Electronic Glass Film: 9 Important Pre Privacy Glass Installation Tips


Electronic Glass Film
Electronic glass film
 is a great option for those looking for solutions that bring beauty and elegance without having to spend a lot of money for it. With different colors, prints and models, they can transform spaces in a unique way. Moreover, it enables a semi-transparency that brings much more privacy to the space.


Film is a material that protects and increases the durability of glass surfaces. They can receive different designs and colors, modifying the appearance of the glass. The most common models are of transparent and sandblasted films. It comes with the second offering an appearance similar to sandblasted glass, with a much lower cost.

Where do we use electronic glass film?

Electronic films can be common on any glass surface, whether in a residential or commercial property. They improve privacy without blocking natural light from entering the room. In offices, they are widely common in partitions and meeting rooms. They need privacy and elegance, without making the environment too dark.


The main advantage is, of course, privacy and aesthetics. The electronic glass film prevents unwanted looks and makes the decoration of the property much more interesting. But it still has other advantages, such as:

Easy installation: The placement of films on doors and windows is very fast when carried out by a specialized professional. But it is important that the installation is done properly to ensure the desired quality and aesthetics.

Minimum maintenance: The only maintenance required is proper cleaning. We must take care to avoid contact with abrasive products or sharp objects. Other than that, you don’t have to do anything else to keep your electronic film intact.

Safety: in addition to bringing beauty and privacy, the film works as a protective layer on the glass. Moreover, it makes it difficult to break and preventing shattering if it breaks. It also protects the glass against scratches and graffiti, as it is much cheaper to change the film than to change the entire surface of the glass.

Durability: Electronic glass film can last up to 15 years when cared for properly! Remembering that it is very important that the installation is done by specialized professional and using quality products.


Who should install Electronic glass film?

Solar control films should preferably apply by a qualified professional, avoiding problems that could compromise the appearance and durability of your films. This professional will probably indicate what care will be necessary after applying your film.

But if you have not received the proper guidance, or performed the application yourself, we want to help you understand what care will be necessary to ensure the quality of the films.

Taking care of newly electronic glass film is not complicated at all, but it is essential to avoid problems. The most important thing is to avoid opening doors and windows in the first 24 hours, also avoiding touching the surface. If necessary, do a light cleaning with a soft damp cloth, and do not use abrasive products.


– The films have an average durability time of up to 15 years, and for this it is necessary to take some important precautions:
Before cleaning, remove watches, rings, or any other object that could scratch the film;

– Use a duster to remove small dirt that could scratch the film;

– Do not use chemical products. Cleaning should preferably be done with water;

– In case of very dirty environments, use water with neutral detergent;

– Pay attention to the cloth you will use for cleaning, make sure it is clean and try to use softer cloths;

– Never use sponges, brushes, glass cleaners or other materials that could scratch the surface;

– Be careful with the edges of the Electronic glass film, especially the corners. Clean carefully and with little water to prevent them from coming loose;

– Never apply adhesives or adhesives on the films;

– Never use cleaning paper;

What are important caring tips for Electronic glass film?

It is also very important to emphasize the need to use a quality product. Ensure that the film has recognized quality and can support the needs of the location. The actions of the weather in each environment can directly influence the durability of solar films.

Pay attention to the warranty period of the films, take care of the surface correctly and always look for the application with qualified professionals. This way you can guarantee your solar films with quality for much longer.

Electronic glass film Protects from Direct Sunlight

Did you know that the sun can damage – a lot – objects and clothes displayed in store windows? This problem is very common and ends up bringing losses to the business, considering the difficulty of selling parts later, which already look like wear. This problem is much more common than you might think. And that’s why it’s so important to be careful with the exposure to the sun in shop windows.

  • Security: acting as an extra layer of protection for the glass, the films make it difficult to break the glass, preventing access by intruders. And if breakage occurs, the film holds the splinters together, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Health:by reducing the incidence of UV rays, sun protection films contribute to a much healthier indoor environment. Moreover, it reduces the risk of excessive sunstroke on the skin, which can cause blemishes and even skin cancer.
  • Aesthetics and Design: with Electronic glass filmmodels, it is possible to change the face of your business façade, without requiring a large investment. So you can have protection, security and still leave the facade of the property much more modern and elegant.

Benefits of Electronic glass film

One of the biggest advantages of glass roofs is natural lighting, which is very important for our health and quality of life. With greater lighting in spaces, electricity ends up being less common, generating considerable savings on the electricity bill and making the property more sustainable. In addition, the glass roof allows for greater integration with the surroundings, allowing greater enjoyment of the view.


Electronic Glass Film 2021

For a professional Electronic glass film installation, we recommend to hire reliable company..

CLEANING: frequent and adequate cleaning is very important so that the roof is always working properly and looking good. It is important that homeowners hire a specialized professional, considering the height of the roof.