Why does electronic window film is becoming popular in modern buildings?


Quality electronic window film has become a modern alternative to electronic structures. And this is largely due to their properties: good thermal insulation, noise protection, ability to protect against dust and other contaminants.

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Before installation, measurement is important. Its correct implementation is the guarantor of precise manufacturing and installation of the structure. Similarly, this article will discuss how to correctly measure plastic windows.

What are the rules for self-measurement for installing electronic window film?

It is important to correctly determine the depth, width, and height of the opening. The accuracy of the future glazing depends precisely on the measurements taken. Moreover, it comes to production. Relying on your own strength, you need to act especially carefully and accurately.

Measurements take from both sides of the window opening for installing electronic window film. Basically, in order to level out the skew, the responsible manufacturer chooses ways to strengthen the structure.

After the final measurement

After taking the final measurements, you need to compare the results. Reliable construction of buildings guarantees the coincidence of 2 types of parameters. In addition, minor irregularities is easy to level at the installation stage.

What is required to measure electronic window film?

It is also necessary to take into account the type of building, the material from which the load-bearing walls erect. Furthermore, such data determine the rules for measuring ELECTRONIC windows. Also, before measuring ELECTRONIC windows, the following tools will come in handy:

  • tape measure with a lock;
  • pencil for marking;
  • A capsule instrument or a laser instrument can be common.

Determining the size of the opening

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It is necessary to take into account the construction technology before installing the electronic window film, the material common in the construction.

In a brick house

To determine the discrepancy between the slopes relative to the wall, you need to take external and internal measurements.

The width of the window sill should be 5 cm more than the thickness of the walls for the installation of electronic window film.

In an electronic house

Typically, electronic buildings have smooth window openings and slopes. This makes it easier to measure at home. You don’t have to subtract or add any values ​​to the data.

How to measure electronic window film?

To prevent premature failure of the window, proceed in accordance with the diagram.

By height

Determine the measurements and then subtract 2 cm from each side. This gap is technological. When installing the windows, it is sealed on each side. For these purposes, polyurethane foam is usually common.

With a quarter

In this case, the outside of the slope is larger than the inside. Use a tape measure to measure the outside perimeter. It is necessary to place the tape close to the frame and also to tighten it. It is important to add 30-60 mm to the obtained distance.

After that, measurements are taken of the opening for the plastic window from the inside. The value obtained should be 50 mm larger. To measure the height, you need to act along the outer length of the opening.

Measurements are taken on fragments between the outer upper slope and the drainage system. This will determine the exact height of the profile for installing electronic window film.

Quarter to

If you are working with a straight opening in a brick house, then when measuring the width, you need to subtract 40-60 mm. When calculating the height, it is required to subtract 8-10 cm. Furthermore, this need is due to the fact that a standing profile is common during installation.

They become excellent conditions for the multiplication of microorganisms that destroy the top layer and structure of PVC.

What to do to get rid of dirt?

To get rid of dirt, use;

  • soft brush. It is suitable for the joints of sashes and frames;
  • household chemicals with a neutral composition. Abrasive particles will scratch ELECTRONIC and glass. Acids and alkalis destroy the structure of the material. It is best to use professional tools recommended by electronic window filmmanufacturers;
  • paper towels, microfiber napkins, cellulose sponges. Spread the product over the surface, then wipe the glass unit or profile dry. Microfiber cloths work well for glass surfaces. They do not leave streaks.

Preparing an electronic window film’s seal for winter

Contours play a big role. They reduce the level of street noise as well as cold air and dust. So that the seals do not crack, do not break, it is important to wash and lubricate them before winter.
Fresh air in the nursery is much more important for the development of the child’s brain and his health than Doman’s cards and other “development”. Air must constantly circulate in the room where the child is.

Is warm air the best breeding ground for bacteria?

Stale, too warm air is the best breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. Only air saturated with oxygen has a beneficial effect on the development of the child’s brain. Not to mention, babies sleep much better in a cool, well-ventilated room by using electronic window film.

It is important to remove all excess dust with dry, soft-bristled brushes. Then you need to wipe the rubber bands with damp rags.

When to apply a silicone-based spray to the surface?

After that, wait until the seal is completely dry. Then apply a silicone-based spray to its surface. This will keep the material elastic.

It is important to prepare in advance for the arrival of cold weather. To take care of the comfort in the house, do not forget about plastic windows. Our experts will tell you how to properly prepare ELECTRONIC structures for winter and extend their service life.


Generally, the nuances of the correct measurement of a plastic window are very necessary. And the best thing is to turn to specialists. Most electronic window film manufacturers have trained staff members.

If you will measure the electronic window yourself, then be prepared to be responsible for the work done. Moreover, there will be simply no one to accuse of incompetence.