Best Smart Film Intelligent Results by Following 3 Simple Steps


What is intelligent film?

Smart Film Intelligent

Smart film intelligent helps to keep the temperature inside the car at a stable level. This helps to keep the car’s air conditioner from running at full capacity, helping to save fuel for your car.

The country is developing more and more, leading to an increasing demand for car use. Especially, in big cities, population density as well as industrial activities taking place more and more. in the humid tropics, sunny all year round. The weather is hotter than the rest of the area.

Is it necessary to paste smart film intelligent?

People’s demand for using cars is mainly to move faster, more conveniently. It also to avoid the harsh heat from the sun as well as the absorption of heat from the environment.

But it’s hard to sit in a car and it’s still hot, still can’t run away from the sun. Many drivers have come up with solutions for themselves such as: using sunshades, installing more curtains or covering the glass doors with large objects. But it is only a temporary method and does not bring the expected heat protection effect.

The great influence of UV and Infrared rays on humans

According to research, in sunlight there are 3 main radiations: UV rays (4% – 7%), Infrared rays (about 54%), the rest is visible light. In particular, UV and Infrared rays have a great influence on humans.

Understanding the psychology of users, through research and research, the manufacturer has launched effective heat-resistant insulating smart film intelligent. It is more suitable to the needs of users.

What is intelligent film, and its parameters?

Intelligent film is made up of many layers of polyester plastic film. Each layer is integrated with coating of ultra-thin intelligent materials such as carbon, ceramic enamel or other materials. The final layer is an extremely thin and transparent adhesive layer that forms a filter for the spectral ranges. Used to paste the inside of car windows, buildings.

Some outstanding uses of most intelligent films

Anti-heat and stabilize the temperature in the car: Thanks to its ability to reflect light as well as absorb heat on the surface. Smart film intelligent does a great job of reducing the heat from the environment as well as keeping the most appropriate heat balance in the car.

Protect health and furniture:

It can block a large amount of sunlight and especially ultraviolet and infrared rays, it has the ability to reduce harmful effects to human health such as:  reduce skin and eye diseases compared to facing directly.

Kindness of the work for film

The furniture in the car is mostly made of plastic, which is very resistant to the sun. With its outstanding advantages, insulating film can help: reduce the level of discoloration and damage such as: cracking, blistering, heavier than detail deformation. Smart film intelligent helps maintain the beauty and durability of car interior details.

Reducing glare, supporting safe driving:

Insulating film has a certain ability to reduce glare, helping the driver to reduce glare when seeing, especially when the car is facing the sun or when running at night, encountering problems. headlights from oncoming vehicles. From there, it helps to improve visibility and safe driving.

Increase safety for vehicle operation:

Safety when broken glass, threatening human life. Film supports protection as a safety net, keeping broken glass together, avoiding glass fragments splashing on car occupants.

Helps to balance the temperature in the car

Instead of having to turn on the air conditioner continuously with high frequency and capacity when the temperature in the car is high, now the smart film intelligent helps to balance the temperature in the car, the air conditioner does not need to work with frequency, high power again. Helps save more fuel for cars as well as costs for users.

High security with one-way vision, people sitting inside can see the outside very clearly but outside will not see, increasing privacy, more discreet for users and the interior.

Smart Film Intelligent 2022

Notes when choosing intelligent film:

The first is the technical specifications of the car, as I have shared above:

  • Ultraviolet (UV) rejection,
  • Infrared (IR) rejection,
  • Light transmission rate (VLT),
  • Reflection rate. light (VLR).

The ability to absorb heat

The origin is clear; you should learn carefully about the types of smart film intelligent available on the market. If possible, ask for more advice from professional car care centers. Avoid buying cheap or unknown origin and then losing money unjustly.

Choose the type of film you like, the color and the price

Should I paste the film myself at home, will the intelligent film damage the glass?

If you already know how the process is done, then just buy a stable film and importantly, the tools to serve the film must ensure quality and correct effect for each process.

The process of implementation: try not to make mistakes

If you are not sure or do not fully understand the smart film intelligent, it is best to bring it to professional car care centers, where they have a team of highly skilled technicians combined with equipment. Specialized tools and many years of experience in this field will help answer your questions and ensure the safety of your pet.

In addition, automotive and window films have different compositions, manufacturing technology, dimensions, installation principles and other significant nuances.

What is interesting about architectural self-adhesive film

This is how professionals call the category of tinting materials intended for installation exclusively on translucent elements of buildings!

Architectural window film: what is it?

In short, this is a self-adhesive smart film intelligent on the glass of a window / balcony / showcase and similar parts of a residential or commercial (social, administrative) property. Therefore, the epithet “architectural” is used to immediately indicate the target affiliation of the material.

As with car tinting, sticking a self-adhesive film on windows, balcony blocks and entrance groups is needed both for beauty and for certain advantages.


The most banal is achieving a certain degree of privacy. And if with car films the driver’s imagination is restrained by clear legal norms, then in the case of smart film intelligent there are no restrictions! The main thing is that the material is of high quality.