Top 5 Places to Install Smart Film for Windows in 2022


Smart Film for Windows
Many people may think of a protective sheet for smartphones when they hear the word “glass film”, but this time the spotlight is the smart film for windows.

Windows are indispensable for taking in light and outside air into a house, but they are also a place of trouble such as being worried about the line of sight from the outside and breaking glass causing a secondary disaster in the event of a disaster.

Glass film is effective for windows

Glass film is also effective for windows with gum tape or curing tape stuck to it, which is seen when a large typhoon is approaching.

Smart film for windows is an excellent item that enhances the quality of our lives with various functions, contrary to its thin appearance, such as blindfolding from the outside, prevention of glass shattering, UV protection, and interior arrangement.

However, there are probably few people who have actually pasted the glass film on their own. There are two types of glass film.

Can peel off cleanly and reattach

that can be thinly and firmly attached, and the “adsorption type” that can peel off cleanly and reattach. It is an item that you can paste yourself.

This page introduces the features of smart film for windows, and in the latter half, spotlight the “adhesive type” glass film, which tends to concern that it cannot peel off once it pastes, and after detailed pasting and peeling. What is the surface of the window? I will also challenge the mystery.

Live a bright life without closing the curtain


In a residential area with condominiums and detached houses, it is not uncommon to find a house right next to you outside the window. I think there are many people who worry about people’s eyes and live with the curtains closed.

A glass film with a blindfold effect is recommended

Mosaic type frosted glass type smart film for windows takes in light and blocks people’s eyes, so you don’t have to close the curtain completely!

For disaster countermeasures for windows and glass interiors

One of the dangers in the event of a disaster injuries cause by scattered glass. If you attach a glass film, you can prevent the glass from scattering when it breaks, so you can reduce secondary disasters!

It recommends to attach it to the glass part of the interior such as a cupboard as a safety measure in the room.

Smart film for windows shields heat rays to save energy

Windows are not only light and outside air, but also heat entrances. By attaching a heat-shielding type glass film to the window glass, you can expect the energy-saving effect of the air conditioner by preventing heat rays from the outside in the summer.

Protects skin and furniture from sunburn

Many people concern about sunburn on their skin due to the UV rays that enter through the windows, but people are not the only ones who get sunburn. It also has adverse effects such as fading and deterioration of strength on furniture and floors.

In recent years, solid wood furniture and flooring that make the best use of the material as it is are also popular, but unprocessed materials are more susceptible to light and temperature changes, so I would like to take measures. A smart film for windows with a UV blocking effect will block most of the UV rays.

“Insect repellent” effect | Makes it difficult to attract insects

The glass film with UV blocking effect also has the effect of reducing phototactic insects that collect in ultraviolet rays. If you worry about insects gathering on the windowsill, please try it.
Smart Film for Windows 2022

Glass film is recommended for such places!

In the window of the room

As a UV measure for windows that receive a lot of sunlight. In addition, it is effective as a secondary disaster countermeasure to take measures to prevent scattering around the bedroom and windows near the evacuation route in case of emergency.

Around the bathroom

Another place with high demand of smart film for windows

Even if you have a good view in such a place, it’s just embarrassing … You can rest assured that you can take measures against blindfolding!

For interior arrangements

If you don’t want to see what’s inside, such as a cupboard or cupboard, we recommend arranging it with glass film. You can hide the inside by just sticking a little pattern. Two birds with one stone that also prevent scattering.

In the shop window

It’s hard to find in a general house, but it’s also recommended for reinforcing the shop window of a store. Smart film for windows also helps prevent sunburn on display products and helps the safety of those around us in the event of a disaster.

I don’t want insects to ruin my display! There seems to be some shops that construct for the purpose of repelling insects.

“Pattern” and effect of glass film

The common effect of sticking a glass film on the entire window is “prevention of scattering”. Other than that, there is a big difference depending on the pattern.

Let’s see the difference in the effect depending on the pattern!

Transparent type: Does not spoil the appearance of the window glass!

This transparent type does not block the view and does not spoil the appearance of the original glass window. UV cut effect is also nice!

Mirror type: Reduces glare & blocks the view from the outside

The characteristic of the mirror type smart film for windows is that it blocks the view from the outside and looks clear from the inside. The windows of high-rise buildings often look like glittering reflections. That is the so-called mirror type window! It is an excellent item that provides both privacy and visibility.

However, the feature is that the film is easier to see through at night than during the day. Glittering light reflections can be a problem in your neighborhood. You may need to be careful where you use it.