you can see a blue, greenish or reddish light. In standard flame models, you will see a red-yellow flame.

Energy-efficient windows: myths and reality

Many people start to be overcome with doubts before making a purchase. Let’s consider each of them in turn.

Myth 1. You can’t see anything through energy-saving glasses

The light transmittance of standard glasses and heat-efficient ones is no different. You will be able to enjoy the view outside the window as well as before.

Myth 2. Energy efficient windows are very expensive

The cost of heat-saving pdlc film models is only slightly higher than that of standard models. Every buyer can afford them.

Myth 3. There is a film on the surface of an energy-saving window

No, it’s not like that. There is no tinting; the spraying is applied on the back of the glass. It is impossible to feel or view the film.

In the understanding of most people, glass is a fragile material. There is some truth in this. Previously, the glass really shattered into smithereens, it is worth unsuccessfully to touch them. However, with the development of glass craftsmanship, the once flimsy translucent products began to gain strength.

What are the major applications of pdlc film?

Then triplex appeared – glass with increased strength. Today, it is used to protect shop windows, glaze vehicles, and create double-glazed windows.

pdlc film 2021

In a new article I will talk about the use of triplex in window constructions. You will find out why a double-glazed window with triplex has become the choice of those who are trying to protect their home to the maximum.


Now you know how to distinguish an energy saving pdlc film package from a standard one. In the conditions of the climate, its advantages are obvious. In this case, investments in glazing will definitely pay off.