Are privacy windows for home good for cottages too?



privacy windows for home

How to choose privacy windows for home from a variety of offers on the market so that they meet all your needs and technical requirements as much as possible, as well as fit into the overall interior of the room? So, below are recommendations for the correct selection.

privacy windows for home profile

The metal-plastic window profile is the basis of the entire structure. Moreover, strength and reliability, as well as appearance totally depend on it.

Accordingly, the wider the profile, the more expensive its cost will be.

Energy-saving double-glazed windows – warmth in your home. Double-glazed windows are as important as the profile itself. Basically, double-glazed windows differ in the number of cameras and energy-saving characteristics.

Double glazed privacy windows

Double-glazed privacy windows for home are the most popular. In fact, they consist of three glasses with an air chamber between them. In such chambers, there can be an inert gas (argon or krypton), which is much more efficient in retaining heat inside the room.

Hence, they are suitable for installation in apartments and houses. They differ from the previous ones in improved noise insulation and heat saving due to the use of inert gases.

Insulation of slopes and window sills

Materials such as plastic panels, drywall and plaster can be used as finishing of window slopes. Actually, plastic is a more modern and convenient material to install. Also, have great advantages over other materials:

  • high level of thermal insulation, noise insulation and relatively low cost
  • Moreover, it does not need additional revision
  • Has an aesthetic appearance
  • Temperature discomfort

You can often feel cool in the room in winter and hot in summer. To eliminate discomfort, professional glass windows are ideal. They help to save money on utility bills – air conditioning and space heating. These glasses not only “trap” the heat inside the room in winter, but also reflect the sun’s rays. Therefore, the air in the rooms will not dry out in summer.

Privacy windows for home for summer cottages

Lack of light

Sometimes the soul requires dramatic changes in the interior of the apartment. We move furniture from corner to corner, change wallpaper color and lay fancy rugs. Over time, these details become boring. Then it’s time for major changes. For example, changing the layout.

A running option for redeveloping a room with privacy windows for home is to combine a kitchen with a balcony. So the zone of culinary experiments begins to play with new colors, more free space appears. How to bring such an idea to life? You will find out about this today.

Simple profile shapes

Do you like non-standard solutions? Then rectangular ready-made windows are not for you. We work with any shape: both standard rectangular and round, oval, asymmetrical, etc. Our specialists take on even the most complex orders.

At the same time, we guarantee that plastic windows for summer cottages will be made according to your dimensions with an accuracy of a millimeter. At a convenient time for you, our specialist will come to you and take all the necessary measurements.


Thanks to such precision, there will be no problems in the installation and subsequent operation of the windows.

Outsider views of privacy windows for home

Windows for summer cottages with privacy windows for home technology change their transparency in a second. They will hide you from the gaze of neighbors or passers-by, which is especially important for dense cottage buildings or low transparent fences.

At the same time, unlike standard single-chamber windows with fabric curtains, they do not require complex maintenance.

Glazing stained privacy windows for home

A new trend in cottage glazing is stained-glass windows. Now the unique art of medieval masters of composing whole paintings from pieces of glass is available to everyone.

Of course, today stained-glass windows are not made from separate fragments connected by a metal bridge – this design is not very reliable in terms of heat and sound insulation.

Modern technologies imply the use of colored film and lead tape for plastic windows for summer cottages.

What windows are installed in cottages?

A cottage is already a large field for various design project implementations. The fact that you won’t surprise anyone with ordinary windows is understandable, but here’s how to surprise your neighbors? Actually, you can start it with unusual window shapes.

Considerably, in cottages and country houses, as a rule, standard rectangular windows are installed. Hence, for clients who prefer individual architectural styles in design and construction, our range includes custom-built windows: arched windows, triangular, trapezoidal, round and polygonal.

Arched windows and doors

Arch-shaped privacy windows for home in private houses are becoming more popular every year, because their design gives a unique appearance to the architecture in which they are installed.

This technology offers a number of advantages:

  • class A tightness and heat saving in the room;
  • all arched windows can be made opening without loss of structural rigidity

Special double-glazed windows provide a high level of protection against street noise. Similarly, the minimum radius of an arc in a plastic arch is 32 cm.

The balcony block consists of a window and a door, while performing a connecting and separating function. Essentially, it separates the living room, providing free access to a balcony or loggia, and makes it possible to ventilate.

Depending on the type and characteristics of the profile, this structure has a chance to become a noticeable interior detail.

Professional privacy windows for home

The professional privacy windows manufacturers offer a wide variety of forms of window structures and color options to choose from. This enables the consumer to supply a balcony block that fully complies with his ideas about aesthetics and comfort.

Types of balcony blocks

  1. Standard balcony block.

It is the most economical and demanded option. Basically, this design involves a blind window with a door to the balcony, equipped with a swing mechanism. Due to the presence of a minimum number of mobile systems, the price of such a unit is very low.

However, the balcony door of this profile is not fully glazed, but its lower part is covered by an opaque sandwich panel.

2. Plastic balcony block with door and swing-out window.

Its installation will cost a little more in price, but such a combination of elements guarantees improved air exchange. Such a window can be solid or divided, depending on the dimensions of the opening.

In the second case, to reduce the cost of construction, one of its parts is not equipped with a swing-out system, but remains deaf.

3. A window unit with a French-style balcony door.

This type of block consists of two fully glazed doors from floor to ceiling. Generally, it is installed in modern apartments, cottages and private houses.

The design of the exit to the balcony with a French window guarantees maximum light penetration and an impeccable view. But here you will definitely need an opaque curtain, especially if it is a bedroom.

In fact, installing balcony privacy windows for home of this type in old buildings is not always possible, since for this it is necessary to disassemble part of the wall, which can be quite expensive and problematic.

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Now you know which windows for a summer residence to choose for you. If you have any difficulties, please contact our managers for help. We will select a design that meets all your needs.