How to use smart glass as anti-theft alarm device?


Ultimate Guide to install sun protection glass

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The sun is one, but it shines for all cities. And sometimes his influence is not at all happy. The sun’s rays strive to blind a person, illuminating the whole room with bright light. And the temperature rises significantly with the arrival of the sun; the house becomes unbearably stuffy and hot. To stop this, you need to install Smart glass.

We have already told you about sun-protection windows once. Now we will analyze other elements that are guarding our comfort.

Sunscreen Smart glass

From time immemorial, curtains are ideal to use to protect windows from the sun. Airy tulle and retro chintz in this matter are profane. More reliable – blackout fabric or thick linen and wool. They block sunlight and sometimes ultraviolet rays.

Any curtains will naturally fade in the sun and get dirty. How much dust accumulates in them? This means that you need to wash them at least once a season. I advise you to complement the windows with curtains only if their design has sunk into the soul and you are ready to accept all the disadvantages. Otherwise, this is not the most rational decision.

Modern window protection from the sun

It is more practical to close windows with functional blinds, roller shutters, and electric curtains. They are comfortable to use, durable, and do not require troublesome maintenance like curtains. But using Smart glass brings more benefits.

Blinds are usually made with dense plastic, wood, or aluminum plates. A simple control system allows you to deftly control the light flux. You can let in some sunshine by opening small gaps on the blinds or completely block the sun from entering.

Smart glass windows for Apartments

WINDOWS of apartments on the ground floors of buildings serve as natural bait for those who seek to profit at someone else’s expense. Their openings are most convenient for burglary and penetration into the premises for the purpose of theft or robbery.

How to protect ground floor windows?

According to the official statistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow, there are about 25 thousand cases of thieves entering other people’s homes every year. And in the country as a whole, the number of such criminal situations reaches 100 thousand per year.

About a fifth of the attackers choose housing on the first and last floors as their target.

The most vulnerable to burglary are windows accessible from the ground, access canopy, fire escape, and roof. Therefore, the tenants of such apartments have to look for their own answer to the question of how to protect the windows of the first floor.

Otherwise, there is a chance to experience a strong nervous shock after returning home to a robbed apartment.


The most simple and popular Smart glass window penetration protection options are widely popular. Among them:

  • installation of gratings;
  • installation of roller shutters;
  • selection of burglar-proof windows;
  • the use of glasses of increased strength;
  • alarm installation.

Well-made and installed metal grilles are really capable of withstanding the unexpected visit of unwanted “guests”. However, the grilles have a downside. In the event of a severe fire, they can become a trap for apartment residents, blocking their path to escape.

Roller shutters are also not perfect. First, they are very expensive. Secondly, in the closed position, the roller shutters not only block the access to the room from the external light flux but also deprive the people inside of the opportunity to admire the street view.


ORDINARY double-glazed windows in plastic or wood frames cannot withstand the harsh physical impact of burglars. In this regard, “first-story residents” should pay attention to the burglar-resistant window blocks offered on the market today.

 The degree of their security has divided according to the standard adopted in Europe into three classes:

The first class of security (marking WK1 or RC1) – the design prevents the window frame from squeezing out at all four corners of its sash. For this, you can install corner switches and striking plates on the frame profile, and the frame handle can be equipped with a lock and protection against drilling.


Second class – the design additionally contains anti-burglary pins along its perimeter, increasing the overall strength of the frame.

Third class – in addition to the protection of the first two classes, you can add pins to the ends of the scissors on the corner switch and the sash.

How to protect ground floor windows?


Another answer to the question of how to protect windows on the first floor is the use of additional glass protection. For this, the manufacturers of burglar-proof Smart glass units use shockproof films, and the glasses themselves are connected with their help into a multilayer structure – triplex.

The anti-shock films applied to the glass can prevent accidental damage when the frame is pushed open suddenly or if it is hit with moderate force. Triplex bonding increases the overall strength of the glass structure several times. At the same time, polymer film layers do not reduce the light transmission of the window.

Films can carry several more functions. They are available in reflective, mirror, energy-saving, and other options. In case of damage, glass-reinforced with films does not crumble into fragments but remains in the window opening.


Installation of burglar alarm sensors on double-glazed windows is one of the most effective methods of protection. The very presence of sensors is already capable of scaring off a significant part of those who examine other people’s windows for their availability for hacking.

Detectors for window units can have different designs and operating principles. They can be roughly subdivided:

  • to linear
  • vibrating
  • acoustic

Linear detectors are in the form of foil tape attached to the perimeter of the window glass. They react to an attempt to remove the glass since this breaks the signal loop.


Vibration detectors are mounted directly on the glass and give a signal in case of an attempt to break it.

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You can also install acoustic sensors not on a glass surface, but on a frame or window sill.

Magnetic sensors consist of two parts and signal the opening of the frame when the contact between these parts becomes faulty.


The most reliable way to protect against the penetration of criminals through the Smart glass windows on the first floor is an integrated approach to ensuring the safety of the home.

In this case, a combination of several methods is useful to use, when burglar-resistant glass units are supplemented by the use of polymer films and the installation of an effective alarm system.

You can connect the set of wireless signaling devices to the control panel and install it in the apartment. From here, a message about an attempt to break the window frame is sent not only to the owner of the apartment but also to the operator.


In addition to the sensors on the windows, sensors for motion, smoke, water, and gas leaks can be included in a unified security system. This will eliminate the risk of major risks of damage or theft of property.